My madden GM would be all over this, young rb with star potential AND has a face scan? Madden franchise legend.


Yeah fr Just end up picking a random rb every year like You will be viewed as the goat rb in the reality of every franchise I do


Remember when /r/fantasyfootball declared him a league winner and he fumbled & got a concussion on the 1st snap


r/fantasyfootball was wrong? Colour me shocked


Never forget Ty'Son Williams hype train


Honestly if you sold Ty'son Williams at the right time he could have been a league winner for you lol. He did look good for those 2 games.


He was for me. I got Ceedee Lamb for him 🤣


Can't wait to see Dameon Pierce put up 400 yards and 2 TDs this season


Dammit, he’s on my bench cause I was hoping he’d start and get points by being a warm body ☹️.


As funny as it is to make fun of past "league winner" players, Dameon Pierce should legitimately be at least very solid this season. He has no competition for the starting running back spot, and opportunity is everything for RBs in fantasy. Having him on your bench is pretty nice


bUt wHaT aBouT tHE sEcoNd hALf?


I feel personally attacked A pierce owner and former tyson owner after spending half of my faab on him …


Nah Pierce is actually a good football player


Them cutting Marlon Mack says it all to me. - Someone on the Pierce Ultralight Hype Train


We on an ultralight Dame We on an ultralight Dame This is a Pierce dream This is a Pierce dream




Pierce is a perfect example of another dumb hype train from that sub though. He’s talented, but he’s an early down back on a bad team that doesn’t have a good line, won’t have good game scripts, and don’t have a ton of TD opportunities. And yet they whole sub is acting like he’s a guaranteed top 10 fantasy RB.


Our line is actually decent but ok go off


Yea what lol let them sleep


Darwin Thompson


He was dope the 1st quarter of the 1st half of Week 1


He won me a Week 1 matchup lol. Immediately got dumped.


I hate that sub so much. I remember how in all the Ty’Son threads people who picked him up were just jerking each other off thinking they were so smart. If anyone expressed even the slightest bit of doubt they would downvote them into oblivion while saying shit like “it looks like we found the guy who missed out on Ty’Son hahaha you’re probably the league taco, better luck next year you fucking loser lolllll.”


it's wallstreetbets but for football (I totally bought trey sermon stock)


STONE HANDS ✋️ (with regards ti inability to catch).




I unfollowed them because taking their advice killed me last year.


There is some gold; but you have to dig. But only follow the hype trains to see how much value you may be able to get trading away those guys.


There’s no gold, it’s all shit takes and getting lucky


Oh 98% of it is. The gold is basically with the guys putting the expert rankings together or creating the draft aids using the expert cheat sheets. There were also some guys who were putting together kicker and d streaming rankings that were out performing the experts; but they all moved off site I believe The takes are all about being that guy who is right on a longshot. Make a wild prediction and when it comes true, look like a genius. The rest are still waiting for the breakout season from Christine Michael


Still riding that high from when I was right about Zac Stacy and was like a 99 percentile scorer in regular leagues on ESPN


Eddie Lacy rookie season, still one of my best FA pickups


Those kicker and D/ST charts always did me right!


That's most of fantasy football though, not just three subreddit.


That's kind of silly. It was good advice. Ty'son Williams was exactly the kind of player that's worth picking up off the waiver wire. Nothing in fantasy is a sure thing but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Ty'Son and Rondale didn't work out, Cordarelle and Elijah Mitchel did. Unless you found some idiot telling you to trade the farm for Ty'Son (which would not have been a popular opinion at all so if you're following that advice that's on you) I don't know that you really have anything to blame them for.


Hey, he helped me take 2nd place last year. Because I ended up with Elijah Mitchell & Jeff Wilson.


I snagged Mitchell eventually and he was great.. but tbh multiple beat reporters were saying Sermon was the lead back during preseason and he had the draft capital backing him. It was a genuine shock to everyone that he was 3rd choice on game day.


Mostert was always the lead back


Ya sorry, my memory failed me there. Mostert got injured first game and every beat reporter was claiming it's Sermon's time since he was the high draft pick guy


The genuine shock came from him not even being active on gameday and the 4th choice. It was Mostert, Mitchell, Hasty week 1 and Sermon was in street clothes.


I remember people on r/fantasyfootball tell me I was an idiot for nabbing Elijah Mitchell and that warm up reps didn't matter when one SF reporter said that Mitchell was the guy getting 1st team warm up/walk through reps ~30 minutes before gametime


Same people would go on to say that Elijah was going to be useless after Jeff Wilson comes back


I never understood that. Mitchell is a damn near carbon copy of Mostert, the guy who, when healthy, has dominated in our backfield. Without Mostert on the field, it's pretty clear what our plan will be; play the guy that plays almost exactly like him and is almost as good. Hell, Mitchell even shares his injury prone side with Mostert. The Fantasy Football side really just diverts way too far away from actual football, but if you bring that up you're ridiculed lmao.


Just wanna say, that Mostert is one of the fastest dudes ive watched. He runs so fuckin smooth too. I wish injuries werent an issue, because that guys running style was incredible. Mitchell is good, but he aint Prime* Mostert. *second half of 2019 season and first two games of 2020


I really wish the 49ers would have kept Mostert. I know he had injury issues, but when he was healthy he was a monster in the backfield for SF.


Broke Philly fan’s hearts to let that dude go. That being said, like any fan base, we’re frequently wrong. There’s all kinds of camp darlings we miss on.


Every year a new 49ers running back. Will this be the year a starter repeats a whole season? Probably not. no. Buy Mason.


TDP train


Why are people adding so many Reddit threads? I been seeing it a lot. Btw, I’m old so may not get it


“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” -me when somebody drafts one of our RBs in fantasy Everybody knows Jordan Mason is breaking the rookie rushing record this year


I still have flashbacks of when I decided to draft breida and all of a sudden mostert broke out


His hype was mostly because the system rather than Sermon himself.


You mean the system where the head coach specializes in the running game and has one of the most respected RB coaches in the league at his disposal? Sermon was beaten out by guys off the street. In his opportunities he looked slow, was indecisive and was poor at blocking. A team might take a flyer on him because of where he was drafted, but he hasn't shown anything at this point in his NFL career to make you think he's going to turn it around.


Not sure how this is a reply to me about Sermon’s fantasy outlook last offseason, but ok.


This comment train is about fantasy last year. If you’re going to be so aggressive in your reply at least know what you’re replying to.


That…is the best snapshot of this sub we have.


I took Mitchell and he was actually a league winner.


It is a glorious day for anyone who never believed in the bs :)


Our sub was freaking out when we traded down with the 49ers so they could draft him.


I do not go there and mostly draft based on gumption and hutzpah as the football gods intended.


This better teach Kyle to stop drafting RBs


It won't. You got Mitchell from the draft though 🤷🏼‍♂️ miss on the early guy, money on the late guy. Could be worse


I wonder how many 5th round picks we could trade a second and third for


Love Kyle but he’s gotta be banned from RBs in the early rounds


Literally no evidence it was his pick


Bro it was totally his pick


Based on what? 49er fans love to credit peters with picks that turn out and blame Kyle for picks that dont


It could be worse but Kyle has drafted 3 RBs in the 3rd since he's been here and all 3 are pretty bad (TDP is too early but I don't think he's good), meanwhile our best RBs are always 6th rounders or undrafted. Continuing to spend picks on RBs while we have a bad O-Line is malpractice


Go hire Ryan Pace. Decent track record on 3rd and later round running backs. 4th Tarik Cohen, 3rd David Montgomery, 6th Khalil Herbert


I think [they're probably fine](https://www.theringer.com/nfl-playoffs/2020/1/22/21077312/kyle-mike-shanahan-zone-blocking-raheem-mostert-running-backs) with who they've got in house currently. The Shanahans have a long history of success with 6th round and undrafted running backs.


Joe Williams was a 4th. Unless you’re counting Hurd I only see two.


Hopefully 3rd times the charm with Tyrion Davis-Price. But yeah, the 49ers always get more value out of an undrafted such as Matt Breida and Jeff Wilson Jr. Or a player that bounced team to team like Raheem Mostert. Meanwhile RBs they signed in free agency like Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon unfortunately didn't work out too much.


Tevin Coleman was a solid piece in our SB run IMO


It's actually a trend that goes all the way back through to Mike Shanahan. Just [an absurd amount of success](https://www.theringer.com/nfl-playoffs/2020/1/22/21077312/kyle-mike-shanahan-zone-blocking-raheem-mostert-running-backs) with bottom of the barrel value running back finds.


Sermon's place was just taken by yet another undrafted RB in Mason. With the offense he runs, they don't need to look at RB early. They're better off drafting one late every year and bringing in two or three that were undrafted.


He was like a 5th rounder. No day 1 pics should be used on a rb


[Kyle next year.](https://i.imgur.com/GCojyXn.jpeg)


Doubt it.


Maybe someone should teach the GM instead


I'll do Lynch's job at 1% the cost


The way we go through em, I say we have an all RB 2023 draft. We take one in every round just for Deebo to still have the most carries post-November.




He can’t help himself. He has to pick a guy thats not played in an outside zone scheme and throw him in the doghouse when he can’t do it effectively.


ESPECIALLY IN THE 3RD FUCKING ROUND WHEN THERE ARE DBS AND IOLS AVAILABLE Someone on our sub put it perfectly, just lock Kyle in a room during the 3rd round


I'm not sure why Kyle is getting shit on, Lynch is the GM. The GM is responsible for drafting players. Kyle has input sure but Lynch can tell him no, it's on him.


John lynch is not a typical GM. Kyle hired lynch and Kyle has full roster control. If lynch told Kyle no about a roster move, he'd be looking for a new job. Its like when casario was GM in New England. Do you think he was really the guy pulling the strings? That was belechicks roster. Not saying these guys don't have a seat at the table, but some coaches have the final say on the team and Kyle shanahan is one of those coaches.


Traded up for him too iirc


Better that than signing them, remember McKinnon?


If he heads to Denver, that'd be a Sermon on the mount.


There goes my hopes of seeing trey Treys on the field in a Trey formation


The year is 2023. Trey Sermon has found a job as a 3rd string halfback in Indianapolis. Trey Lance was a disaster in 22 and ended up getting benched for Jimmy G and sent off to Indy in exchange for a day 2 pick, who was looking for a quarterback after Matt Ryan suddenly retired. Trey Burton remains on the Colts roster.


very cool when a UDFA is better than both of the 3rd round running backs you've taken in the last 2 drafts only real play is to draft another running back next year


Yeah come back to this in a year when this exact tweet is written about TDP


And then in two years about the guy your talking about. Cycle continue


!RemindMe 2 years


!RemindMe 1 year


!remindme 1 year


> only real play is to draft another running back next year Just one?


We don't know enough about TDP to say Mason is better.


This ain’t the 49ers sub, y’all gotta stop using acronyms for unknown players like anyone else has an idea who you’re talking about. Every time one of y’all uses TDP my brain tries to fill in “Tiamond Dallas Page”.


Tyrion Davis-Price, 3rd rounder out of LSU


Tiamond dallas page is fucking killing me. I might steal that for whenever I need a fake name.


The Tiamond Cutter!


Hey if you want a guy who has only one skill, that skill being drafting later round running backs, I got just the guy! His name is Ryan Pace.


Move up a round ! 2nd round running backs here we come !


Trey Sermon? More like Trey Eulogy!




Trey Benediction




I can't remember a big RB running more softly than Sermon. He's a big back with the soul of a 160 pound scatback but none of the speed.


Rob Kelly


It's like he got hit so hard on his first run in the regular season last year that it knocked all the talent out of him. During all this preseason, he looked like he had the yips or something. He was constantly dancing behind the line and looking for holes instead of just going for it. I think I saw one decent run during the Houston game and that was about it.


Didn’t the same happen to him in the national championship game again alabama or am I remembering someone else?


he got hurt on the 2nd or 3rd play in the natty


Broke his arm.


He got Kevin knox’ed


Clemson will still forever fear the name though so thats something.


He’s like if somebody tried combining Saquon and Le’Veon and only got the bad parts


You'd have to think that somebody claims him off waivers, right?


He was pretty rough this preseason but IMO but someone might just due to the contract value. Lots of guys that get cut go unclaimed because of bigger salary obligations, but its not like you're really going to do much better than Sermon at $1M/year elsewhere in the FA RB market. This early in his career you're still likely to find people who wanted him in the draft last year willing to take a flier on him too, maybe see if he can fit in better in a less-speed oriented running scheme.


No he’s bad


The Shanahan kiss of death is too predictable




Sermon has the talent but needs to be told what Henry was told. Run a fucker over! He’s a big back who’s running small, he has had pretty bad injuries which probably made him scared to run someone over but it’s his main skill


Come rejoin Justin Fields


Reports now say they are signing Trey Thoughtsandprayers


Holy crap.


An end to an error


I still think he has a ton of talent. I hope he ends up in a good opportunity


I would normally be on your side especially since I was really high on Sermon but if Kyle Shanahan can’t use you as a RB that’s not a very good sign


Disagree big time. I think it’s a scheme issue here he’s just not that type of guy for the 49ers


Why do you think that though? Because he went to OSU and OU? Because he was a 3rd round draft pick? He's shown absolutely nothing at the NFL level.


Mostly from watching him at OU. Vision, power, ability to make people miss and decent (but not great) speed. Haven't really seen it in the NFL yet but he hasn't had many opportunities


I gotcha, but he's had opportunities in training camp and in preseason and hasn't shown that he can be productive in this offense. Too much dancing and stutter stepping behind the LOS and he doesn't make anyone miss. A truly baffling pick by Shanahan since he doesn't fit his offense at all.


Well yeah, that's why I'd like to see him somewhere where he's a better scheme fit


Whats a better scheme fit than Shanahans system? Genuinely curious


Not all runners are one cut zone runners.


Typical /r/nfl; downvoted for asking a question and even trying to preface that it wasn't snarky.


If you have “decent (but not great)” speed in college that means you’re NFL level slow. And Sermon isn’t over the top good enough at anything else to offset not being able to outrun a LB.


It was weird. That basically described him through 80% of the 2020 season at osu. Neber had great speed. Wasn't hitting the hole.. Felt like a good breeze would knock him over. Then he just came alive at the end of the year. Was blasting through tackles, stiff arming, and gunning it through gaps.


100%. The guy had four weak games at OSU, followed by three of the best games I’ve ever seen, including setting the single game rushing record for OSU with 331 yards 11 ypc, followed by a 31 carry workhorse game against a Clemson. It was like he was a different person.


It's just a matter of time before we find out that this guy has a twin brother


Pray Sermon, the actual good RB who let his lil bro Trey take the credit bc he felt bad that he sucks


Same with OSU, dude was a revelation at RB and possibly the best in the country in the final six games. I still believe in him but he has to understand he’s rarely gonna break free on his runs like he did in college. Gotta accept getting slammed down after 4-6 yards.


For me, when I watched Justin Fields pre-draft, I was generally unimpressed with Fields, but really impressed by Sermon's ability to just do everything well


I feel like the Steelers are really missing out by not having you run the team. If you need a reference for their GM job at any point, I'm here for you!


Sermon is ass. Trent Richardson also had “a ton of talent.”


Talent aka the Alabama offensive line.


A lot of talent studder stepping and not running with any power or confidence. Yes.


He's been awful since his first step on an nfl field. Doubt he stays in the league long


“Since his first step on an nfl field”…you mean a whopping year ago? The guy was a rookie and is only going into his second year. You guys keep talking about his tenure like he’s been in the league for 5 years.


like clockwork. we like to offset all the good players we take in the 3rd-5th rounds with some shitty RBs taken in the 3rd and 4th in each draft 2017: 4th rounder on Joe Williams (bust) 2021: 3rd rounder on Trey Sermon (bust) 2022: 3rd rounder on Tyrion Davis-Price (???)


49ers leading rushers in the Shanahan era: - 2017: Carlos Hyde - 938 yards (2nd round pick for SF in 2014) - 2018: Matt Breida - 814 yards (UDFA 2017) - 2019: Raheem Mostert - 772 yards (UDFA 2015 - played on 4 teams before SF) - 2020: Jeff Wilson - 600 yards (UDFA 2018) - 2021: Elijah Mitchell - 963 yards (6th round pick for SF 2021)


Who is our last 1000 yard rusher? Can’t be gore but I can’t think of who else. Edit: it’s Gore. Lol. 2014.


And he didn't draft Carlos Hyde. That was Baalke.


I would be very surprised, as an LSU fan, if TDP doesn’t bust. He was solid but nothing I would have expected for a 3rd rounder.


he hasn't looked particularly impressive in camp so far, so i'm not optimistic


He definitely looks violent. But yeah neither he or sermon have flashed that speed that takes shanny’s run schemes to the next level.


For a hot second I thought that said Trey Lance




Mason SZN***




The guy could barely do it against backups. Better than sermon doesn’t equal nfl ready


I thought this dude would ball out


Do 49ers fans get more info on what happened with guys like Sermon and Aiyuk who apparently were just in Shahahan's dog house last season? Obviously Aiyuk is out of it and is a projected breakout this year, and well Sermon is now waived lol. Was it just really bad practices?


Sermon is really indecisive. Kyles system requires a cut and go. This is Bomont. No dancing allowed.


Aiyuk wasn't working hard. loafing a bit. the talent was always there. he fixed it and busted his ass the second half of the season + the offseason Sermon just isn't that good for the SF offense. in the Shanahan offense you have to make the read and hit the hole, one cut and go upfield as hard as you can. Sermon likes to dance around behind the line which is the opposite of what Shanahan wants him to do


But also good in most other offenses, thus why he was a draft guy. It wouldn't be surprising to see him do much better with a new team.


I think the coaching staff and front office were actually pretty open about praising him in practices this camp - in hindsight maybe they were hoping they could hype him up and trade him for something


Aiyuk was a rookie in 2020 which was the covid year. I don't remember if he said it or if Kyle said it but whoever it was indicated that aiyuk just didn't understand after a weird rookie year how to be a pro. How to show up on top shape, how to practice in a normal camp, etc. By all accounts he had an amazing training camp. Sermon just seemed to be trying to make a huge play rather than take the yards offered by the defense. Made him somewhat slow to make the one cut required by the offense. I think they still like him but had an opportunity to get better at a position of need.


It was Shanahan. [Here](https://twitter.com/LombardiHimself/status/1552650383947808769?s=20&t=v3KTydXevCpMsTRBpeBNaw) is his full comments, I thought it was real interesting


He never showed he was a fit for the Niners run scheme. He seemed to never hit a hole with confidence, just had happy feet behind the line and was indecisive with his runs.


Aiyuk had a mini breakout his first season but then wasn’t giving 100% during the off-season and I think it had somewhat to do with losing the top WR spot to Deebo. But he clearly turned it around.


Find someone who loves you as much as Kyle Shanahan loves hating Sermon


I mean, he's just not good right now. He looked awful in pre-season.


More like find someone who is willing to look past your flaws the way Kyle Shanahan does when drafting a 3rd round running back


John Madden was a good guy


He's garbage.


I feel like hasty gets picked up before sermon too….


Daaaaaamn we could use a RB2


Won’t find one here


What the fuck


You are surprised? He’s really bad.




Boy Shanahan is a great coach and Lynch seems to draft really well, but they just cannot help themselves when it comes to wasting a mid-round pick on a lower-value RB who doesn’t even fit their system. If history is any indication Ty-Davis Price doesn’t have a bright future in the Bay.


I remember wanting him in the 3rd because I didn’t want to draft a rb with an early pick. How wrong I was. God bless you Javonte.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28Qzqz-rOw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28Qzqz-rOw) After watching this, Ravens please stay away.


The only thing I got out of that video is that the guy who made it is a douche


Yeah cohn is a waking piece of garbage. He tried to provoke Kinlaw so he could sue and get a pay day so he could retire early. Somehow he still is allowed in the building


That guy is actually big enough to have connections with the 49ers?


He's a member of the press. His dad was as well iirc.


Dude should be banned. Nepotism sucks.


Totally thought he was after that ordeal. Amazed they let him back in.


I’d cut Benny Snell for him