Sounds a lot like polycystic ovarian syndrome ( i have and took 8 years to get pregnant the first time with out help) i got pregnant this time around (currently 20 wks) naturally within 4 months of trying but had regulated my blood sugars and periods a head of time. have you been seen for erratic periods? if you go three months without one while not being on birthcontrol you need to a gyn to have it evaulated and possibly have a period induced the lining continues to build but not shed if you arent taking birthcontrol it puts you at higher risk for some cancers to just ignore it. Weight and blood sugar can really affect how regular your menstrual cycle is also stress can impact it too. I would say get checked discuss everything with a good gynecologist.


I think that's where I felt like my PA at the OBGYNs office just brushed me off. I ended up having a period in February just under the 3 month mark. I told her about my history of irregular periods ever since I started having them in junior high 10 years ago. But she just said wait it out and come back after a year... As I said, it's been 6 months and I don't think I want to do that, partly for my own health moreso than just trying to conceive.


Yes I would go to a gynaecologist. My periods were super irregular as well. I lost weight + cut caffeine out + did ayurveda ( alternative meds ) plus gynaecologist. I managed to get my period back and started ovulating. I was on birth control as well. Took me sometime to get my period back after that. I would find a good gynaecologist for sure.


You know your body. Do what feels right. Go to the obgyn


It can take up to a year for everything to go back to normal.


I have been Hyperovulating and havnt had a period in over 3 years. No medications, nothing. It’s very normal for your cycle and period not to come back for a year


This has been happening to me too. I have never had anovulatory cycles before, and now I do, when I'm actually trying to conceive. It's beyond frustrating. My new long ass luteal phase is horrendous, so many emotions, most all negative. ugh. I feel for you. Wishing you the best.