Ethnic map of Afghanistan & Pakistan

Ethnic map of Afghanistan & Pakistan


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Seraiki areas are marked as Punjabis, but the "Percentage of Total Population" doesn't count Seraikis as Punjabis. If they were included, the Punjabi population would jump to 56%. Afghanistan's ethnic distribution is very non-contiguous. Any reason for that?


Abdur Rahman Khan genocided the Hazaras and colonized other non Pasthu speaking areas of Afghanistan. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashtun_colonization_of_northern_Afghanistan


What a piece of shit. No wonder Hazaras hate Pashtuns and praise the boy who killed an Afghan king Nader Khan.


Tbf Hazara are a Mongol people who are descendants of soldiers left behind by Genghis Khan. The Pashtuns associate them with the large scale killings when the Mongols invaded Kabul, Kandahar, Jalandhar, etc. The word Hazara comes from the Persian word thousands referring to military units of the time consisting of 1000 members. These old tribal and ethnic loyalties are so counterproductive and breed irredentism in the entire region. Unfortunately it will take a while before we move past them.


i mean if your looking for justifications to hate a certain groups than the mongol invasions and hazara betrayals of the pashtuns in the anglo-afghan wars exist too.


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The Hazara region in KPK and tje Pahari region in AJK should also be marked as Punjabis.


not entirely,There are alot of pashtun and kohistani settlements there aswell.


That's not surprising for Asia, Unlike Europeans we did not kill people just for speaking different Languages here. Even today we have people who speak different languages live side by side in India and in Pakistan as well, religion was much more important factor for differentiation than Ethnic/Linguistic background until recently. My own family members used to live in Karachi before Indipendence and there is no family legends of Discrimination or Violance as fas as I know.


Let's add those tiny baloch areas to Pakistan and reunite them with their brothers.


How about we take care of the Baloch areas we have now, that have always been plagued with insurgency, before invading another country?


the thing is the afghan govt never truly accepted the Durand Line so we can just smudge the border line XD


The only way to permenantly resolve the Durand Line issue is to annex the Pasthun parts of Afghanistan and absorb them into Pakistan in the long term. We already have 3 times the Pasthun population.


Then you will have problems,This map undermines the Pashtun enclaves in northern afghanistan,What are you going to do about it?And what about kabul?The city is nearly divided between tajiks and Pashtuns and the outskirt districts like paghman are entirely pashtun so you would be completely circling around cities like kabul and herat which is going to create issues.


I am not talking about Pasthun enclaves of the north or the west but core Pasthun regions in the south and the east. Just like partition of the Subcontinent was a messy affair, this would be too. And I don't say this lightly but I say this because the long term viability of Afghanistan as a united country is in serious danger because the Taliban are a Pasthun majority movement that is already disenfranchising other ethnic groups who will call for separation.. if not sooner then later.. resulting in significant political upheaval, maybe civil war.. and that's going to effect us for sure.. we need to have a plan to deal with it if it happens.


I doubt it will result in a civil war,The last stance of resistance against taliban was the northern alliance which the taliban ended in under a week when the soviets couldnt do it in years.Taliban already appeased alot to the other ethnic groups and are likely on neutral terms with them,That's why places like northern and western afghanistan fell faster than eastern afghanistan and urban centers like kandahar.