How are the temps in your case ? you have good and many fans but i know this case and its not the best with airflow flow. Did you do the "drill the holes bigger" modding with the case ? I like the design and the small form factor of it for an atx case but the airflow is yeah.... Congrats to your new card of course ! Fits literally realy well.\^\^


*I've* never had cooling issues with it. but I also have a mini itx board that leaves a lot of back holes open for flow. Also, there's a fan where I can fit one to force air through it lol. I never realized how bad the case was until I saw GamerNexus's video on it, *after* having it for a year.


I mean bad is relative the case looks cool its so small for a ATX one. The finish yeah the inside can cut you lol but its fine. Its a few years back a friend had a Vega 56 in this case with the standard fans. It worked and it was in specs but realy zero room for any watt more lol. And the case got a bit warm even on the outside. Guess 50c air inside. I mean i killed a mainboard with a streacom da2 and a 2080 ti. The card was fine but yeah the mainboard temps.....i mean i had warranty got a new one. But yeah there are worse cases/cases lol but i learned much about what mainboards are designed to handle. And how acapacitor look if its cooked lol


Enjoy, the 6800xt is a 1440p beast!


Be quiet cooler with noctua fans chaotic evil


The Be Quiet! fans kinda sucked ngl. At least the cooler came with larger braces for fatter fans


Still rocking with my 1070 :/


Enjoy king


Nice. 6800xt is a great card! Also I think I see some gpu sag so you might wanna fix that.


I have a 6800xt, amazing GPU, I couldn't be happier, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do