Advertising the way they do ensures kids get overexcited about the game and beg their parents to get it for them. There's also a large population of fans that don't delve deep into the games online communities and therefore only see the ads and don't know about flaws until they actually buy the game. Basically, they know us fans that care a lot about the games will see through their half arsed game and make a big stink online, so their marketing team just makes themselves louder than us and unless we wanna pool money together to take out ads too those people will remain blind before release and the money goes straight into seedy pockets.


The main problem isn't time OR budgeting issues. The real problem is they just don't care enough to make something great or to be proud of because they know people will buy it regardless. They have plenty of money to spend. Plenty of time to use. But no fucks to give.


I've read that the VAST majority of their income is from merchandizing and licensing deals. The games are basically just a way to go "here, look, these are all the new Pokémon", and then make a fucking killing selling merchandise.


If I remember correctly, the Pokemon merchandise has made at minimum 4 times more than every single game combined. There's a reason why they will just not delay the games even if they run like this.


I don't agree. The fault is on Nintendo for restricting Game Freak so heavily. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Game Freak break away from Nintendo and go on to do their own thing. Maybe then we'd get Drill Dozer and Tembo the [email protected]#$ Elephant sequels.


This excuse would be valid if not for Nintendo consistently delaying games to insure quality and even switching development teams when things go wrong. Game Freak has always been a subpar developer from a technical perspective, but now it's caught up with them and their entire philosophy toward game development is outdated in terms of modern AAA development cycles. As a partner in TPC, Game Freak could hand over development if they wanted, but won't because they are too arrogant and think they know better than the fans.


Pokemon conquest


True. Pokemon is a name that needs no introduction. Why can't they just rely on their fans instead of continually screwing them.


Because they know that suckers like me will buy the game off of the hype they’ve built even if the product is unfinished and not even to the standards of a Wii U game in terms of functionality and polish


Then don’t buy them?


But I wanna play Pokémon and have spent hundreds of hours in every other game? I have to say I’m not impressed with my experience so far. I thought PLA had issues, but could deal with it knowing gamefreak would learn and be better off for it. Except they didn’t. It’s worse.


Thats not a good reason, just emulate the games, that way you can play them & they get nothing that they don’t deserve


My guy, I don’t have anything TO emulate on. And it’s definitely my place to decide whether my reasoning is valid. I grew up with Pokémon and hope to die with it, I’m just disappointed that they’re basically selling an unfinished product. I’m going to buy it because I want to play Pokémon, and that’s what they’re taking advantage of.


Then hold off on buying it until the game is fixed. Frankly, Flying Pikachu and Dragon Charizard are not worth wasting $60 on a rushed game in an obnoxiously buggy state.


Then don’t fucking complain about how bad the games are because you buying them makes it worse, until you stop buying the games & the sales tank to the point they are then forced to change, nothing will, so you are making it worse, i also love pokemon, but I will not buy any of the dogshit games until the fixes are done, you need to do that yourself


Did you stop buying them? Is that why you seem to be frustrated? That suckers like me are continuing to fund TPC/GF as they continue to completely fumble the transition of this franchise from handheld to home console?


The sales won't tank, though. Most sales come from children who don't know better and are going to keep buying it up anyway.


Still looking for the part where they complained


I probably won’t again. It’s heartbreaking. This series got me into gaming. I have played every game in the series, including all of the spin offs. It got me through some crazy difficult shit in my childhood and adolescence. I’ve made lifelong friends because of it. But TPC/Gamefreak obviously don’t have the right priorities with designing these games. Hasn’t felt the same since the sprites era when they actually respected the fact that this game has adult fans and designed accordingly.


You can always end the cycle anytime you know there's a hundred other things out there that are far more deserving of the same money you'd throw away on an absolute zombie of a series that can't even manage to maintain the illusion of being able to hold itself together anymore


Really under delivered on the hype


Kinda reminds me of that one scene in Sponge Bob with “Krabby Land”


Like, what logical reason could there be for the constant removal of mechanics. Who is the maniac that’s REMOVING detail constantly Gen to Gen. Stop simplifying things so much, thats what’s insulting to me.


I forgot which director said it specifically but they've literally said they purposely removed features to ensure every game is a new experience and to keep older games "relevant". So essentially they don't want any of them to be the same so you have to play them all to enjoy the one thing you liked. And this is a game that at its core is the same everytime, idk what they're even thinking at this point the people in charge are money hungry loons.


Keep older games relevent but don’t do re-releases for newer devices, forcing planned obselesence


They will, eventually, but requiring an active NSO(+) subscription or whatever its equivalent will be


Because the target demo are 10 year olds.


Game Freak is turning into EA Sports.


Nah it's still better than EA by a mile. We're comparing a game you might not be happy with to literal predatory financial practices aimed at minors.


I'm simply talking about removal of features.


They're still not at that level. EA removed the features THEN monetized them


They can cheap out on production cuz the ads will just stimulate buyers without thinking. I’m enjoying the game but it is absolutely riding the name and media blitz. No first game of a franchise could be this technically bad and survive.


>the ads will just stimulate buyers without thinking C O N S U U U U M E


are we out of bubble gum yet?


Remember Pokémon Black and White? That game had a lot of effort put into it. Yet it was made for the DS.


To be fair, this is nonsensical. Advertising and game development are totally separate lol. It's not as simple as "reallocate advertising budget to development!" although I understand it may seem that way from the outside. It doesn't work like that, so being "insulted" by ti doesn't really make sense


Also to be fair, budget should never even come into the question for the largest media franchise in history. They're spending pennies compared to the money their games make, and that's ONLY considering their games.


Thing is somewhere in the planning stages the company set a budged. Someone decided this much goes to dev and this much goes to advertising and other things. If they haven't somewhat learned how much they need to adjust for after SwSh that's on them.


I do not think the budget is the issue. The issue is time, they needed more time to finish everything but it was time they didn’t have. Hell give this game another year and I don’t doubt that it would be a great game, money was never the issue.


Time is money. If they lacked the time, they lacked the money. Deadline exists because: - they’re dedicating manpower to a specific task and that costs money. - it’s strategically scheduled in a timeframe that would yield the most sales. So the budget is set in conjunction with the deadline in order to maximize profits. The corporate fix is to throw more money at the problem but it’s only if they think they can’t sell it without the changes. So when companies delay the release of a product, it’s precisely because the marketing folks and legal department are in agreement.


When you are making a large project, increasing the number of people isn’t always going to work. Coding is very much not something where you want a lot of people working on one specific thing such as making sure a Pokémon moves the correct way with the correct animation when using a certain move. No matter how much money you throw at it at some point more coders won’t make the game faster, time is different from money for any company. The developers likely knew they could not finish the game within the set timeframe but the higher ups decided decided it would release as long as it is playable because they don’t care


>the higher ups decided decided it would release as long as it is playable because they don’t care That's exactly why I said that throwing more money at the problem was a corporate fix; elaborating that they only do that if they feel like they absolutely have to. Either because they're bound by law or they see more profit in the investment. Nothing more, nothing less. ​ You're making the mistake of associating the idea of "throwing more money at the problem" being related exclusively to hiring more people. While that does happen, true, it is false because it is not the only outcome. Delaying a product, as many companies do, is them throwing more money at the problem. Time is expensive regardless of if you're trying to expediate or prolong something. ​ It's definitely a money issue otherwise, the devs would have all the time in the world to train their staff, fix bugs, iterate on gameplay mechanic/loops, etc. It doesn't happen because you're not selling anything during that time. It doesn't happen because they're not able/willing to invest in that time. ​ I'm not trying to be pessimistic or throwing shade at any entity; it's purely logistics.


dumping more money into dev doesnt solve anything. time is the only thing that fixes issues


Time also costs more money


You really didn't understand lmao


I dont think you understood. Time for dev is not free. To fix anything in a game takes money. And the solution is not always time. Many games showed us that you can take all the time in the world and still come out with a shit game.


I do think it’s kind of pathetic to use positive lines from the reviews in the advertising and not link the actual reviews to see that most of it is bagging on the performance


The advertisement is supposed to link to the review directly?


That isn't what they said tho. The advertisement did not match reality. Not sure who you're fighting but they're not here in this thread...


Bet most budget went to sheeran.


Who is Ed She ran?


It would be insulting if their customers were better than that. From what I'm reading and hearing, they absolutely aren't. They are tools and litteral NPC's so if nothing happens and this game is accepted, it's not insulting anymore but simply justified on their part.


As an outsider who only played Platinium and B&W, seeing some fans massively defending the game just because it's "fun and playable" is really astonishing. Shit, you paid 50 bucks for this, you deserve better than that. Have some self respect.


I would argue that any game with 50 hours of content and qualifies as "fun and playable" is worth the money. If you don't think it's worth 50, then you can buy secondhand or wait for the next generation. Nobody is forcing you to buy it.


Okay and nobody is forcing you to defend it. We don’t think its worth the money and we have every right in the world to voice our frustrations about that. If you’re okay with a mobile quality game from the largest franchise in the world, go right ahead and play it. We’ll still be here trying to raise the quality to what it should be.


If you don't think it's not worth the money, then just don't buy it, and there's nothing to complain about. If Ferrari or BMW or Mercedez released a new 200K USD model that had technical issues that you believe is not worth the money, you would just move on and look at other vehicles. Games are also a luxury, and there are just as many options as vehicles.


Dude, I want to play **Pokemon**, I don’t want to play Tem Tem, I don’t want to play dragon quest, and I don’t want to play final fantasy. Yes, they are similar replacements, but they are not Pokémon. So no, I don’t just want to play something else, I want to play the franchise I’ve been playing for ten years and I want to have fun doing it.


Thank you, so based what you said as a fan of the series since 1999


Let me explain why we complain : It's like going to the restaurant, they serve you spoiled meat, you obviously leave without eating and paying. But when you go home and tell everyone to not go this restaurant because it's shit, people who actually ate the spoiled meat start telling you that you shouldn't complain because you didn't pay.


You deserve better from your games.


If whether the meat was spoiled or not is an entirely subjective judgment, then yes, it would be both a sin and a crime to leave without pay. And it would also be a poor display of your judgment if all of this information about the restaurant is available before your purchase.


Wow, what a terrible and naive mindset. I genuinely hope you’re just being argumentative and don’t actually think like that. Such a sad way to look at things as a consumer. Have some self respect.


No, naive is the mindset of someone who believes his satisfaction level of a game is shared universally.


Dissatisfaction does not have to be shared universally to be valid. Where have I said otherwise? You’re the one parading around telling people what opinions they can and cannot express.


Nope. Never told anyone what what they can or cannot express. But this question coming from someone telling others to have self-respect is rather ironic, isn't it?


> If you don’t think it’s not worth the money, then just don’t buy it, and there’s nothing to complain about. LMAO


Could you not force your opinion on this person?


I mean, Pokemon is just the richest media-franchise in the World, they probably tried their best to give players the best experience possible with this broken PS2 game probably done in less than a year, right ? Rince&repeat in 2023, put two games in it if we can, and we can. The fact that people are not understanding what the problem is, that is, not the least amount of respect for them anywhere to be seen in this product, is astoundishing and as depressing as it can get. Defending them, even. Insulting ? Yes it is, there is probably nothing more insulting than this in the whole game industry. But you bought it.


I think you’re underestimating the effect of advertisement. The deal with ads is all sorts of media and products are fighting for your attention. Popular brands and such can’t just stop advertising think “oh we’re at the top already” because guess what, something else will grab consumer attention. Advertising is an arms race. We widely recognize a brand precisely because it spends a lot on advertising.


When have you ever seen a Rolls Royce or Rolex commercial/advertisement unless on their own storefront. Let that sink in. Things with inherent value, don't need the promotional advertising, word of mouth provides plenty of sustainability. Edit: For relevance, I said this because Pokemon is over 25yrs old and is the largest grossing franchise to exist to my knowledge.


Rolls Royce and a Rolex are luxury items. Their target audience aren’t ones watching weeknight drama on TV. The Pokémon brand is known worldwide yes but a new game release isn’t as local newsworthy as say new iPhone release or a new Taylor Swift album. People in this sub may not need billboards to tell us SV exists but not everybody follows gaming subs.


I mean at least we're getting more or less what's being advertised. Certain CoD games have been straight bait and switches.


You should know that most media have marketing as the biggest portion of their budget. It’s pretty normal and makes sense considering you need basically the entire world to know about your thing


Honestly, it's a pretty great game but I can't agree with you more. I'm a couple hours in, and sometimes I'm like oh it's great and then I'll see someone walking and it's like ahh yes much movement. Those sunflora..... How can you not fix that.




Quick note: it’s the most profitable **media franchise** in history.


Literally the largest selling franchise in the world, even surpassing Super Mario, and it looks and performs worse than Indy games from 10 years ago. This children is why I will always advocate piracy


at the end of the day game, freak is "small" in terms of actual core development staff. Regardless of their success, they have chosen to keep their team smaller than most other large development companies. In all ways, except through marketing, they are technically an "indie developer" compared to others. they definitely have the money and resources to expand but for whatever reason they are choosing not to. Despite this, Nintendo and the Pokémon company are pushing them to release a finished product multiple times a year, and there is only so much they can do if the standard of development keeps getting raised more and more. sword and shield had the largest staff so far but most of that was just a localization people. All of the actual modeling and core development is done in-house since creatures inc no longer does half of it for them (they modeled for the stadium and orre games im p sure)


It is an explanation, but no excuses, when you see Zelda team, xenoblade team, and other teams working on switch game, working hard to give us the best games they can do


they have bigger teams, they are core nintendo devs. gamefreak is not nintendo.


Because they decided to stay small, it is still no excuses


If you know they decided to stay small, and they are pushed to release games according to a certain schedule, why do you hold them to the standard of series that can comfortably drop a new entry every 3-5 years (possibly one entry per hardware generation)?


When you decide to stay small, you think the scope of your game according to. Game freaks is a share holder of the pokémon company, and according to interviews, they know what they are doing with their games . I am personally done defending Devs who don't care about their fans


THIS THIS THIS ! they definitly know what the FUCK they are doing !


if they produced games befitting of their actual development size, then the people like you would probably say "they are the highest grossing media franchise. They should be able to produce a bigger game then this". They're not going to please anybody, so why even bother trying when they can just keep making money? You could let your wallet do the talking and stop playing the games.


That's pretty much why I emulate the switch on my pc, thanks for pointing that out. I am not paying 60 bucks for unfinished games that look like PSX games


Keeping your staff small when you have such a big game to develop is honestly abusive to your employees


So name the individual(s) that should be held responsible because y'all sound ridiculous How can 99% of the company be abused but it's still "Gamefreaks fault" They ARE Gamefreak


I didn’t say it’s “Game Freak’s fault.” I didn’t say that it’s 99% of the company that’s being abused. You’re asking me to defend arguments I didn’t make.


If you read what I said and took it personally idk what to tell you bud


I’m not taking it personally? I’m just pointing out that I didn't make the arguments you’re asking me to answer for


“there’s only so much they can do” like maybe hire more staff


at this point i need to believe there's a reason they aren't, they are adults in a very success oriented not only industry but culture as well, im sure they have a reason


That reason is money. And also adoring fans who will buy their games and defend them to the death no matter what.


Your the reason. They know no matter what people will buy and defend these games to the death. They know that people will give whatever reason to justify what shit they put out. So going by your examples. They can't put out a good game because their team is small. - > put out shit game. - > people buy and defend - > endless money in the bank - > no need to expand team - > rinse and repeat. You can't make this shit up. I love it.


Yeah but pokemon go netted 6 billion in profits. Thats no excuse, they have the option to hire more people than alot of triple A studios


Hopefully after this shitshow they expand staff


Imagine getting undercooked meat at a restaurant and the chef tells you "hey sorry about that, I overwork my employees and even though I have billions of dollars at my disposal I choose not to hire more people just cause"


ill keep it in mind next time i eat a switch cartridge to check that it's been cooked first


Sadly, hiring a new chef will not change anything about the meat being undercooked


The games are just another form of advertising; just another way to make fans spend money on other products. As long as fans keep buying not just games, but other merchandise tpc will continue to give out low quality games.


The features they are adding are significant steps forward, you can play with your friends and get stuff in their worlds now. But like hurry up and make an sensational pokemon game already, it's been 30 years. The future looked so bright 2005-2012.


Hello guys sorry for my bad english


The funniest part is that it could all be justified if they made Missingno. canon.


Was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the Ed Sheeran video.


I still enjoy the game but the advertising is a little much.


Honestly graphics are better than before, and although it's not as good as it could have been, I feel the playthrough is just so worth it. They can pay for advertising if they want, the game is still good.


Really, the games would be excellent if game freak patches this shit out. God, I hope they do. But I truly can't say for certain.


Stop buying their games then. They cut costs because they expect you to buy in based on your nostalgia addiction. Show them you demand better from them.


this needs to be pokémon's ticketmaster moment down with GF


Yeah that’s why I’m not buying it


Bro the game is evolving. If you're constantly comparing it to older generations on the expectations of those games, you're gonna be disappointed because it's not even anything like much of those games. It's new. Play it or don't, for the love of God.


You are on shit if you think the preduction vaule was cheap Ffs go cry to your mother you spoiled brat


I could boot up genshin impact on my phone right now and it would look and run better. Im genuinely blown away how bad it looks. Super Mario sunshine looks better.


They could just say hay we have new game plz play and I would probably buy it


The PV with Ed Sheran in the Switch news... would be funny if he played Pokemon and was disappointed as well.


"It is so insulting that a video game company advertised their new video game heavily in order to sell it to a wide audience." That is quite literally the standard practice for any video game company. It is how you sell games. Just because you didn't like the game doesn't mean it's insulting that they advertised said game heavily. Do you realize how fucking stupid you sound lmao


I find your level of comprehension to be funny.