Perfect way to describe it actually. It's every dumb dopamine stimulus in hip hop form, but it's executed to perfection. Every *slat*, every Pierre beat drop is like another hit, until your brain gets so used to it that no other type of music will do. That's when you truly die lit. Fuck I need to go to sleep


"Thats when you truly die lit" That was the most poetic thing I've seen on a hiphop subreddit. Nice job.


nah fr


Carti has no bars but his music is too lit


he has bars, he just chooses to make flex music because he found his lane you can listen to his old songs he definitely makes some good hip hop


facts. i forgot ab his old shit and was listening and it was fucking w me bc i was like damn this nigga really cant be writing this shit down saying its tough. like i knew people said he was making hype music but i thought he just thought he was like spitting. listen to his old shit and its obvious he can be lyrical but makes way better and catchier, popular music with his current formula which is unique to me and also what makes him my favorite rapper, and this is from a kendrick stan who now has kendrick #2 on my top 5 lmao


Yea people have trouble understanding there are different kinds of hip-hop and rap, just because it's not lyrical does not mean its shit music. The most important thing to me in music is vibe, if a song creates a unique atmosphere, makes me feel a certain way then that to me is a good song. I don't care if its one word repeated over and over, or the greatest lyricism ever. If it makes me feel a way I like to feel then I fuck with it


This is highest rating they've ever given a mumble rap tape. Only other tapes that ranked as high were Barter 6 and DS2 (both 8.4) Carti might actually be worst lyricist in the rap game, yet scoring highest ratings in the game. Truly genius.


my thoughts exactly. i remember back in 8th grade when ds2 came out that shit was just as lit too damn lmao