It’s not just shoppers. Sometimes I go there just for the food court.


Hahaha, you are not alone... I've totally done this, lol


third that! I always find it so strange to think but costco pizza is too good. ​ Their whole food court is amazing and so cheap!


Yes. The first time i got a hot dog there ($1.50 with a soda) i was expecting just a regular hot dog, nope, they give me this massive behemoth of a thing that had to be a foot long. Im like how the fuck is this a dollar. It was my lunch and dinner that day lol


The food court and the roasted chickens are loss leaders to get people in the door. I think Costco loses something like $300 million a year on these things.


IIRC the food is so cheap because they’ve never adjusted the price for inflation. It’s a massive loss leader for them




The pizza probably covers most/all of its costs. $2 slices and $10 pizzas are great deals, but they aren't *that* incredible. The $1.50 hot dog and $5 chicken is easily a better deal. Now *those* are losing some money.


To make a pizza that size you're spending maybe $5 on ingredients. More than likely less since it's straight from the supplier and huge bulk orders. Edit: after many comments it appears I was WAY overestimating how much ingredients/toppings cost. It's apparently about $2.50 or less for each pizza. TIL


Just anecdotal evidence, but I was a social media coordinator for a lasertag / pizza place. I hung around the kitchen a lot because the food was amazing and dudes were cool. Ended finding out it basically costed the place $2-3 to make an XL (20" I think) pizza, depending on toppings. They charged $10-15 for the Xl's. The cooks were getting paid like $9 an hour. It's pretty damn good margins, or at least for some people. Costco being as giant as they are prolly get the ingredients for less than my place of work did.


10 years ago a Domino's large pepperoni pizza cost them $1.50 to make. I don't imagine Costco pays much more than that now


As a pizza maker with 5 pizzas shops I must say you couldn’t be any more wrong. A 14 inch pizza without topping costs us at most $1.25. Pepperoni would add $0.50 to that. Adjust for Costco’s buying power and it is probably less. Labor adds more obviously but you cited ingredient cost. Costco also uses robotics for part of the pizza prep. Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8Q0vk_fKDEo


But thats without factoring the labor costs even though thats a general thing


Yeah, I kinda think people are talking about how they could be making more than them actually losing money. It's a draw to get people in the door for food, and maybe one day on the way out when they pass customer service they finally buy a membership. It's really cheap, but it's not "I'm selling at a loss" cheap. Particularly, like you mention, since they literally are one of the largest bulk suppliers in the country.


pizza is one of the cheapest foods to sell tho, same with the hotdogs they have


As far as I'm aware that only applies to the footlong hot dog, and the owner/founder of Costco has publicly stated he will not ever change that price. If that applies to everything else then I guess it's just good for me as a customer.


EDIT: Ight, its more about the overhead cost per hot dog, I get it now. I don't understand how they lose money on it. Figure the real cost of soda is maybe 5¢ a cup, if not less. According to a few looks on good old Google, the wholesale cost of a quality hot dog is about 20¢, a bun costs about 10¢, and the condiments cost about 10¢ per sandwich. So it's 45¢ for a hot dog and drink that they sell for **$**1.50 (same price since 1985, by the way). Labor can't be *that* much that they lose money while selling the volume of hot dogs that they do, right?




Yes! My health/ dental/ vision insurance is only $23 a paycheck


And the CEO takes a salary far lower than probably anyone running a company of that size.


Such as access to $1.50 hot dogs.


But you gotta transport it, refridgerate it, have the eqpt to cook it, pay people to cook, staff the counter and clean , take into account tak the food court is retail space that COULD be selling hard goods In a restaurant food cost is about a third of your total overhead so that 40 cents for tge Hot Dog works out to about a $1.20 to get it in your belly. BUT tgey also give you a soda, and a big one at that and while that 32oz soda with disposable cup and lid represents about 12 cents that works out to 36 cents in your belly( more if you get a slushie) So, to sell you a $1.50 hot dog and soda combo it costs them about 6 cents. So that is about a $6million loss just on hot dog soda combos. BUT.... the idea is that the club makes that up plus much more by folks who say.... “lets just go get lunch at costco and pick up some stuff while we are there”


That is ME. I love to take my son on "dates" to Costco. He's 8, and I let him pay and pick out a table. We get pizza and bottled water, so I give him the quarters for the water. I try my best to teach him good manners, and hopefully this all sticks later in life when he takes a woman out on a date. For a few bucks we have a sweet afternoon together. Then we go into Costco and spend $500 on socks and cat litter.


This is a sweet story but I did snorted when I got to >hopefully this all sticks later in life when he takes a woman out on a date ... to Costco 😂


They even have their own chickens farms and manufacturing to keep the price low and consistent size


The article you read about them 'losing' $300 million a year on them, wasn't them actually losing $300 million a year. They could make $300 million more a year by charging at the same rates that their competitors due, since the competitors upped the price. Costco isn't explicitly losing money from the sale of any of it's products, I would guess it margins are thin at best once you consider overhead (or maybe even losing), but that at that point, we're all just speculating.


haha same. Last time I was there I ordered a chicken roll type thing. to which I expected to be about the size of a beef turnover or empandas. Nope, was about the size of a small pizza rolled up, looked enough to feed a family of four lol


chicken bake


Chicken bake is life


I have family members who have made that a habit, they go to costco for the pizza for dinner. Often, they don't even shop.


Because that shit is delicious, it's way better than some of the big pizza chains and it's much better value


Really? Is something wrong with my costco? At best it tastes like high school cafeteria pizza. Not terrible but i wouldnt say delicious by any means


Either your high school cafeteria had absurdly good pizza, or there's a demon inhabiting your local Coscto.


Everyone in this thread is talking like going to Costco to eat is some strange thing that only weird people do, and I really don't get what's so abnormal about going to a place where you can get a huge, delicious pizza for $10. If all you want is pizza, then Costco is probably the best value in most of the US where Costco is accessable. In my area at least, unless there's a promo going on, the same quality and quantity of pizza would be like $15 minimum from any pizza chain. Plus, if you eat there, the pizza is literally seconds out of the oven when you get it.


It's my go to lunch break place when I don't care about calories. 3.50 for a hotdog, slice of pizza, and pop. Plus cheap fill up for gas, which is super nice.


I stop by just for the $1.50 hotdog/soda combo all the time


I've definately ordered multiple pizzas for work events.


Hell, if I'm in the area of a Costco sometimes I'll just swing by to grab a hot dog.


the problem is the lack of parking


Park in the back, close to the exit, far away from the parking spot vultures. Also works well for Target.


That's what I do, but it limits the concept of just swinging by.


As did I when my work was literally a block away from one.


When I was a broke college student with my mom's extra costco card sometimes going to the food court was easier and cheaper than cooking.


Costco pizza us somehow horrible and amazing at the same time.


>The ridiculously inexpensive *$1.50* hot dog and soda deal has been unchanged since the deal's inception in 1985, >A slice of Costco pizza, you know...is massive. We're talking about a slice that hangs way over the edge of a paper plate here. And that massive slice will only set you back *$1.99* (or a jaw-dropping $9.95 for an 18-inch pie), whether you choose cheese, pepperoni, or combo. So when people say fast food isn’t cheap, they don’t mean Costco. By many accounts the pizzas are delicious


You know, I’ve never bought a full pizza from Costco. Do they sell it as a take-n-bake? Or do you buy it cooked in all its glory?




It’s Costco, I’d expect no less.


Welcome to Costco. I love you.


The self-checkouts at the local Costco say “Welcome to Costco” when you use them. My brain auto-fills with this every time.


Possibly unpopular opinion I think the take-n-bake from costco is bad. The fresh pizza js great though


I agree. I don't think it's bad compared to frozen pizAs. But if you're comparing it to their fresh pizza its way worse.


It's something about the way their ovens cook the pizza that you can't replicate at home.


That goes for all pizza places tbh. It’s the oven


Most places that sell food use ovens that blow superheated air at the food to cook it quicker. This also makes the food come out hotter and therefore tastes better than anything you'd be able to make in an oven at home, which just slowly heats up whatever is inside to a pre set temperature


I have an LG natural gas range with connection oven, it has 2 pizza modes (rising vs non-rising crust) and can do amazing things to frozen pizzas...


Prove it bitch.


It's also because the take and bake pizza are made in the deli with different ingredients than the food courts pizzas. Source: I work at Costco


huh. why different ingredients? seems silly.


Take n bake pizzas come in frozen with cooked crust, sauce and cheese already assembled. Toppings are then added and it is placed in the cooler. The deli has too much going on to also have a full pizzeria minus oven, so like most products in the service deli it comes in "some assembly required"


Cooked in all its glory. See [here ](https://youtu.be/3BFUm3m3kyE) Depending on slice chosen, it’s more or less: - 710-760 calories - 30 g of fat - 65-70% of daily saturated fat


Yes full pizza is what, 4500 calories? Papa john large is 2200. T h i c c cheese.


A Costco pizza is 18 inches. A large Papa John's pizza is 14 inches. A costco pizza is about 17.6 calories per square inch and a Papa John's large pizza is about 14.3 calories per square inch. So it's really not that big of a difference. Edit: people are grilling me on the numbers, so let me redo the math with data from menuwithprice.com **One cheese Pizza:** Costco - 4230 cal. Papa John's (large) - 2320 cal. **Cal/inch:** Costco - (4230/81pi)= 16.6cal/in Papa John's (large) - (2320/49pi)= 15.1cal/in *The difference is is just over 9%. And Costco pizza tastes way better imo.* Source: have had way too much more of both than I'd like to share.


I'm still gonna eat the whole thing.


Good God Lemon


Oh god! She meant the *pizza*!


At many locations you can call in your order ahead of time. I love Costco pizza.


The take and bakes ones arnt as good.


That’s what I’ve heard, so I wanted to see if they also have them baked


Yes. 9.95 for a bake. Takes 10-20 minutes depending on the queue


$1.50 in 1985 dollars is roughly $3.59 now. So not only has it remained a great deal, it continues to be a great deal despite inflation.


It's gradually becoming an even better deal every day.


This doesn’t really make sense. It doesn’t remain a good deal despite inflation, it continues to become a better deal *because of* inflation.


Wait i can buy whole pies off of em? Thats a fucking game changer.


Yup and you can call in your order ahead of time. And you dont even need to be a Costco member to eat at their food court.


Technically you do but no one ever asks for cards there so whatever dawg do what you want.


Just enter through the exit side. They're supposed to allow people through without membership because its where the sign-up services are. Sure technically Costco can refuse your purchase but I've been a member for years and never once had my membership checked at the food court.


Both the pharmacy and food court are open to non-members.


In most places, you can also buy alcohol without being a member. Pretty good deal since IIRC Kirkland Vodka is just Grey Goose with a different label.


> IIRC Kirkland Vodka is just Grey Goose with a different label. It's not, but Costco certainly doesn't mind letting that rumor float. You can track the origin of any bottle of alcohol (or pretty much any prepared food product) through its label. I've run three bottles of Kirkland through the government registry and gotten different distillery results each time. What they do have in common is that they're both bottled in cognac distilleries. Since most vodka is just someone else's neutral grain spirits diluted with water at the bottler, they're bound to have fairly similar flavor profiiles. I wouldn't be surprised if a top-end brand like Grey Goose controls its grain supply too, but when the whole point of making vodka is that you shouldn't be able to tell what the base starch is when you're done, you're paying a lot extra for trivial benefit. So what you get from Kirkland is someone shopping around and getting the best price they can that week for a cognac distillery to bottle some vodka for them using whatever cheap neutral grain spirits they can get using their buying power. They're copying the most significant parts of Grey Goose's process, but they're not Grey Goose, they're a knockoff. A very delicious, very affordable knockoff with subtle hints of lavender and cream in the nose.


It depends on the run. The shape of the bottle usually gives it away with a wink and a nudge, along with where it was distilled. Tall skinny bottle and distilled in France? Generic Grey Goose.


Yup, because having a liquor license means having to be open to the public.


I work there. No one is supposed to enter without a card unless they say they are going to the pharmacy or signing up for a membership. Like i said, no one actually cares about rule when it comes to the food court.


I believe Costco loses money on their restaurant though. It’s an incentive to keep customers coming in and maintain an image of “super discounts”. Edit: FYI I’m a fan of sample days in case anyone wanted to know that.


Work there. I think the last yearly employee meeting we had showed the food court was at minus $45000 profit. And I think they said that was good for them. They know its the hotdog soda combo which does it but everything else does well enough that there's no need to change it.


If you see it as a marketing cost and promotional impact it makes, it is a bargain. Also people spend their fastfood money at Costco and not anywhere else plus they can probably buy something more after their snack. So it is a complete wiener win-win situation.


Yes. From what I’ve read this is typical and makes sense considering the $1.50 is the same today as it was in the 1980s. Products like the cooked chicken and others make money to offset this staple as a retainer.


Only $45000 down. That is some voodoo shit considering how cheap everything is.


The food court is a very significant part of their business model, with Costco seeming to offer everything under one roof from coffins, cars, safari vacation packages to gallon jugs of peanut butter. Costco wants to be part of the customer’s routine via their ancillary businesses. > The food courts produce about $1 billion in sales for Costco, thanks to hot items like rotisserie chickens, which cost $4.99, and 18-inch pizzas for $9.95. > “Halo effect' Costco and its retro food courts stand in sharp contrast to the glitz that many other retailers offer to compel shoppers to head into stores. Costco has thrived in the online shopping era... Food courts give Costco another weapon to distinguish itself. They are part of what Costco calls its "ancillary businesses" — gas stations, pharmacies, hearing aid centers, and optical departments. >Service plays like food, tire changes, and travel booking create a "halo effect" for Costco that extends beyond selling merchandise on the shelves to fulfilling a variety of customer needs, Campbell said. "Food courts are a part of the larger Costco ancillary and service ecosystem intended to make the club a top-of-mind solution," he said. The services Costco offers help the club become an established part of customers' routines and lead to high renewal rates. Nine in 10 customers in a given year re-up on their memberships. Stops at the food court also get shoppers to hang around. That extra time increases the chance that they will make an unplanned purchase after they're finished with their food. [Source](https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/04/business/costco-food-court-prices/index.html)


Their pizza is a m a z i n g


Costco is just plain wonderful.


Welcome to Costco, I love you


I'm looking forward to getting my law degree at Costco.




> It serves a strangely wide selection of food, from barbecue pork sandwiches to smoothies. In 2011, the chain sold 100 million hot dogs — four times as many sold by the entirety of Major Baseball League stadiums that year. That's incredible


That doesn't seem all that surprising considering there are far more Costcos than stadiums and they are opened nearly everyday.


And the hotdogs are several dollars cheaper.


And everyone eats not everyone baseballs.


Photosynthesis squad wya


Ah sorry for the late reply I was outside now I'm full Photosynthesis squad represent


1.50$ at costco WITH a drink. I'd wager it's at least 6$ just for a regular sized hot dog at a stadium with no drinks. Last time I bought a hotdog at a stadium they wouldn't even give me a water cup.


I worked at a college stadium. We sold "Jumbo dogs"... They were half the size of Costco hot dogs. I think they were $5.50 each, that was about 8 years ago.


The hotdog and soda is $1.50 also, not $15


In Canada people go there for poutine.


Their poutines are like 2000 calories each too, lol.


Most large poutines hit that range with ease without even being garnished with specialty toppings (bacon, smoked meat, etc)


1,400 calories to be exact. Also, ask them to put the cheese curds on the bottom next time. It's a game changer.


The curds belong on top!


This is how wars that last hundreds of years start


With the Kurds?


... Whoa dude.... I need to Costco this wkd


And their poutine is often the best one around. Its kinda sad when the local Poutinerie that focuses on poutine is not even close to as good as Costco. I chalk it up to their fries being really good, gravy is mid-ish range and their curds appear fresh. So many poutine places start with horrible fries and start with a poor base.


As a québécois who worked in the food court in a Costco for the last year, I can tell you that the curds are definetly frozen. The fries and the gravy are delicious, but serving it ruins cold cheese curds ruins it for me. Sometimes I went ahead and bought fresh cheese curd in the store, then mixed it with some fries and gravy.. Oh boy, try that and you'll be in for a threat


So it's a poutine routine.


did you read that in a magazine?


I just now learned Canadian Costcos carry poutine, I feel my American patriotism deflating.


Their poutine is top notch imo


I handle the importation of the ovens Costco uses in their food courts in my tri-state area. Costco replaces these ovens more often than I think the regular life of an oven is. Why? The Importer said it's because they've decided it's cheaper/more time-effective to replace the oven than do an extreme deep cleaning when necessary. Rest assured these are cleaned often, but anyone who works in a kitchen knows there's cleaning, and deep, get your hands in every nook and cranny cleaning that's necessary when needed. What I'm trying to say is, that pizza likely tastes so good because these ovens are usually brand spanking new.


What happens to the working ovens they no longer want?


Probably either recycled or sold off is my best get. If they were buying and then dumping them, with the amount they go probably go through a year I’m sure we would have heard about it.


They’re in a Sam’s club


Whatever is most economical. So it's either sold or recycled.


Ether they have an agreement to send them back to the vendor for refurbishment or there is a 3rd party that buys it up & sells it to others. Pretty common with large pieces of equipment like that.


That makes sense. Labor is so much more an expensive component of cheap shit than anything else Particularly when cleaning ovens/grease traps is nasty, grueling work that is hard to do right and sometimes uses pretty gnarly chemicals Sauce used to clean the (old, busted) ovens and grease trap at a pizza place


It's not the labor, it's the downtime involved.


You deliver xlts? I can't speak for other warehouses but ours is deep cleaned every period... Like every internal component (conveyor belt, heat distributors etc) and thoroughly doused in greasestrip plus. Maybe varies from region to region?


Nothing better than a Costco pizza slice wrapped around a Costco hotdog while you wait to get your receipt checked.




[Cheesy Blasters!](https://youtu.be/p1W8R5TSNNk)


Thanks MeatCat!


I had a heart attack reading this.


Pizza!?! Now that’s what I call a taco!


Mmmhhhhmmmmmm..... it’s even better than Paunch Burger!


Gulp it down with a child sized soda


I’ve heard Costco sells more hot dogs than all baseball stadiums combined.


It helps that it's like 1/4 the price too.


That and they are open waaaay more than all the stadiums combined.


I have never heard this but i totally believe it.


So I looked it up and it’s actually 4x the number sold at baseball stadiums. Wow. https://www.mashed.com/103084/dont-know-costcos-1-hot-dog/


It's also in the same article that's posted....


No one reads Reddit articles lol


Not even OP who posted the article!


81 home games at 30 MLB stadiums = 2,430 days per season of hot dog sales. 533 Costco locations open 355 days a year = 189,215 days per years of hot dog sales.


Also games are a few hours, Costco is open all day


Also hot dogs at Costco are $1.50 and at a game are $73




They don’t actually make a ton of money on pizza just because they make a ton of sales. Source: Worked Costco food court. AMA


Yeah I was under the impression the food court was a loss leader




I work at a Costco food court. Our profit margins are extremely slim and if any of the machines go down for any reason that period is pretty much a loss as far as any money made. The food sold is seen as a member privilege so the cost is rolled into money made from memberships. Getting a little popular here. If anybody has any questions about the food court I’d be happy to answer.


I've gone to Costco food court for years without a membership though.


They are not supposed to let you in if you are just visiting the food court. We don’t check for memberships however lol. Every store may be different though.


The 3 Costco's in my town allow you to go in the exit to get to the food court. You don't need a membership, only if you go in thru the actual entrance.


Yah I’m guessing it’s up to the general manager


I've seen a few Costcos with food courts outside. They don't check memberships ever though. It seems like anyone can go to those


There is a store in my home town that has the food court outside of the actual building (in the covered area next to the shopping carts). Because of this the greeters and receipt checkers are both after you go by the food court.


Oh. Maybe it's a California thing but the Costcos I go to the food court is outside and never ask for your card


Costco pizza has one if the highest quality to price ratios out there. Actually very high (quality * quantity) / price They are big, good, and affordable. The only thing they lack is the convenience of the delivery pizzas, but delivery apps likely cancel that out. (At the expense of affordability)


Somehow, Huntbrothers Pizza still scores negative on that metric. I feel like they replaced half the ingredients with cardboard over the past decade.




I fuckin work there and didn't know they sold cars.


They don't sell cars. It's a member program that provides you with a discount at a participating dealership.


It’s a no haggle no hassle experience!




Costco also doesn't make any money on the sale, they only get a participation fee from the dealership




1000 dollars for a box to rot in. Ugh dying is so expensive


Just throw me in the trash.


Seriously! Is there a way to correctly request this? The funeral industry is ridiculously predatory!




It’s probably like where caterers up charge when they find out the party they are catering is a wedding. If you do this, don’t tell them it’s a funeral, but rather you just need someone to help dump a carcass in the ocean.


Mine has a self service kiosk now. Press the giant picture of the Sausage Pepper Onion and then pay. 20 seconds is all it takes.


And they won’t let you pay at the register now. I tried like half an hour ago and they made me go to the kiosk. Not mad though, the kiosk was super easy to use and my order came out super quick.


I think calling Costco a dealer is a pretty huge stretch. They’re merely a negotiating agent on behalf of their members.


Plus you get that Executive payback- mine this year was over $400 between the family Disney trip and the new HVAC for the house!




I bought a Prius around Labor day through them. The Labor Day deal plus the Costco discount took a $25K car down to $20k.


The travel deals are AMAZING. For around 6k we paid for our nine day honeymoon to Kauai which included first class air fare, a rental car, and an amazing hotel (that had a washer dryer and full size kitchen in our room).




Chicken bake is crack


California Pizza Kitchen is dogshit unless you love the worst pizza on earth in which case have at it


Don't compare CPK with dogshit. Dogshit can at least fertilize my lawn. The crap they put in their pizza will last for thousands of years


Dogshit is not a good fertilizer.


15 years ago they were a high end chain with very good pizza. At least in california. I haven't been in years but I have heard they went downhill.


They used to be really good. I’d get their focaccia bread as an appetizer and then the pizza on honey wheat bread once a week. I stopped going when they dropped those off the menu. At this point I don’t know anyone that says “hey, let’s go to CPK.”


But they make a cajun chicken linguini just the way I like it.


lol it's decent pizza too, and damn, that price is just GREAT


Certainly helps that they have much more than 2.3 million people come through their stores every day. One wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Target or Walmart pushed pizza sales like that if they offered up cheap slices.


Pro tip: You also can use the pharmacy, buy cigs/alcohol, and use the eye doctor. Edit: Corporate says food court inside is for members only.


It's state-per-state. Same with things like gas.


Not at every location sadly... I’ve been caught and turned away from the food court before for not having a membership.


My dad makes pizza at costco. He gets a slice everyday and I always tell him hes lucky but he gets tired of it after eating hot dogs and pizza everyday. He just packs a lunch now


Well deserved, that pizza is fucking delicious (the hotdogs too). Actually one of the worst parts about my move a few years back was having no local Costco, the nearest one being over an hour away.


the fuck is California Pizza Kitchen


They suck. Don't even know why they are in the title of this post.


CPK is not pizza, it is an affront to the idea of pizza




What part of California? In SoCal you can hardly throw a rock without hitting one. I've seen them well outside of California too. And their frozen pizzas are in almost every grocery store it seems regardless of where you are in the US.


It's not even hungry shoppers. It is one of the few places where your working poor can get a decent meal that is proportionate to their income. Especially with fast food becoming expensive.