Grizzco Slosher


I want you to be arrested


Grizzco Slosher is the best Grizzco weapon though! It has the slowest shots in the game, sure, but they contiue through enemies, hurting several at once. They also have the major trait of *Piercing Armor*. You can hurt steelheads through their armor, ignore drizzler umbrellas, kill flyfish through the cockpit, shoot through the steel eel’s splash walls and (probably) the slammin’ lid’s shield, and even hurt friggin’ *grillers* through their grill.


Problem: inking walls.


Okay. Maybe it I didn’t take everything into account. It’s more flawed then I thought it would be. :/


Solution: Don't :)


I am aware, but good luck surviving the lesser salmonids or getting ink


Fair point.


This thread made me laugh


Time your shots!


Just swim inside the shot


It obliterates lessers, and as long as you think before you hit ZR ink isn’t a problem either


I never had the privilege of using the Grizzco Slosher in Splatoon 2 (in fact, I think I missed all of the Grizzco weapons except the blaster?) but it sounds to me like there are comparisons to be made between it and, say, the Hydra or the E-Liter. Very strong killing power, but very unwieldy. I do wonder if a team of four E-Liters would be able to successfully watch each other's backs against all the Chums and Smallfry. Maybe if they all stood in a circle or something...?


Haha, no. They'd die very quickly


it's just the 4 shot and your ink tank is gone thing that makes me shit my pants everytime I'm stuck in enemy ink


Bro does not know of the holy grail Grizzco Brella


They can also 3 shot anything no matter what


When is Grizzco roller


Who knows? Maybe it would just be too broken? The Dynamo’s already really good in SR, maybe they don’t wanna give it the speed of a carbon roller or something… (I hope they eventually make a Grizzco Roller though. I main the Krak-On Roller and would love to decimate salmon with an OP version of it. :P)


> I main the Krak-On Roller That's not even in the game yet


I know… :/


What sort of kit are you hoping for this game? I really love the splat roller so hopefully it's something good


Did have this happen on glowflies in 2. I thought we were screwed. Turns out, if you line up in a firing line, each plauer gets their shot out as the previous ends, and the lasy player regens their ink by the time the last player shoots. So the Salmonids can't actually get close with some sort of chokepoint.


Imagine if it was like, just straight up a hose


I had that once in Splatoon 2. It was hell.


4 goo tubers


Flair says otherwise


4 L3s




I would love this so much.


Honestly wouldn't be terrible.


Some sort of shooter with good damage and a decent range. 96 gal or squelcher would be fine I think. A lot of things with short range would struggle with fishsticks and you'd just get overrun by enemy ink so whatever it is would need range or a way to take them out


>Some sort of shooter with good damage and a decent range. Dualie Squelchers, then?


they dont have great damage


and bad efficiency


That or Squiffer, but despite being the best single weapon for salmon it's not perfect for 4 of because it struggles with like, Fish stick exactly. Still, the efficiency it deals with everything else may make up for that.


Grizzco blaster


Hoping to see it back in the lineup soon, that weapon is so fun to use.


came here to say this


Honestly? The most well rounded weapon in salmon run, capable of taking out most bosses with ease, is by far the Splattershot. 4 splattershots could very well do anything they want. Sploosh and Splash are also very good candidates, and i can see 4 stampers being somewhat decent too.


Sploosh would have more issues dealing with Steel Heads because of its short range, so I don't feel like 4 Splooshes would work that well. I agree that Splattershot is well rounded and could work pretty decently though


Surely not on a map like spawning grounds lol


Two words: low tide


I think something with a little more range than the Splattershot would be ideal. Perhaps the Squeezer.


Yes to everything EXCEPT sploosh, it has short range compared to splash so it’s not really an all rounder in SR


But you can't lie Cohozuna would get sweeped with 4 Splooshs with all that DPS


4 gals. Seriously, those things have a fair range, really good dps and great painting capabilities. In fact, *it doesn't have any stat changed for Salmon Run*


4 gals 1 salmonid


52 or 96 though?


I dont think that matters, maybe 52 Since it got more paint and ink efficiency?


Both work almost the same, I guess 52 since its the most ink efficient of the two, but if you know how to use the 96, it's definitely better.


Probably 52 since it's more mobile and ink efficient (96 is buffed insanely in SR though so it's not bad either)


52 gal does 52 damage, 96 gal does 85 damage. You can see for yourself in the salmon run testing range.


SR was the perfect opportunity to actually make it do 96 damage


96 gal got it's damage buffed in Salmon it's like 75 or 80 or smth when I think it's normal damage is like 62 or smth iirc. P sure the 52 gal is unchanged.


They change weapon stats for Salmon Run? How much?


Depends on the weapon, E-liter damage from a full charge is 600 in Salmon Run, while normally isn't even 200. Undercover brella normally deals 40 damage max, in SR it deals up to 120. Funny enough, most shooters don't get any stat increase and somehow they still think they are balanced in PvP


>In fact, > >it doesn't have any stat changed for Salmon Run no shooters do


96 does more damage and a few others do iirc


I believe some do but I may be wrong. Anyway, that only proves my point, because shooters are still the best weapon class in the game, a lot of other weapons get damage buffs in SR for a reason, *undercover has a x2.8 damage multiplier*.


Tbf brellas are really different to balance for PvP than PvE by nature. they do all need better damage and probably Ink efficiency regardless though.


Four squeezers Hear me out, the squeezer has two firing modes, one for turf and one for damage, decent range, good ways to take out every boss, decent turf, high damage, good lesser killing potential, good boss potential etc.


4 N-Zaps... while I don't expect this will be the most effective per se it will be very fun for me


Oh dude that sounds like a fun kind of pain.


crying at this idea, someone make it happen because i would be having the time of my life


Well, I got 4 Grizzco Stringers on one all-random round and that went pretty well. I’d say Dualie Squelchers would be pretty solid, given that people don’t dodge roll into the water or into a pile of mobs


If all 4 players have the same weapon, then you absolutely want versatility. Splattershot certainly gives the best versatility, plus you get that practice in the tutorial. I think the worst would be 4 e-liter scopes.


All of these options seem rage-quit worthy, every roller-only looks like an insta-fail to me. Some buckets lock you out of being able to splat some bosses (unless you have a height advantage), so I'd say the only good lineup would be Explosher just because it can splat a lot of stuff pretty quickly. Maybe tri-slosher cuz it's got a tiny bit more range


All blobs would be insane. Great range, paints well, better ink efficiency than something like explosher, a multi hit projectile to shred stingers, what more can you ask for


I would ask for teammates with half as much skill as it would take to use 4 bloblobbers. I once watched someone waste every drop of ink they had trying to hit a Slammin Lid with blobs and then they got splatted immediately after. The lid was fine. Plus, that sounds awful for Mothership and Griller rounds


Blob is overrated af


why downvoted when correct, the cc on the blob is terrible


Machine is also cracked. The directs do great boss damage and the indirects one shot chum so you can clear a whole crowd by aiming over their head


Assuming that every teammate was equally good at using it, I'd say ballpoint is best. It's long range but can also put out lots of ink and be fast. Only problem I can see is glowflies but that's always hard without a roller in the squad.


as a ballpoint main, I don't think so. Ballpoint has a big issue with having enough ink (one full charge w/o recharge is 1/4 of the ink tank) and in a game mode like salmon, where you're always going to want to be shooting (or able to), it's going to be an issue. ballpoint is also not great at mobility if you want to keep charging, and of course it's a splatling, meaning charging to shoot is going to be an issue if something creeps up behind you. If you wanted to pick a quad splatling rotation, I would choose nautilus, for it's faster charge time, ability to swim and hold charge, recharging (ofc), high DPS, and it's solid range. otherwise, I would pick splattershot


Tri slosher, it has decent range and ground coverage


5 shots to kill most bosses, and steelheads would be a nightmare


Hard time killing Steel Eels though and not good DPS for things like Drizzler


It has less DPS than you think it’s far better at crowd control than anything


The only way four of a kind can work is if they're all rounders with no weaknesses. There can't be any boss or threat that you don't have an answer to. For what you want to have, I would say the two most important attributes are DPS and mobility (more specifically, ease of inking your feet). Mid range shooters are probably the best way to go, you want just enough range to hit Steelheads. I keep joking about how the only thing that will make /r/splatoon happy is four Splattershots, but in this scenario that actually is the answer. But of the options you've given: * Carbon: Carbon is the only roller that should flick normally rather than being assigned to mow over Chum, which means it's more of an all-rounder. Workable. * Splat Roller: Might seem bad because you don't want all four players to roll, but I think it's okay to have one player do the rolling while the rest flick. * Dynamo: One Dynamo is fantastic. Four Dynamos may be a contender for the single worst comp possible. * Flingza: See Splat Roller. Slow can be a concern, but alternatively maybe it's a strength because you can split the duties of rolling, horizontal flicks, and vertical flicks between players. A four stack that can act as if they're specialized? * Slosher: Poor DPS, but not unplayably poor. * Tri-Slosher: Steelheads might be a concern, but everything else you'll deal with very effectively. You can probably find a way to deal with that one threat via high ground. * Sloshing Machine: Worse DPS. This thing may be top tier in Ranked, but it's pretty bad in SR. * Bloblobber: Maybe the strongest option presented here, this weapon is very versatile and can cover all needs. DPS is actually a lot better than you'd expect from it too. * Explosher: I'm wrong about Dynamo, this is the worst comp. This weapon does not do anything else besides kill Flyfish. You have no damage, some bosses you can't even score direct+explosion on. I really feel Explo is extremely overrated for Salmon Run, it is not worth having an otherwise dead weapon slot just to deal with Flyfish and that's it, and it very obviously isn't worth having four.


Even then Tri-slosher doesn't struggle overly against steelheads at ground level if you aim well enough. I can consistently one cycle the steelheads while at ground level with trisloshers.


>Dynamo: One Dynamo is fantastic. Four Dynamos may be a contender for the single worst comp possible. TAS level 4 dynamo might be moderately effective. 2 dynamos leapfrogging to move about, with 2 dynamos following in the wake alternating flings. you'd be the mobile tank of death, rolling over all chum, and using the flings to keep things off the rear and sides, and to attack tanks. in situations where it's possible to be stationary for a second, 3 rollers in a leap-frog pattern circle 1 stationary doing flicks.


> TAS level 4 dynamo might be moderately effective. This just made us imagine a Salmon Run TAS made using The Shoal and it effectively being the Splatoon equivalent to [that one Bubble Bobble NES 2-player TAS](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCIPV0DrJ18) where it effectively resembles synchronized swimming/speedrunning.


An explosher can easily deal with lids and stingers too, one shot can basically paint the whole circle of a flip flopper. Otherwise the piercing effect of its6shots makes it not that bad against mooks either and the overall range n'aies it à pretty good long range weapon all things considered. Not to mention it extremely easily revives. Still a whole comp of it would be horrible tho lmao


Bro what are you on about? Explo can easily deal with everything except fish sticks. It’s far from dead weight. And grizzco slosher would definitely be the best weapon for this, even better than something like splattershot. It can effectively fight every enemy in salmon run, and can cheese like half the bosses. It’s just so good. Literally it’s only weakness is that you need to think before you hit ZR.


Bloblobber 100%


absolutely, its a good weapon choice for this


Probably like 4 .52 gals, 4 splattershots, or maybe 4 Jet squeltchers. Or 4 grizzco weapons, any would do.


Explosher solely because Flyfish wouldn't stand a chance


r/fuckflyfish and Mudmouths, and nothing else. But a game mode with only Flyfish and everyone gets Exploshers would be super fun.


Four Hydra Splatling. For maximum B)


Entire squad dies because one Smallfry manages to get into Melee range.


as a hydra main this made my day


Would absolutely shred King Salmonid. You'd have to get to him first though.


literally how the hydras work, it will kill coho for you but that part is not as important as clearing the actual rounds


4 dyna rollers would be interesting. Those glow flies can come as they please. They all go into the meat grinder.


4 dyna rollers is ultimate chaos, and I’m here for it tbh


4 boozlers


4 splash-o-matics for versatility and turf along with decent dps


quad h3 rotation please 🙏


The only person in existencewho wants a nozzlenose in salmon run


The L3 in salmon run is pretty good to me, but H3 is a bit too slow for my taste


Full undercover..


Give me explo since it shreds through most bosses


4 explos would not be good. They have a hard time with mobility and dealing with lessers. But 1 explo is amazing


Agreed, but I would argue 4 of any of the above would not be good, that's the point lol EDIT: I'm stupid and didn't realize OP was asking for any weapon combo lol in that case definitely a shooter of some sort


Duelie squelchers are pretty good all arounders. The idea here would just be to have an all around weapon that could do anything if it needed to.


Sooooooo many dynamos... ![img](emote|t5_324q4|6253)


I want explosher hell


4 N-Zaps would be pretty awesome tbh


Hardly seen anyone say it but Squeezers, like splattershot but with long range.


I think, the way the weapons are balanced, no matter what you pick there would be some sort of weakness. I think Dualie Squelchers would work best, but they are a bit ink hungry and would struggle against Flipper Floppers and Fish Sticks because you'd run out of ink and get trapped by them. Splattershots would work, if not for the lacking range. Steelheads and Slammin Lids would be a bit tougher, but they aren't as menacing for being the biggest weakness I can think of. Slow weapons like chargers, splatlings, or sloshers will always struggle against Stingers, Scrappers, and Steel Eels. Have fun trying to outrun them.


I think squeezer is the best all around for SR. Good mobility, fire rate, good range, and the spray mode can get you out of jams when you’re surrounded by 50 small fries.


Normal weapons: Sploosh, Splash, Shot, etc Grizzco weapons: Charger


4 grizzco brella


4 L3s Good range, good damage output, pretty good at lesser control. Sure the weapon is hard to get used to but a team of 4 people who can use it would probably be fine with it


Out of the ones you listed 4 vanilla sloshers would probably be the best. Honestly the most effective would probably be 4 52gals or something. But I think 4 shooters would be the most boring possible salmon run rotation. Even tho it seems like that's what 90% of the people who complain about rotations want haha




Not the strongest but 4 Splattershot Jr's would be hilarious




I think that, if you had the best players with the weapon in the world using them, it would be Bamboozler or REEF, because they have good damage, good range, good charge time, good paint with tap shots. For freelance however, I'd choose 4 .52s, or maybe 4 splattershots.


4 aerosprays because I like the aerospray


4 Hyrda’s, that should be entertaining




All flingza in glow flies must be heaven


4 grizzco stringers. The power of a nuke in the palm of people hands is great.


grizzco stringers. great ground coverage and excellent damage.


Four Splat Dualies might be my choice. Pretty similar to the four Splattershot idea that's been floated elsewhere in the thread, except Splat Dualies have significantly higher DPS (450 vs 350), so I'm struggling to see a compelling reason to choose Splattershot instead. Four Dapples could work too, since they *can* reach Steelheads, but I feel like Splat Dualies get the best balance between range and damage. As for a more unusual choice, four Lunas would probably be pretty strong. Pretty decent single-target damage, insane damage inflation, extremely good efficiency. I don't really see too many problems here.


Grizzco bows


4 bloblobbers💀




I'd imagine the best would be something versatile, like a shooter, or maybe a blaster. Off the top of my head, the Splattershot, Splash o matic, NZap, or Clash Blaster could potentially be good together Worst would probably be goo tuber imo lmao


Would four splattershot pros be viable, or is that too ink-hungry? All splatana stamper might be interesting too.


All exploshers because no more fly fish


In theory? Bamboozlers shoot fast enough to deal with close range enemies but also far enough to take out things like steelheads and slamming lids. In practice? The bamboozler is so weird to handle that it would probably be a shit show.




4 E-Liters. You didn't say it was going to be effective for the inklings


either .52 .96


4x splatana stamper. Here's evidence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r58-_jEW8Is




any of the grizzco weapons


Grizz Co stringer seems good, all dynamo and glowfly would by overpowered


splattershot pro


4 E Liter scopes


Just give me all flingzas and I’ll be happy.


4 grizz stringers


depends on everyone's mains but I would go grizzco slosher. 100 eggs eazily


Probably a shooter. Splattershot or Splattershot Pro would be good. Dualie Squelchers would definitely be doable. Maybe Nautilus or Ballpoint but that's a questionable pick. Maybe Rapid Blaster, too, but that's probably the only blaster I'd say has a good shot at this


Bloblobber by far!


Any weopon with wavebreaker will be literal hell to fight if they have a high amount of special charge


4 liters


4 e-liters 😈


i dunno


People would get REALLY good at vertical roller flicks to hit Steelheads.


Quad Ballpoint splatling. Its the everything weapon. While it does require some understanding of the weapon, its insane. 700DPS short range mode and 420DPS long range mode- while also being able to charge in the middle of firing. Its a little heavy on the ink, like all splatlings, but with 4, that's barely an issue.


quad splatana stamper would absolutely shred salmon run


Out of the ones pictured, probably the bloblobbers. Out of any weapon in the game, any of the all-rounders would do fine. Splattershots, Dualie Squelchers, Splashomatics, stuff like that. It's a bit of setback not having 1 heavy hitter to one-shot some of the bosses but having all 4 players being self-sufficient makes up for it... unironically, I think 4 splattershots would probably work better than a lot of rotations for most ranks (especially the ranks below VP). Rotations are balanced around team work, most weapons fall into a role and in order to get the most out of them you have to rely on your team mates. This doesn't work so well in a game where you can't really communicate with your team mates, and it's why rotations with more all-rounder type weapons (rotations with a splattershot and .52 gal and a bloblobber or something like that) are heralded as the best rotations where everybody says they got a higher rank than ever before, and rotations with multiple more rigid role-based weapons (like carbon roller + charger + splatling) are frequently berated as the worst rotations ever. The more all-rounders in the rotation, the less team work is necessary, and that is absolutely what you want when freelancing.


Grizzco Weapons. Any of them


maybe jet squelcher or dualie squelchers, they seem versatile enough to deal with most threats you'll face in a shift


Honestly? I think that if all four players must have the same weapon, the splattershot would be the best choice.


Idk if this even existed in splat 2, but if it did, I'd say Grizzco splattershot


In great with carbon rollers and tend to main them so I’d like rhose


I would honestly say either the flingza or stamper. Both can 100% take care of themselves while still painting ok for sustainability. I actually honestly think stamper might be the best single weapon for salmon run (outside of exploder but that’s just unfair to compare)


Splat roller Quick and efficient. Crowd control based with a way to fend off bosses.


The explosher. I used to hate this weapon and now I love it knowing what it can do in salmon run


Stingray :)


All E-Liter 4K Scopes :)




Heavy Splatling. You've got range, you've got turf, can handle all bosses, can handle waves of grunt salmonid, isn't too slow to move around, ink efficiency is good. It's pretty good all around but has distance and power when you need it most.


4 splatbrellas


I’d probably say dualie squelchers as they have both good range and damage output on top of providing extra mobility, but that may just be my personal bias talking.


brellas! ...just as soon as nintendo adds a forth brella type :/


Not biased at all but inkbrush


Splatter shot. The end


Ignoring grizzco weapons maybe the Nautilus


Explosher of course??? What a question? The ultimate Fly Fish deleter


Everything except for the dynamo


I want to see 4 dynamo rollers just plow through everything.


Maybe it’s just cause I main it, but Tri One shots most lessers, decent range, good paint efficiency, can attack in very quick succession if you have strong fingers Only problem really is that sloshers aren’t great at aiming up, Ex. Steelheads, chinooks, snatchers, but there’s always higher places to stand on if needed


Dynamo because it can plow through enemies, has long-range flings, and if a Cohozuna pushes you against a wall you can do repeated damage to it


Grizzco stringer


The 4 explosher. Finally a way fuck the flyfish back


4 eliters just cu


Grizzco blaster or dynamo


i think splattershot would be really good for everyone great all around weapon for anyone to get used to


Exploshers would be fun lmao


Dualie Squelchers probably. Good all-round and mobility is very important.


You can kill fly fish with explosher. You and your team will enjoy


4 dynamos


Hear me out. 4 exploshers, but in mud mouth only mode


Probably Flingza Roller or Dualie Squelchers, since they both have ways to deal with both long ranged and close ranges opponents (Flingza Roller edges out Dualie Squelchers because it can be used to cheese Glowflies, and the vertical flick can still hit many high up enemies)


4 Grizzco Tri-Stingers


If anyone says dynamo roller i will hunt you down


splatana stamper has proven to be the master-of-all-trades in salmon run having perfect combos to get rid of lesser salmonid and bosses with close and range options dealing a monstrous damage at close, every rotation with splatana is automatically good is well used.