I see the second one the most and don't think I've ever seen the bottom two


To get #3 you 999 silver scales from SR, and I think #4 is 20 gold? Edit: Gold scales, not cash


I have seen the second one fairly often, despite how rare it is. the first is a bit harder to find, but still stumble upon it sometimes. the last one isn't too rare, I have it and use it as well as see others with it often, however.. the THIRD one.. that- comes at a price of selling your soul to salmon run.


>the THIRD one.. that- comes at a price of selling your soul to salmon run. Like I'm doing. I'm at Eggzecutive 140 and in Turf I'm only rank 21 lol


I got my Bronze badge but I'm at 14, so no big locker yet...


Gold is probably the most common, and I haven’t ever seen the bottom two being used. (Also, I actually am using the Tableturf one right now. :P)


I saw the bottom one once in the square.


How do you get the first one?


Tableturf rank 46


999 Silver is definitely the rarest. I mean, I've literally never seen it. By my back-of-the-envelope calculations, I think the average Eggsecutive VP player will need to play at least 6000 shifts to get that (and that's assuming they don't buy any other items beyond the minimum required to unlock the third catalogue) - so we're talking maybe 1000 hours of Salmon Running.


I'm at 253 silver scales. I will get there one day


I see the 2nd one the most and the third one is definitely the rarest


I'd say the gold is most common, it's pure chance whether you get that one, 2nd the 4th, as it's 20 gold and if you play salmon run a lot then it's pretty common, 3rd is the 1st one as it's tableturf and I don't think many players actually play it, and 4th (rarest) is the 3rd one with it need 999x Silver scales to acquire


honestly every time i encounter cohozuna i get silver scales but no gold scales. why would the third one still be more rare? /gen


Gold scales, while still rarer, 20 of them is nothing compared to 999x Silver scales, that is straight up the max amount you can get, i've only got 50+ silver scales, and 10+ gold scales, double that and you get 100+ silver, nowhere close to the 999x, and 20+ Gold scales, enough to buy the 20x gold scale one it's mostly just how many scales it requires, both are rare, but 999x trumps 20x, esp when the rarity amount is close (Also, going from other comments, others get the 20x gold while almost no one has 999x silver)


ohh i see, makes sense. thanks!


you got 50 silver scales and more than 10 gold, you are so Lucky, i got 80+ sliver scales and 3 or 4 gold scales, or maybe i just don't have luck 😅


Because it's 999 silver scales to buy but also you need to have spent at least 40 silver scales to unlock Tier 3 shop rewards for the ability to buy it. It's 1039 silver scales vs. 24 gold scales for the pink banner (20 gold to buy + 4 gold to unlock Tier 3). The chances vary depending on the hazard level but even at VP the chance of getting a silver scale is only around 10 times more likely than getting a gold (at hazard level 100 it's about 1% for a gold, about 10% for a silver). At that rate by the time you've earned 24 gold, you'll have only earned around 240 silver - you'd need the rate for silvers to be something like 45 times higher than golds for the 999 silver banner to be easier/quicker to get. Add onto that that most people will want to get themselves the black or white suit as their first big silver purchase after unlocking Tier 3 (100 silver scales) and the fact that the 999 silver banner is ugly af, and realistically there may not be even 1 person who's got the 999 silver banner yet.


The bottom 2 are rarer, I only have the first one


You have the 999 silver banner?


Nah i meant the tableturf one


How do you get it?


Hit a certain level in tableturf. Im max level so I dont remember exactly when, but its in the high 40s




That's it, thanks. After so much beating up on Baby Jelly lvl 2, you forget what happens!


Poor baby jelly. I hope nintendo keeps stats on releases them, id love to see the win ratio vs baby


Baby Jelly confirmed for DLC villain.


i've seen the gold banner more than the the other three and it's the rarest one out of all, i wish the rates graced me it's luck 😭 also kinda off topic but anyone know where can i get the first one?? it's colorful and pretty and i want it 😩


you get it when you hit tableturf rank 46! It’s my current banner and definitely my favorite.


Are there any other table turf exclusive emotes besides the one you unlock at rank 30?


nope. “card shark” is the only emote I got and I’ve hit max rank.


The "which one is rarer?" question isn't fair between these 4, it's not even close. The 999 Silver Scale banner (the ugliest one, the third) is easily the rarest. 999 silver scales is an absurd achievement and the number of players who have earned it at this point (legitimately, not via mods or hacks) would be in the single digits (if any at all).


The bottom 2 are fake. Coho doesn't even drop anything but bronze scales


I'm at 253 silver but in total have gotten probably 600


The gold is the rarest in terms of drop rate from the capsule machine. However, that also means anyone who gets it is likely to rock it as their banner. So yeah, you see players with it fairly often. I've never seen anyone with the first one.


2nd most and 3rd least


The 2nd one, I either haven’t seen the rest or haven’t been paying attention to them enough


Second one. I have the first one myself (just checked it.)


ive never seen any of them aside from the gold one


One would have to have played a truly OBSCENE amount of Salmon Run by this point to be able to purchase the third one. The 4th one is WAY more obtainable.




Easily No. 2. I don't think I've seen (or hardly ever) the 3rd or 4th one. I've seen a few No. 1s but not many.


Probably the gold one. I don't remember seeing the other three


i've seen 1st once or twice, 2nd decently often, 3rd never, and 4th a tiny bit less commonly than the 2nd.


Depends on the game mode. In battles Gold but in Salmon run I see the bottom one a fair amount. Also I remember hearing back when the first game came out that the gold banner can only be gotten this season? Does anyone know if that is true and there will be a new 1/1000 chance banner next season?


The golden one. It’s not even that impressive but I do see it a lot… I prefer the bandaids as well as the coil coin banner from salmon run


I've only seen gold ngl


What’s the first?


Never seen the top or bottom ones. The 2nd is common enough


The amount of people who have the third banner is like... less than the amount of fingers on my hand (if there even *is* someone that has it) But from most common to least it's: gold > pink SR banner > tableturf > green SR banner The pink SR banner is more common as you reach higher levels of EVP, the tableturf banner is pretty rare and there are less people that play a lot of tableturf compared to salmon run.


don't think i've ever seen any but the gold one.


i dont think i've seen a single person with the third banner, the game just hasn't been out long enough to get 999 silver scales. i've seen the fourth one ONCE, and it wasn't even ingame, it was a player posting on this sub


In total I think I have almost 600 silver scales


omfg i wish i had your level of luck!


More like playing 2504 shifts


I’ve only seen the second one


I've seen the gold one more, and I even have it, but I've only seen the rest like once or twice.


Never seen the last salmon run banner


mela *Banner*




Out of pure rarity, yes. More people probably own the gold banner than bottom 2 though. They’re *very* expensive salmon run rewards… :/


Yeah, maybe the best way to think of it is that if 500 people play the gacha machine every day, on average one of them will get the gold banner. Scale that up to, say, 500,000 people playing every day and that's 1000 of those banners being given out each day - so there could easily be tens of thousands of them out there now (and since everyone who gets one tends to use it, you actually see them very frequently). But numbers don't really mean anything for the Salmon Run banners. If all 4 million players played two hours of Salmon Run every day, not a single one of them would have the 999 silver banner, because two hours a day simply isn't enough to get 999 silver already. It's not possible. So if anyone has this banner yet, it'll be just a handful of very, er, dedicated players who put in 10 hours every day or whatever.


I have only seen 2 and 3 (I have played 6 games total so not much experience)