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You present this as if you're a passenger in your own life. But you made choices that led you here, and you need to recognize your responsibility in this situation. What's the most moral course of action? Well, start with a vasectomy. Find a therapist, and figure out if you can be present at all for your kids. If not, give your wife full custody and child support.


You sound depressed, I’d check in with a doctor and maybe some therapy. I’d also recommend couples therapy. Maybe being honest with your wife will help the way you’re feeling! You’re always going to be a dad, and even if you leave, you’ll be financially on the hook and then potentially causing lifelong trauma for two little humans you created. Maybe try getting yourself in better shape so you’re in a better position in your family! Best of luck


You’re a father. You can decide if you want to be a present father or not. But you’re a father. You’re also a husband. You aren’t obligated to stay in a relationship you’re not happy in. But dude. Take some time to talk to your partner. Maybe get some therapy.


Definitely get some therapy.


You’re getting older. Adventure doesn’t just happen. You have to make time for it. You have to work at relationships. Whatever you decide, your partner deserves full honesty. Don’t blind-side her.


Yeah, sociopath sounds about right. You stay with the bed you've made and you lie in it. It actually doesn't sound like all that bad a life. Remember that they are only little for a little while; you may eventually come to even like them. Do they interfere with mom and dad's sex life? Heck yes. Deal with it. I do think you probably need a hobby or pastime that you take seriously, and devote some time to it. It will make you less miserable and give you something to think about besides how unhappy you are. Maybe it's chess, maybe it's racing bicycles, maybe it's photography, maybe it's Morris dancing. Whatever it is, it should be something you enjoy and you should carve out time for it.


It may not be a bad life for you but it clearly is for him. He isn’t a sociopath for realizing the way his life is set up is unfulfilling. I wish society would stop demonizing people who don’t want to be married/parents. No one is winning if he’s miserable, including his wife and kids. Edit: the man is having an existential crisis, somehow I doubt morris dancing is the answer (OP if morris dancing does end up being the answer please let me know)


He's the one who called himself a sociopath. I was the one who validated that young kids can sure impact a marriage. What's wrong with Morris dancing? LOL


Gonna guess this is a writing exercise done by someone who doesn’t realise that in this day and age you can’t just hop off into the next town over, change your name, and just start again. If this is real, you would still be on the hook for alimony, child support, mortgage, etc. even IF you left it all behind. Since money seems to be the main concern, “running away” wouldn’t fix anything. I feel like a working man making big bucks would know this…