On that Rogue nation speed run.


"Having pissed off one half of the world, we now want to make it harder to trade with the other half" is a hell of a decision


**UK**: "Bored. I'm gonna shoot me-self!" (Does Brexit.) **US**: "Nah man! *Imma* gonna shoot *my*self!" (Elects Trump.) **Russia**: "Nyet! Hold my vodka..."


And all of them influenced by Russia


That's why dealers never should've consume their own goods. This is what will happen.


Never get high on your own supply


Yes! 🙁


Even Russia??!?


It hurt itself in confusion!


Especially Russia.


I disagree that Russia was influenced by Russia


Russia gets the worst of Russian propaganda


Putin started to believe his own propaganda and misinformation believing he had one of the best armies in the world and that he would be welcomed by Ukraine. So yeah, Russia was also influenced by Russia.


Russia has one problem and that’s Russia.


IF it wasn't for Russia, Russia would NEVER have been a fucking problem. It's always Russia. Russia, Russia, RUSSIA!!!




This needs to be spread as much as possible. Russia is actively stoking the trumpist ideology in America to weaken it


**”We were on the break!”** “Fine by meee!” punctuation, 90’s relevance destroyed with a glassa Pinot


They must've realized from North Korea and Pakistan that yes, while almost all dictatorships end in coups and utter failures, once you get nukes you can keep rogue'ing.


I can't wait for Russia to threaten nukes followed by pleas for help due to famine.


i think Putin is playing from Stalin's book, which means a bunch of people dying of famine is not likely to bother him much. And, I doubt the fact that they're Russian will make him any more likely to care.


Really? I think Putin is playing from Ghandi's playbook. Civ 5 Ghandi. Load up troops on my boarder. Repeatedly send a gesture of friendship. Immediately declare a surprise war on me. Expend his entire military on a single city that he doesn't even manage to capture. Denounce me.


Apologies for the nitpick, but it's 'Gandhi'.


Come now, he doesn't consider the ethnic minorities like the Tartars and Belarussians and Chechens as Russian.


I doubt he even considers them people.


He’s a dictator. By default, everyone that is not him and a very select group he might have actual feelings for are tools to be used and abused.


him and his parkinson nurse


In a dictatorship it’s even more dire than that. Even if you’re IN the family you could be accused of being a dissident and throw you in a gulag. There are no safe places in a dictatorship


The russian people like to sell themselves as this hard people...How can you be so hard when you get walked all over so easily for centuries?


They were not walked over easily for centuries, they were slaughtered en masse during revolts by their government which led to fear of authority taking root in their culture, a kind of authoritarian Stockholm syndrome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_of_Novgorod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Riot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streltsy_uprising https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pugachev%27s_Rebellion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bezdna_unrest https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_(1905) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lena_massacre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Terror_(Russia) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Terror https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tambov_Rebellion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Purge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorkuta_uprising https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norilsk_uprising https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novocherkassk_massacre I keep hearing from naive Redditors "they can't kill everyone", maybe not but they can kill/torture enough to inspire fear and trauma for generations.


Bloody sunday does not really belong, as that actually led to more protests and even a sort of revolution with the founding of the Duma. Nikolai II of course backtracked and sabotaged the duma, effectively dooming Russia to go on a path of revolutions, instead of gradual progress away from absolutism towards a modern state. Although who can say. WWI kinda messed everything.


Unfortunately they're likely going to indirectly cause famine across Africa. https://i.imgur.com/DtBdw4U.jpg




Oh that's far from the limit of it. Fertilizer prices rose without the war, well with the war it's worse. Need fertilizer to grow crops on a large scale. It's always those on the margins that suffer the worst from price increases. There's a reason I bought a side of beef when the conflict started. My cost per pound for the entire thing, steaks and all, is far under even the cost of the cheapest ground beef.


> I can't wait for Russia to threaten nukes followed by pleas for help due to famine. According to Kim Jong Un, those two actually go well together.


They see me rogue'ing. They hatin'.


They Hagueing


"Rogue'in Dirty" - Crimeanaire


End in financed coups or invaded.


Russia to NK "Hold my gruel"


You're out of date with respect to Pakistan. It currently has a nascent democracy. The current form started in 2001. But let's not count the period 2001-2008, because the country was led by the last guy to launch a coup in that period. Since then, however, Pakistan has had three elections (2008, 2013, and 2018). It's not perfect, but also the military appear not to be launching coups whenever they feel like it.


I just looked it up, and apparently they're ranked right next to Turkey on the democracy index. Obviously not great, but still *much* better than I was expecting. Good on them if things are improving.


Iirc, aren't military coups sorta common in Pakistan anyway. To the extent that they're almost expected at least every few decades?


Leaving the WTO is a disaster. China’s ascendency in the 2000s was partially due to being admitted to the WTO, thanks to the US needing a vote on the security council in support of the Afghanistan strategy.


ˢᵗᵒᵖ. ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ. ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ


"You LOSE! Good day, sir!!"


It will take decades for Russia to repair damage that Putin has done to his own country. And the longer Putin stays in power the more damage he is doing.


Not to mention their plummeting demographics are an existential threat to the Russian ethnicity. War sure isn't gonna solve that problem


I was born in Russia and my family left the country and a lot of other Russians I know want to leave. It's pretty simple, life in Russia sucks, the extreme corruption and stupid ultra-nationalism of the government leaves a bad impression. Russia always feel like it's at least 50 years behind the rest of the "civilized" world. Tho it does seem to be very attractive to the simple minded that like strong authoritarian leaders.


I cannot wait to read all the history books written about russia's 2022 fuckup.


Tbf they are buried under sanctions at this point. No reason for them to stay in WTO if they cannot trade at all.


But if they leave, I seriously doubt they'll be let back in.




I think he meant under the same leadership.


I would have gone with rouge nation. ​ I mean, red army, red square, etc. etc.


> red army, You're decades too late for that.


Russias North Koreafication continues


It's only a matter of time before they start closing embassies and implementing general exit visas imo. Putin is genuinely going to isolate the country worse than the USSR to stay in power, and it's likely that within 10 years there won't be much of a difference between them and NK.


Russia's GDP is roughly equivalent to New York State and slightly ahead of South Korea. Not a good global position to self-isolate.


Everytime I think about Russia's situation, I think of Senator McCain calling them "a gas station masquerading as a country"


A gas station with nukes.


If they still work *and* there's will to use them.


Always assume the gun is loaded and act accordingly.


Which means not invading Russia proper, not getting on your knees and sucking every time they saber rattle.


I think maffia is more accurate.


Fine. A gas station used by a crime family to lauder it's money masquerading as a country.


Every run down gas station has got some guy out back running a scam or side hustle. Not sure if Russia is the station, the guy, or the hustle.


Russia is the station, Putin is the guy, and oligarchy is the hustle?


Nailed it


Gas station mafia


South Korean is actually right ahead of Russia in 2021. They ranked 10th and 11th respectively.


Yes but per capita, Russia’s is garbage in comparison and their total population is almost triple SK’s.


Do per sqft next!


i'm actually surprised that it's that high.


Its propped up by oil sales. Once Europe and anyone else who cares stops buying Russian blood oil, their economy will fall dramatically.


Good, maybe then they won't be able to afford their damn troll farms.


Sadly, average Russians won’t be able to afford most of modern age things such as medication as well. Which bothers me because I’m diabetic and I don’t trust Russian-made insulin, not to mention there won’t be insulin pumps and all the other things that make our lives slightly less miserable


That's the thing: it's predicated on countries and groups of people having ethics. It's unlikely that they'll stop having buyers that are willing to buy. People are happy to buy things that cost lives, at long as they don't see it. Look at [China with the Uyghurs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uyghur_genocide?wprov=sfla1). Media doesn't cover it well, western countries buy goods produced with slave labor and actual genocide. Hell, even when people do hear about it they get upset and then go buy more Chinese made products.


Cut off from global markets, they’re going to have a shorter list of buyers. Lower prices.


India's already bending them over a barrel and they've still got most of Europe as customers. That's going to change and the reaming is only going to get worse when it does.


> bending them over a barrel How appropriate.


A bit crude.


Russia will be competing with iran for customers


Don't be. You're right. In 2021 their GDP is below South Korea and above Spain. Per capita however they are equal to Bulgaria.


Ok, but Russia has a population of about 145 million. NY state has 20 million, South Korea 50 million. If looking at the nominal GDP per capita, this puts things into perspective. Russia already is quite low in that metric. If Oil & Gas exports start to crumble, Russia is nothing but a third world country.


Russia by definition is the second world lol


A large part of the economic transactions are probably underreported because Russia is run by organized crime.


Yep. Exit visas are coming. If you're in Russia, get out while you can becuase the door is slamming closed.


I was reading an article a month or two ago about tech workers leaving. It was an insane number of people, hundreds of thousands of people, that had an outsized impact on the Russian economy, were gone within the first two weeks of the war. I can only imagine what has happened since then. I’m really surprised more Western countries haven’t welcomed these high income/high skilled workers with open arms.


The company I worked for at the time offered all it's Russian contractors (programmers) the chance to leave with their families. They got them out to Armenia. I think around 70 total (around 60% I think?), they certainly saw the writing on the wall.


> I’m really surprised more Western countries haven’t welcomed these high income/high skilled workers with open arms. In the past there have been several instances of spies and sleepers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegals_Program https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38846022 https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20220127-germany-accuses-russian-spy-of-sharing-details-of-european-space-rocket-programme https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1370539/dutch-roll-up-russian-spy-network-expel-two-diplomats


**[Illegals Program](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illegals_Program)** >The Illegals Program (so named by the United States Department of Justice) was a network of Russian sleeper agents under unofficial cover. An investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) culminated in the arrest of ten agents on June 27, 2010, and a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States on July 9, 2010. The arrested spies were Russian nationals who had been planted in the U.S. by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (known by its Russian abbreviation, SVR), most of them using false identity. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Sweet sweet concentration camps will be there too for anyone that disagrees with Z/Zombie Putin. Already discussed on Clown TV.


I am concerned that all the Ukrainians kidnapped and taken to Russia will never be seen alive again.


Oh god I hope not. Those poor people. Most of them I’ve read are women and children.


That is a possibility, but if Russia commits any more of their forces to the meat grinder that Ukraine has become for them Zalenskyy himself could walk across the border and bring them back


I am not sure we have ever seen a war where the aggressor is at such a disadvantage on tech and funding even though they have the personnel.


They are advanced on tech and funding.... on paper.


Putin got fucked by his own Mafia State.


Except not really. It turns out it was a big, fat lie the entire time. They were betting on everybody else not realizing they only had nerf guns and monopoly money the entire time.


Sadly a nerf gun made by glorious soviet union still shoots 7.62 or 5.45 and can kill people. Also, I've seen parties of 7-12 year olds with more and more advanced optics then I've seen visually confirmed from the entire Russian Army (discounting walmart optics on Chechens, anyway).


On paper they should've steamrolled the Ukrainian military. In reality, they can't even establish air superiority and their navy is losing to a country without warships.


People always think there’s life and there’s death. First off, assuming you’re going to die, the journey to death can be very long and agonizing. But assuming you aren’t going to die, there are many, many ways you can live in utter misery. Take Japanese comfort women for instance. Remember who it was that they packed off, children, lots of women... And also remember that Russia’s population will be down now. There’s so many horrible ways you can live, especially if the Russian’s around them are angry.


Quite a number of Russians can smell what's blowing in the wind, and have GTFO out of Russia already. Xi's Corruption Party of China is already implementing stealth exit visas there by a variety of means.


I wrote a recommendation letter for a Russian guy who used to work for me so he could flee to Canada. He’s going from Putin to poutine.


Good on you on helping the guy out. Innocent Russians who don't agree with Putin need our help (as in non-Russian help) and you helping the, presumably innocent Russian person, was the morally correct thing to do. Full respect to you.


Thank you :) Honestly seeing the majority of Russians support Putin was a bit shocking to me because a lot of the Russians I’ve met online were really nice. But then I spoke to one of them after the war started and they explained to me that they tend to avoid the Russian-speaking parts of the internet because they don’t fit in there, so I guess the anti-Putin Russians are over-represented in English-speaking spaces.


Off topic, we always called a poutine “Putin” in Prague.. everytime, you could see our russian colleagues freezing and then laughing.


Good luck to your guy.


Thank you, I think he’ll fit in Canada better than he did in Russia. He was the most polite contractor I ever worked with.


Not all can, though. And I fear the situation will become worse and worse...


Yeah, it's not that cheap to get out. Now it's even more problematic. I was going to leave for Lithuania by student visa, but the embassy rejected all and everyone pending on 25th of February (I applied on the 24th).


Pain. Stay strong, we will get out from this hellhole once.


That is kind of concerning though. It will effectively radicalize the population against the the rest of the world - Putin is now Russia and vice versa. This sort of exodus could allow Putin to engage in more dubious methods to maim and kill in Ukraine - an ugly prospect overall.


There's only 120 million Russians, just a little ahead of Mexico. The USSR had 250 million 30 years ago. It all seeped away. Poor Russia.


Also, the 120 million number is very misleading without context. A very small number of that 120 million are 18-30 year olds; they don't have a near-unlimited number of young men to draft into the military like they did in the 1940s.


And they're still suffering demographic issues as a result of WW2, so if they tried a mass draft again and took heavy losses, that'd just exacerbate the problem further and cause population issues for several generations.


Between their current economical situation, Putin himself, Russia's disastrous Covid response then add tens of thousands of young men to the list and Russia's future is beyond bleak if they do not do a complete political 180 internationally...which is about a snow balls chance in hell so it's Downfall 2.0: Putin on the Ritz.


>Russia's disastrous Covid response That's a pretty effective way to adjust demographics...


The Russian population declined by 1M just in 2021. The mass kidnappings of Ukrainians may as well be their primary military objective.


Well, they had Belarus and Ukraine as part of their country then, too, right?


Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova were all part of USSR.




Russia rage-quitting the planet


Even North Korea is in the WHO


All citizens must adopt Vlad's hairstyle.


I will not


Do what I do..wear a cap.




# [May-June 1990: GATT grants observer status to the Soviet Union](https://docs.wto.org/gattdocs/q/GG/GATTFOCUS/71.pdf) > The Council approved, on 16 May, a request by the Soviet Union for observer status in the GATT. The Soviet Union indicated that it saw its request as a first step towards a future application for GATT membership. Many delegations welcomed the decision as historic and underlined its significance not only for trade, and more generally, on fostering global peace and economic progress. > The Council Chairman, Ambassador Rubens Ricupero (Brazil), said the Soviet observer status in the GATT, could presage a "truly unified economy on a planetary scale". He added that this was another sign that walls between two economic systems which emerged from World War II "have started to crumble". # [August 2012: Russian Federation accession to the WTO](https://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/acc_e/a1_russie_e.htm) > “Both accessions show that joining the WTO remains high on the countries’ agendas since trade can bring a predictable and stable basis for economic growth. This is especially important as the world goes through troubled times and continues to suffer from one of the worst global economic crisis in memory. Joining the WTO is a sign of confidence in the organization and in what it can deliver for its members”, said WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy. > From the date of accession, the Russian Federation has committed to fully apply all WTO provisions, with recourse to very few transitional periods. On average, the Russian Federation will apply a final bound tariff for 7.8% for goods and has made specific commitments on 11 services sectors. # [November 2012: Putin says Russia's economy to suffer from WTO entry](https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-russia-putin-wto-idUKBRE8AK15320121121) > However, overall WTO membership remained positive for the country’s economy, said Putin, who did not question any of Russia’s WTO obligations and added Russia should defend its interests in the organisation. > Putin, whose health has recently been under close scrutiny amid reduced appearances and cancelled foreign trips, stuttered during his speech saying “Russia will always lag behind” instead of “Russia will always defend its interests”, mixing two similar Russian words.


Putin can’t outrun the clock. Mf will die eventually.


Putin knows his days are counted , either by health or by acute lead poisoning. As with people who plan suicide he is starting to let go everything of value behind him. It is burned land in other sense - do as much damage as possible for those who will inherit country after he is gone.


I like your phrasing, it's interesting, I've never heard "burned land" but always "scorched earth." I'm using that ifyadontmind


idk where /u/pppjurac is from, but it seems like a literal translation from russian of “выжженная земля” (burned land), which is the proper counterpart for the English “scorched earth” Maybe it’s from another language where they use the same term though 🤷‍♂️


Came from slavic country as young foundry apprentice, live in WienerSchnitzel Land ;)


It's the same in French "terre brûlée" means burned "earth".


"you can't cripple or country with isolating policies! We're going to cripple our country with isolating policies!" Also, good, now do the UN security council.


While acts of self-harm, they're genuinely entitled to do both these things, ironically. Instead, they talk about doing this while raping, torturing and murdering in Ukraine as if they're entitled to do that instead, while threatening Ukraine for attacking military targets inside the invading country and while Russia is threatening the whole world with nuclear warheads. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.




There's Nazis in America. Are they going to invade America, next? Your friends are dumb. Lol.


As long as he calls them out for their fucking stupid opinions then that's fine. They can be stupid but just tell them as such, bringing these points up.


Even if there were Nazis in Ukraine, what gives Russia the right to unilaterally invade another country, rape their women, and destroy hospitals?


I strongly disagree with you..! I hope the door knocks him on his ass.


Damn man, here I though it was physically impossible to shoot yourself 47 times in the foot! Russia: Hold my Vodka, Comrade!


Let’s land in Kherson airport after getting shelled 22 times there… they won’t expect us to do it again


Russia: comrade my foot no longer exists after 10 shotgun shots. I’ll be using my children’s feet as well Everyone:… you could’ve used a pistol… why a shotgun Russia: because we are strong and can suffer, also dear leader who owns the shotgun factory told me to do this


>shoot yourself 47 times in the foot ruZZian soldiers are actually complaining in phone calls that they have not inflicted bad enough wounds on themselves to be fully excused from the war and some people have had to pay the "wounding money" back to government if it has healed too well. So they will start shooting their foot several times from now on.


I mean, they used to regularly commit suicide via two bullets to the back of the head, so that's par for the course. ...So, many of the more decent Russians aren't there to make a positive impact which leaves the ones like Putin and the oligarchs to make a positive impact for themselves and a negative impact for everyone else.


It's a shame. Seems like the WHO helps people. Weird that Russia would want to leave. Is there some cost to Russia if it stays in WHO?


If they want to leave the WHO it will be out of spite as [their "first in the world" vaccine still has not obtained Emergency use listing](https://extranet.who.int/pqweb/sites/default/files/documents/Status_COVID_VAX_02April2022.pdf) due to "incomplete submissions" (the WHO has not specified why, but apparently they have failed many inspections of manufacturing sites and they don't have key data from early in the development of their vaccine).


They might be stuck in the same psychosis as elements in USA. Fascist loyalists resent being told thier leader is failing to provide security. The security failure was a virus. Caught up in denying there was a failure they now feel the need to oppose any solutions or any attempts at finding solutions to viruses. That makes organizations like CDC or WHO an enemy. I am not claiming this is rational. I have no good reason to think Trump loyalists are equivalent to Putin loyalists since I have only talked to Trump loyalists. Some ideas might be crossing over. I thought at one point Russia was trying to promote Sputnik vaccine as a national pride thing too.


| ideas Might be crossing over Hah hah, their propaganda outlets literally read from the same script word for word on national programming lately. They've always had a lot in common, but now we know their scripts are written by the same people.


Since Trump loyalists get a lot of their ideas from Russian troll farms I'm sure there's some overlap.


The Russian govt in 2022 definitely seems to have started believing their own conspiracy bullshit. Like a dealer using their own supply


Bye Felicia


Bye Vladicia


I just keep waiting for Russia to become a massive humanitarian crisis.


They’re thinking about leaving because they can’t afford the membership fees, and WTO & WHO won’t accept payments in their magic bean ruble currency. They’re broke. Next weeks news report: “Russia considers canceling their Netflix and Disney Plus accounts, carpool to work with North Korea and Belarus.”


I'm starting to think that krokodil isn't the best commodity with which to back a currency.


Has anyone suggested to Russia that if they stop buying avocados they might be able to afford these things?


I don't know how they are with Starbucks, but at least they stopped buying McDonalds.


Many Russians consider leaving Russia as well


bro how can you be a citizen in Russia and go "hell yea we will leave the world HEALTH organisation fuck them" with a straight face


It’s hard to cheer when you’re starving and your brain is full of Putin’s farts.


The us came pretty close not too long ago


Ask any conservatives and you'll get roughly the same answer.


Don't let to door hit you in your bloated head.


I would actually love seeing him get hit by a door


[Will watching him fall on a red carpet while ice skating suffice?](https://c.tenor.com/1RPYWFuGJ4gAAAAC/hockey-hockey-ptin.gif)


this pleases me


Could just fly a drone in there with a dildo attached to it


That would imply that someone gives a flying fuck about putin


Don't threaten me with a good time.


“We don’t believe in health, trade, or peace.” -Thriving nation with a bright future, under good leadership. /s


Putin will take them back to soviet era of isolation and then die, leaving the mess to someone else. What a leader.


They're so upset with all the sanctions that they're going to further sanction themselves? I guess that's one way to react.


Leave Steam as well please, thanks xx


Brilliant. Russia spent so long getting the UK to vote for Brexit, pay off politicians, and influence the vote, and also invested heavily in Trump's isolationism....and now, they're Brexiting themselves and turning into North Korea


Russia cheered for Brexit and saw how bad it was for Britain. Now they're like "That's some good stuff, let's replicate that but with whatever we have"


A lack of self preservation instincts? Unchecked nationalism? A lack of willingness to admit the great power days are over and focusing on domestic issues and climate would be better for everyone.


Oh no... please, don’t...


I cannot fathom what the Russian leadership is thinking. Imagine how much better Russia could be if they just were smart and played ball in the international community. They have tons of resources and could have setup many lucrative deals with other countries. Now they're reduced to an ostracized petrol station that everyone is trying to wean off asap. Before all this Putin could have just retired and chilled for the rest of his days like a normal person.


Russia would be better off, PUTIN would not be. So that would not be a rational plan for Putin to have followed all along. He doesn't want to retire, he wants to reform the USSR or whatever.


Lol they’ve not even won the war. So all that bullying is for nothing. Hell, the farm equipment they stole doesn’t even work.


Maybe at a certain point it's not all the sanctions, companies leaving, and embargoes on your products that are wrong, but maybe it's you that is wrong.


This is not great. International collaboration is important to mitigate escalating situations.


How can there be international collaboration if one side just constantly fucks you over?


There are a few examples. For instance, the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) has more members than the UN. North Korea is conspicuously absent. In general, ICAO has been successfully organizing aviation standards across the world, while respecting national airspace sovereignty. It is one of the most important parts of what makes global air travel possible.




Be careful what you wish for. Their nukes could easily leave the world as a hole.


Pretty much. Russia pulling out the international community can allow the nation to go more rogue, which doesn’t bode well for world stability. Japan, Italy and Germany all left the League of Nations before hostilities broke out after all.


Yes but they all had functioning armies. The US spends 60 billion on its smaller nuclear Arsenal alone, which is equivalent to the ENTIRE Russian budget for their military. Given the state of the it’s military, +60% of its rockets straight up don’t work, icbms are even more complicated, their very expensive plutonium cores have to be completely switched every 10 years, and that they have a smaller budget for a larger Arsenal, I don’t think they have a world ending nuclear Arsenal. Of course they would still likely kill a lot of people, but I doubt they have the capacity to end the world or even wipe out the US alone. So that’s a big difference here. Japan and Germany both had fearsome economies and military might, Russia just kinda has bodies to throw at things but with their demographics they can’t even do that well


It doesn’t matter whether they have the capacity to end the world or not. Once a nuke is launched, other countries WILL retaliate


Bye Feliciaski


And no one will miss you. Go have your tantrum


World: Sanctions and isolates Russia, okish results. Russia: Fine, I'll do it myself.


Giving North Korea a run for most effed place to live.


If the reports of Putin’s failing health are accurate, he’s certainly leaving a giant mess for his successor to clean up.