i’m telling myself it’s a joke between the couple and they actually had a really nice and funny night out. so i can sleep at night


Goodnight and dont let the bed jimins bite


That usually costs extra


But comes included with the new BTS McDonald's meal!


What the fuck is a Jimin?


Apparently she wants jim-inside of her


jiminme dickit? isnt that the cricket from Pinocchio?


No that’s the guy who wrote A Series Of Unfortunate Events


No that's lemmistik mydickinit.


Not the version you’d find on Disney+


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good fucking bot


You spelt it wrong it's "good fucking, bot" /s


Good bot


Good human


Assuming that’s a legit question: Jimin is one of the lead singers (and the most desired member) of the K-POP group BTS. People even get plastic surgery to look like him. It’s wild! I don’t see the attraction myself, way too fem for my taste.


People do that for western singers as well, I left myself out in the rain for a week to look like Mick Jagger.


Did you also have a child at 74 that is younger than your great grandchild?


jesus, it still works at that age?


lol thank you for making my day better.


I had no idea who the guy was, so thanks for this. Originally, I was assuming Jimin was the girl's ex or something. That actually makes the main post more normal. A lot of couples joke about their celebrity crush, so the boyfriend in the OP is just playing along with the joke.


THANK YOU! I had no idea who this person was. I thought they might be a streamer or something.


He's one of the members of BTS.


you've rustled my jimins!


Jiminy crickets?


Man I need your optimism in my life


Does your boss own the business?


The duality of man; they’re either a really fun couple…or mental


Why not both


Knowing how fanatical Kpop fans can get, I doubt it


i mean, it most likely is


I think it probably is the case tbh. Everything looks worse when spelled out in a tweet like she did there.


It couldn't be more obvious that it's a joke. Y'all are just dense


So obviously a joke. Folks in here acting like she forced him to do this 🤣


My wife and I have always had the one celebrity free pass joke. I now know what I’m doing on Paul Rudd’s birthday 😂😂😂.


Hey man she didn't type /s afterwords there's **literally** no way to tell it's a joke


No no jokes are things like typing racial slurs or repeating lines from movies. Women could never understand something so sophisticated!


Downvoted for telling the truth smh my head


They'd respond but unfortunately I don't think anyone's printed an appropriate Anchorman quote on a t-shirt yet


lmao bro you havent seen kpop stans.


The jimin face printout stays ON during sex


doesnt matter, had sex


Doesn't matter, jim in her


I jimmed in my pants


What sort of degradation kink is this


I was thinking its a new weird way to cuck yourself




If you think this is bad you should see the dude who got a shit ton of plastic surgery trying to look like Jemin and identifies as Korean


To be fair, Ollie London is a joke even to the kpop community and very widely hated. No one believes he actually identifies as Korean or as Jimin; it’s far more likely it’s just a clout chasing thing—and he definitely is famous off the hate.


Why did I google that?! That person barely looks human… good god. Wtf even is life anymore…


I now regret my decision. It is fascinating though. I have never come across transrace (?) Before.


[Rachel Dolezal](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Dolezal) made the news a few years back for identifying as black despite being white. She wormed her way up to being a NAACP chapter president before she was called on it.


Also Martina Big (both her and Ollie were on botched), the name is extra funny because she looks so gd much like when Dee dresses as Martina Martinez in its always sunny


Michael Jackson?


He had vitiligo, a skin disease.


He claimed to. Never seen vitiligo happen so.... solidly.


I thought he put makeup on to smooth out the color so it wouldn't be splotchy


What if he really did have it and just bleached his skin to match so it looked less noticeable? Idk I’m high .


Too be fair, if you were to see another person that had a case that covered their body entirely (as in the case of Jackson supposedly) you would not know they had it unless they told you, and when you research the disease, the most pronounced visually are going to be the main results returned. Also we don't know if he treated (bleached) his skin in response to vitiligo.


I think that man lived in a world of lies and mental health issues. But the loss of pigmentation in the skin isn't generally something that happens at an even rate all over the body. Maybe there's been literally one case and his name was Michael Jackson. But the man's facial structure was also due to "puberty, a vegetarian diet, and weight loss." Also he only had one surgery on his nose to breathe better per him so take that as you will.


My sister has vitiligo and people just don't believe her when they ask. Really, nobody does. I'm sure MJ suffered from the same issue


He took medication and bleached his skin so it would be uniformly one color.


I've seen a number of weebs claim to be trans-japanese. It's wild.


> That person barely looks human Oblivion NPC lookin ass


That’s why I’m still sad I am banned from commenting on botchedsurgeries


Ok. Now I have to Google it. I can't resist after that comment.


Replying so I remember to look this guy up later.


I bet he doesn't even speak Korean.


Maybe he knows a few Korean words but hopelessly mispronounces and/or misuses them. And if you ever try to have a conversation with him every other word would be Korean. No I’m definitely not basing that on some of the US anime fans I knew at school. Nope. Definitely not, why on earth would you think that?


> identifies as Korean [bruh](https://media.giphy.com/media/lkdH8FmImcGoylv3t3/giphy.gif)


i read an article about oli where they said, “i am coming out as non-binary, and my pronouns are they/them and Korean/Jimin” 😭😭😭 you cannot have someone else’s name and country and your fucking pronouns lmao


Thank you for clarifying. I now know this is a Korean Celebrity. I assume k-pop


Ah so Jimin is a k-pop star. I thought it was some restaurant or something










The world is full of weird fetishes but if it involves your S/O pretending to be a celebrity in public by wearing a fucking printed out mask, it’s crossing into what the fuck territory. Keep that shit in the bedroom.


Nah man it's even more cringy if it's in the bedroom. Lmao can you imagine your SO asking you to wear a mask of another person's face while you fuck them.


I'm not supposed to do that?


YOU are, it's that or a bag.


Good god almighty they killed him!


And a voice scrambler. And baggy clothes. And a very thick condom. You know what, just get the fuck out.


but I...


Well I’d imagine the S/O going through with that already had a fetish of their own for simply going through with it, taking it in public where others can see, children even, is worse.


I mean, that's not for me, but how is two people getting off in the privacy of their own home "cringe?" If both are into it who cares?


I don't have to imagine 😔


>by wearing a fucking printed out mask, it’s crossing into what the fuck territory. sounds like something dream stans would do tbh




I mean if my wife got a nice wig and dress and we celebrated ScarJo’s birthday I think that’d be pretty fun. Not sure if we have the same energy here though.


>celebrated ScarJo’s birthday I too celebrate celebrities birthdays.


This is your brain on parasocial relationships. Where liking someone's art and carefully crafted public persona, which is also art, leads to you celebrating their personal, real life birthday.


I'm not sure if I know a single celebrity birthday, I don't see why anyone would care.


Yo man I just want to fuck my wife in a ScarJo wig. Podcasters are my real friends.


That two-tone blonde/red braid looked pretty good. I'm down with this. I'll donate to the wig fund but only if I get to see it in action.




Buy that wig, son


>we celebrated ScarJo’s birthday Why the fuck are you celebrating her birthday?


Dude gets to pretend he is Jimin! He is living the dream! As long as the dream is being whatever a jimin is.. My guess a singular sprinkle in Boston..


Probably spent a lot of his life being rejected by women so he's holding on to what he can. I feel bad for the guy but I hope he eventually raises his standards and finds a group of supportive friends, if he doesn't have any.




Cuckolding level 99


Dang. Poor lad, he really down bad.


I looked up this hashtag to try and find this tweet, but instead all I found was dozens of people calling a 26 year old man they've never met before "my baby" and saying things like "I love you angel." I was so ashamed of what I saw that I deleted my history. Kpop stans are fucking insane.


I feel the same about people that participate in /r/hololive


Can someone explain wtf this is. I've never understood it.


Anime streamers. Just search up Gwar Gura on YouTube and skim the latest stream. Anime girl streaming Minecraft with other anime girls.


I never got this Hololive thing, am I just out of touch? How do you not feel embarrassed enjoying this kind of stuff


Hololive has this level of "it's all fake" that makes it really easy to differentiate between the person and the character, at least in my point of view. But actual Kpop stars I can't tell what's the person and what's the celebrity. But then again, I'm not a huge fan of either so what do I know.


I'm not sure the average hololive participant views it as fake. Occasionally I'll browse the comments sections and it feels like they all view them as impersonal e-girlfriends. To each their own I suppose, but I don't understand it.


Yeah. The hololove sub is full of people acting like it's real and not a show.


I guess it depends how well you can separate real life from "anime" if thats the category Vtubers fall into.


Yeah I know for sure some people are into it for the novelty, but... For sure a lot of people are into it for other sad reasons.


> but... For sure a lot of people are into it for other sad reasons. Pretty sure it's 95% the latter and *maybe* 5% the former...


It's not kpop exclusive. People have always fantasized over musicians and celebrities. I dunno what rock you live under but tell Patrick I said Hi


There's a reason I absolutely hate kpop without having ever listened to it. The fans are just so awful that I don't even want to know what the hell it is they're such crazed fans of.


The music is exactly what the name says, pop music but in Korean. Not necessarily a good or bad thing, but there really isn't that much more to it, it's nothing revolutionary in any sense. What it's really "revolutionary" is how this Korean companies have made parasocial relationships (with videos, streams, messages etc.) into such a pure art form, that you have people out here legitimately acting as if this idols are their friends or even potential partners some day. Like they are legitimately super invested with these total strangers and their lives. People are hosting literal seminars on how to best waste hours of your day to better stream a groups songs so that they can have more views and money. Or you have people buying the same albums and merch multiple times to boost their sales. Or my favorite one, where you have people actually **pool money together** so that they can give it to other fans in other countries so that they can buy more albums too and the group can chart better. And if the group still didn't chart high enough or have as many views, then it's the fans that "let these angels down". And this is just scratching the surface. It's honestly mind blowing how transparent it is and how the fans are totally fine with it too. I almost respect these companies for the hustle tbh lol.


It's very clever what they've done. It isn't even just the companies that these idols come from who are making money. There's an entire industry getting rich off of these fans without having to do much of the work. The streaming and the album sales are insane, but there's also voting apps. They having WEEKLY music shows that give awards to groups for the most streamed, purchased and voted for song. The apps for voting on these shows give you so many votes in exchange for ads watched. And the voting doesn't end there. There are polls for "the artist with the best dimples" or "most popular artist born in November" and the prize is free promotion for these idols. Of course, if the fans want extra votes they can always pay for them. There are also end of year award shows that fans also have to vote for if they want their artist to win. These apps are such a rip off and so many fan wars break out because of it. This results in artists being bullied and shamed online, as well as the fans. It's really not good for anyone's mental health. Fans are also encouraged to buy items that their favourite artists are contracted to promote. Streaming isn't limited to music videos and songs. You MUST watch all of their live performances and TV appearances, as well as the artists own TV shows. The fans have been fooled in to doing all of this because if they don't, then their faves will no longer be relevant and will stop promoting. Another thing I've noticed is that K-pop idols have fewer interactions with each other now. I'm actually a K-pop fan myself, and I started listening to it before it got to the crazy level it's at now. Back then there were so many shows with idols being the best of friends together. Nowadays it doesn't happen as much. I'm convinced this is deliberate. Less interactions between idols makes it easier for fans of one group to hate another, fan wars start and there's more competition, and the fans will be more determined to vote and stream to outdo other fandoms. Of course, companies will make more money this way. The whole of the K-pop experience has been completely destroyed in the last decade, the past five years being hellish. I just mind my business now and listen to my favourite groups whenever I'm in the mood. Am I fuck doing all of the rest. It's not enjoyable and I don't benefit from it in anyway, so why should I? Those companies are very smart for what they've done, but they're pure evil for everyone involved - the artist and the fan.


Yeah for real, it really is legitimately almost dystopian how all these different companies manage to openly squeeze so much money out of every fan with these toxic as hell tactics and somehow still get away with it. What's worse is that I feel companies in other countries are starting to see how much more money they can make this way and they may try to emulate the same out here. This shit could legitimately become the future of mainstream music the way things are going and it's kinda depressing.


I think you're right. I've seen fans of western artists obsess over streaming numbers as well. Toxic fandom culture isn't a thing limited to kpop either. It's always been a thing and every fandom has its craziness. Companies in Korea are making so much money off if it, and western companies are going to realise they can profit too. It's really sad when this kind of shit becomes the norm.


I met a lot of non Korean women during the time I lived there that were obsessed with various K-pop idols. It was really cringy because you could almost feel just by talking to them that they had moved to Korea with the hopes of becoming the girlfriend of an idol. Lots of cringy guys too who you could tell are ”losers” in their home country coming there with the hopes of ”getting some” Of course not everyone’s bad and I met one of my best friends in Korea. (He’s from the same country that I am)


Good God, not sure but some kpop groups have concerts based on lots pulled from album sale receipts. These concerts are basically for the superfan club members who buy albums. 1 buy receipt I think is one ticket. There are people who pour tens of thousands of dollars to be able to go to these concerts that have meet and greets. As someone who enjoys certain kpop groups, I felt that, spending literal thousands of dollars buying the same cd for the chance at meeting celebrities multiple times that they recognize you was going too far. Idk it's probably an escape for some? Something to keep their mind off of the horrible reality of living?


i think Big Hit™ has min-maxed capitalism yall


My husband from Korea said that K pop is actually propaganda created by the government for tourism and to help put Korea more “on the map”. He does not consider the music or the K dramas to be part of Korean culture and dislikes it and the people who enjoy it. Another Korean friend of mine also said she didn’t like K pop either and that the fans are seen as weird. I am not sure about any of this as but would be interested in other people’s take on it-


I will say that kpop itself is actually pretty good with a lot of variety with what you can listen to. But avoiding batshit crazy fans is definitely imperative to that enjoyment, which is generally pretty easy if you don’t follow the groups on social media and just contain your exposure to kpop through YouTube/Spotify.


Not a KPop fan, but I agree w this bigtime. I deeply respect BTS as a band because of their hustle, but their fans... ick lmao


It is insane honestly


Least parasocial kpop stan


That gotta be a joke right?! I will take it as Twitter bait account and they’re just trolling. Even if it’s not true I’ll still think that for my sanity


What’s a Jimin?


Jimin deez nuts


slaughtered this man




According to my wife, he's a BTS guy.


Bacon and tomato sandwich?


It all started with the lettuce


Big Time Sailors


Yup! One of 7 members. They all have their own fan base/icons in addition to the group overall.


Jimin Knee Cricket


I don't know but I guess it's a k-pop guy.?


Why are some kpop stans so fucking weird


‘Stan’ is slang for a stalker-like fan. ‘Fan’ means ‘fanatic’. They’re weird by definition.


Wasn’t that popularized by Eminem’s song “Stan”? Where his most obsessed fan’s name was Stan.


This is rustlin' my Jimins.


That cutout looks like the guy who had like 200 surgeries to look like jimin


If that guy reads this comment, it'll probably brighten his entire life.


Man, that is sad.


I don’t know much about the dude, but I think it’d be hilarious if he came out one day and all the fangirls had meltdowns over it.


there a lot of fan accounts of this guy and other kpop idols who desperately try to find “evidence” of them being gay lmao


I’ve personally witnessed a 7-year relationship and parenting team destroyed by the obsession that these guys generate. She told him that she only find Asian dudes attractive now. Poor fucker


*"If I don't get some like this, I'm gonna die"*


What is a jimin


Cuckold 2.0


That poor, poor man. Brothers, pray for our fallen comrade, for nobody can help him but the gods and himself


My man down bad…


People who are obsessed with celebrities really need to grow up and get a life.


The fuck is a jimin


Jimin deez nuts! That's what people are saying. Although i also want to know what a Jimin is


A Jimin is 1/7 of a BTS


Park Jimin is a member of a South Korean boy group BTS. He is famous and loved for his vocals, dancing and visuals.


Who tf is that lol


He is Jimin, these toxic fans never leave him alone.




Dude wants it *BAAAAAD*


"he understood the assignment" I'm not sure the sex could ever be worth it


Seeing the year 2000 on a necklace makes me feel old as shit


Ufff, that’s a rough one


[Boybands didn't go out of fashion they just went east.](https://youtu.be/J0mH5epMSp4) Sad, many such cases.


My ex and I went to a concert for a popular emo band (can't remember the name) and after the show she was wanting to kiss the lead singer, i think he suggested it. She asked me and I was like "uh, no" and she was pretty upset with me about it. Only one messed up story out of many, not sure why I stayed with her so long.


fuck's a "boyf"




At first I misread this as meaning the BF was away for his birthday so he sent a picture of himself so the GF could feel like he was there. "Hey, that's not SadCringe", I thought. Then I gave it a second read and understood what was really happening. Yep, definitely SadCringe. My wife is a huge K-Pop fan but thankfully not to this extent.


Who tf is jimin?


Member of a Korean Boy Band, “BTS”


Some K-pop guy I guess


Damn, I knew Kpop fans were weird but getting your bf to dress up as Jimmy Junglecock?


LOL Henceforth every BTS member shall be known as Jimmy Junglecock. I don't make the rules.


i'm pretty sure this is a joke.


He just wants to fuck


Try to build the Relationship.


Least crazy kpop stan


... She couldn't just go to a cup sleeve event like the rest of us?


Someone tell me what this Jimin character thought of this insanity


that's cucking all they way down.


Damn that's some kinky shit


If this isn’t satire then she really doesn’t deserve him


This is a joke right? I’m an army myself but there’s no way her bf wasn’t in on it, right? 😭


The food looks hella good though.


He has no self esteem. Sad


Imagine cucking yourself like this, holy shit


If he’s just doing it for sex then he’s winning by tricking this crazy girl


The “2000” necklace is all you need to know. Fuckin zoomers


We're hitting simp levels that shouldn't even be possible.


When you publicly exclaim that you’re a cuckhold


She’s in the wrong quadrant of the crazy/hot graph, my man


You and your boyfriend are the dumbest fucking couple.