Not sure, but for me Potplayer is the best one out there. I googled for VLC alternatives once and Potplayer was the top suggestion on 6/7 websites I visited. I had little expectation from a program I had never heard of, but I think it's far better than VLC. YMMV though!


Honestly? No. Think about it, if you *really* want to go in deep on features, just look at Kodi and Plex. And both of those are free too.


Not really given that most players use lav or ffmpeg for decoding. PotPlayer is absolutely loaded with features and MPC HC/BE play almost anything with minimal resources but if you really need the performance get mplayer or one of its forks. There aren't any paid players with features you won't get anywhere else.


Better in terms of what? Features? Picture Quality? Usability? Zoom Player was my favourite video player a long time ago because it was light, had a beautiful and easy to use UI and it had by far the most flexible aspect ratio/zoom controls I've seen before & since. It also didn't have any built in codecs. Apparently it got too good, since it's been a commercial program for years. Lifetime license is about 100 $.


I'll tell you... for money. But on the real afaik video playing isn't really something that can be one upped if it's decent. Can you play the file that's provided and play it full screen without lossy quality? Yes? And for free? Why would I pay for this? Is why there are no paid versions afaik


I don't think it is the best, as many top players are very similar in the available features. But I am a happy user of the paid version of Gom Player (Gom Player Plus). Why? I like a beautiful interface for a mediaplayer, and the peace of mind that hidden ads won't be included suddenly for monetization (well, at least I hope so).


Real Player and QuickTime are the best out there. Period. Haha, I kid, VLC, MPC-HC are good enough for me.


Scroll down to see alternatives ranked by users. https://alternativeto.net/software/vlc-media-player/


Bomi, I recommend 100%, doesn't have streaming capabilities of VLC but fixed all the issues I had with VLC and never looked back.


Take a look at [Splash 2.0](https://mirillis.com/en/products/splash-free-hd-video-player.html) and its [features](https://mirillis.com/en/products/splash-free-hd-video-player-all-features.html), mostly important to me is Motion2 - 20/24/25/30p to 60p conversion (Premium Feature) the same feature more or less of SmoothVideo Project but without the all the codecs hassle.


Better at what? What do you think is missing?


who knows? Maybe better quality output in the video. Better filter algorithms. Could be a million things.


Madvr is probably one of the best video renderers out there, and it's free. It works best with MPC HC/BE, but MPV is also really good if you use hardware rendering on it. Media Player Dot Net is also a third good recommendation. Honestly, aside from those 3 and VLC, the average person doesn't need anything else.


It's hard to beat VLC, and the only way to beat the price is to pay me to use it.


Man, ever tried PotPlayer? I'm using it lately, and I grieve the time I spent using VLC.


VLC works for me, so I haven't bothered to change to another application.


One feature which literally won me over is the ability to jump to next/previous Subtitle with a single keyboard key.


Zplayer was good back in the day. I even got a license. But VLC is the best