Yeah its super fun until you get 2 chargers and a hydra.


Pathetic, one of my teams today had 2 E-liters, a gootoober, and a bamboozler! On the LAST wave!!!!!!!!! (we didn’t win lol)


Just lost on wave 1 with an E-liter, Goo-tuber, Heavy Splatling, and Range Blaster ... on low tide... I enjoy random, but I'll vote against it being always the case. (On the other hand earlier we had two Exploshers, a Grizzco Blaster, and it doesn't really matter what the other one was at that point)


I saw some get 3 bamboozlers in one run 🤣🤣😓


Alternate opinion: the *fourth* weapon should be random. You should always be guaranteed a low, mid, and long range weapons for slots 1 to 3 and have the last one be random for the sake of variety.


Honestly I agree, I would play it a lot more if it was like this. I find myself hopping on for only like 3 games every rotation because it all starts to feel the same. Maybe they could have two maps in rotation at a time as well, so that you aren't running the same stage for hours on end.


Ruins of Marooner’s Smokeyard


I honestly agree I like it way more when it’s random. I’d like it as a permanent separate mode from normal salmon run or I would like it to be more often at least.


I’ve literally been thriving in this rotation, finally got up to profresh +3


Its kinda funny getting a weapon your shit with, I got the Nozzlenoses like 5 times today and had no idea what’s they’re even good for it’s so weird. Just panicked and hoped for the best 😂 If demotions were like harder to get then maybe or like maybe a separate mode to play but, triple (even just double) charger rounds are more of a promised loss the hide tide glow flies could ever dream of


Either that or each rotation gets more than 4 weapons and you're given them randomly, like how specials currently work in Salmon Run. There are 7 specials so why not have 7 weapons too?


I love it unironically. I got good with all the weapons everyone hates; like the chargers, splatlings, blaster, bamboozler, etc. Actually the weapons I dislike getting the most are dualies, but they suffice.






We already have the rest of the game for that. I love that Salmon Run forces you to adapt and get out of your comfort zone, it gives the mode a unique challenge.


Yes!!!. You can blame your losses on bad rng and have godly weapons, win-win-win!