They don’t need to do what they did to her in X-Men: The Animated Series (starting a task before moaning, passing out and having Rogue or someone else step in and finish the task); HOWEVER, I’d be okay with them actually have her be useful and finish a task and passing out AFTER completing said task/mission (for old times sake haha).


She must be the strongest, but she must fall at least once per episode, to maintain the tradition.


I don't mind her being not as strong as in the comics. I think a lot of the characters weren't quite as powerful as the comics so that fight scenes would have some weight, we could see the characters getting knocked around and being in potential danger. I think TAS series X-Men were still mostly at the kind of intermediate stage of figuring out how to use their powers effectively, so they could still be vulnerable or get over-strained. If you put Jean or Storm at their current comics power level into the show, they'd easily wipe out most threats. That being said, Jean should definitely be stronger. The Jean faints meme is only funny so many times. It sounds like the showrunner is a Jean fan, so I think she'll be shown some respect.


Not the perspective of Jean being treated with respect and her power level being accurately portrayed making some of all y’all clutch your pearls… X-men fans giving up ‘Jean moans and faints’ joke? In this economy?! What’s next? The ‘Namor loves blondes’ myth being busted?! #notmyxmen


Using the “Not the-“ opening is beyond overrated and probably made everyone stop reading your comment at those two words. Maybe next time bud.


Write her off after a couple of episodes to make room for Emma Frost.


Of camera and Scott shows up married to Maddie.


Keep her weak af so she can be upstaged by Emma


Proposal: they don’t change anything about her fainting/falling constantly, but they will draw in a fainting vouch for her to land on.