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OG's only remember Scooters lol


Pretty sure my grandparents still have one of their magnets on the fridge.


Scooters may be gone but lives forever in my heart


Used to be scooters on main road close to where i lived. RIP BRU.


And it was a really nice "snack" pizza, I remember my buddies and I often used to grab their duel specials after hitting the arcade.


Not a day goes by that i don’t think about my boy domino’s 😪💔 rest well


Aah yes, how I miss the sandy base and dry toppings. Much like biting into a slice of the Kalahari desert.


Must've been the branch you ordered from that was bad. I miss that bad boy too :( Not that it was a problem, but after downing 2 large pizzas, I gobble down 2 liters of water out of thirst.


That garlic crust 😌 we didn’t know what we had until it was gone


That stuff was nonsense. It was oily and salty. I miss my boy Scooters






There’s one left (not sure how legit) https://dominospizzas.co.za/menu/


Been there. Same stuff! Just that now its owner owned I don't think franchised anymore.


Andiccios can suck my whole ass with their ridiculous prices! It's not even close to worth it!


Their business model is literally to cater for drunk people coming home with the munchies. The drunk person sees a list of every imaginable topping and thinks to themselves "hmm that sounds good, let me add to this monstrosity I am building". I once woke up after stumbling home with a mate and saw my andiccios receipt for two pizzas was over R500. Never again.


Story time… Ended up at one of the stores after a night of heavy drinking with my brother and friends. My brother decided to tick off every item on the sheet and added a X2 at the top. Pizzas arrived with every topping you can think of and I ended up paying R890 for two pizzas. Thought the staff were taking advantage of the situation so I called to head office the next day and explained. Received an email with cctv footage clearly showing my brother selecting most options and a clear copy of his order form. Come to think of it that ahole owes me R890 🙁


He really is lol ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


You can say that again! Used to love their margherita with added on chicken, garlic and chilli, but they seriously skimp on toppings now. Also I'll never forgive them for getting me addicted to their rainbow cupcakes. They're too rich for me now but I had a serious problem with them for a few years...


These people who have voted for Debonairs have never tasted any other pizzas.


Ah, but you have read my comment, right? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


Just piggybacking off this, but when you create a reddit poll it is generally a good idea to include a "results" option so that people can see what is going on without skewing the results


I know, right!? St. Elmo’s clearly won this thing.


I did, but just generally speaking. I do know a lot of people who just eat debonairs because that's the brand they've known for years... I usually buy Roman's or from this place called "that food place" in boksburg the Pizza there is definitely my favorite.


Fair enough. Out of curiosity, do you ever order the traditional base? I don't remember the last time I didn't get the pan base (unless I'm being greedy and get two pizzas for myself and want some variety).


Personally, I always buy the traditional base. I've bought there enough times to have my favorite.


Bro!!!! I hadn’t had Debonairs for years, then figured I should grab a box during load shedding. I questioned my youths tastebuds. Like how was there ever a time where I thought that tasted good


It used to before famous brands went all cost cutting on them.


Lol yes 😂😂


I have, debonairs pizza is my absolute favourite


I have had every brand on this list and while agree most pizzas are better than Debonairs, nothing tops the club pizza for me. Favorite of all time... and I've had rly good pizza in new york too lol


Del forno and col'cacchio


Butlers all the way


Butler's Pizza! Exclusive to Cape Town but they are amazing.


Pizza Boyz is also amazing


Ahhhh. These guys are good. I've only had their pizza in Durban though. Are they anywhere else too?


My brother and I went through a phase with them and we tried every single one of their pizzas. All amazing. Special mention to the biltong pizza (Don't knock it till you've tried it) and the Clubo. The only one I hated was the Siciliana, but that's because I can't stand anchovies. Plus..the pizzas are square and fit in the boxes, corner to corner. I like that. Durban only, unfortunately.


Had that pizza in Durban north and It raised my standards for pizza. I am in johburg now and I have not found anything that measures up.


Butlers pizza baby


The **Mexicano Pizza** from **Pizza Perfect** is the **greatest take-away pizza** you can buy in SA. I favour any spot that has a wood-burning oven over an electric one. It makes me avoid a lot of the usual pizza joints.


Wood burning all the way


Where tf is Panarottis???


My dumb ass forgot to include it as an option, even though I specifically mentioned it myself, but when I realized my mistake I had already maxed out the options so I couldn't add it. Sorry!


Don't be sorry, be careful - jokes 😅 ❤️ Panarottis tho ✌🏽💯 their ingredients taste freshly imported from Italy every single time 😬 nom nom


Please excuse my typo in the Andiccio option 😅


How tf is Butlers not on this list ?


Well, because it's not that widespread. I had it a lot when I spent a year at UCT, but as far as I know they don't exist outside Cape Town. If they do, please immediately let me know!


Wait what? I had no idea it was only available in CPT


Have you ever left Cape Town?🤣


You need to travel around your country more bru.


Why would we want to leave Cape Town if there's no Butlers when we get there? :)




Butlers is definitely the correct answer.


Yeah I have never seen them in Gauteng. I must check them out when I am in CTP next time.


Definitely Panarottis


Pizza boyz is also good. Also Casa Bella


There's a pizza place called Smack Pizza 🙌it's honestly the best, they only have a few locations but if you're in the area it's worth it👌


Mc Donalds? Don't get me started! Despite the price hike as you very accurately pointed out, is the actual food. I stood in a que looking at the cashier waiting for a whole 5 minutes... Nobody else in the gue mind you. Just me and a paid order for 3 bottels of water. Nothing else nothing more. South African drive throughs ... an American concept not well understood or managed in our country. I saw the confusion. I saw the the gears turn but alas, due to the drive through being top priority walking 3 steps to the fridge behind you for 3 bottels of water and getting rid of me ... Never mind. For an extra treat Burger King drive through in Randfontein is an absolute No Way José! Unless you hate yourself of course 😂 the go for it! KFC right across served 10 vehicles in 5 minutes the King of Burger's? You switch of your car. Get out of your car go inside the shop. Use the restroom get back in your car ..don't be run. No need to get injured nothing happened in the past 5 minutes. True story 🤫😄


^ Me after I eat 2 sugar sachets, when mom isn't looking




Spar's wood fired pizza is the bomb, and not too pricey either. Here in Bothasig Cape Town


I have learnt that not all spars are equal


However some are more equal than others.


Casa Bella should be on this list, best restaurant pizza!


Have y’all never heard of Mimos?


Del forno


Roman's no doubt. Andiccio is too expensive just because they used to be 24/7 (don't know if they still are, don't care). Panarottis quality has seriously dropped after COVID. Pizza Hut skimp on toppings. Debonairs' pizzas cool down too quickly and gets stuck to the box. And there aren't enough specials or branches of Pizza Perfect to make me want to drive out for some. Romans has always been consistent with quality, their pricing is decent and there is a reachable franchise in most places.


So what type of pizza do you guys generally order from Romans? I've only ever had that really thick base which is basically just bread with cheese on top, very unappealing.


Thick base bolognaise, the thick base holds meat sauce thing really well. I haven't had a flop, just some are better than others. I do like the seafood - they load it nicely with garlic and the flavours compliment each other well. In all honesty though, the cheese ones, particularly the margarita are really great on a thin base - the cheese gets lost on a thick base.


Bought Roman's a week ago. Firts time in ages. Loved it aswell as my family members. Agree with your assessment of the rest of the assignment you made. One point I wish to add. If ever I walk into a Perfect Pizza shop again in my life it would only be to burn the place down and kill myself afterwards! 😂 The worst pizza experience/value for money! If I have to describe the garbage they sell calling it a pizza, I would say, blunt, boring and depressing!


What drives me nuts is that pizza perfect looks for every opportunity to raise their prices. It's the only franchise I know of that does so quarterly. McDonald's is another offender that does it bi-annually


Andiccio was such an awful experience. Oh make your own pizza rocomommas style? Sounds great, quite expensive so it must be good! Nope. Don't know if it was that one franchise specifically but it was such a bare pizza, barely any toppings. Heard their dessert pizzas are good but haven't been that disappointed in a pizza ever, so loathe to try again.


I feel people who voted for debonairs are people that order off the kids menu. chicky nuggies plz. Maybe their taste buds never fully developed.


Gibz me m'chikin tendies n mountain m'dew 🤓


Ah, but I caveated this myself. Can it compare to a good quality with genuine margherita with San Marzano tomato sauce and burrata? No, of course not. Yet I still like it better than pizza from restaurants who position themselves as having good pizza but actually fall short of the mark (Andiccio and Colcacchio, in my opinion).


Andicios is pretty awful all around. Their only redeeming factor is the 24 hours, which I don't even know if they still do after the pandemic


Just let people enjoy what they want. Insulting someone for their food choices just shows what a kid you are emotional wise


Is pizza hut still around? Every branch around me in Cape Town is still closed and hasn't opened in many months now


Definitely still in Gauteng at least. I usually find them super oily so I only order from there when it's 10pm and they're the only restaurant still taking orders on UberEats.


They are open in durbanville


OTHER: Pizza pug.


I know it is not outside of Cape Town, but Butler's wins. Close second between Pizza Perfect and Roman's.


Hear me out… Akhalwaya’s pizza (the Fordsburg branch) 👀


Try Bin Rashieds in the Southern Suburbs. Excellent pizzas


Do it again but now let’s rate the worst pizza !!!


We can!


People tend to focus on toppings for obvious reasons, but nothing beats Del Forno when it comes to DAT CRUST 🤤


Piza ē Vino


Nice. I've had some decent pies from there. I've heard many people complain about how they spice their food recently (i.e. The lack of seasoning). Has your experience been similar?


I've never had a more disappointing pasta from them, which was a shock from a damn Italian themed restaurant. Pizzas there look much better by comparison


The poor feedback I had from friends was about their pasta as well, so it seems it's definitely a thing.


I haven't eaten there in a long time, but I recall they are a franchise, and a better one that I have eaten at.


By far the best out of all the joints listed above!


SpeedyG is da bomb.


So none of them because the small cafe in the area normally does it better.


Usually the case! Any examples? I found Rustic Pizza in Lonehill does a good pie. Not a small cafe but definitely not really well-known.


Pizza baby, First Base, If you want to travel to Blairgowrie Coalition Pizza or Fredman drive they have a few shops


I've only had Romans once, but it was miles better than any other fast food pizza I've had


I vote for neither. Spur group with panarottis would get my vote. They have an amazing franchise system with so many stores linked to each other.


How did I somehow not include that option despite mentioning it myself? What a moron. 😅 My only defence is I ran out of options.


Romans.... Seriously you phillistines




DelForno, Lucy's.


Finally someone mentions Del Forno!


Tried them a few times but they gave me serious heartburn. Del Fornos that is.


Has anyone tried Roman's' chocolate pies? They're amazing cold after chilling in the fridge overnight.


Pizza boys and Caminettos for the win


Andiccios isn't getting the recognition it deserves 😭😭😭


Debonairs has nice sounding toppings but tastes like plastic or nothing at all.


The choices kinda suck but I guess pizza pefect wins with taste but there are better places in my area I almost never go to any of the choices


Bird n co. Actually the best pizzas Ive ever had. So flippen good


I miss scooters


Roman's For The Win!!


Amazing that panaroties isn't on here but we move


Throwing out the entire pizza rule book here, but out of all the options, Romans is without a doubt the best tasting one. Pizza perfect is surprisingly good, Andiccio is a good fast food version of ‘proper’ pizza, too. But Romans is the most enjoyable. Also shout out to Pizza Hut for having a great portion size to price ratio. Good bang for your buck.


Andiccios: very expensive but great pizza.




Pizza del fornk can be nice depning on location but i like panarottiws, especially their margarita and they have a really nice one with danish feta, basil pesto and sun-dried tomato. That one slaps. Its so good


Cape Town Northern Subs peeps - Ceder SPAR in Bothasig has the best bang for your buck pizzas in the city, shit you not.


I accidentally voted for pizza perfect instead of romans pizza 🤦‍♂️


Coldcotchyo’s and andiccios the only pizza you lists , the others are an abomination 🤣🤣


It's not here but Cappuccinos makes some of the best pizza I've ever had. Voted for Romans though as they have been one the most consistently fresh pizza places I've ever ordered from, with the least fuck-ups.


I wonder if I should try Roman's again - last time it was like eating slightly cheesy bread. I've got lots of delicious Italian style pizza restaurants near me but I do crave an American style cheesy pizza. I miss Pizza Perfect and Butler's Debonairs is just shit quality


2 of them I've never heard of. Adiccios and Colcachios


Brah. St’ Elmo’s was the goat


MIMMOS. Don't see any mention of them in this thread yet. They're delicious, thin base, woodfired. We order from them at least once a week.


My vote was Romans. not sure exactly what it is but I love a good pepperoni and they've done me for one of the best. In terms of non chain/big name pizza places tho; (I'm in cape town in case that matters) my sister and I have been really enjoying Jazzy's Gourmet Pizza, they're on UberEats too. A tad expensive though, definatley not an every-week thing haha. I have only had the one from claremont/rondebosch, heard from sister that the one on Seapoint is not as nice. I know I'm not the only one here also who will say Ferdinandos in Obs is amazing.


People out here really voting for Debonairs?????


Pizza Baby replaced pizza perfect in my area, and they are great, tons of cheese compared to Debonairs that requires optional extra cheese


Unfortunately it's only CT based, but Butlers gets my vote every time


Finally someone with a reasonable opinion on Butlers. So refreshing compared to all the other "Where the hell is Butlers on your list????" posts.


"How dare you not base your list on a very city-specific place that only a small portion of the country has even heard of?!"






Del fornos is a smaller franchise but they pretty good 💪


No Del Forno?? Blasphema!


Sorry! I wish I could have included like 7-8 options to cover the most popular places. Lots of people have suggested Del Forno as well, and I remember their pizza was always good.


Gino's pizza is the best pizza in South Africa. Period.


It makes me sad to see Roman is the top pizza 😅🫣


Traditional pizza my rate is andiccious but for a quick pizza night with the family and mates rate is Debonaires.


DAMN HOW COULD WE LEAVE MIMMO's OUT ???? I completely forgot about them 😒


I'll be honest, I can't remember the last time I had a pizza from there so I probably wouldn't have added it even if I could. But I'm hearing good things based on some of the comments.


Hahahahaha damn I gotta go mission around now for a akhalwayas 😂😂😂😂😂


Not a high franchise but Bin Rashieds in Cape Town. Haven't gone back to other franchises.


Butler's. The poll is incorrect.


Butlers is only in Cape town bruh


Pizza is all trash. I vote for kale and spinach.


You, my friend, deserve all the loadshedding you get 😕




Forneria Italia is by far my favourite.


Whatever happened to Scooters?


They either folded or were bought out by, _**shudder**_, _Dominos_. Oh. Wait. It's even funnier. >[Major Scooters Pizza](https://www.safranchisebrands.co.za/article/major-franchise-holder-makes-the-transition-from-scooters-pizza-to-dominos-pizza/) franchise holder, Sheldon Williams, has converted nine of his 16 Scooters Pizza stores to Domino’s Pizza outlets. His other five stores are expected to convert next month, and the last two conversions are set for later this year. This project is part of the nationwide conversion of all Scooters Pizza and St Elmo’s pizzerias to Domino’s Pizza being implemented by Master Franchisee, Taste Holdings, **in its bid to position Domino’s Pizza as the number one pizza company in sub-Saharan Africa.** That worked out well. No idea who could've possibly liked dominos


Yeah I remember the scooters in fish hoek got turned into domino's. From a bit of a Google I see there's a pizza restaurant in Paarl called Scooters but I think it's independent or something. Of all the fucking companies though, why'd it have to be Domino's?


And scooters had the best honey mustard pizzas my soul, not to mention those stuffed crusts!


Right! I miss those pizzas so much, never been able to find anything close 😓


Dumbest decision anyone has ever made


I can understand why americans face an obesity crisis if the amount of sugar in a dominos base is any indication (shudder)


They were bought out by Domino's, who then folded in South Africa


Domino's was shit so no surprise there


Home made is best. Takes two odd hours, but well worth the effort. Takeaway pizza is badly made and hygiene conditions in kitchens are questionable


Well, yes. Homemade is definitely best, and I absolutely despise frozen pizzas. If you're open to new ideas, try out Adam Ragusea's New York-style pizza recipe. It's my go-to method.


I also cannot stand frozen pizza. I’ll look up the recipe that you suggested. I try to keep it traditional and use simple toppings. My go to pizza base is Gennaro Contaldo’s recipe. If made properly, it is super.




The two most popular choices in the poll are my two least favourite. Romans pizza is tasteless and the crust is way too bready, like eating a giant sugar-free marshmallow. Colcaccio is on the other end of the spectrum - minimal cheese, minimal sauce and a crust so thin it may as well be cracker bread. Truly, pizza for people who don't like pizza. As for the others - debbo's quality is all over the place, but when they get it right it's amazing. Pizza Perfect is also inconsistent, but if you find a good franchise then they're easily the top pizza. Haven't eaten enough Pizza Hut to have an opinion and I've never heard of Andiccio before.


Hey bread pizza is delicious though.


>Truly, pizza for people who don't like pizza. My friend, you have summarised their pizza excellently.


Same with Andiccio. I tried them once a few months ago. Their crust is thinner than tracing paper and they wanted me to pay R189. Not on your life.


I love Romans pizza but its debonairs for me. Its always so overloaded with toppings and drowned with sauces. Pizza perfect is just shit


Mimo's Mexican is my go to


List needs to be appended to include more places, like holy dough for example or domino's?


Domino's doesn't exist anymore in SA as far as I know, but primarily the list was meant to include the most popular ones. I mentioned in the post that it's impossible to have a poll that includes every small or independent pizzeria.


There’s one Domino’s left in Durban lol. Independent chain bought some naming rights from the US directly I believe https://dominospizzas.co.za/menu/


This is new information to me thank you I redact my domino's statement then, seems its been a while since I have ordered pizza then clearly😅 also I mentioned holy dough because they seem to be franchising slowly but surely at least in some areas I frequent but I get your point apologies my dood🙏🏻


For franchises I'd have to say Panarottis. It's, at the very least, consistent. If I have to mention a non franchise I would say Gino's in Robertsham.


Debonairs has provided me with some of the most disgusting food I’ve ever had


Within the context of fast food, the greasier the better so definitely Debonairs, but let me tell you okes about Andiccios' Calzone.


I voted Col cacchio, but to a Capetonian, Butlers is where its at for pizza franchise.


Fuck yeah Roman's Pizza!


Why are Romans and Colcachios winning?


It really depends on the branch/area you're ordering from. Not everyone has the same quality. Where I stay Andiccios is top tier even though where I used to stay I enjoyed Romans. While traveling it's always a hit or miss with pizza places I'm used to enjoying. The same goes for everything else like McDonald's especially. You should probably try to narrow your voting pool somehow imo.


You missed Rebels.




Debonairs is wretched.


Proud’s Pizza, all the way


You put the sewer water of Romans and Debonairs but no del forno? Are you high?


I was looking at the more prevalent options, since Del Forno isn't everywhere. I do agree though - their chicken nacho pizzas are amazing.


Holy Dough 👌