Man I feel the same way about fly fish like the second I kill one another one takes its place.


You might want to only destroy one of each Flyfish's launchers until \~25 seconds are left (when bosses don't spawn anymore), that way you don't waste time/ink just to cause 6 new missile launchers to spawn instead of 3. Since only 3 Flyfish can be on the map at the same time it'll allow other easier bosses to spawn instead (easier to kill, easier to avoid attacks from and easier to collect eggs since they'll likely be closer to the basket).


The moment you see that cannon thrown onto the beach, you know the entire wave’s gonna be a problem


Nah, the worst one is when it spawns 5 seconds later after you've already left the area and gone to the opposite side of the map.


big shots are such a menace. seems they get overlooked in favor of flyfish and stingers but those waves kill.


The most I've encountered was 4 at once. It was terrifying. Especially considering it was hectic and I did not have a good team that round (partly bad luck with bosses and partly the team not knowing how to help anyone else.) Only happened that once though.


Even worse is when you kill the 2 that spawned and then nothing else spawns so you move on to kill other things, and as soon as you reach the other side of the map you hear 4 big shots start firing and all your team mates are dead from the new floor is lava challenge.


I hate dupe bosses. They always throw me off.


What gets me is teammates not getting rid of these guys, especially when we're talking 2 or more of them.


They're all taking the chance of being a big shot


I had a game where I new there were at least 2 but I was busy chasing fly fish on the other side of the spawning grounds. It wasn’t until I started making my way back to the net until I heard them and counted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, hey wait a minute, 6, 7, hold the fuck on 7? 8, 9, HOLY SHIT THERE’S A WHOLE KIWI ARTILLERY REGIMENT DOWN THERE. 5 of them spawned and just dumped constant rounds


They should let you destroy the cannon to stop them from spawning, the downside being you can no longer shoot eggs across the map.


I’ve nicknamed Big Shots as “Spamtons”, not just because deltarune ha ha funny, but because THEY DON’T STOP SHOOTING THOSE DAMN BALLS


Big Shots are like Hydra, you kill one and 3 come out