So that was the plan? Sell the house for half its value, steal a car, and stay in a cheap motel? Except for the house, that's what every person on the lam does. They didn't watch the end of Fargo.


They were funny lookin' .... ya know, just funny lookin'.


So, you were having sex with the little fella then?


Sooo I'm tendin bar down there at Ecklin and Swedlins last Tuesday


Really with any of these escapes you just need to stay escaped for long enough, eventually a lot of these manhunts give up. There was that woman that escaped for like 45 years and had an entire family. After a year or two they stop actively looking.


In Ohio most inmates have an A #, like A654-321. But some have R #'s from the old Reformatory like R123-456, they haven't handed out any of these since ~1990. One day I enter my pod and check my roster and I have a new guy whose number was like R031-###. He had apparently escaped from a Reformatory work detail in the late 1960's and stayed gone in Cleveland the whole time. When he got caught they just gave him his old number back.


I feel like if you can avoid re-offending for 40 years, it should be counted as completed parole.


Why did he stop to get a car wash?? Not very bright.


For a clean getaway


Well done sir


They didn’t even get 200 miles away. They just stayed in the same place. Crazy.


Gas is expensive.


They were 175 miles north, they moved an average of 44 miles a Day. What a sense of Urgency‼️


Were they fucking pulling the car?


Yabba dabba doo!


They were fucking alright


I was in jail with 2 people who escaped. They were gone for 16 hours and didn’t even make it 20 minutes away. Their meth dealer only lived 15 min away and the other guys ex gf was 20 min away. They had a car within 120 seconds of their escape and got away clean. Just had to get high and go check in on the ex. Morons lol


Obviously it's quite a bit different than robbing a bank, but the difficult part is not actually robbing the bank/breaking out of prison, it's escaping from the cops chasing you. Though it sounds like you had some especially dumb roommates.


You would think with her premeditation, and as much time as she had potentially, she would have built a secret bunker at this point. But no.... a week in- the murderer is getting the car washed.


Yeah with all that planning she could have set up a hidey-hole. Could have hidden off grid for years. Well the opportunity may have been spur of the moment..so not enough time for a well thought escape. It's creepy, her running off with a 6'9" illiterate, mentally ill killer with a fondness for meth. Regardless, it wasn't going to end well.


But he's tall!


Like they always do. I couldn't believe the threads talking about them fleeing the country, using fake passports and id's, and all sorts of shit they see in the movies. This was an Alabama Sherrifs officer and a convicted felon. Not really known for their smarts.


She was 1 day away from retirement and she pulled this, was getting busted and I guess shot herself.


She was too old for that shit.


Maybe they thought it was GTA?


No, this had to be either off the charts OCD, or just stupidity. "Can't be driving around in no dirty truck."


I mean, he is known to be illiterate....




The Avengers disguise failed him.


All they were missing was the pairs of glasses with the nose and mustache attached


Really. Who in their right mind, on the lam in a national manhunt, thinks “Gee! There’s a lot of dust on the pickup. Better get it cleaned up!”


They fumbled the bag for sure on this one. Hole up somewhere and order Walmart delivery and takeout, while relaxing and taking baths. Don't wash your car. Don't use your car.


The problem with this strategy is that you need a credit card to order that Walmart delivery and takeout.


You can use Visa gift cards, just like people without credit cards did during the pandemic to buy essentials online.


I thought they switched vehicles at the car wash?


They did.


OK, that must have been it: he was washing the pickup to act inconspicuous, then they stole the Cadillac that they had when they were found/pursued/wrecked/suicided.


Local radio station here in Florence was blasting Flock of Seagulls when the DJ was reading the news. lol


I bet we can all guess which song, too!


Space age love song?


That song is a legit banger.


Hmmm.. idk it could be any of their hit song.


She shot herself in the head by all accounts but failed to finish the job. From being a day out from retirement, owning your own home to shooting yourself in the head in less than a fortnight. Is this a speedrun category?


She's officially been pronounced dead.


I know people are going to crack jokes and sure she committed multiple crimes to help a dangerous felon escape but I feel sad for someone who was so desperate for love that she threw her life away.


It's extremely sad. She threw away decades, as by all accounts, a model employee. Even achieving the top (2nd from the top?) position in her field only to throw it away on literally the final day before her retirement. How lonely and desperate and how much despair must one feel to act upon something like that. Being in the field as long as she has, she must've known how things would inevitably end. I can't help but have pity on her.


>the final day before her retirement It sounds like she only retired for this situation, she wouldn't otherwise be retiring, she was only 56. Sad commentary on the human need to feel loved.


Mid 50's is a common retirement age for law enforcement.


It just shows how easily a person can convince themselves of something they want to be true. There's been a lot of this going around lately.


It’s really sad honestly.


Just saw the video of both ambulances leaving the scene with no lights, no siren, and no sense of urgency. I bet he's okay and she's toast.


It says she died of a self inflicted gun shot wound.


“Self inflicted”. White was pulled out of the car saying “My wife is still in there and she shot herself in the head. It wasn’t me!”


She was weeks from retirement and her likely sentence was die in prison. She chose to die outside of prison.


I thought the day they escaped was her last day before retirement?


[One day left til retirement](https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/eae4c1f2-0a71-4378-ae84-acd2c2db4bf4)


Beware of crazies with SS tattoos.


Beware of anyone with SS tattoos.


I believe anyone with an SS tattoo can also be categorized as a 'crazy.'


The Venn diagram is a circle


Family tree is probably also a wreath


I really wanted her to be found alive, so we could get her side of the story. I am aware that she has now died of her self-inflicted wounds. I mean, I'm 56, I live alone with cats, and I have yet to meet a man who makes me want to throw my life away.


Maybe you haven't met the right white supremacist serving life. 😳


If there’s ever been a time for a hit new Lifetime Movie, this it it.


"She was a cat lover. He was a white supremacist SS-tattooed torture murderer child molester lifer. Somehow, they made it work!"


".... can I make it aaannny more obbbbbviiiiious....."


He wanted her, she'd never tell. Secretly she'd break hiiim outta jail.


He was a hater boy, they hatched a jailbreak ploy. No more guard duty for her. They planned to run away, and leave the USA. But they did not get too far.


Not wanting to date white supremacists has kept me single. :-D


People are so picky these days!


And she was just about to cash in on a good pension. Had her house paid for. She had a lot to look forward to.....and blew it.


Yeah I will be 56 soon and I live alone with a dog. There are worse things than being single.


44 and live with my dog. I fucking love it lol. So little pressure.


There are many advantages of being single. The older I get, the more special a person has to be to warrant me giving up those advantages.


Yep. I was married for 20 years and now being alone is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Don't know if I could ever live with someone again


Have you tried prison?


I did have a prisoner send me letters, way back in the 1980s when Star Wars comic books posted your address when you sent a letter to the editor. I wonder if he's still there?




Mexico was a few hours away and they went to.. Indiana?


Yeah only like 15 or 16 hours. It's closer to go to Canada from where they were in Alabama.


People forget how large Texas is and just how far south the border dips.


There are so many cops in the Rio grande valley. Border patrol. State troopers. Crazy ass over zealous county sheriffs.


Could they have made it if they went there right away. Before the search started?


I'm fascinated to learn what was wrong in her life that made her this desperate and stupid.


Loneliness and lack of self esteem.


My thought too. Must have been lonely and he made her feel wanted.


So exactly the type of thing they warn about in day one of corrections orientation.


Really, they do?


Having personal relationships in your work environment is considered unethical in a lot of occupations. You do *not* get involved personally with the people you deal with professionally. As a doctor or lawyer, you don't date clients. As law enforcement, you don't date people involved in your cases-- even after the cases are closed and you've moved on, it's still considered unethical. As a corrections officer, any personal relationships you build with prisoners are nonconsensual; you have power over them both physically and legally, so they can't ever really say no. If you have a *sexual* relationship with an inmate, it is categorized as rape and you can be tried for committing sex crimes. This woman basically failed Prison Guard 101.


They don't look too kindly on client romance in the mortuary or veterinarian businesses either.


Her ~~son has recently died and her~~ ex husband, who she was close too, had just died. Loneliness and depression can make you do crazy things. So sad.


>The pair had been on the run since April 29 when the 56-year-old jailer told the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, that she was transporting the 38-year-old inmate for a mental evaluation. Instead, they fled. that all it took? no confirmation that was needed or anything like that?


They've been on the run since the 29th and only made it to indiana? Were they on roller skates?


Hard to read a map when you are that fucking stupid


She stopped at a sex shop before fleeing plus had a hotel room with new clothes for him as well as the orange (weird choice) get away car waiting. I assume they stopped at motels along the way, paid cash, and he's twenty years younger with over a foot on her doesn't take much to read between the lines.


“I need an inconspicuous vehicle to blend in with the rest of traffic. Yes, give me the *orange* one with the clown horn. Also, a quick pit stop at romantic depot for some road trip essentials”


And also, "I'm on the run from the law, so I better stop and buy a bag of rubber dicks to help escape faster."


And with these rubber dicks, two pistols, a shotgun and an AR, let’s go to the bumfucks of Middle Tennessee, break down, and try to spray paint the car a different color.


I am dying to know what she bought at the sex shop.


Lingerie and lube would be my guess he just got out of prison and is way younger than her don't see them needing toys she already has the handcuffs


Yeah. They were fucking…


an earlier article had mentioned that it didn't follow protocol but Vicky was the boss of the person she reported the transport too so they didn't stop her.


She had a lot of pull in her job before she fucked her life up.


And was a day from retirement


According to someone who posted on TikTok the other day (and has verified ties to that facility) everyone in that place is lax on the rules. There's been numerous incidences with Vicky herself (including being disarmed in a courtroom by her own prisoner due to improper protocol) and yet they covered it up by giving her four commendations.


The fact that the sheriff and everybody else kept talking about how dangerous Casey is (which, yes he is), yet they let her take him out of the jail, by herself, without checking to see if the reason she claimed she was transporting him was even true—that told me all I needed to know about protocol at that jail. Also, who walks in front of a murderer whose hands are cuffed in front of him???


Covering is always a good idea when you work with morons, especially if you want the fuck-ups to pile until it explodes. When people say she was a victim good worker, at the 2nd top of the employees....you can only imagine the pile of idiots in the premises.


She was supposd to retire the next day.


And more importantly she was in a pretty high ranking position so I doubt any of the officers who handled signing inmates in/out for transfers tried to challenge her on this one.


It was well-known that she gave him special treatment.


That's just poor protocol. Holy shit, I'm pretty annoyed by how fast and loose these people play with checks and balances. If no one gets burned for this, I'm going to be disappointed.


She put in her retirement papers around the same time she stole an inmate.


The comments say she also sold her house for 1/3 value.


Did you get their ages mixed up? Cuz he looks 56 not 38… damn must be drugs


Haha right? Would not have guessed 38.


He’s HOW old??? I’m 62 and he looks older than I do, and that’s no compliment to me!!


He must have been one smooth talker.


Rasputin looking MF


smooth criminal*


Vicky are you okay? Vicky are you okay? Are you okay Vicky? Edit: She's not okay. She's Dead


So he just gets to go back to his old life and hers is devastated.


Yeah. That’s the thing about trying to date a convinced and incarcerated felon I guess. Not really starting the relationship out on equal footing.


Yep. This is the primary reason I don't date celebrities. We're from two different worlds and it would never work out.


It was not easy for me to tell Gillian Anderson it wouldn’t work out but it had to be done


Now you know why Charlize Theron can't find a man, there's just nobody better than me.


That and the restraining orders...


Oprah doesn’t play around


After that one fan and his creepy brother ran her over, can you blame her?


It was an accident, man was just looking for a good parking space. Cut him some slack.


Yep, my Canadian gf wanted to marry me but I couldn't see Robin Sparkles ever settling down.


What was he convinced of?


That crime pays.


He was convinced those tattoos were a good idea.


[A long list of violent crimes.](https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/09/us/casey-white-prisoner-manhunt/index.html) >White's criminal history dates back a decade. Court documents alleged he beat his brother in the face and head with an axe-sledgehammer handle, landing him in prison in 2012 for more than three years. >Then in 2015, he carried out a crime spree including a home invasion, carjacking and a police chase, according to the Marshals Service. In March 2016, he was indicted on 15 counts and was ultimately convicted on seven of those counts, including attempted murder and robbery, according to Alabama records. He is serving a 75-year prison sentence on those charges. >But in 2020, he allegedly confessed to the 2015 stabbing death of 59-year-old Connie Ridgeway and was charged with two counts of capital murder. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and was brought to the Lauderdale County's detention center to attend court hearings in the case. So a bunch of violent crimes resulting in a 75 year prison sentence, and then also awaiting trial in a capital murder case.


Yeah, but he was probably misunderstood, I can change him!


CNN is reporting that Vicky White is in the hospital with self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Hope it was worth it…


She has died


Wounds, as in plural?


fwiw- lester holt said "wound", singular.


Entry and exit


She dead


Did she shoot herself in front of the police? Or did they find her with the wound?




She didn’t make it: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/09/us/vicky-casey-white-alabama-manhunt-monday/index.html


How is that guy only 38??


The takeaways: 1. Reconsider going north, the west is more spacious and Mexico is another country. 2. Don’t get a car wash 3. Don’t leave your jailer’s keys in a getaway vehicle unless it’s to throw authorities OFF your track 4. Run FASTER! Maybe this captured the imagination of people because they were dumb lovers on the run from the man. She worked at a job for 25 years, had almost 100k in cash, and at least half a day’s head start. If she was a mastermind they’d be free by now. Edit: I wonder if she was suicidal and this was her swan song. She wanted to be found, so she could end it


For real, I think I would have done much better.


Any random idiot would have done better. They were some special kind of stupid.


Can’t believe they haven’t made it out of the country yet. I can’t imagine almost making it to retirement and now having to spend time in jail over a man.


Not just any man, a deranged, violent man whose already serving 75 years for attempted murder and a bunch of other violent crimes, and awaiting trial on 2 additional capital murder charges. He's also covered in prison tattoos (white supremacist gang), and has man boobs bigger than hers, lol. Imagine throwing your whole life away for this man...


And this wasn’t some 19 or 20 year old woman who might not understand term “consequences of your actions” yet. This was a full grown 56 year old woman that worked her entire adult life, was apparently well respected and was about to retire.


Yeah, that's the part that baffles me. She is way too old to be this naive, and has enough life experience to know better. This lady apparently had a spotless record, paid off a mortgage, had saved quite a bit for retirement, and had worked her way up to the assistant director of corrections. And then on the day she retires, she does.....this??? I really hope they get the full story out of these people, because I'm just baffled as to how someone her age could just burn their whole life down for some lowlife inmate.


Some people are broken and it just doesn’t show. Danielle Steele, one of the most successful authors on the planet, started dating a guy who was in prison for rape. He got out on parole and moved in with her, only to rob and rape another woman less than a year later. What did Steele do? She married the fucker. They were divorced a few years later, but this was an intelligent, successful, educated woman, and it happened to her.


Wow, off to look this up. Holy shit had no idea


My wife’s aunt is an NICU nurse. She’s educated, very smart lady and is a hard worker. She makes something like close to $100 an hour, but goddamit she’s so fucking stupid. Her daughter was dating a junkie and he managed to get her to give him about $40-$50k over a period of maybe 5-6 years or so. She lost a vehicle, family heirlooms just because she felt bad for this fucker and wanted to “get him some help.” He eventually went away to prison for stealing from elderly people while working as a mover, and he almost took the cousin down with him. Fast forward some years and wife’s aunt is now a widow and looking for love but, you guessed it, she ends up getting catfished by this dude she never met and gave him tens of thousands of dollars over a short period. Then she told everyone what happened to her, then she did it again! Same guy, she couldn’t stop giving him money! So, very educated lady but so goddamn stupid at the same time. Education does not mean intelligent.


Maybe a not-so-spotless record according to coworkers who claim she was always too friendly with inmates.


It makes a twisted kind of sense to me. She’s terribly lonely and always has been. Impending retirement feels more like a threat than a privilege; she’ll just be waiting around to die. She saw an opportunity for “adventure” and decided it was better than the long slow lonely decline that was coming. It seems to me she decided at the start that this would either work or she would off herself.


Loneliness makes people very easy to manipulate. People have done the craziest things in acts of "love".


Because it's so easy to leave the country when you are on the news daily with a 6'9 easily identifiable man...


They could have gone a little further than 200miles tho lol head out to Montana or something. They were on the run for 10 days and didn’t even use a tank of gas to get away




Canada and Mexico extradite.




These two idiots wouldn’t exactly be inconspicuous in Mexico or Canada.


Seriously. They gonna buy a house with American cash?


He’s 6’9” and they both have Alabama accents. They had no chance.


She apparently had $90,000. That would have been enough to buy a boat and sail out of US waters.


I was shocked they weren’t out of the country already. They had a 6hr head start on officials. With all her prep work, I’m truly shocked.


She died for a Nazi murderer a normal person wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire. Hard to get your head around.


I don't understand how she thought this was ever going to end well.


Awful to say but I’m not surprised she shot herself. The realization that she had truly thrown her life away, in under two weeks, would be too much for most people.


Dude was washing his truck in prisoner clothes. She probably shot herself on account she couldn’t handle the stupidity - both his and her own.


In Evansville that is pretty common.


The ole' Evansville tuxedo. It's surprising anyone called.


I was going to say, they would have blended in nicely going off my week long visit to my ex wifes family in Evansville. Woo boy what a shit show, but I did get to gamble on a river boat.


Ahh that makes sense. Evansville is famous for its fried brain sandwiches. These two idiots had to make it there to get their brains all Wizard of Oz style.


She’s got to be one of the dumbest fucks on the planet


Withdrew her entire retirement, paying a penalty on it, then became a nationally wanted fugitive, then shot herself when apprehended. It really is quite baffling how she decided to throw away a halfway decent existence.


Forgot to mention she sold her house for like a third of its value.


In this market?! How? She should gotten 3x it’s value in cash.


Man, the one who managed to buy that house has to be one of the luckiest people in America.


I mean he still has to live in alabama so I don't know if I would call that winning.


I pay higher taxes to NOT live there.


Nah he rents it to someone who lives in Alabama.


As /u/MrMonicotti said, she’s one of the dumbest fucks on the planet.


Well, if u/MrMonicotti says so, it must be true.


I literally cannot fathom anything on earth that I would want so badly that I would destroy my entire life like this, let alone for some piece of shit loser dude who has already shot multiple people. Just truly blows my mind, what a fucking idiot.


Vicky White changed her retirement plans to a prison cell. ABC news reports she did shoot herself and is serious condition


No genital is worth all this trouble.


That must be one lonely chick.


** Update at 9:16pm EST** It’s been reported she DIED in the hospital: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10799023/Escaped-Alabama-murder-suspect-seen-surveillance-video-car-wash-Indiana.html https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/09/us/vicky-casey-white-alabama-manhunt-monday/index.html


Aaron Rodgers really let himself go this offseason.


They started in Alabama... and went North?! The fu....? With $90k they could have been in Mexico in less than 2-3 days... or gone to the Keys bought a boat and vanished.


And we’re sure he didn’t shoot her?


Threw away everything for…… *that* — a nearly 7 foot tall white supremacist. And then shot herself when they got caught. An all around mess.


That guy somehow looks like both Jon Ham and John Krasinski at the same time….Jean Hamsinski.


She's dead. Suicide. No way she was going to be a former prison guard in prison.


I was saying to someone earlier this is a case of a need for mental health in insurance coverage. I don't care if you treat it like teeth and eyes since they're apparently luxury items. Make it optional like them.tgis woman worked long enough to get to retirement and benefits so she obviously wasn't always coercible and obviously has had some bad shit happen during that time. A mental health program that would cover therapy could have prevented this.


I just drove past the scene. Looked over and saw about 25 cop cars. Jokingly said to my wife I bet that's the fugitive they have been looking for. 10 minutes later I looked at the news on my phone and started cracking up. Edit. Just drove past again. Only vehicle left is local news van broke down being loaded on a tow truck