Here's the thing about Rarity. She's fruity with everyone. Her seamstress experience demands she has to be comfortable and relaxed with anyone, as she has to be trusted to make outfits and measurements. They way she drips "darling" to anyone, the overall kind nature, and her diva outburst aside, she's easily the top 2 in maturity, owning a business. If AJ isn't there to be the support, Rarity is. She just has good chemistry with all of them. I think both AJ and Rarity being the most mature adults but having settled into an adult lifestyle with completely different skillsets is why you pair them up and watch sparks fly. Some people consider that fuel for an opposites attract ship, and more power to ya, >!just never take shipping so seriously that canon hurts you. That's never healthy for you or the writers.!< I really like the idea that's Rarity is simply \*tragically\* hardwired straight, but she's married to her work and just ends up single for a long time. Maybe has at least one husband who she parts with on mutual terms and she still sees for coffee because she doesn't want kids. Total career woman.


I like this take the best. But I honestly just love Rarity. She starts off a bit selfish, but as time goes on her generosity really starts showing up more and more. I do admit these clips are super adorable.


I just wrote a comment on another post about how much I hate that one episode where they stop being friends. I love these two together. I never thought about shipping them bc I'm not big into it, but I really love these girls.


It’s true. They did.


For those who said that RD and Rarity didn't have great chemistry:


They definitely fit better together.


Pretty sure Rare was pan. Spirit of generosity and what not…