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Quest loot is set in stone. There’s nothing randomized. But you’ll only be offered items your spec can use. You won’t see the items for other specs even though they are there. The level of the items will scale to your level. Most raids drop unique looking gear because each tier has a different look. You can see all gear in the wardrobe tab of your collections so nothing is a mystery, it’s all there to view and then find where it drops and how to get it via looking up the name on wowhead. You can look up quest chains on wowhead and the quest rewards are all listed on the quest page.


Quests and dungeon/raid bosses have a set droptable (but they scale with your level). You can look up what bosses drop what in the adventure guide ingame (or on wowhead). Worlddrops are kind of randomized (its random what drops from a huge droptable, making it feel totally random due to the large amount of items).