Prisons are archaic responses to undesirable human behavior anyways. We've learned a lot about ourselves since they were first implemented, perhaps we know a better way now.


have you ever heard of Norways Bastoy Prison island..? its been proven to do excellent at reforming, and has been nothing but a net-benefit for their country.. the problem is, people in so much of the world have developed a \*they did something bad, THEY NEED TO SUFFER FOR IT\*.. it makes meaningful prison reform like Bastoy incredibly difficult..


Look at how badly we treat the disabled, trans, indigenous etc. We're centuries away. Prisoners rights will get consideration last of anyone because people always have the shitty excuse that they did a bad to justify it.


Yeah...I'm pretty sure I got shadow banned today from another sub by suggesting understanding and compassion is shown to be a more effective way of resolving racism than hatred and vilification. I really don't know how to respond to people who seem to want vengeance instead of progress. In many instances, experiencing similar hatred and abuse is what causes people to form the anti-social behaviors and worldviews that lead to criminality and cruelty. But God forbid we treat them any way other than intolerance and hate. I've begun to consider people as less in control of themselves than I was once led to believe, and more products of forces they had no reasonable chance of avoiding. Poverty, abuse, sexual violence, neglect, abandonment, manipulation, betrayal, indifference, ridicule, harrassment, exclusion, mockery, misinformation, propaganda, intimidation, the list of traumas that shape people before they are even adults goes on and on.


Just watch orange is the new black or the better Aussie one, that of course I can’t remember the name of but starts with a W, and you can know all this