I can kind of answer the one about owning land and not using it. I think it was the Victorian era or something like that where owning land just to grow grass was straight up so you could flex on everyone. Basically "I'm so rich that I can just have this whole plot of land that produces nothing while wasting time and money to maintain it".


Yep. This is what it stems from. Now for some stupid reason its taken root (heh) that "all americans need a lawn, no if ands or buts". I don't want to spend 2 hours every weekend of my life pushing a lawn mower. Or have to shell out to have someone else do it. But in most places, the HOA says I gotta have one. And prevent me from letting wildflowers and native plants grow.


Stem, root, shell, you got home turf advantage with all those lawn puns.


I didn't even meant to make my post punny, they just naturally sprout from my fingers :P


You'd make a good Attorney at Lawn


Wow, I didn't know it was that bad. That's just absurd! You'd think that you could at least decide what to grow in your own garden in the "land of the free"🤦


Well I was talking about HOA's preventing 'unmanaged' lawns. I don't think they prevent gardens or flowerbeds, but if I were to just not mow the grass they would be up in arms.


Op was just pointing out that for a non US American, it is incredibly ironic to always hear certain Americans yapping about how they're the only free country in the world, while AFAIK it's the only country in the world where you can't even manage your own private garden like you want. Pretty totalitarian :)


As a Canadian, I’m absolutely baffled at the existence of HOAs. Part of the appeal of a detached house is that you don’t have to put up with the little Hitlers on your condo board. Why you would willingly subject your detached house to a petty fascist fourth level of government while clapping about your freedoms is just beyond me. Half my backyard has been turned into a vegetable garden and I would be furious if someone told me that I couldn’t do that. Like, I’m not doing anything to hurt you, so hippity hoppity, get off my property.


Agreed. One of the most egregious "freedom's" american's lack is the freedom to choose the method of transport. When cities started being built *for* cars, (including the intentional destruction of public transit systems by car companies), people are forced to travel by car, no other mode of transport is viable.


No, as usual here, democracy (HOAs are voted on) ostensibly is there to give people self governance but ,in practice, it takes it away by becoming a way to legitimately obtain permission to concentrate power in fewer hands and remove the need for consensus in favor of majority rule


So tldr on the answers: Classism Racism Oil lobbying Any questions?


Goes back further. It is colonial era. This is the influence of Scottish aristocrats and it took off from there. Americans are clinging to an idea set up by wealthy assholes from before the American state existed.


I knew it started back in the day but that's back before the day started.


Nothings more American then pretending you're the wealthy asshole that can afford to oppress people.


It was especiallu before that when you had to pay people to cut it away, no lawnmovers, they use scythes


> land that produces nothing Simply having space around one's self can be of great benefit. It's far from nothing.


That’s the part I don’t get though… I love being near people, even the ones that are very different from me. I don’t get this obsession with keeping distance between oneself and other humans. So many people are willing to pay a lot of money and spend much time on this pursuit, and I will never understand it. It just seems like excessive living to me.


I think I'm with what NJB has said on this topic. Some folks want some distance, some folks want closeness, that's all cool. The situation in North America is problematic because the folks who want to live denser (which has many, many benefits besides preference) are forced to buy into a system where what they want is zoned out of existence.


Yeah, people like me who are disabled are pissed that my choices are car hell, car hell and car hell (but less so and much more expensive.) Like, surely allowing village development with looser zoning laws isn't un-american.


In all of these discussions I’m realizing that current zoning laws in America are the root of many, many evils. Surely at some point a critical mass of the population is going to realize this and start moving to change those laws, right?


Luckily it's in-process right now. It's just that we've apparently, discovered the "turn me into a NIMBY" button for baby boomers and Gen-Xers (or, really, any sufficiently ignorant homeowner.) So there's organized resistance, which is bullshit on every level but welcome to americaaa~


Okay, but can you comprehend that some people like things that you don't like? And that some people dislike thing you do like?


I sure can. But I’m still going to argue in favor of what I believe is in the best interest of humankind as a whole. In that respect, my opinion is not completely about what I like but also about what I think is objectively speaking, best. And I’m still going to argue that those who choose that life of excessiveness should pay an excessive cost for it.


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Found the original thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/urbanplanning/comments/umv2ib/i\_just\_watched\_this\_video\_from\_not\_just\_bikes\_on/


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Postception ^(Can I get a "Yo Dawg?")


And there’s a non-zero chance the someone along the way sourced a screenshot from instagram or facebook.


> Ah yes, the screenshot of a twitter post with a screenshot of a reddit post cross posted. What is it with people not using [PNG](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Network_Graphics) or [JPEG XL](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG_XL#Features)?


Most people don't know file formats and just let the program do it.


The ouroborossssssssss


I don't understand why slovakian makes fun of usa. Whole country Is car centric as fuck with crumbling public infrastructure.


> If I lived in such a place, I'd just buy a house next to mine and turn it into a tavern or a convenience store or whatever. Is that simply not possible and illegal? Oh sweet child


And what is the answer? Too lazy? Not a possible business model?




As has been said, legality is the main issue. Residential zoning won't allow it and parking minimums would mean you might need to buy 2 lots instead of 1. Also, many suburbs are specifically designed to have cul-de-sacs and circuitous routes that make it hard to navigate. It doesn't make running a shop impossible, but greatly limits the amount of traffic you can get because the locations are so deeply disconnected, even from other parts of the same subdivision.


He lives in such place. I don't understand what he thinks Slovakia is but they have very car centric infrastructure with very suburban cities. He should post it to slovakian subreddit


...I don't want to live here anymore. I knew already, but what reminder


Which is great if you are a very skilled laborer or can work remotely. Is medical asylum a thing? I am rather broken, not particularly skilled and getting older by the minute.


/r/AmerExit and /r/IWantOut


Interestingly, I know of a couple of places that have businessesin suburbs. Really welcoming and successful businesses. Trouble is they're rare.


They're rare because they're not allowed anymore.


I understand. I want zoning to allow more of these businesses.


As we all know, even Commies managed to do it better.


Maybe one could run a speakeasy in all that backyard. Code phrase to get in: mixeduse.


Answer to first question: Yes. Being a kid in the burbs, I could never live there again. It was part of the process of breaking my spirit and turning me into the mess that I am now.


Nah Slovakia fucking sucks


Purely from the walkability standpoint (i.e. excluding other things that suck :D )... it depends on the city. Some are full of parks and you can get away with just walking/ cycling everywhere, using public transport only occasionally. Others... (e.g., Bratislava) are actively trying to achieve the walkability of Dubai.


Bratislava has pretty good public transportation, but maybe bc I'm used to senec