I’m so, so glad that I bought my 1080 when I did. Prices like this would put me out of the market. Now if memory prices could get under control so I don’t have to pay insane prices for RAM and an SSD Is be ready to upgrade my system.


I've been sat at 8gb of ram for a year now and I'm almost hitting 100% like all the time. When I got my stick it was like 55$. The same stick is about 120$ on amazon.


When I built my computer like a year and a half or two years ago I got kingston hyper x fury ram in a 16gb kit for like $100 an equivalent kit is pushing like 200. It's sad


I created a wishlist on a website with the parts for a new PC I wanted to build, but figured the prices were too high and had to come down at some point. The original total price was ~€1700. I just checked and it's now risen to ~€1950. This is over a period of about three months. RAM and the GPU are the biggest contributers and unfortunately also the parts most in need of an upgrade :(


I got Corsair Vengeance 8x2gb ram for my old Macbook pro 3 years ago for$110 from Best Buy


How did you fit 8 2gb sticks into your Macbook?


He had to buy an 8 port USB hub, but then they all plugged in and he has more gigabytes.


He downloaded them.


2x8GB is probbaly what they meant.


dongle for that


Wait, so you’re telling me just stuffing the ram sticks into all the empty spaces I can find is not the correct way to do it? 😱


He cut 8 holes and jammed them in, and the value of the MacBook remained the same


Ddr3? I can hook you up with someone you need


What do you have? I have Corsair Vengeance RAM. (The sticks are blue), its DDR3. But I would have to check what speed it is running at. I assume if your RAM and my RAM have different clock speeds it would just underclock the one so that they match?




Conversely, I’ve never encountered a computer where this works. YMMV.


I always mixed banks and it would default to the slower speed. I've only ever used AMD thought so I have no idea how Intel behaves in that scenario.


Same for Intel. My i5 build has 2x8gb 2133 and 2x4gb 1600. I'm not sure about all motherboards, but none that I have had let you set 2 different speeds so it defaults to 1600


I have this working on mine right now. I have 16GB(8+8) 1866MHz on one channel and 8G(4+4) 1600Mhz on the other.


Pics? I’m not saying you’re lying I’ve just never heard of anyone running multiple RAM speeds properly. Is it the BIOS or the OS that reads those values? I’ve seen sticks register as running at different speeds in BIOS but once in an OS they always get slowed to the speed of the slowest stick. The way RAM works makes it fairly impractical to run different bits at different speeds from what I recall.


I tried to do that and my PC wouldn't even stay on. So I just took the old ones out and sold them.


Yep, you're right, my bad, i just checked and the bios reports the correct speeds, but on windows they both read 1600Mhz. I guess i never checked on windows.


I remember the micro center near me had a sale on ram many years ago. A *SALE* for *RAM* I bought a 16gb kit of ddr3 for like 60 smackers. what's even sillier is that when I originally built my first PC, I bought a 2x4gb kit for like 65$. Then I bought double the ram for cheaper.


>Then I bought double the ram for cheaper. Amateur. doubelyourram.com


Sell the RAM you have now and use the money to contribute to new ram.


When I built my computer a little over two years ago I kitted out with 16 GB of DDR4 for a little over $50. I miss the good old days..... *sniff


When I build my computer, I paid like $300 for 20MB of hard drive space. Granted, this was back in the 80s, but my point still stands: shit’s expensive


Buys cryptocurrency in order to afford spiking ram prices. **taps forehead**


What do you do that you hit 100%? The only game that did this was Pubg just after release, but it was fixed quickly.


I ran a tekkit server. game used 4 gbs, server used 3, 1gb left for system applications. I think I had like 50mb free if I was JUST running those 2 applications.




Yeah they don't seem that different to me. Bought a 256GB 850 Evo for $80 over the holidays. I don't remember them being much cheaper before


I literally built my pc and bought my graphics card like a week before prices started going up.


Same here, built my rig last year in the summer. Still, I really **REALLY** want cryptocurrencies to crash and burn like Blemflarcks did.


BitCoin is open source, just change the 1 to a 0 and push to the repository! Job done!


Ah yes, all we need is level 9 access.


\*hacker voice\* "I'm in"


Im out here trying to get a 1080ti


Glhf, lmao


Thanks, debating whether to build a pc or get an iphone x and so many things wanting me to do one or the other


I vote for PC.


what phone are you upgrading from?


Pc every time. Try nowinstock.net and sign up for text alerts. They're still (mostly) reaaonably priced if you can get one off newegg or Amazon.


I bought my 980ti for 500$ on sale...I just looked at getting a 1080ti yesterday and I cried a little bit.


I bought mine on a whim when they first came out..... thank god. They're far beyond what I would ever budget for entertainment now :( It's been a long time since I've seen older hardware get more expensive while still being manufactured. I think its time for AMD and Nvidia to make a miner only card and find a way to screw with miners on a gaming line so they cant use it. Otherwise they're going to find themselves without an audience when the bubble bursts... these prices are beyond insane.


Same got my 1080 FTW for 600, now listed on Amazon for $1500 brand new.


I am also glad I did along with the 64GB of ram.


Same, bought two GTX 1080s. First when they launched, second about a year later just before GPU prices started skyrocketing. Now my problem is RAM. I want to do a Threadripper 1950x build this year w/ 32GB of RAM (I've run out using 16GB) and it's super fucking expensive.


Tell me about it. I got my 1080ti late in the summer for MSRP. I remember reading at the time it was a "bad" time to upgrade or build a PC because new processors were around the corner and all that. I just checked the going price of the same card at Newegg and it's $1500. Fucking insane. Seems like I got in right at the last minute.


We have the same PC specs, yay.


Just to put this in perspective, after the recent ‘crash’ most crypto’s are still between 900-1100% above their value when the whole mining fad started over a year ago.


It's been going on way longer than a year.


I'm fairly sure he was talking about it being a fad/ mainstream since a year not starting a year ago.


Apart from the Bitcoin rush several years ago, there has only been supply problems due to mining since spring 2017.


Yeah but when you have desperate people arriving late and buying in at 15, 16, even 19 THOUSAND dollars per coin, thats just insanity. Those people lost big and they kind of deserve it for not doing basic research.


It’s ‘buy high, sell low’, right?


They only lost if they sold what they bought after the crash.


That doesn't change the fact that a "currency" losing nearly 25% of it's value in 24 hours is still a crash.


I appreciate that you put that in quotes :-)




I want gtx 1050ti but even that shit has higher msrp than when it was released


I saw it on Amazon yesterday for $300. I bought mine for $160.


Jeez I got my 1060 for around $280 about 6 months ago


It is higher price now than the 1060's MSRP. It's not even due to mining, it's just because retailers know you can't afford a 1060 so they may as well just raise the 1050ti price to match. Why have a $200 gap between the low and mid when they can just charge more for low end.


true to that


I have no trouble finding a 1060. The 3gb version...


It's not about finding it's about affording.


Now for under 200 where?


I bought the HP gaming desktop that Walmart had for Black Friday sometime after Christmas for $400. It comes with the 1060 3gb. I looked it up the other day and the card alone is selling for $400. It's ridiculous.


at my local microcenter i know most of the sales people and management there and they are taking names of customers they trust that aren't miners and holding GPU's for them when they get them in and when all the miners show up at open on truck days they just tell them sorry we do not have any i just got my 1080TI 4 days ago and only had to wait 2 days for one to come in!


You forgot some punctuation man


I got ya covered: .,?!’”:; That oughta do it.




Microcenter is the fucking MVP


Yeah but how much a fee e they charging for them. Even MSRP has risen because of the demand.


That's not how MSRP works. The MSRP hasn't changed, just the average price of them.


Microcenter is selling 1080Ti FTW3 for $800. SC2 is $750 I think.


Isn't this illegal? I can't imagine any other industry where this would be tolerated.


I just hope cryptocurrency bites the bullet fast rather than slowly falling apart like it is doing now, because I need a new GPU.


You know The worst part?? My dad invested some money in cloud mining. Fuck me right??


Cloud mining is a scam. Tell him to be careful.


Cloud mining is fine as long as you know the difference between an investment and a crap shoot.


Dude, cloud miners use ASIC machines that are the size of a tower stuffed in server racks. Depending on when he got in, it's probably a decent gig!


There are many reasons people believe cloud mining is basically a ponzi scheme. You could be be paying into hardware that doesn't exist and the profits you make are faked and paid out to you by other users of the service. Referral bonuses entice users to get others to sign up to keep the process going.


Turns out that's what BitConnect was. They closed doors today.


Ponzi schemes are great as long as you get in early and get out before it collapses! Easy money!


I thought they are standard GPU mining rigs... but good to know


If he bought into a cloud mining service that uses GPU, he got scammed. Hope he didn't. Should check into it. If it is a GPU clound, tell him that he's got to put that monthly/annual cash into coinbase.com and buy actual bitcoin. It might be .000014 bitcoin, but the returns are going to be greater. Every 10 minutes the blockchain that the bitcoin "equation" if you will, get harder and harder. I have 2 miners that are equivalent to about 80 GPUs and it's not worth it anymore for me. Price per consumption vs how many bitcoin are found these days it trash. Could put a few bucks back in pops wallet


Not necessarily a scam. They could be mining something like Ethereum or Zcash. Edit: capitalization, "ZCash" --> "Zcash"


If you have two mining setups equalling 80 gpu's then you should hopefully have switched to mining other coins.... There is still a fortune to be made from mining.


I think he means BitCoin ASICs. Mining BitCoin on a GPU is really bad, so I'd buy it that his BitCoin ASIC is about the equivalent of 40 GPUs mining BitCoin. Unfortunately you can't just point your ASIC at a different coin and have it be as effecient as 40 GPUs. It just doesn't work like that.


That's assuming that they are using bitcoin, it could be something newer like Ethereum which is still profitable with GPUs. Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are kind of why these GPUs are so expensive in the first place currently.




This. Until Proof of Stake is the norm, mining is going to be a huge demand.


Crypto is also disastrously bad for the environment.


Proof of Work is also disastrously bad for the environment. It doesn't have to be that way. Proof of Stake is far more efficient and can run full nodes on Raspberry Pis https://imgur.com/4i467dS.png


Is this crypto thing only going on in the states? Because GPU prices haven't changed here. In fact they are lower than when I first bought my 1070 about a year and a half ago.


Well I’m not in the states but in Europe but prices recently went up even for gtx 1050ti


Realy. I checked german amazon (closest to my country) and they are the same as about a year ago


In Latvia we have different prices. My supplier (work in IT retail) has problems even getting gtx 1070)


Ouch. In Slovenia you can still get pretty much every availible gpu. Well 1070s are a bit harder to get but they are the most popular gpus here


This is the pricegraph for a [Asus ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI](https://ic.tweakimg.net/ext/i/?ProduktID=741447&deliveryCountry=NL) Looks like we only got a very slight increase through 2017. Could be that we pay a higher price anyway so...


The GTX 1060 is now about 50-150 euros more expensive in The Netherlands than when it first released. Average price is around 350 euros.




The biggest problem I have with it... People who know nothing about technology as a whole trying to explain it to me while I've known about it for a while now


This is literally every non-tech savvy person I meet. I wouldn't be surprised if people were to start bringing up crypto currency just to pick up a date because it'll make them sound smarter. "You heard about bit coin? It went up a lot recently, just like my heart beat when I saw you"


This is good for Bitcoin.


I can't believe I managed to snag my RGB 1080 from Jet/Newegg for only $450 last May.


You can probably sell it for 700$ and for profit ;D


You mean 1000?


Sorry, yeah.


It's me you, I want to sell that gpu


I just landed a 1070ti for $460 about a week ago.


With how huge this current cryptomining boom has been, I'd also recommend never buying any of the current series of GPUs used. Ever. If you can't afford a new card wait for the next generation.


Wait why? Does crypto mining really fuck a gpu that badly?


How often do you use your gpu? 2,3,4 hours p/day? Cryptominers use them 24/7 at 100% load. It's not a safe 2nd hand deal imo


I think you underestimate how often PCMR plays games in our mum's basements.


Not even games, I leave my computer on basically 24/7, although it's rarely ever at 50% load let alone 100%


Powercycling and frequent changes in temperature are much worse on computer parts than a constant load and temperature (assuming that constant temp is within reasonable boundaries, which it should be since GPUs self-regulate by throttling if cooling is insufficient). Turning your PC on and off causes a voltage spike on all components each time. Letting the card heat up from gaming and cool down during desktop use or after poweroff causes thermal expansion and contraction which results in physical wear. A used gaming card is probably more likely to fail early than a card used in mining. The only thing suffering from high load would be the fan, which is cheap to replace. In addition to that, miners are likely to undervolt their cards to increase efficiency and thereby profits. Gamers are more likely to overclock (and if necessary overvolt) to increase framerates at the cost of efficiency. No sane miner would ever overvolt their cards unless they get their electricity for free. Experienced miners are also more likely to make sure the cards are optimally cooled to avoid throttling and allow greater undervolting. Gamers are more likely to choke their cards in closed cases with insufficient cooling.


What 2-4 hours is pretty standard, not pcmasterrace standard.


I bought an R9 280X that was an ex-mining card over 3 years ago for my initial gaming build. The VRAM was shot to the point where it if it went over 70-75C, my screen would become nothing but bars and required a reboot.. The fans also died out after I used it for ~2 years. I know it seems pretty tame compared to what others have said, but YMMV.


I bought the same card at about the same time, and it's still going for me. Depends on the miner, I guess. The new smart move is to underclock / undervolt to save power, but in the past it was to get max OC for max calculations per second. In that case, you only need to swap the fans out if they die; the components of the card itself should last 10+ years even with constant use. And swappable fans are becoming increasingly common. I'm worried because in 2017 my card developed coil whine for the first time in its life. Only a matter of time before my card dies, and 1060/580 is up to $400+ now, and climbing. Hell the price of the RX 580 has gone up by $150 in the past *two weeks*. Even "broken for parts" mid range GPUs are going for more than their MSRP, $200+ on eBay.


That issue was widespread in several versions of the 280X. The VRAM overheats because the voltage is higher than what it was rated for and most heatsink designs don't cool it. It can be improved, or in some cases entirely eliminated, by adding thermal pads to the VRAM. The [ASUS R9 280X DCU II TOP](https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?43057-R9-280x-DirectCU-II-Top-Artifacts!!) was the worst offender; I bought mine brand new and had artifacts out of the box, and 2 warranty replacements had the same issue. Doesn't seem to affect mining, though. Yours might have been like that out of the box too; the miner would never have known there was a problem unless they'd tried gaming on it.


I honestly never knew about that. Thanks for the TIL!


I wouldn't take it as gospel, but based on [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44JqNJq-PC0) (as well as a general understanding of electronics), I'd say damage is negligible. Probably would want to check/reflash BIOS though.




No, as long as you don't overclock and watch temps. Usually it's not profitable to overclock a GPU because of electricity costs, so mining GPUs should be fine.


they usually undervolt them even to save more power. the only thing that might have some slight problems would be the fans, but I never had a fan crap out on me ....


Yes, and don't listen to the salty cryptocurrency people that say otherwise. Usually mining GPUs will have custom BIOSes flashed so that they can over/undervolt the cards beyond what's normally allowed in order to either a) increase performance, or b) decrease power usage (so it's cheaper to run). In either case, they're still running it at 100%, 24/7, on a custom BIOS - which is a pretty easy way to end up having a card that'll croak soon, or a card that's already failing (infrequently).


I have a two year old R9 390 that has been mining consistently for its entire life and I still play games on it with no troubles.


I realised last night my GPU might need upgrading, after looking around it’s fine as it is for the moment


Same here! For my home computer which is getting more and more used for work I wanted to upgrade my RX480 8gb which I bought just right before it went up a lot. Looking at the prices it's suddenly fine and I have nothing to complain about anymore.


I literally just put my gpu up for sale, so I'm not super stoked :/


how can you just so calmly admit that you condemned her to work in the mines?


Maybe if her fan wasn't so goddamn loud, I would feel bad. She brought this on herself.


Fan replacement is an easy fix my friend. I've replaced fans in BOTH of my 7970s. $15 per set was an easy buy when the cards are worth $150 used, over $400 brand new.


Vegas are going for 700 used and 2000 new




That is fucking ridiculous.


most miners treat their cards really well. Id trust a card from a miner more than your avg high school gamer.




I'm just jealous and want everyone to be broke. Also, I favor a sandwich heavy portfolio.


I advise against a sandwhich heavy portfolio. They're good, but you need to diversify. Get some tacos, steak and spicy chicken wings to fill out your portfolio.


Same here. I couldn't stand their smug faces when they said how much they made, now their trader shut down and they can't sell, so I have the smug face now.


Which trader shut down? If you mean bitconnect that was a well known scam.


I brought a turkey sandwich for lunch today. Can I interest you in a share?


MRW the top post of r/cryptocurrencys is a suicide hotline number post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa_hIvM7AiY


With the amount of new, delusional and stupid investors that came in the last weeks it's not a long shot unfortunately


I bought my asus 1080ti back in late November for about $760. Yea it was pricey at the time but I’m glad I did cause I can’t find one cheaper then $1300 now


So why is crypocurrency drive all these parts up?


Because miners buy a massive quantity of them, far more then an average consumer would which in turn makes the demand higher then the supply so the price goes up. Nvidia and AMD literally can't keep up with the demand on newer gen cards due to shitcoin miners.


Theres also the part where AMD and Nvidia arent very eager to match demand since that would be a long term investment, and the crypto bubble can burst anytime, and then they're stuck with thousands of GPUs that they overproduced


That is also true, it's a double edged sword.


FINALLY, thank you! I was just about to write that but decided to scroll down a bit more.


Manufacturing didn't keep up with the growing demand for GPUs, now the prices went up because of demand.


Back in the housing crash many were filling the toilets and drains of their foreclosed homes with concrete. Everyone going into the used GPU market should be very careful in the next coming weeks/months.




I never said it's the end, I just know that people who radically invest in things they (more often than not) can't afford tend to react poorly to sudden shifts in the status quo.


I feel like you'd be much more angry if your house was foreclosed than if your gpu is now useless to you and you're just trying to sell it back to someone else.


That wasn't the end of homes then, either. Also, you (I believe correctly) point out that anybody selling their GPU right now is either doing so irrationally or out of desperation, so I'm not sure how much I'd trust that person to take good care of a very fragile item.


> they don't need a loan or a mortgage Have you seen the prices of 1080 ti's or vega's?




So far that's just propped up other copycat coins.


When Nvidia 11 series is released in a couple months you will have a couple days to make a purchase before they sell out




PoW (proof of work) cryptos are outdated anyways. New generation of cryptos don't need miners. You could also invest in crypto now and buy a sick rig in a few months?




I think it'll still be fun for a while. It's healthy some shitcoins died. Some great projects will explode this year.


Im still holding onto my gtx 960 cuz... It's all I've got. I want to upgrade from my 8 years old pc onto an 8600k but my gpu will have to wait. At least im going to stutter a whole lot less in more CPU intensive games and ill be able to profit 100% from my GPU, which im sure im not atm with an i7 930 OCed to 3.1


Eventually this is going to start hurting the pc gaming industry as a whole. People are going to start buying consoles because they could buy 3 xbox one x's for the price of a video card.


Crypto tends to crash every January... the short of it is, whether it’s a “scam” or not, we have a ways (years imo) before this phenomenon of new coins popping up and people mining them, goes away. In the meantime, ETH and BTC will continue to grow, a few others will break out to 1000%+ ROIs... but we are barely into this phenomenon and I think we’re at least a decade or so from the endgame (a single, global currency to replace paper/country specific money).


THIS. fuck these speculative part time traders trying to get in on the bottom of a pyramid. I want to upgrade to a 1070


Im doing crypto but im just doing dumpsterdiving not buying new cards... Amazing what things companies just throw out I agree tho that the mining has gone out of hand


I want it to go back up. I have some doge that wasn't worth shit. It went up to $650. Afraid to look now but I know it is 400 or less. After Chinese New Year it should rebound. If it gets up to enough I can afford to buy a new card at the higher price. Then it can collapse lol.


Amen brother, you're not the only one.


A crash in the market will only make smart people mine more. The price will go up eventually and they'll have even more money


How? What would the advantage be in mining a less valuable coin vs a more valuable one. The hardware/electricity/effort is the same either way. The product is just worth less on one scenario.


The ROI can be higher on less valuable coins. Let's say you invest $100 in Bitcoin when it's worth $10k and $100 in Litecoin when it's worth $100 and both coins rise $100 in value. Your Bitcoin is now worth $101 and your Litecoin is now worth $200. It goes the other way around, though. You can lose more that way. Smart investing means putting a little bit into a lot of different things (not *just* crypto) to stabilize your assets and keep your finger on the pulse of the market at large. Buy low, sell high, learn to anticipate dips, sweat bullets when you didn't, learn to anticipate spikes, jizz your jeans when you didn't, rinse, repeat.


You mine more coins per KwH the less other people are mining




i hope too


I havent been in the market for graphics cards for years but could someone give me some numbers of the changes mining has had? How much did they go up in price for you? When I search on a local site and the changes for it there a 1080ti was 950 eur at launch and currently about 800, i never see any price increase. I do understand long shipping times though but please, can someone explain? I do not live in usa btw.


Well for example gtx 1050ti recently got its price up by 10-30€ (depending on model). As for gtx 1060; 1070; 1080; and 1080ti prices are above what they were when launched and recently even unknown brand companies had their went up. I’m looking at gtx 1050ti exactly cause of my hp oem pc cause I hoped that exact that model won’t be touched but I was wrong


Not all crypto are the same. Some don't require mining and they'll win.


Holy shit... I built a new rig in April and the 16GB of RAM & GTX 1070 have both doubled in price since then...


The issue is even if crypto currency mining collapses, which I doubt. There is other markets that will be using block chain.


mining "proof of work" or "pay per last share" GPU/ASIC mining is a short term issue. Bitcoin is near the top of the total supply. 17 million out of 21 million total to exist. Other cryptos like zcash and bytecoin are all going to fail when bitcoin has reached the end of circulation. Without bitcoin, the profit margins are null for the power consumption.


> Bitcoin is near the top of the total supply. You clearly don't know how the distribution of Bitcoin works, we may be at 17/21mil, every 15k or so blocks, the block reward halves, it will probably still take until 2080 or later until the last bitcoin is mined.


At -3 currently while being completely correct and really basic knowledge. Electricity consumption does not depend on coins left to be mined, nor is the amount left anything other than arbitrary. It's nowhere near the top.


What exactly?