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The 2014 Greg Olson play calling in full effect


This is the problem Olsen sucks


Third Down Efficiency Cincy: 8/16 LV: 1/7 There’s your game.


I genuinely have no idea what our game plan defensively is on third downs. At least 10 of Cincinnati’s third down conversions were short throw conversions because our secondary is playing 5 yards off the LOS on a 3rd and 4. Head scratching from Bradley and Co.


This team was done after the one two combo of Gruden and Ruggs. Say what you want about Gruden’s coaching but starting over in the season is not easy. Then you have a young deep threat kill someone. What team WOULD come back from this?


Gruden was the guy pumping energy into the time in the sidelines. Def ain't Carr


No team would come back from this but it’s easier to blame carr than accept that for most fans lol


Hang that Bryan Edwards horizontal run play on third down in The Louvre. This was actually a practiced NFL play.


I don’t have an issue with that play if you decide to go for it on 4th&1. But what they did was a head scratcher all around.


That play and the run on 3rd and 6th were so disgusting


3rd year in a row, right on schedule. Seriously tho, at this point I’m getting to the point where I don’t give a fuck who the QB is anymore. Don’t care who’s the HC. Don’t care who the playmakers are. Hell I don’t even care who the owner is, I just want the Raiders to go out and put a good product on the field, and throughout the WHOLE SEASON. Just win games and make the playoffs, in whatever form that looks like. When the same result keeps happening time after time again it’s time for a major change. That’s probably the most painful part, that this is now the 3rd year straight they start hot and fall apart. They do JUST ENOUGH to get your hopes up and disappoint in moments when we need it most. And don’t even get me started on the last 20 seasons. We don’t deserve this as fans


> That’s probably the most painful part, that this is now the 3rd year straight they start hot and fall apart. They do JUST ENOUGH to get your hopes up and disappoint in moments when we need it most. This is what stings me the most is that I was sort of prepared for this and the Raiders *still* found a way to trick me into having hope. I went into this season with as about as "meh" expectations as one could have. I didn't like a lot of the rebuild, was never sold on taking Ferrell, Rugs as the 1st overall WR or Arnette. Despite a lot of the hype around here, I thought we'd do the exact same shit we did last year and end up finishing 8-8 or 9-7 We start off hot. I even have my Chargers friend telling me he thinks that we might be the best team in the AFCW. "Just wait" I said. "Wait until after mid season." But then something I did not expect happened. Gruden resigned before the season was over. The team then comes out the gate and plays like it's 2016 all over again. **This is where my dumb ass started to believe again**. Then the Ruggs thing happened and now we are where we are. I have absolutely no idea what happens to this team. We could see a complete and total tear down from GM all the way down the line. And I have a bad feeling that we're in for some more of those seasons where 6 wins feels optimistic before we see a silver lining again.


Yes exactly this. I honestly was anticipating the 2nd half collapse coming again too so I was still skeptical early on, but after Gruden resigned and this team won two games comfortably I started to get really excited. Felt like maybe we turned the corner, maybe it was what we needed. Then on a random Tuesday morning after the bye JUST ended, Ruggs goes and does what he did, and it’s like damn bro. You really can’t make this shit up. It feels like this team is destined to never make that leap, and it doesn’t help that the NFL has it out for the Raiders and the Davis family also with the penalties and fines and HC email leaks and on and on. I often wonder if the Raiders will ever be able to get back to the top as they once were long, long ago as long as Mark owns the team.


I can’t believe the Bengals were disciplined enough to only get flagged once the game was put away.


Funny how that works, huh?




We are not a good team. End of story.


I miss Oakland and the Black Hole. We sucked, but at least we had passionate and loud fans making it hard on opposing teams


Won’t be with current owners or front office


Not sure why you’re being downvoted. There’s nothing that really refutes your comment. Just year after year of embarrassing mediocrity. I’ll always be a Raider fan and I’ll be out here watching this team every week no matter what, but god damn it’s frustrating man.


Guess a lot of the people in the Davis family have access to Reddit lol


I've been messaged a few times the last week pretty much threatening me "Don't make fun of our owner". I don't think your statement is too far from the truth.


With a haircut like that, it’s just too easy.


What babyshit-soft person would message you for making fun of our dipshit clown fiesta owner?


**The Coin's winnings so far:** During the week I ran some math on betting moneyline according to [The Coin](https://www.reddit.com/r/raiders/comments/quspi9/coin_post_simplifying_to_5050_odds_per_flip_its_a/) each week, starting with a $100 bet and flipping the original bet + winnings to next week's game. If you had started with a $100 bet week 1 and continued the process all season, you would have been sitting pretty with **$104,531.56** after last week from just that initial $100. If you bet on the Bengals right before gametime (-125) this week with those earnings, you'd now have **$188,156.81**. *(If you had bet at the best odds I saw listed for the Bengals (-105) during the week, you'd have $196,225.91 instead.*) *(At least ignoring any taxes and whatnot - figure that shit out in April. [Based on money lines found here.](https://www.actionnetwork.com/nfl/odds/las-vegas-raiders))* Raiders currently have +265 odds to win next week; if you were to bet all your 188k on that and the coin gets it right again, you'd end up with $686,772.35. As long as the Coin keeps being right, I will be keeping this up each week from here out to see just how much the coin could have won from a $100 investment. All hail the Coin. *** Edit - +270 odds right now, $696,180.19.


This team is fucking cursed. There’s no identity on offense, defense played tough and held their own but of course collapsed in the 4th. I said it earlier, but I think it’s time to end the Carr era. I love him and have defended for so long but I don’t think he’s focused on football anymore. All the off the field bullshit has gotten to him and his psyche is broken. I won’t be surprised if he just retires after the season. I won’t forget him tho, he’s been one of my favorite raiders in my life. The franchise needs a revamp, and I’m taking about a new GM, new coach and new QB. The shitty part is there’s still 7 weeks left, ima watch every game because that what fans do, I already gave up on the playoffs. Carr should get to finish the season but I want to see someone new next season. I’m glad Gruden is gone, Mayock I’m still not sure but I never liked the idea of having a In placed Gm and a new coach. I’d rather bring in a new GM/coach together. We’re still living off the raiders mystique but that identity is from ages ago, new city requires a new image. And most importantly, if the raiders somehow beat the Cowboys on Thursday. Then I’ll believe in the coin. Right now I still don’t trust that thing


Carr looks spent.


Entire team does tbh The Ruggs situation really fucked them up. Cant say im surprised.


He looks exhausted. Like about to pull and Andrew Luck.


Low key wouldn’t surprise me after this season he didn’t look well from tv footage


Andrew Luck carried a shit team to the playoffs. Carr is not the kind of person who can drag a bad team to the playoffs.


Andrew Luck had TY Hilton going for 1400 yards per year and Reggie Wayne. Carr has Hunter Renfrow and fucking Zay Jones lol


There’s a reason the bills gave up on zay hard working Jones


Forgot Waller


Chill dawg. He wasn’t comparing his skills to Luck.


I rode the Carr train for a long time, and even early in this season I really thought he had it in him. I thought, probably like some others did, that maybe Gruden's playcalling was too conservative and, just maybe, if they unleashed Carr and let him handle more playcalling and sling it, we'd start rolling. I think the most frustrating thing in all of it is that he shows flashes of being that guy. But once the flash is gone, he goes cold, and the rest of the team freezes up as a result. We just can't have that anymore if we are going to get serious about winning football games in the future.


havent watched a raiders game in i dont know how long before today...maybe the last bengals game is the overall consensus that yall want him gone? or is this still clockwork our qb loses, so lets get rid of him...ie if he wouldve won, extend him!


The way I'd put it is: It's reactive to what he puts onto the field. You can call it a knee-jerk reaction if you want, but it's not without merit. The guy hasn't looked like a good QB for three games in a row now, and the fanbase seems to be pretty iffy on him at best on any given Sunday given an average performance. That being said, though, we're also not a fanbase that comes to a consensus easily. It's contentious, but the last couple weeks have been enough for me to shift at least. And judging by what Carr just said in the postgame presser, he's feeling the heat now. If lighting a fire under his ass works, great. The dude knows the offense, the players, the schemes better than any other person we could slot into the QB position, and he's shown multiple times in the last five years that he has the *capacity* to be a great QB. If not, well.. Peace.


If it takes you 8 years to keep trying to prove you’re the guy then maybe you’re not the guy


Always been a big Carr fan but he is mentally done time to draft a qb I'd love Matt corral on this team


I dunno. I’m not as sold on the next 2 quarterback classes as everyone else. I don’t see any of them being better than above average and it makes me nervous


If Carr can't steer this sinking ship what makes you think a rookie can.


As I said I'm a Carr supporter but this organization and toxic fan base hate him so much and he was set up to fail but he's mentally broken it's time to move on draft a qb and let Carr play out his contract and retire a raider it's the least we can do


The fan base is just tired of losing, of getting our hopes up, seeing Carr and the team play well at the beginning of the season, and then fall apart afterwards. It's definitely not all on Carr. He's still a good QB, but the everyone is just tired of all the losing. Getting our hopes up every year, hearing, "trust the process" over and over again, just for the process not to workout.


I get it. I'm totally demoralized. I hope Carr goes to Tampa Bay after Tom retires and goes to the playoffs just so these retards would shut up. We don't deserve him, just like the Lions didn't deserve Stafford. We're the Lions, except the league hates us, not God.


If I were Carr I'd go to to the colts Wentz is the reason for there loses... Carr is the most hated qb look at tannahill with out king Henry... 3 int today lol look at baker and cousins but our toxic fan base doesn't get it... I'm not 100% sold on the qbs this draft but it's worth a shot need someone to keep up with mahomes for the next 10 years


I think he could go to the Saints or Panthers next season and they'd be playoff teams.




I was with you until the Mariota crap. He isn't the guy either.


I honestly don’t blame him. All the coaching changes, playbook and scheme changes. Personnel rotation and locker room drama. I’d be ready to look for another job too.


He looks completely checked out. And if he's feeling that way, time to bow out. If he's not gonna play to win, let us find someone who wants to. I mean that for everyone, they've taken the attitude of the fans, the loser mentality.


Carr looks like he checked out. I hate to say it, too.


He looked dead inside today. Ruggs incident. No longer having a WR1. Gruden fiasco. All these things are REALLY weighing down on him. We're in a total free fall right now and Carr completely lost the MVP poise he played with earlier in the season. His own play the last 3 weeks is not his usual self. I think he's seriously contemplating leaving Vegas, after all the shit that happened I don't blame him man


It might be time for him to move on. This organization is doing him no favors and he's not getting a ring with them. I'd rather he have a real chance somewhere else.


Quit. He has quit.


Olsen is such a trash play caller.


What now guys ):


Blow it up. Draft coins. Resign veteran coins. Find coins with untapped talent on the waiver wire. Find a coin that can coach, and an offensively coordinating coin who can teach a new QB coin to lead men.


Now that's a coinpost I can get behind.


fuck it all. keep young players and trade the rest


But most of the young players arent good


Bout to win 3 straight Edit:Make that 2 straight. I was mistaken. Coin please forgive me for I have sinned.


Thing is there is absolutely 0 chance that we even come close to containing Jonathan Taylor. The guy is going to eat our run D alive. Even if we magically won that game, 10-7 isn’t going to get us into the playoffs.


Eh I can see 10-7 making playoffs. AFC really sucks this year


You know, despite all of this misery there is something extremely satisfying about the coin being right every week


🪙 🏴‍☠️


It's because you want something to believe in and believing in the Raiders at this point is a sure-fire road to heartache and tears. But the Coin. The Coin is true to the Path. You can believe in the coin.


Not even mad, just depressed at what could have been.


I'm numb at this point


I'm mad and depressed




which QB do we take in the draft?


whoever it is, itll have been the wrong decision


Can't be mad when this was predicted


Lol, it eases the pain somewhat


Man it's like all we got


i dont need a coin to predict we suck


If we played the Lions on a neutral field, I’d bet my house on the Lions.


So at Allegiant? lol




Rebuild the offense around Waller and Miller. Rebuild the defense around Crosby and Moehrig. Fire the entire coaching staff and bring in a bunch of young creative thinkers. That is all


36 years of being a fan of this awful franchise. It never gets better. Don’t raise your kids to support this shit show


My Pops, who was a long time Raiders fan, told me this after the Raiders were blown out by Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl. “Remember the worst day you’ve had? I’m pretty sure no one on the Raiders cared. So why do you care about them playing like shit? Watch them play, enjoy or not but you still got to get up and work the next day and support your family. Let that shit go. “


It could be worse. Could raise children to be Lions, or Jets fans


My dude, the Jets have been to multiple AFC championship games since the last time we won a playoff game. Don’t feel sorry for them - they’ve literally been better than us for almost 2 decades.


The Lions and Jets have more winning seasons this century than the Raiders.


Don’t know how lions or jets are considered worse then us. Jets have more winning seasons than us in the past 20 years. The fucking lions have been to more playoff games than us in the past 20 years lmao. Raiders organization is ass cheeks


I mean…..we have been pretty much equal to those teams the last 20 years realistically. We’ve had 1 or 2 seasons above .500 in that time span?


Slaughterhouses use Raider game footage to prepare the turkeys for slaughter.


Josh Jacobs with 9 carries for 37yrds haha


At least Raiders merch looks cool. Just sucks having to watch the team.


Hear ye hear ye, I come to sing the praises of the almighty Coin!! Our metal prophet has correctly foresaw our season at 1/1024 odds (0.09%) thus far , praise be onto it!! Brothers and sisters of the Nation, it is time to cast your doubt aside and submit to our Coin overlord!! Our fate has been sealed, a 10-7 record and the 7th seed, including victories in our next 2 contests. All nonbelievers, the time has come to BEND THE KNEE and worship our new lord, the all-knowing Coin! All hail the Cult of Coin 🪙🏴‍☠️


I am now a believer. Thanks to the coin for delivering us this victory and congrats to the raiders on their win next week!


Except 10 wins won't be enough for a wildcard spot


Begone heretic, we have no need for serpent tongues here in the Dawn of the Coin.


How dare thou doubt The Coin, your skepticism shall burn and rise to a new beginning


That’s what my thoughts are too. No one seems to understand that.


In Coin We Trust™


Huzzah! 🪙 🍻


If we win on Thanksgiving, I’ll become a full fledged believer in Coin 🪙 I’ll believe it when it correctly predicts a post-bye win. Until then, us losing is purely circumstantial since we’re spicy garbo rn and couldn’t beat the 08’ Lions.




Carr 10 games 16 tds 9 ints and 7 fumbles


It's the front office's fault /s




Damn, but those passing yards though /s


Really looking forward to beating the Cowboys after these horrific losses.




Lol. But seriously, it'd be nice considering I'm spending my Thanksgiving going to the game.


I hope you get your money's worth have fun, I ain't watching that game... Ima get drunk and eat turkey and ham


all i can say is thank god the warriors play tonight. Im not watching another Raider game this year. Always next year or whatever


Same. At least we got the Warriors man


and news today the klay is less than a month away from returning that’s enough to numb the pain that is being a raider fan


Man, you can feel how important Ruggs was to what this offense does. We need to get Jackson more snaps to see if he can still takes it deep regularly. Don't think we even got him a single look long, just handed him an end around.


Side note on this - how many fucking end arounds do we need to run in a game when we have Jacobs and Drake back there. Even edwards got in on the sweep action smh


Offensive line is ass though.


At least Halo Infinite is fun


All I got to say is Fire Greg Olson


Crazy. Carr is holding back tears at the postgame presser.


Trust the coin I guess?


At this point, we have to.




I don’t know what to say anymore except holy shit we continue to prove anyone right every single damn week.


Times like these I wish I was an all-Oakland fan, but sadly the Kings are my basketball team... Really wondering where it all went wrong to root for the worst-run orgs in multiple major sports lol


That was absolutely pitiful. Offense needs to get it figured out. Carr is becoming harder and harder to watch.


Blow it up, this shit ain’t it.


I’m sorry if someone else said this already. But I have to vent. I’m 49 years old. This team has not won a championship in THIRTY EIGHT years. I was ELEVEN the last time this franchise won a championship. This is RIDICULOUS. We all buy the merchandise. We pay for Sunday ticket to watch the games. I was ready to fly across country to Vegas to see a game in the new stadium and pay ridiculous amounts of money to do it. And year after year, we are saddled with a shit team and dysfunction. As fans we deserve better. We have earned better. I’m out of words to describe the frustration and lack of hope. This isn’t how an NFL team is supposed to be run.


the cycle, act like you dont care then get excited for next weekend


Absolutely horrible team


This team has been rebuilding since the 70s fuck this


The bengals and the browns have had a quicker turnaround. Ridiculous


Since ‘83


At this rate it will prob continue to do so until the NFL decides to pull the plug on the team


No Win November is going strong. Stop defending Carr, guys. He ain't it anymore.


He is Mark's QB so he is it until Mark says he isn't


(Crossposting this from the NFL thread) I just.....don't feel anything anymore. It's like the universe was like "Wait a minute the Raiders are....good? Top of the AFC? Lemme fix that real quick." I hate it. Fuck Ruggs, fuck the NFL/Goodell. Fuck it all man. Pain, just straight pain. I honestly would rather have the Lions record than ours. I would rather know my team is trash and can look forward to draft picks than have my team actually look legit and a playoff contender and then have it stripped away.


All of these mfers don’t give a shit. They just collecting they money and doing the bare minimum. Look at them being all smiles after taking the L.


Well well well.... we've all returned again to complain and have the same thing happen the next game anyways.... Nice to speak to you all


73-30 in 2 weeks…


So who's the HC and OC next season?


That's a damn good question, because this whole thing it getting torn down yet again. New GM too?


3 in a row we lost ladies and gents.... it's about to be 4 in a row on Thursday At least our cheerleaders look good out there


The defense kept that game in reach until the end. Offense is deceased.


Only 8 more weeks of this crap


༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 🪙🏴‍☠️PRAISE COIN🏴‍☠️🪙   ⊂༼ ◕_◕ ⊂༽


Wish Carr the best next season wearing a different uniform


What even is josh jacobs future or role with this team? Dude SUCKS


They won't extend him. He'll play out his rookie contract, then move on.


our O-line sucks. don't think this is JJs fault


We let our entire all-pro o-line walk, and pick up a bunch of guys who would be 3rd stringers on any other team to be our starters. Fuck Gruden.


He’s still not explosive or elusive enough Kenyan Drake feels more consistent behind the same line


The crazy thing about the second half of the year spiral is how night and day the energy of the team is. November hits and the team goes into pure depression mode.


Being a raiders fan is not fun.


I'm ready to admit that my relationship with the Raiders organization is an unhealthy one.


I'm so glad we have a shiny new soulless arena in Vegas with a shit field.


Was on Twitter spaces… the fan base on their is all done with Carr. They want Mariota.


Unfortunately I think it is time to move on from Derek Carr, he just doesn't have it right now and hasn't had since the bye week. Raiders aren't going to playoffs, let alone a 4th ring with him. Sucks to say that because I like him, he is a good QB, just not the QB the Raiders need. Not anymore.


That presser with Carr. I've never seen him so frustrated/mad.


Carr isn’t it. Move on.


i wanna die


Carr promised the team was different. But guess what, he isnt


Convinced franchise is cursed and they will never have another winning season with Mark as owner, at this rate just hope 2051 comes sooner and the team relocates back in California fuck it haha


Probably never happening. Sad that this team not only sucks ass but left its real home.


I really hate to be this guy, and I’ve never been this guy before, but what does our team look like next year WITHOUT DC4? Edit: hear me out. There are plenty of teams that will be looking for QB’s next year. Carr is a proven veteran, and a proven leader. Stock up on draft picks, go for proven talent, and allow Mariota a chance to lead the offense. If it crashes and burns, we draft our franchise QB the following draft, or get lucky with a proven vet in free agency, a la Rich Gannon. I’ve loved Carr forever. I went to school with Him. He’s a fantastic QB, and an even better man, but maybe, not because he sucks, but because we need to desperately switch it up moving forward, we part ways and give him a shot at true success with another team (not in the AFC West plz).


Fire everyone except Ngokue, Crosby, Waller and Renfrow. Yeah I said it. Carr isn't our guy.


Keep our kickers too.


Moehrig too. Agreed tho


Yeah Moehrig is cool, keep the kickers too.


You missed Cole. Dude's got heart for fuckin' days.


This team fucking sucks


we have a unique way of making it feel like the game is totally over the second our opponent does something good.. I literally dont think "ok, this game is over" for any other team if they go down a score early.


You know what I don't really blame the players themselves, everything that happened has obviously been mentally tough,I doubt I could play pro-football given how tight the margins are at that level. That being said feels like it might time to really refresh this team.


It’s safe to say the Raiders have some good pieces and some glaring holes still. We have some contracts coming up that need to be addressed. My opinion on what the raiders should do in order. 1. Extend Waller and Crosby. Their the best players on their side of the ball. Enough said. 2. Let Carr play out his contract and let him walk/retire. With being pretty tight against the cap we won’t be able to address big needs with his contract and the other two above. Love the man but after what will be 9-10 years it’s time to look forward. 3. Draft Matt corral/ Sam Hartman. Both have nice arms with mobility. Rookie contract QB to take over Carr. 4. Make a splash in F/A to address the WR/ OL issues. Our biggest holes IMO. I believe addressing these will help a rookie QB thrive with a solid roster around him.


Yeah, this is the result of a below average coach. After this season, I wouldn't be surprised that this organization goes 0-16 for 5 years.


Can anyone explain why after a huge momentum play to start the game we had first and goal and ran Barber?? Then two passes at or behind LOS. No throws to EZ… you gotta go for the kill throw to the end zone first play. We coach and played scared on O. I lost Derek now man he should step in and be like we can’t be passive AF like this and so conservative we are like dead last in yards per rush but run at the worst times when we could easily rely on the pass more only times we do shit is when we pass. That first drive set the tone for the game that we are pussies


Put Mariota in. Change it up! Do we really wanna watch this shit on Thanksgiving?


Luke Walton gone. The coin lives. Not mad at all 😎


We all hated the coin, now we all hope the coin is gonna be right.


Time for Carr to go




Everyone thinks the Cowboys are gunna dumpster us and prove the coin wrong. They look like trash against the Chiefs rn and the coin is the ONLY undefeated one in the NFL.


I think we can all finally agree it's time to move on from Derek Carr. He's just not good in November and December. I'm tired of making excuses for the guy. Olsen is trash. Bissacia definitely isn't a head coach and ffs Mark Davis do something about this franchise or find someone who will. It's embarassing.


Add another murder charge to ruggs


The same Carr apologists that continue to make excuses after excuses while he gets outplayed by a sophomore QB are the same ones that said no to going after Tom Brady. Their opinions are voided on this matter. Carr looked strong first half of the season but as always, it’s time for our 2nd half collapse. It’s time to move on have our 20th rebuild season in a row


Carr holding this team back


It honestly doesn't even hurt anymore. Last week hurt, but I expected it this week. When is it time to put Mariota in? Carr is mentally not there.


I'm a little tired of the missing Ruggs excuse. There are plenty of teams that but together a competent passing game without a receiver that runs a 4.2 40. This is just unimaginative play calling with an insane commitment to a non existing running game.


Can that mf not do that coin shit again. Like I’d rather be hopeful


It’s all good dude, the coin dies this Thursday


**All Hail the Coin.**


Thanksgiving game is going to be UGLY


Some thoughts after the game. As passionate fans of this team we have given everything in supporting this team for a varying number of years through thick and thin. The last 20 years have seen us be arguably the worst team in the NFL. The reason why we won so much in the 70s, 80s and 90s was because we had an innovative, intelligent, passionate and BRAVE owner. Al was a true pioneer and a great man. Mark is a great human being but that’s the only good thing I can say about him. Mark lacks the intelligence, bravery, network, football know how, contacts and financial resources to compete with modern day NFL teams. Mark signed Gruden to a 10 years contract because he needed someone to take care of all the work and decision making for him. Unfortunately in this day and age, hiring one man is not enough. It takes an entire room of experienced and intelligent football men to put together a front office staff, coaching staff and leadership team that can help a team move forward and compete with the modern day NFL juggernauts. Putting together this team of intelligent and experienced football men requires a strong network and deep pockets. Things that Mark simply does not possess. He tried to do this by hiring coach a Gruden who would help move this team forward. While our stadium and training facility has moved forward our front office, leadership, coaching staff and players have not. The browns have only now over the last two years come out of their decades of pain. Their process has been in place since 2016 and took 5 years to come to fruition. They now have a great coaching staff, team and front office staff. Our owner may be the son of an intelligent and brave pioneer but unfortunately those genetics have not been passed on. He hired Gruden to fix the QB, the team, the front office staff and the coaching staff. Unfortunately Gruden was unable to do those things because Gruden was not a head coach. He was a glorified offensive coordinator. One man can not fix the situation that we are in. The owner needs to be replaced with an ambitious owner or consortium that will spend money and resources to take this team forward. Take David Tepper of the panthers as an example. This team is rotten to the core and needs a change from the highest ranking official which is the owner.


I love Carr, but I honestly think for this team to advance, he needs to be let go. Not based on skill, but based on this notion that the team seems to have faith that he’s gonna take this “next step forward” but at the same time, he’s not really getting that support from the rest of the team, management included, to make that progression. I would honestly like to see him take a Kellen Moore type of path and become an assistant but fast tracked to become a coordinator and eventually head coach.


Few weeks ago Aaron Rodgers worked and WON against an NFL team with alot worse receiver's than Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, Edwards, Jacobs, Drake, etc. HOW MANY MORE YEARS ARE YOU GOING TO BE SEDUCED BY THIS MEDIOCRITY????? Edit: Rodgers beat the undefeated Cardinals with his best receivers OUT, we can't convert a fucking third down in an entire HALF of football


Look, Carr is cooked...but are you talking about the Seattle game...where his defense allowed ZERO POINTS???


Think he's talking about the Cardinals game where he beat Murray.


100% correct. Carr is a terrible QB. Terrible. His arm motion is so long and slow and he never throws guys open. I’ve been saying this for years and years and years. This guy is not good. I will not buy any merchandise or give any money to the Raiders until Carr is gone. I say everyone stops supporting this organization until they release Carr. Can’t trade him because no one will want him.


Depressing. Entire organization needs a shake up.