Damn. I felt every word and expression of that. People shouldn't have to go through this bullshit. Fuck Putin.


Yeah when he said he was overcome with emotion... I've never been afraid hearing someone say that before. This is heartbreaking


Reminds me of a saying: "Once you rob a parents of their child, what do they have left?" We just saw pure grievance turned into hatred and spite. I can only hope he and many others find peace soon.


Nothing. If i lost my son. My heart would be completely destroyed. Id have nothing left.


Same. I'd be empty and looking for violence on those who took him. His eyes say that as clearly as if he spoke it.




He Is headed to a place where he will be more or less free to act with extreme violence. I'm sure he will be an absolute force multiplier on the battlefield. Normally I feel vengeance won't bring closure, but if you stack enough bodies, it might help.


This. It’s rare that a father who buries a child has the opportunity to unleash the pure rage they feel. This man is unlucky enough to get that chance


No. He will be absorbed into a unit and be expected to follow his orders. He has a mission and that mission is no different than his sons. I hope he survives.


I would without remorse end the life of anyone or ones who took my son away if he were killed by someone, send me to jail. End me. It wouldnt matter.


One of the biggest concerns in law enforcement are cascades of revenge killings that can be triggered after a murder. I'm not saying I've ever engaged in a prolonged war of vengeance but I'm not saying I wouldn't


Fuck Putin. And everyone supporting him. In every country.


All this pain because of one man’s ego. Putin deserves the worst this world can offer.


I would not want to be the man who accidentally comes upon him.


I don't want to be on the receiving end of whatever depths of emotions he probably has. Dude looked as stoic as a boulder when he referenced how emotional he currently was, I am certain he'll be unloading a lot of that in a very destructive way.


To me he looked extremely sad. There's emptiness in his lack of emotion. Something that comes with high amount of sadness when a person knows crying won't do anything. A look of hopelessness and getting overwhelmed.




This is what I saw. A reluctance to violence wiped away. Empathy replaced with emotionless cold determination. The way he said “Don’t come here.” Was chilling.9


To me he seems just like a father empty after losing his son, wishing to lash out about it, but still not wishing to cause the same suffering for other parents. Less like a threat, him telling them to not send their sons seems more like a plee.


I agree, he seems resigned to his fate but at the same time has been destroyed by it. They have taken away his humanity, and now he will take theirs. It’s just so damn sad and pointless, all because of Putin’s campaign of murder.


He knew too, why he did not want to lose control. Felt like raw emotion to me


As a father, it hurts even more so. Imagine for a second, you as a man spend 24 years building a foundation so that your son/daughter may live away from this, only to have them taken from you by some dictator-controlled pawn. 24 years of bonding, memories, sacrifice, and emotion, wiped away. I do not know war or strife like this man, but if someone took my child, I would no longer have a reason to feel humane. I pray someone puts a bullet in Putin soon, so that no parent on either side of this, ever feels this shattered again.


Well said.


I was hurt very badly and my parents wanted to make them pay & I wasn’t even killed. If I had been killed (which almost happened) there would’ve been no mercy. My parents and I aren’t even that close so that maternal & paternal instinct must be very strong. I feel so sorry for this man and all the parents losing their children to this needless violence. I truly believe it’ll be one of the mothers or fathers (who’ve lost their children) who decides to end this war by killing Putin or destroying his army.


Yeah I lost my Son suddenly when He was 28, but by natural causes which kind of makes it easier


I’m sorry for your loss. I feel like all loss like that, is equally difficult. The acceptance may come easier, but no parent deserves to feel that way, regardless of circumstance. We’re all human, and I’m sorry you had to experience that.


I don’t know that easier is the right word. I lost the most important person in my life at the time twenty years ago. I watched his parents. All I can say is I’m so very sorry for your loss. It’s something that I couldn’t possibly wish on anyone. That’s a life sentence. My heart is with you and those who loved your son.


I hate wishing death on anyone, even Putin, but I would *gladly* trade his life for the countless lives he has taken.


Before this war, I would have rather seen him in chains atoning for his crimes. Once you start slaughtering civilians and targeting hospitals and children, you are no longer a human in my eyes, and thus do not deserve the same sympathies.


I'd gladly trade Putin's life for a pack of cigarettes and I don't even smoke.


The Russian who comes across him.,,


“Why do I hear boss music?”


“Go home and be a family man…” :,-(


"My name is [insert man's name here]. You killed my son. Prepare to die."


Even after this war. If he’s made it through, don’t fuck with that guy.


When you lost the only thing that kept you human, being a monster is all that is left.


I spoke with a friend who is from the region, very calm and reasonable guy, super white collar. He said Putin seems to completely not understand the mentality of Ukrainians. Even IF the Russians did take the country he said decades from now masked men would storm into russian schools to massacre their children in retaliation. They would never forget and never forgive and the extent of their hatred would be bottomless. Really bleak situation.


Yeah, I don't get this - history shows the Slavic peoples to be damn good fighters when they're pushed to it. Just look at the various Partisan groups who fought in WWII. I really think Putin made the same mistake Imperial Japan did with Pearl Harbor and awoke a sleeping giant. The Ukrainians are people with a reason to fight back, and Russia will bleed for every inch of land.


~tag line to John Wick.


More like the man he deliberately comes across


Never mess with a man who has nothing more to lose


Holy shit. I didn't know what exactly the clip was and his eyes told me immediately that he was fucking broken by tragedy.


Yeah, he’s stoic but you can see the pain in his eyes.


"You killed my son. I will kill yours."




Indeed, this man has nothing to lose... whether he'll come back alive or not from this war, his hands will be soaked in blood


In his situation he does not care if he dies at this point. He won't salve his pain through revenge, but he might find death. I would not want to stand in his way.


He fill find death, but I'm pretty sure at first he'll help enemy soldiers find death and maybe his own ... You are right, he doesn't care if he dies or not and that's when someone like him, becomes dangerous enough to start fire in enemy tank with matches and stick


Nah hes the guy swimming around the black sea taking out russian submarines with a knife


wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the spoonkiller for putler


It's a truly horrible thing. It's unnatural on every conceivable level for a parent to bury their child, and this person has the means to exact revenge for it. I can't begin to fathom his anger and despair. God help convince whatever Russian conscript he goes up against that they surrender before he exacts the revenge he deserves.


'Simbelmyne. Ever has it grown on the tombs of my forebears. Now it shall cover the grave of my son. Alas, that these evil days should be mine.'


Ride on riders of Reddit.


Yeah I hope so, but I'm sure he'll take few with him before they surrender


Worse part of this is that I believe him. Fuck this war.


My life goal would be to go after Putin if I was him.


I wonder if the world will see putin under a clear sky ever again. I suspect his paranoia will make a hermit of him if it hasn't already. That will make perfectly justifiable assassinations difficult. I would not begrudge people entering Russia and destroying it's infrastructure and assassinating those who can't hide though. Putin may be at the helm, but there's an enormous apparatus of power that makes his decrees a reality, and that apparatus is as vulnerable to violence as any other.


Imagine being the richest man in the world, you could have anything you want, anything that a middle class person can imagine in their wildest dreams is at your fingertips every day. Then imagine throwing all that away and making yourself a prisoner in your own country which you helped set back decades now. All for what, cause you wrote a dumb fucking essay about it. putin will go down in history as gigantic idiotic dunce who thought he had it all figured out. Narrator: He didn't.


My thoughts exactly. He could have flown into space, wiped his ass with thousand dollar bills, used Bugattis as bumper cars, etc. Literally ANTHING, and now he's down to nothing. He will remain hiding the rest of this life.


Russia can expect a harvest of the worst terrors to grow from these days on


Burn their houses to the ground, like they did to ours. Let them drink water from muddy puddles.


~Peppa pig


In his case, it's not paranoia now. People ARE going to kill him if he ever shows up in a vulnerable state again. He'd be an idiot to show himself. I mean, I want him to go out in public, but he'd be dumb as fuck if he did.


Oddly enough, I think that that apparatus is a lot smaller than we think. Dick taters like him tend to make their inner circle as small as possible to reduce the number of possible challengers to the throne.


Betting dollars to dimes he is living on borrowed time anyway. Early this year he had some sort of abdominal cancer surgery and now he is looking all bloated and weird.


Every sane person on this planet should be going after Putin and not stop till bastard is dead!


Oh yeah. Every event, every charity (if he even does that shit) ANYWHERE he might be, I’ll be there. With my son dead I wouldn’t care. Anyone can be killed, you just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself.


I know this might be unpopular to say but. As a father, we shouldn't be cheering for his righteous fury, but mourning his loss. Whether he kills 1000 men or gets killed before firing a bullet, his loss matters. His pain matters. I think we get real wrapped up in other things, but just seeing him and trying to understand, knowing his son was killed...the earth shattering, black hole devouring pain is mind numbing. I get the "Yeah go kick some ass my man!" reaction, but this is a man to feel sympathy and empathy for. He's not your CoD fanfic, this is a real man suffering.


Why can't we do both? I'm in Kyiv, I know how he feels. You just can't comprehend the horrors my people are living through each day. And for what? There is no reason for this. Literally. I wake up every day to missile strikes, you can't even imagine how it feels if you haven't lived through it. So yes, I will cheer for this fury, and for his vengeance, and I hope he gets it, because there is nothing else left for us. Just hatred and anger that these cowards and pigs are bombing our cities and our hospitals, that they shoot civilians and kill infants. I can mourn, but I also can *hate* as never before, and this is why every fucking russian pig on our land will burn and die a horrible death.


No, your sentiments are not wrong, and I hope they are not unpopular. Because we cannot salve his pain, the absolute best we can hope for is that his righteous actions might make the next mourning father that not of an innocent son but of a complicit one. No more fathers should have to experience what he has, Ukrainian *or* Russian; but if has to be let it spare the ones who want peace.


I can get on board with that


Papa Bear mode engaged. My heart goes out to this man. Woe to the first man who meets him in battle and seeks mercy. Still I hope he finds mercy in that moment, so this man does not become an animal like his enemy and can find peace in his life.


No mercy should be shown to any Russian invader who hasn't surrendered by now. They are all complicit.


Couldn't agree more.


Is there an innocent man among an evil army? Are most Russian soldiers aware of the atrocities their army is committing, or are they deceived and in the dark as is much of the Russian populace? Unfortunately it may be too late to ask these questions, as such atrocities have been committed. But at the same time we must think of the heart of the Ukrainian soldiers after the war. They must live with themselves, and we do not want them to become casualties of their own doubts and guilt over taking the lives of other men. We want them to know that they showed mercy to prisoners. That they did not needlessly inflict suffering. That they killed only when necessary. We want them to emerge victorious, knowing they were better than their enemy not just militarily but also morally. We want them to be able to live with themselves after the war.


Too late for that, his son is dead. He may find ways to cope, but there will never be peace within him again. Wounds like that scar, and scars dont go away.


Demons run when a good man goes to war.


Three things all men should fear: The sea in a storm, a night with no moon, and the wrath of a gentle man.


“Something Vimes had learned as a young guard drifted up from memory. If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you're going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat. They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the moment of murder like another man will put off a good cigar. So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word.” ~Terry Pratchett




Reddit used to include the HTTP header `X-Clacks-Overhead: GNU Terry Pratchett` but it seems it has recently been removed :( They still have `x-moose: majestic` (cosmetic-only) though...


Bugger 'em all, 'ing Klatchian savages the whole bunch of them!


I love terry pratchett. If there was a single human being god demanded to redeem this inexplicable mess we've made of ourselves in the modern world, I'd vote for him with every shred of confidence I have


Heh, I was typing that quote when I posted.


You forgot the worst of all. Mother in law


You mean mother NLAW? Right?


Mother nlaw will exact revenge.


God damn. Hats off to you, sir. Brilliant.


A king killer chronicles reader. A man of culture you are


Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war


>Night will fall and drown the sun when a good man goes to war I'll never understand how someone can be both so good and so bad at writing. Moffat is one of a kind.


I feel for this man. I have 2 sons ages 20 and 23. I can't imagine losing either one of them - it would brake me. Russians should fear a broken man.


I like to think that if someone killed my son, I would react the same as this man. Sorry for your loss




I have had similar thoughts .


Worst pain your life.


I'm a 30 year old guy. If someone killed my son, I think I would die of literal heartbreak. There would be no reason to go on.


You find a reason to keep living, and you do 💞


This man is so heartbroken and destroyed and is going to kill a lot of Russian young men. “There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.” This is a gentle man. He's not signing up because he lacks purpose, he's not streaming his adventure, he has one purpose. And he said it on video. "Don't come here you will die." Godspeed.


"You have taken everything from me My family My children My home The safety of these lands I called my own I have come here to die And I will make sure I do not go alone”




I pray he finds peace in the end. You can't kill your way to it, but you will find it when you realize that. Let him find it. All men should if thrust experience it.


Nah this guy is going there specifically to get into every fight he can. He’s so hurt and mad, Jesus I can’t even put myself in his shoes what do I know about losing a son. Shit man. This may seem fucked up, but if I was in his shoes, Putin may be out of reach, but……….


> Jesus I can’t even put myself in his shoes what do I know about losing a son. When I was young I was woken up one night by a woman in the neighborhood wailing. Wasn't screaming, wasn't crying, it was just this horribly heart wrenching sound. My whole family gathered by the window to see what was going on. My dad quietly said "Some mother just found out her child died." It's just this whole other level of emotion, what you see in movies or TV doesn't come close to it.


When my mom coded and there was no more hope, I wailed. The nurses have seen Code Blues before. They asked if I was alone and where was my dad? I said he died less than a year ago too. They gasped. I was being held by a nurse as I cried, a total stranger, I remember her name tag Melanie. Thank you, Melanie. I wonder how many nurses told their significant others or family about me that day.


When my mother died way back when I was 19 I did not make a sound. I didn't cry for 20 years and even then only when I was very drunk. Worst mistake I ever made. I look back and wish I'd have been strong enough to cry and let it out. No reaction was the worst reaction. Sorry mate. Sorry about your mother.


Sorry about what you went through too, friend. May your mom rest in peace. I hear what you’re saying about wishing you let it out. It’s better late than never. I personally had to force myself to go through therapy & attended a support group or else I wouldn’t be here today.


I have buried a son and a daughter. If anyone had been responsible for their deaths, I would gladly have died to kill them. May this man's wrath yield many sunflowers for Ukraine. And when the killing is done, may he find the peace that vengeance alone cannot supply.


Hugs to you.


From one loss parent to another: big, big hugs.


To you as well, friend. I'm very sorry we are members of the same grievous circle. God be with all the parents grieving their children lost in this damned war, or lost in other ways.


Damn I’m crying 😢


I’m a parent of a son about his son’s age and damn


And there wouldn’t be much that would stop me in his shoes


And the Russians are still asking people to lay down their weapons and surrender. It's so typical of cowards that fear their government to think that intimidation would work and that people would be more attached to their life than their rage. This guy is not going back to Ukraine to surrender. He is going back to put as many Russians into bodybags. Not only he is not afraid to die, I do not think he expects to live. An army of slaves that live in fear are not going to ever defeat an army of angry men who have no fear at all.


I don't think he *wants* to live, except that he has to in order to kill Russians.


yeah but when he is going to face the choice of saving his life or bring 5 or 6 russians down with him, you know that he is going to plant some sunflowers in Ukraine.


He's Goblin Slayer.




May Thurgon be proud of this Edain.


I hope for one thing, I hope he survives and I hope he saves the life of someone's son and can one day feel it's worth living again


> I don't think he wants to live Look at his eyes. He died in Kharkiv not too long ago.


Russians are even trying so spread false n formation further. They pretend to be Ukrainian and pretend that Ukrainians hate EU, Nato, and everything else Russia has a problem with. Ive seen a ton of Russian people on Instagram making sites and posts where they try to continue the narrative. And these are ordinary people. It's not someone from a Russian bot network. These are Russians living abroad in another country and using lies and obviously false informations to.. Idk tbh why they do it. I have literally 0 clue why you would deny such war besides being actually retarded (not meant as an insult but honestly)


Hey dude I get it, I am here collecting news and wishing the complete annihilation of Putin without anyone paying me. Weird taste on their part but sometimes people just have passion projects. Their passion project is spreading lies to cope. Mine is to celebrate a spring full of Sunflowers. To each their own.


Fuck... That makes more sense than I want to admit


People often wondered how the Venetians were able to rule the seas and win so many decisive battles against foes with larger navies and seemingly more impressive forces. The answer lay in Venice’s oarsmen. While most major powers filled their boats with slaves, conscripts, beleaguered minorities, the Venetians manned their ships with…yep, Venetians. This means that even the men rowing the ships had skin in the game, which made them unwavering and unflinching in the most dire and insurmountable of situations. Never underestimate an army — or navy, or air force , or populace in general — comprised of people who have skin in the game, especially when facing a force with no skin in the game. Ukraine is going to win this. I have no doubt. And the man in this painful video is a primary example why.


I saw an interview with an elderly Ukrainian grandma almost two weeks ago. She said she was staying to fight. Asked how she would fight, as she had no guns. "I will tear them to shreds with my hands"


The whole psychological impact of that is huge. A 19 year old Russian conscript, brought up in a society where mothers and grandmothers are afforded great respect, is going to face a huge inner conflict when they come up against protesting women. Fighting them in any way goes against everything they have been brought up with from birth. Even if they can bring themselves to do it once or twice they’ll eventually break.


Babushka with a phone can cause death to hundreds of invaders.


"So who are we fighting, boss." "A woman." "A..woman?" "Yep." "This shouldn't be an issue." "An old woman." "Piece of cake." "An old Eastern European woman..." "..." "...who is furious." "Retreat?" "Retreat."


Fighting for your family looks quite different from fighting for a paycheck.


And it’s barely even a paycheck!


When the USSR retreated from Afghanistan, their top general said in regards to the Mujahadeen: *"How can you defeat a man who sees paradise down the barrel of your gun?"*


Beware the man who has nothing left to lose but a life where only hatred remains. It is an atrocity that fathers should have to bury their sons.


A quote by Russian General Aleksander Lebed. Veteran of russia's last military failure in Afghanistan. "Have you ever dealt with people who have lost everything in just an hour? In the morning you leave the house where your wife, your children, your parents live. You return and you find a smoking pit. Then something happens to you - to a certain extent you stop being human. You do not need any glory, money anymore; revenge becomes your only joy. And because you no longer cling to life, death avoids you, the bullets fly past. You become a wolf."


You have no fear of death when you're already dead (inside)


No dad should outlive his kids. I wish this man strength and hope he finds peace. Russia doesn't stand a chance fighting against the family of kids they've murdered.


May this father have his revenge.


May Russian moms hear this man


I do not expect him to be taking any prisoners.


This. No clever sayings. I hope this man gets his revenge and is either satisfied or killed trying to get more. Hope for the end of this cycle.


His son was killed by an invading army, he will *never* be satisfied. He could go full John Wick and never be satisfied, because no matter how many Russian pigs he kills his son is still dead. Its fucked.


He definitely will get his revenge. He has the Punisher look about him. Russian soldiers will feel his wrath soon enough. I hope he finds peace eventually though.


There will be no solace for him in revenge. It will not repair the loss of his child. Any killing will eventually haunt him, knowing all too intimately the pain he caused another parent. The best thing he can do to heal his pain is find another child to care for in his son’s place. If he takes the path of war, then he will only know more death and suffering. But he is blameless, as this war was forced upon him, and his son was taken by an unjust aggressor. If he chooses to fight, then it is his right, and I hope he helps propel the people of Ukraine to victory. But I hope someday he also finds peace, along with all Ukrainian people.


I cannot in good faith say I disagree with a single word you said. Yet, in his shoes, I would do the same. Without hestiation. Even though I know you are right. And I suspect if he does make it to a battle zone, he may die in the process but not until he makes a dozen Russian mothers mourn for their sons. I would do the same.


No man should have to bury his son... and may god have mercy on the group who made him have to do it... because he won't.


This is the generational pain that Russia inflicts upon the Ukrainians. From the youngest to the oldest, decades of people will be deeply affected by this. The war will be inside these people for the rest of their lives.


This is the generational pain all war inflicts. No one wins and there is no real end to the conflict. The best we can hope for is to reach a peaceful middle ground of co-existence. You killl my parents, I hate you. You kill my kids, I hate you. You kill my friends, I hate you. How can any war possibly end with both sides satisfied and ready to forgive? There is no real Victory in war. Sure one side might "give up" and sign a declaration of surrender but you better believe theres a lot of individuals that are still really pissed off and hateful against the other side.


“In peacetime, sons bury their fathers, in wartime, fathers bury their sons”


It is an atrocity that a father should bury his son.


May he exact vengeance upon the interlopers!


Heartfelt and sincere sorrow for this man. Horrible.


We lost my brother when he was 20. I’ll never forget that day.. my parents.. God speed to this man. May he find his peace.


I'm truly sorry for your loss. Been through the same with my brother. It changed my parents in ways I never thought possible.


How does Putin sleep at night.. I don’t get how he can cope with himself after what he have done. How can we allow people like him to control our lives?? Fucking bastards.. If my son got killed, I’d wanna die to, as soon as I’d killed the people responsible for his death. I can hardly watch this video, only imagining his pain is painful for me.


He’s a psychopath. He has zero empathy for anyone. That’s how he sleeps at night.


Worse than an animal.


Ukraine wasn’t his first, even during the 90s apartment bombings his KSB planned to kill/stage a tragedy of its own citizens to justify the Chechnya wars and he remembered due to all those bloodshed and cries of families there he got his power & votes to trick the populace who previously dint know him, become the very dictator president we see now. From Georgia to Syria and budding shoulders with dictator/authoritarian like figures and funding misinformation & extreme fringe groups in the west. Guy has been heartless since childhood and he was always dreaming as that cold KGB Psy (truth be told he was just a bureaucrat but found out he on the 70-80s funded East German terrorist group and the Neonazis to Right wing Skinhead groups to tricking western diplomats that he looks ordinary). This man sleeps dreaming that he one day be the unites strong man Tsar that reunite the USSR & Russian Empire in history books while he in his age coming to terms he had a disease/Time running out and needed distraction of the failing economy & gilded illusion of prosperity. He rules for 20+ yrs of intimidation, torture and assassination of influential critics, journalists or long time held term In Jail until they become despaired into silence or Exile. Hope justice and all the dead come back to haunt him in his end


23, literally felt the stab of that hit me. This is literally a battle between good and evil. My thoughts are with you. I pray you find vengeance.


I believe him.


This is so heartbreaking 😢, I have no words for this, I feel so sorry for him and his son. Never thought this will happen again. Stop the war and the hatred !!! ☮️


That’s a man who has lost everything and is pushed to the end. Those idiot derp-a-derp Russian soldiers won’t know what hit them


Fear a man with nothing to lose.


Saint Javelin, I pray you watch over this man. Ensure his aim is true and his thirst quenched. Ensure he is protected by you and his enemies feel your wrath. In Saint Javelins name we pray.




My son is 26. I'm 55. If my son was killed the way this mans son met his end, there is no force on earth that would keep me fromexacting a swift and terrible retribution. Do not fuck with a mans children, no matter how old they are.


Wow. Palpable... Everything. Rage, sadness, shock. These poor people. May he live to properly grieve his son. Slava Ukraini, Slava Democracy


How do the Russians expect to hold ukraine? They will just have to deal with thousands like him. They would have to kill nearly very Ukrainian man and I get the feeling that would require for Russia to loose all its professional soldiers.


And thus, the legend of The Russian Slayer is born Rip and Tear.... Until it is done..


heartbreaking. the look on this man's face, in his eyes, makes me cry.


The Russians are currently generating a whole nation of hard-as-nails crusaders who will never let them live in peace. Occupying and holding Ukraine? There is no chance in hell. EDIT: Just got a warning for threatening with violence. Really, Reddit?


I doubt they plan to. Displace anyone who resists and replace with loyal Russians. Look at Israel and Palestine for example. Seize then move as many loyal citizens as you can into the region, displace who you have to. That just I guess tho, I’m no expert


Such good people. Putin is an idiot.


His threat is so real I think I shriveled up into my own penis. This man is going to mulch the first Russian he sees.


May your spirit be strong, may your hand be steady, may your eyes be precise.


Have we still not learned that when you kill one insurgent, you gain x number more? We certainly have enough 20th & 21st century examples. The harder you try to beat the identity out of someone, the more they will dig in. When you take away everything, be prepared to face an opponent afraid of losing nothing.


As a father, I know this man will have no mercy.


Its a solemn thing. Every one who has seen this knows in their heart this man is gonna stack bodies. I'm so sorry man.


Every time I think I can't possibly root more for Ukraine I find myself rooting harder sometimes inbetween tears and feelings of guilt for not being able to help more. If this dude does any sort of fundraising for gear keep me posted. There isn't much left for him. I CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE THE WORLD HAS PUT THE INSANITY OF ONE MAN ABOVE THE GOOD OF SO MANY. We would rather kill a million people with bomb than put a bullet in one guy. Make it make sense. Why have bombs that can wipe out cities if you can't make one guy disappear?


Who is slicing onions in here? His son is all our sons.


And that's why Russia won't win, too much has happened. Rip and be safe!


all the Russians are doing is sowing sunflowers and hate.


This man's eyes are as dark as his intention to kill...


No person should ever be put in such a position. No parent should have to outlive their child, bury their child. Fuck everything about this, I don't know if that poor father will find solace but I wish him the best. May his son rest in peace.


That right there, is one dangerous man, his eyes have that 1000 yard stare.


If you killed my child, I would lose all of my fucks. When someone has no more fucks left to give, what do they do? Russia is about to find out.


That is a man on a mission. Very committed and highly motivated. Just give him the ball and get out of the way. I hope he survives. He looks hard as nails as well. Judging by his age, he could have been a recruit in the Red Army, maybe hold some grudges from that time. Godspeed. Avenge your son.


Dude has that Mel Gibson look in his eye


He has an eye of a father who lost his dear son


Perfect description. He now has one mission in life, until this bullshit invasion is over.




The look on his face is the look of “I fear no death”


This is not the guy you want coming after you if you’re a young Russian soldier


Pray that any Russian terrorist that encounters this man is killed very very quickly. And what's chilling is that this guy sounds like he's not planning on returning alive. If so, then may as many invaders be fallen wherever this guy should lay


Our job is not to avoid hell,but make sure it’s crowded when we arrive


Take a man's son from him, and he truly has nothing left to lose. He will kill Russians, I hope they learn to fear him before it all ends, and I pray Ukraine can break the Bear and burn it's corpse, that they may rebuild atop it's ashes.


Put this guy alone in a room with Putin and it’s all solved


My heart. This poor man.


The most dangerous man in the world is the one that has nothing left to lose.