Wow absolutely amazing work by the medical professionals! Go 3!!


I said this the other day but I think that, short of collapsing in a cardiac trauma unit, an NFL field might be the "best" place for that to happen in terms of immediate help being offered. Those doctors from both teams were immediately out there and 100% saved his life. Modern medicine is a miracle.


MIL had a heart attack. She was on shift...as a Critical Care Unit nurse. Pretty sure she used up her luck then and there. Still alive, ended up retiring after that.


My dad had a heart attack in the ER lobby, like at the front desk. He had just taken me home from that same hospital (I had an appendectomy) and came back with a truck and trailer to pick up my car. While hooking up my car he realized he was having a heart attack, drove to the entrance, walked in and said "I'm having a heart attack" and then he dropped. The timing and location are the only reasons he survived, well that plus a cardiovascular surgeon being there on a Sunday watching film or something. A few minutes later and he'd have been driving a truck and loaded trailer, having a heart attack. I think that ran out his luck, too! Glad to hear your mom make it through in good health!


> A few minutes later and he'd have been driving a truck and loaded trailer, having a heart attack. holy shit. that's a literal miracle right there that that didn't happen...


That surgeon needs to tell kyler Murray the importance of film study


If it was a double XP weekend surgeon would have been at home frfr


Everyone knows surgeons are cracked at COD


I came to this thread to be happy Hamlin made it, not to laugh at Kyler's incompetence lmao


About 25 years ago a race car driver had a heart attack in a race. Being 50 yards from an ambulance saved him. If it had been a few hours earlier or later he'd have been in the middle of nowhere on a road in NW Minnesota.


Speaking of medical emergencies, I think your flair just gave me an aneurysm


it has that effect


Knew a guy who had a heart attack randomly in a nearly empty ice skating rink ... nearly empty except for the heart surgeon and ER nurse practicing nearby. They saved his life.


A few summers ago a guy crashed his motorcycle in front of me. And honestly, it was kind of crazy. The 3 cars immediately behind him were, in order: A truck with an ER Doctor and her Surgeon Husband, a former EMT (me), and the car behind me had 4 RNs (two of which were ER nurses.). We kept him going with CPR rotations until Life Flight arrived. Unfortunately due to our remote location, he didn't make it to the hospital and passed in transport. But to this day, I still can't help but wonder about the chances of 7 medically trained individuals being in the 3 cars immediately behind an accident.


Wow, practicing heart surgery on an ice skating rink. They sound incredible!


Yeah this is what was said after the Christian Eriksen collapse in 2021. There's medics from both teams and paramedics on standby all around the stadium.


Yeah but then you've got the Appie Nouri situation which was similar and yet he's basically a vegetable now. They pretty much have less than 5 minutes to get your blood moving and oxygenated again before you're guaranteed to have lasting brain damage even if you survive, so the amount of time it took to get Hamlin off the field really worried me even though they were doing compressions and almost certainly had him bagged or possibly even intubated on the field (cameras were off him by this stage so idk what they were doing for oxygen on the field). Anyway I was thinking yesterday that if he wasn't awake by the end of the week it was probably really bad news for his long term prognosis so this is a GREAT development.


It took so long to get him off the field because they did the resuscitation on the field, which is exactly what you want. Moving him to the hospital or the parking lot or even into the ambulance at all before getting return of spontaneous circulation could have left him much worse off.


That's why in CPR class we're taught to immediately asses the situation and begin CPR asap and have someone else call 911. Or if you're by yourself start CPR and call 911 on speaker phone.


Former paramedic here, you’re exactly right. Every second a person is without oxygen or blood flow is crucial. Too many times we would get to a scene and it’s too late, but bystanders just huddled around watching. If one of them performed cpr it could’ve saved a life


Absolutely, there's no guarantees that even with the best possible resources, it would be enough. Life can be very cruel sometimes.


Except that by all accounts they completed screwed up Nouri's immediate care


Yeah his family sued them for it too


Wonder if that event that happened in 2017 was caused by the covid vaccine too.


Also, UC Trauma Center is one of the best in the country. Definitely better it happened here than in Buffalo




All the cries in the game thread to just cancel the game on the spot would have put that ambulance in a sea of cars not able to move. It’s almost like there are actually logistics professionals behind the scenes calling the shots. Bunch of yahoos in here with keyboards lol


If it wasn’t for acting emotional in the moment and being reactionary, we’d have nothing to do with ourselves.


Seriously. This is reddit, not Mensa. Get your facts and logic outta here!


In reality the game was probably postponed with in minutes of the NFL finding out the seriousness of the situation. They waited for good reason to relay that message.


That's why you gotta have cooler heads in these positions. Nobody was thinking about that at the time.


If I had to guess I would imagine that there are first responders (retired or volunteer) at each stadium that are responsible for making those decisions.


yeah cincinnati was originally designed to be a really densely packed city so it never takes too long to get from place to place in older parts of the city




If only America dedicated time and resources to high speed rail all over the country back in the early 2000s. We’d be currently sowing those benefits


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.


Yeah except they’re not doing it now either lmao


Third best time is as soon as we can convince people to do it


Then they went and made the outerbelt absolutely massive


I think they waited for his mom in the parking lot for longer than the drive


This is the most baffling thing to me. When I heard they waited for his mom I thought, cool- must mean he’s stable. I don’t get why they wouldn’t have just given her an escort a short time later since it seems he was definitely not stable at that time.


It seems like he actually was. Later reports refuted that he needed to be resuscitated twice, instead confirming that he was only resuscitated on the field. So he very well could have been stable by the time they were on the ambulance. I might be missing something, though.


MD and former EMT here, but I don’t think you need any credentials to make this determination: There’s no way that getting him to the hospital as quickly as possible wasn’t the correct move, unless they had an oracle that could see into the future. It’s incredibly bizarre. Edit: Replies have added some nuance but I’m sticking by my claim in general.


I've seen a current paramedic mention that after going into cardiac arrest, the chances of the person re-arresting within the next 5-10 minutes is very high and that waiting before driving to the hospital isn't uncommon since it's much harder to revive someone in a moving vehicle. Does that seem plausible?


Ambulances have a lot of tools and supplies. They're literally built and stocked to keep people going until they can get to the hospital.


They are but protocol is to get them to the hospital ASAP because there are tools and supplies (and obviously doctors) they can’t bring in a van. They’re built to do things like CPR on the journey to the hospital which is preferred to doing it on-site. Waiting around for a passenger was still a weird decision.


Not taking away what they did at UC, but ECMC is a very highly regarded trauma center as well. Biggest downside to ECMC I think is it's much further from the stadium


UC helped Shazier and Tua also. If not for UC, I think Shazier would be paralyzed today.


Yeaaaah ECMC is a fantastic hospital. UC & ECMC have excellent care. Regardless of where Damar's cardiac arrest was, he's getting the gold standard at either hospital.


I work in healthcare (heart and vascular research actually) and sometimes we work with the UC team. They are some of the best in the field and he truly couldn’t be in better hands


ECMC is an excellent facility too, but it's significantly further from the stadium.


"Cincinnati: Not A Bad Place To Die" *This message sponsored by the Cincinnati Tourism board. "Cincinnati: Not A Bad Place To Die"*


I feel like I've heard this same statement from like fifteen talking heads over the last 24 hours lol


Also weird when people on the internet preface a comment with “I said this the other day.” Aint nobody seen that lol


I feel like if 99% of people suffered the same kind of injury, they would be dead. But the fact that he had instant access to world class health care means that they kept him alive. God bless.


correct. this happens to pitchers semi frequently and there's countless stories of high school pitchers dying for this exact reason.


Right, people reacted instantly even the ref calling the medical team out immediately with urgency. Normal situations, you do not get that.


Seriously. I’ve been checking this news first thing every morning since Monday. So happy to hear this


You probably know this, but the UCMC where he’s in hospital is a Level 1 trauma. If the President was hurt that is where he’d go. So this young man is in a good place for care. ♥️


He's awake??? Let's gooooo!


EDIT: https://twitter.com/ColeyHarvey/status/1611071485288013825 > UC Health doctors say that last night is when Damar Hamlin first became awake again. **He responded to questions, and even asked who won the game, per doctors.** ORIGINAL: Also showing signs of full neurological activity, according to the Bills twitter. https://twitter.com/BuffaloBills/status/1611021908849352704




Let’s be careful. OP is overselling it. The words were “neurologically intact.” Really really good news but we don’t know anything about what damage might exist. Still very cautiously optimistic.


"neurologically intact" is actually pretty strong (positive) verbiage if that's actually what the physicians told the family and team. In medicine, we really only use it if people are moving normally and answering questions appropriately, so I am pretty optimistic about this news


Yeah, “intact” means whole or nearly/entirely undamaged. It’s not a word they’d use lightly.


Yeah this was the whole issue when my dad got hurt. He was not intact and if he ever woke up he would be damaged. He was a pull the plug guy over living that way so we meet his wishes. Head trauma is fucking serious


I’m sorry you had to go through that. It’s hard even when the answer is “clear.”


You damn right it is. It’s a daily battle. Thank you for your kindness.


ICU nurse here. If I have a post-arrest patient on the ventilator and I am told they are “neuro intact” in report, in laymen’s term that should tell me they’re either : - they’re opening their eyes to voice, stimuli, or spontaneously depending on the sedation level needed for being on the ventilator. - they’re following commands (squeeze my hand, show me two fingers, nod or shake head approximately to yea/no question)


Yeah, people are being very overly optimistic. The risk of brain damage is huge here. I'm talking the type you might not want to survive.


Obviously the risk is high, but the verbiage used was very, very positive. The kind only reserved for a nearly/completely undamaged brain. Obviously this isn't a full diagnosis, but his doctors saying he's "neurologically intact" is absolutely massive and should not be taken lightly


Is “neurologically intact” the same as “full neurological activity”? Not trying to challenge what you’re saying, just curious if anyone can interpret the wording.


ICU nurse here. If I have a post-arrest patient on the ventilator and I am told they are “neuro intact” in report, in laymen’s term that should tell me : • ⁠they’re opening their eyes to voice, stimuli, or spontaneously depending on the sedation level needed for being on the ventilator. • ⁠they’re following commands (squeeze my hand, show me two fingers, nod or shake head approximately to yes/no question)


Obviously, with all of the updates we have limited information. You can be awake and still in a vegetative state. I take it as the signs that he is responding to outside stimuli, such as light, pin pricks, etc.


He asked who won the game, that’s a bigger indicator than responding to stimuli. He knew what happened before the injury and remembers it enough to ask about outcomes.


That's absolutely incredible. NUMBER THREE!!


Wow. That's amazingly good news. Pretty much best case scenario at this point. Fantastic!


He was put to sleep by the doctors, so it's not unexpected he is awake now. It's usually a 48-72 hour wait.






And NFL Fans will answer!


We Sacramento now


*lights bonfire* For Gondor!


Modern medicine is amazing. I hope we never lose sight of how many lives have been saved by medical staffs like those at UC


If damar didn't receive cpr right away he wouldnt be alive right now. It's important everyone considers taking cpr classes. I know I'm thinking about it now.


Do it. I took cpr classes years ago and still practice to this day. You’ll never regret knowing how to perform cpr.


How can one practice? My mom has been pushing me to do it for a couple of years but I always thought I’ll eventually forget.


I practice on pillows and things like that since I’m mostly just making sure I have the technique and timing still fresh in my mind. I think you’d need to attend a class to learn how to do it first, and basically every health department in the US has CPR classes available.




100%. If you’re doing CPR, that person is already gone. You’re trying to bring them back, you can’t hurt them worse than being dead.


No need for stopping to breathe for them - it all chest compressions now, to the beat of ‘Staying Alive’


To add on to this, if you’ve been trained to give breaths you can still perform breaths. They found that due to people not wanting to do mouth to mouth people would just entirely avoid doing CPR which compression could make a huge difference even without breaths so they started just teaching compressions. I could find a source but I’m too lazy but I’m sure it would be easy to find by a quick google search


Actually breaths are back again! My wife just did the course with the Red Cross. I had thought the rescue breaths were gone as well.


This is not true. You may break a rib, but it is not an indicator of proper CPR. Been a paramedic for 15 years and I've only broke a few. 1/3 the depth of the chest, which is further than you think but not feeling bones crush under your hands deep.


You get recertified every two years to maintain competency.


I know someone saved by CPR. Cardiac arrest, collapsed in his kitchen. His daughter gave him CPR until paramedics arrived, saved his life. Amazing person too.


An online class is $37 from the American Red Cross. Definitely worth the time and money to learn.


You need to get the hands on experience with a CPR torso. Push your employer to have a trainer come in and hold classes. They take 4 hours at most.


Mandatory if you want a driver's license in Germany. Easy way to spread cpr everywhere. Attach it to something many people want. Want to drive 2 tons of steel+plastic around? Learn cpr.


I’ve been thinking it should be mandatory to get/renew your license in the states. Didn’t know it was mandatory in Germany, that’s awesome


As a person who has had his life radically altered by modern medicine I agree. Medical advances along with highly trained, skilled medical professionals can do wonders.


Modern medicine is the closest thing to magic that exists. Truly incredible


It's crazy just how much medicine has advanced. Cpr is also relatively new as it was first performed in 1962.




Massive. Here’s hoping for even more awesome news. Edit: from the Buffalo Bills twitter account - “ Per the physicians caring for Damar Hamlin at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Damar has shown remarkable improvement over the past 24 hours. While still critically ill, he has demonstrated that he appears to be neurologically intact. His lungs continue to heal and he is making steady progress. We are grateful for the love and support we have received.” Edit: from @rapsheet - “ #Bills S Damar Hamlin opened his eyes last night and is responsive. Truly incredible. One thing that's very clear from speaking to those close to him: They are endlessly appreciative of the medical care given to Hamlin on the field immediately, then over the last 72 hours. Damar Hamlin has been gripping the hands of those close to him. Another very positive sign.“


We are here to celebrate the size of this dub.


> neurologically intact. Yes!!! I had been holding my breath waiting for this. So awesome to hear!


Can any docs expand on what "neurologically intact" could mean? Like no brain damage, insignificant, etc? and I have no clue internally or medically what's going on obviously but I guess I'm asking if whatever physical complications at the moment keeping him critical are resolved soon, then they expect him to be there mentally?


> Can any docs expand on what "neurologically intact" could mean? Like no brain damage, insignificant, etc? He's not a vegetable. He probably won't have much brain damage since they were able to react quickly, but they won't know the extent until he's off the machine and they can run cognitive tests. Regardless it's a great sign that he's "gripping hands of people close to him" in addition to him opening his eyes and being responsive it means he's there mentally.


I assume if he’s asking questions about who won the game, that’s an absolutely great sign


Clearly there could still be some damage but language processing is pretty high level so I'd call that a big ol win.






That’s fucking excellent!!!! Glad to see him awake. Hope he can see all the love from his team and the community.


I would love to see his reaction to the fact his go fund me is huge 😭😭😭. Honestly just can’t wait to see him at all.


Let's... Let's wait a little bit before giving him more big news.


Right? Dude's brain is probably super foggy


Imagine what he’s going through right now, last thing he remembers is playing in a football game then all of a sudden he’s waking up in a hospital with 0 recollection how he got there


Not to mention multiple full days later


The next step is awake and RESPONSIVE


That's the way to start a morning! What amazing news!


today is a good day man


Didn't even have to use your AK?


Fucked around and got a triple-double?


I gotta know cause I got me a drop top and if I flip the switch I can make that ass drop


Incredible news. I hope Damar can see how much everyone cares about him, I'm sure it'll be overwhelming to see the millions of dollars donated in his name.


Imagine tackling someone and next thing you wake up to the whole world praying for you.


3 days later... That's the part that kept getting me. One second you're just doing your job, playing the game you love, the next (from his perspective) he wakes up in massive pain, 3 days later, still in Cincinnati, having become the focus of the country and a household name. What a wild situation to be in for him.


Well hopefully with how relatively brief the CPR was, he'll have no brain damage, either.


And the GoFundMe you started 2 years ago has over $7 million.


Awake?? Let's fucking gooooo!


CAN. HE. PLAY? -Coach from Not Another Teen Movie


I love that movie so much


It's so fucking good. Janey got a gun! Run!


You joke, but look up Chris Pronger. Full cardiac arrest then played a day later. The 90s were a weird time.


The next Bengals home game, instead of introducing the offense or defense one by one while they run out of the tunnel, they should introduce the first responders (medical squad and trainers) that saved Hamlin's life. That would be a really cool recognition.


That would be fucking EPIC


*Everyone liked that*


If there is one takeaway it should be: Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions! Fast and prompt CPR is likely the difference here. Incredible work by trainers, medical staff, EMTs, and doctors.


Amazing news. Unfortunately, elephant in the room is still the brain. My dad had a bad accident and was "awake" for a month in the hospital but unfortunately nobody was home and he didn't make it ultimately. Seems like based on the snippets we've received though that its more positive than that.


Bills PR just said "appears to be neurologically intact"


What does this mean?


As a nurse it means that he has feeling in all extremities. Nerves are all working. He is able to follow commands. Is alert and oriented to person/place/time/situation.


That settles it, we'll let Damar decide what happens with the game.


"We win"


> oriented to person/place/time/situation. Does that mean that he would be ask questions related to those subjects? I know that a similar method is done on those with dementia and I’m curious if it would be similar here as both involve measuring the condition of the brain so to speak.


Probably not as advanced as for a patient with dementia. Usually for dementia assessment they do an MME or MOCA exam both of which are full page of tasks. To check orientation it leterally is just "Where/when are you and waht happened"


He is still intubated so he can’t talk. I imagine they are restricted to yes/no kind of questions where he can respond by blinking or some other command.


Yeah, when a neurologist evaluates a patient, they generally start by asking their name, date, location, situation, etc, along with some memory and concentration related questions. Things like "spell world forwards and backwards" and "remember these 3 items for later" etc


Means not brain dead.


Ahh so he's not on reddit


That’s just the mods.


Brain good


Brain Alive


Brain Strong


Yellow Headbands that say Brain Strong tm


In this context it would be he does not have a major anoxic brain injury. Likely has the ability to respond to stimuli with slightly less sedation.


His brain functions are there.


I’d guess that as far as they can tell right now he didn’t suffer brain damage.


They won't know that for a while. My mom had bacterial menengitis that put her in the hospital. She was intubated and was having seizures. When they did a brain scan, they saw spots on her brain that you would normally see after a stroke. When she eventually recovered, she would 100% pass a test from her doctors but she was never the same. From a personality and just everything else, she was not the same person and things were just slightly.....off. You might not notice it all the time, but when you did it was glaring.


My FIL had a TBI and has never been the same since. Luckily it just turned him into a much better father to my wife, whereas before their relationship was rocky.


Not severely brain damaged.




Definitely a scary overly-clinical term, lol. "Neurologically intact" or "non-focal" are gonna be about as close as you can get to saying "fine," strictly from a neurological perspective. This would presumably mean the initial neuro exam, plus CT head findings, aren't indicative of extensive anoxic brain damage, at least enough to cause positive neuro-exam findings. More diffuse things like cognition and awareness would need to be assessed as he is weaned off sedation.


If the Bills’ statement is correct, he is neurologically intact and while I am not a doctor or in the medical field, that sounds like wonderful news!


It is extremely promising if he is able to follow commands/move extremities (which is implied in the release information but not 100% clear). I wouldn't say he is out of the woods but being an athlete, having a "reversible" cause for cardiac arrest and getting high quality CPR immediately probably puts him in a better situation than most.


Well if they’re saying he appears to be neurologically intact I would think that isn’t the case for Damar.


Well Damar recieved near instant medical attention, so hopefully that isn't the case.




To the playoffs with you!


Much appreciation to the quick work of the first responders and hospital staff. I’m not much of a religious person, but “bless them” feels appropriate to me here. Additionally, thank you to any of you reading this who are first responders in any capacity and/or are otherwise in the emergency medical field. It’s a necessary job that not everyone out there has the stomach to handle. We are grateful for you all.


Today is a good day


Our boy! All love 3!


The most important part is that Damar appears to have sustained no neurological issues. Let's go!




I choose to believe you because I so badly want this to be true




This is absolutely amazing.


I don't think my eye watering holes are ready for when this man ceremoniously visits the field in both Buffalo and Cincinnati


That is the best news we could have gotten. Awake :):):):)


That's great


This is a bonafide modern miracle of medicine.


Quick response and medical science has come a huge way, glad this young man's life is being saved.


Amazing news


Excellent news. More posts like this and less of these dumb ones with fake Reddit Doctors adding their nonsense.


That is awesome to hear!




My mood just markedly got better. I can't imagine how everyone at One Bills Drive must feel to hear this positive news. Really incredible. Go Bills! Go Damar!


I know everyone jokes about Ohio, but damn between this and the Cleveland Clinic their hospitals sound amazing


Please be accurate


Bills themselves have now said he appears neurologically intact. It seems like this is really happening.


YES. You got this, Damar!!


CPR saved his life. I know the doctors and staff at the hospital did an amazing job, but the first responders are the REASON he is still with us today.   Please - Learn how to perform CPR. Classes are available all the time, and it's very easy to learn, and retake your class every few years!


Hell yeah Damar


This is great news. We've seen the tremendous support for Hamlin's charity. Just curious if the hospital treating him has a foundation or something to donate to.


Break some fuckin tables over this, boys. GREAT NEWS!!


Thank you medical science!


The Cincy first responders are absolute heroes! So proud of my local city!


Thank you science and medical staff!