You need to win around 10 battles for the shirts and an additional 10 for the hats, you should get the shoes immediately


makes sense, tried to play a few games and found out the servers are under maintenance so that's probably why i didn't get the shoes


If you've been trying this within the past hour, it may have something to do with the current server issues splatoon 3 is having. I would suggest trying again once all of this blows over, so hopefully tomorrow if not in a couple hours.




I can't remember what the exact confirmed requirements are but it is something like 10 turf war victories to unlock the next piece and then another 10 victories for the final piece. Just play normally and scan your amiibos every 10 matches or so and you'll have everything unlocked before long. If you own Splatoon 2 you can skip all this by registering your amiibos in Splatoon 2 and then scanning them into Splatoon 3, you get all pieces straight away.