It’s between 1 & 2 for me. Either way, I love this flag. Very nicely done!


Basically, one of the nations in my fictional setting is a Eastern Orthodox creole theocracy that spans from Alaska to all of Cascadia, and I’ve narrowed down my flag options to these three versions. They’re all essentially the same, but the only difference is the style of the red and white cross in the central shield of the flag. Which one looks better, in y’all’s opinion?


Based. I would say 2 is the best.


Somewhere Peter the Aleut weeps with joy.


Indeed lol. In this setting, the nation in question is known as the “Christian Union of All-America,” and the state becomes one of 3 “Americas,” the other two being the U.S. under a military regime and a surviving Confederacy that was forced to abolish slavery by international pressure but retains a form of apartheid, which includes forced abortions of bi-racial children in the womb. What’s called “Holy Alaska” (the nickname of the Christian Union) is a creole nation, populated by a very diverse mixture of Native tribes (Tlingit, Yupik, Haida, and others), Russian and Ukrainian migrants, Anglo-American settlers brought by gold, and a massive population of Black people converted to Orthodoxy (which is associated with racial tolerance and social justice in this world) who fled the apartheid regime of the Confederacy. I’m still making some final adjustments to make it work, but all in all I think it’s coming along quite well.


I like number one, but I think it's a little fussy. The lower bar on number two is in the wrong direction. I would not use that one at all. Number three is probably best in terms of overall design, plus I like the Alpha and Omega on the dove instead of repeating the abbreviation that you had on the first flag.


Three but nix the bordure


Overall, I like your vision. I would happily have this flag on my front porch.


Number 1 in my opinion. Faded color is nice


The second one.


2, i think


Second, though they're all very good :)


first is probably the best imo


Second one. Caught between thinking it's a bit complex and very well done, so I'll err in your favour.




First off: Great flag designs! My favourite one though is the second one.