China’s population will soon decline at an alarming rate so let’s not be like China


Seriously though, China backpedaled pretty quickly on their one child policy because now they don‘t have enough women thanks to abortion and the notion that a son is worth more than a daughter. There are people literally stealing girls from neighbouring countries so their son can have a wife and continue the family line. How can you see that as a positive example?


The Venn-diagram of pro-choice activists and human-hating climate doomers has a lot of overlap.


Lets not forget about all those sex slaves brought to China either


They want forced abortions. They want all kinds of abortions. They say they just want fines but that doesn't add up. Fine the poor for being too poor to have children therefore making them even more poor and make their children (that you supposedly want to save from suffering) suffer? These people are dangerous. Maybe we should indeed follow China's example and lock them up for their stupid opinions.


If we arent careful, we could fall to their ground


Rise up!


Ah yes. Never forget that murdering poor people is compassion!


1. Pro-lifers aren’t the ones trying to prevent impoverished women from having children 2 China is fucked because of their 1 child policy. Right now there are 100 women for every 105 men. That’s *over 35 million men* who will never find a wife in their country. It’s estimated that, by the end of this century, china’s population will collapse to *under 500 million people*. That’s a drop of more than 50% in less than 80 years. They do not have the capacity to care for their aging and elderly population. TLDR: OVERPOPULATION IS NOT THE PROBLEM YOU THINK IT IS


Been saying this for years. The massive decrease worldwide in birth rates is going to lead to a massive depopulation and crisis in coming years


Southeast Asia is going to get very ugly, very soon unless the whole region figures something out. Japan and China are starting to see it, The whole of Korea will be close behind them.


And skyrocketing elderly abuse which is already a growing problem but nah kill the babies that solves everything /s


If they made requirements in order to have kids, it would be deemed racist after a while, and they would say the only reason they made the requirements are to stop low-income groups from being able to have children...


“Poor people should be oppressed for the government for having sex” Sounds very pro-choice to me.


A lot of the takes were outrageous. Income requirements to have a child, fine for people who have more than one kid. Why do pro-choicers think every parent who is wealthy is able to take care of a child and every parent who isn’t is completely unable to? We know that to be untrue just by looking at people in our life we grew up with either how they were raised or how they’re raising their kids now… Yes, being poor sucks and people should wait to have the ability to financially take care of a kid but shouldn’t be required by law. How would you regulate an income requirement? Sex under X income is illegal? Forcibly kill the child if under X income? Forcibly take the child if under X income? What is the income requirement? Because practically everyone I know at my age is poor and bitching about their inability to make ends meet. 15% of America lives in poverty. Idk if my friends are considered poverty in said percentage but I do know they’re poor af and couldn’t raise a kid well so assuming they don’t fit in the poverty bracket that’s an even higher % of people in America that can’t financially take care of a baby. I’m so baffled.


'No poverty births' wouldn't make poor kids suffering go away... it would make poor KIDS go away! What. The. Actual. F*ck?!?!


I agree. If you are not a middle of upper class white scientific/super model couple with a perfect genetic profile you shouldn't have kids and the government shouldn't let anyone else reproduce. That will make the world a better place for sure /s


There are many government and private programs that help those who desire to parent. Poverty contributes to stress, chaos, domestic violence, child neglect, and drug abuse, in my experience, but doesn’t guarantee it. People need a willingness to change, to break the cycle, to let go of pride and ask for help if they desire to parent and keep their child in their custody.


If Somone ever tells you china had the right idea that’s their problem


**Pro-choicers:** Republicans only care about babies before they're born!! **Also pro-choicers:** *\*Thinks killing poor people is a reasonable solution to poverty\*.*


Fining people for having kids? What a great idea to prevent poor people's children suffering, to take more money from their parents. /s


Ahh yes, don't you love when they admire the chi-coms? Kinda just shows how terrible they are


Poverty is completely a relative thing when you considered the general standard of living of everyone around you. If the richest people among you have 10 bedroom mansions and 3 private jets, then yeah a person living in a studio apartment living paycheck to paycheck is gonna be considered poor, even if their basic needs are being met. In some cases, the poor person in modern society would be considered wealthy by the standards of some blacksmith living in the middle ages who wouldn't have running water and electricity. So what is considered poor and what is an acceptable standard of living to be reproducing at? Because, uh, in we held all our ancestors to the same modern moral standards in regards to reproduction, none of us would exist at all. Also, even rich people suffer. It can be hard to imagine, but even people with lots of wealth and fame still have serious drug problems and commit suicide and are basically troubled in various ways. This is especially true in the case of a lot of child stars who were grew up with a celebrity status and then had bad examples of personal relationships in their personal lives. Money doesn't fix all your problems.


Did no one else see this coming?


They need to read some of the things the founder of Planned Parenthood said.