We should have had more badass “godly” powers from Lucy. He lead a rebellion against God & is arguably the only one who could’ve gone toe to toe with him....so we should’ve been able to see that at times.


the first scene that comes to mind that actually shows his power is when baby charlie is kidnapped and then all the demons come to take him and they’re at the church or whatever that was and then lucy turns to his devil side or whatever and tells everyone to stop and they do that part really showed his power good


I remember thinking a couple episodes after that....if all those people died and why that never hit the news...and then I just assumed they all just wake up like Charlotte Richards did and had some existential crises to deal with. And then waaaay later in the show it does come up about it was a suicide cult by the priest and all those people died. How...how did that not come up in the show except a little burb? That would've made national news even by today's standards if 50 people killed themselves in a church. And they're on the police force...and noooobody says anything about it.


i never even thought about that 😭😭


For real. They put “based on the vertigo comic” but lucifer in that series literally like blinks away multiverses on accident. I get they couldn’t show that in the series but like lucifer the light bringer should’ve at least been like “oh yeah I created the stars”


In the Bible, it's actually Michael who rebels. Lucifer (when described as a specific being; oftentimes Satan/devil was used as the descriptor for a human enemy sent as divine punishment) was an agent of The Lord, testing people's faith by trying to lure them into sin. The line from Revelations describing the war says that Michael and his angels rose up against Lucifer, and Lucifer fought *back* and was defeated. Generally, the instigating party isn't said to fight back.


That’s fine and they even played with that in season 5 (with the rebellion being Michaels suggestion to Lucy and all). But since the show is based on the DC/Vertigo comics version...that’s what I’d have liked to see more of. Obviously they couldn’t have made a direct copy, but a bit more would’ve been cool. Have him say he breaks out those abilities for special occasions or something lol


The time travel stuff in the final season made it too “CW-like” for my liking


Not unpopular at all lol


Considering SPN and Lucifer had identical death scenes for their lead...yeah.


Sam and Chloe. damn you're right..didn't even realize til you pointed it out.


The final season is shit.


Not sure if this is unpopular: The sinnerman name is corny. Tom saying it with his accent made it cornier and unthreatening because it sounds like cinnamon. It had so much potential though. The eye thing was so good. If it remained to be just a mortal being that knows lucifer and is willing to go toe to toe with him on a emotional and mental level (like joker to batman) it would have been so good. But Alas, the cinnamon was Pierce and the love triangle thing.


Yes. I loved the eye thing and how genuinely shocked lucifer seemed to be. I wish they had continued with this dude as sinnerman as well.


I had a difficult time believing Lucifer had never encountered Cain before! Plus, too many episodes sounded as if they'd been written by a committee of studio executives in a tizzy about not offending viewers and fans. The show writers and directors seemed to go out of their way to avoid controversial topics that could have been addressed, if for no other reason than to get Lucifer's opinion!


Exactly this. You are already making a show about the devil and you are avoiding controversial topics, really? What's the point?


>But Alas, the cinnamon was Pierce I agree with your comment, but this last line 🤣


Which Tom? Lucifer or Cain?




I don’t know if it’s unpopular but Trixie should have been around more especially in the finale seasons. We got cameo moments from her but she should have had some episodes dedicated to her. Making Lucifer more of a father figure to her, helping the family dynamic. Or at least told us more of the relationship between Trixie and Aurora because other then the tiny convo they had at the wedding we know nothing about their relationship


I would have been fine with a time jump so they could recast Trixie with an adult actor and let Lucifer explore fatherhood with her instead of Rory. Trixie was always a moral compass, so she could have had really deep conversations with him about what needed to happen with hell. She could even have had a day job there directing the reforms (sort of like president of mars, but a bit more cosmic).


This is not an unpopular opinion lol. A lot of us were not amused by our stepdevil aspirations being stepped on by a daughter character nobody wanted.


Another one - the show robbed us of Chloes immediate reaction to the truth!


Hated that. Then she comes back and it’s business as usual. Anticlimactic.


I agree with that and not sure if it's unpopular...


yeh I dont think its unpopular either, though this is the first time ive heard someone address it


We waited THREE SEASONS for her to find out, and all of the work of her coming to terms with it is done off screen in S4. Mindblowing and, ultimately, foreshadowing the writers’ contempt for her characters in the next two seasons.


He shouldn't have been so quick to forgive Chloe after her betrayal of him at the beginning of season 4. He had previously saved the lives of her and Trixie. Dan's actions nearly got Trixie killed twice and she never held it against him.


She held her anger out against Dan for quite awhile after S1. It’s Lucifer commenting on it in S2 that made her decide to speak with him about it and reach a measure of peace. (Also, he is Trixie’s father. She can’t legally cut him out of her life without a court case.) Where S4 was concerned, she had no idea. Ella covered it up. I think the betrayal plotline was a mistake in retrospect, but I don’t think Lucifer forgiving her was any worse than Chloe forgiving him for covering up who Pierce was. Omitting that they were working for a criminal and letting her date him unknowing of that fact was a huge betrayal of their friendship.


Cain could have stayed one more season with better writing and none of that love triangle BS. There was potential for more celestial and police stories imo


I agree. I loved the interactions between Lucifer and Cain. They had way more chemistry than Decker/Pierce.


I know right — that marriage episode in season 3 was so entertaining.


It’s one of my favourite episodes. It’s hilarious and Lucy and Cain have genuine chemistry.


Abel also should have hung around! It would have been amazing to have their relationship explored a little more and maybe get some flashbacks to back in the day. It also would have been hilarious for them to be Maze’s step children


Agree. Logically, the plan Luci resuscitating Abel to rewrite history should’ve worked. I also loved that Abel turned out to be a jerk.


Yeah I'm down with this one. I thought Pierce/Cain was a potentially great character and would have liked to see more of him (plus Tom Welling is so much hotter in his 40s than he was in his 20s!).


I agree with this. The entire love triangle thing felt like filler content, and all of those episodes should have been cut. Then, Cain could have escaped from Lucifer instead of dying, and come back in Season 4 to help Father Kinley or be a villain in some other way.


Without Ella constantly shipping Decker and Pierce nobody would've expected them to be a couple...


The shows plot and story could’ve been so much more interesting if they didn’t just rewind the story every episode everything was too predictable and Lucifer the literal devil wasn’t even that strong and barely had any good powers same for the others


Michael should have been played by a different actor. (I don't know if that's unpopular).


Maybe for the first episode they keep Tom as Michael but then reveal he has shapeshifting abilities.


Have Ian Somerhalder play Michael as he was almost Lucifer at one point


How do you make an identical twin played by a different actor-


Make him not an identical twin.


I'm pretty sure Lucifer is the only place where there depicted as twins, so get rid of it. In the show it feels like they only did it to be like, wow is this cool. But in my opinion it takes away from potential emotion that 2 actors could play off one another


Most human identical twins aren't truly identical by the time they're in their 30s. Faces change as we mature -- someone who resembled Tom would have been an acceptable twin. But he did well working as two characters.


Everyone on the show is hot. Actually that's a very popular opinion. Nevermind


I’m glad they threw in some shirtless scenes of Luci and Detective Douche that showed off their abs. And more. Poor Mr. Said Out Bitch always down to his manties.


They never should have taken away Lucifer's Eyeliner.


I loved his eyeliner so much, and unrelated the one scene on TVD with Damon in eyeliner we should’ve seen more of. But yeah like it looked so good


Which scene?


When there’s a flashback to Damon in New York with his humanity off in 1977


Lucifer, not bad ass enough for the devil and Chloe, way too much botox.


Yeah, the weird rubber mask face was super distracting.


Uriel was an anticlimactic let down


God I forgot about Uriel


They always do…


I liked the the season with cane in it. Sure it dragged on a bit, but had some really cool moments. I really liked scenes where Lucifer and pierce were working together.


Oh my god, the episode where they were two gay men in suburbia cracked me up! I loved them together!


My favorite episode of the entire show!


I love that episode when Cain and Lucifer pretends to be a couple undercover.


That’s one of my favourite episodes. Season three has a few good stand alone episodes they just shouldn’t have done the stupid love triangle.


Ikr! Season 3 wasn't thta bad. The love between Chloe and Cain ruined it.


Until they had Rory in season six, the Cain and Chloe relationship was the dumbest thing in the show.


Idk if its a part of the comics but the fact that Lucifer never saw Chloe again until her death really upsets me.


Chloe does not exist in the comics. Mazikeen and Lucifer are a couple in them.


Chloe wasn't in the comics. Tbh the show isn't really a comic adaptation, it more so takes some of the characters and makes a show of it. It really doesn't have any ties to the DC universe at all except that one Arrow crossover


Ahhhh thank you bunches! Had no idea about that. Crazy how they made pretty much the central theme based on a relationship that never even happened in the comics. Even the magicians on scifi stuck closer than Lucifer i guess haha. Still great though!


Chloe is annoying and her story arch is... does it even exist? Everyone else changes and grows in a profound way, but she just stays the same. They did her character dirty.


Really unpopular opinion. Eve and Lucifer should’ve had a longer more thought out relationship. Lucifers whole thing was that he didn’t give a fuck about what God or other people said about his relationship. But a priest tells him about Eve and him and he’s like “alright cool”


I wanted a convo between Trixie and Chloe about Lucifer being the actual devil and then Trixie to just be like "oh i know". Like shes just always known because she knows he wouldnt lie to her and stuff.


I envisioned this too.


Fox did a better job at biblical lore for Lucifer and bit closer to comics in theme than Netflix.


True! But even though the Fox seasons were more comic accurate, I did really like the Netflix seasons. They seemed darker and more emotional and stuff (to me at least 🤷🏼‍♀️) which I liked


Not that unpopular honestly. Except for season 4 i liked Netflix but Fox's seasons were better


Idk season 3 was pretty bad


Fox era was mature urban fantasy. Netflix era is melodramatic YA.


Exactly, as a guy raised in a very religious family, I started to care less about the show when it started being less *biblically accurate*


Lucifer should have been less of a idk goof It felt like as seasons went on he kinda loses his devil ness which may be the point but to me he just got less cool/ cunning


Yes! I loved the swagger in early Season 1, where it seemed possible it was a clever act and there could be a ruthless man under the charm. I wish he’d kept some of that mystery around strangers and only been vulnerable around Chloe and Linda. Then it would have hit really hard whenever his mask broke (with Father Frank, Amenadiel or whoever).


Yes agreed I find him really annoying in later seasons


I liked the musical episode


I love the opening with Lucifer and the dancers.


There was nowhere near enough singing.


I like the cop part of the show and don't like that netflix got away from that later. I liked the "mystery of the week" where Lucifer and less often Chloe made the case all about them and it related to a higher purpose with the direction of the show. Lucifer and Chloe had the best chemistry with these and I liked their flirty, will they-won't they dynamic. I think the old formula worked and I didn't like all the crazy celestial stuff as much later on


Why was it a big deal that Chloe was a gift from god and also in the years of knowing lucifer maze would understand how he is and I think she over reacted at some points (feel free to argue you with me I would like to hear your opinions)


Chloe had an issue with being a gift because it meant that she existed only for someone else. Meaning she was more like an object than a human being. It was only thanks to Ammenadiel that the gift aspect was reworded to make it so she wasn't the gift, but how she was the only one to see lucifer for who he was, everyone else only had their desires reflected back at him. I don't think Maze overreacted with alot of things... though I can't really picture what she would have overreacted about.


I'm pretty sure you'd be upset if you had to fathom that your entire creation/existence is for ONE person only. The only reason that you exist is to fall in love with someone. Its a lot to swallow


Lucifer was nerfed


Aurora should have never existed and the show should have ended with S5 as originally planned


Pretty sure thats a very popular opinion...


Where is the unpopular opinion in your comment?


Or instead of aurora, Lucius would’ve have been really cool to see.




I watch the show ironically. Honestly it’s so bonkers and I love how it always just grazes by making fun of itself. It’s an homage to 80’s detective couples shows and just a fun reason to look at beautiful people. I adore it. Plot points are pencilled in on the go, the humor juvenile and the love story ridiculous. I will never stop watching and loving this show. There are some real moments in there, though. And I’m desperately smitten with Tom Ellis.


The show only has 1 plot point. Hot person doing hot things.


Wish there was more focus on the supernatural aspect. We should’ve seen more out of the angels and demons. The “war” for the title of god was too lax. This was a war between angels and demons…there should’ve been more ramifications to the world (apocalypse style) I’m all for humanizing the characters, but they basically killed the supernatural part of them after Netflix Would’ve been cool to see historical events actually impacted by supernatural stuff, not just a whisper here or a bang there I liked the ending, for what the show turned into (love story and all) it was fitting, but the love story should’ve been a detail, not the main point (example, when Lucifer loses his powers there should’ve been a world ending threat that he can only stop once his Chloe epiphany happens)


I thought the Angel battles were really corny. Twenty winged people facing off in an empty colosseum felt like my kids playing with action figures. It would have been better if they’d each fought with a special power (Uriel’s butterfly nudges, Amenadiel’s time stopping, etc.).


I prefer Lucifer and Chloe’s dynamic when they are just friends, the banter is better.


Their relationship never felt healthy to me. She never once opened up and made herself vulnerable to him, so it never felt equal. She mothered him instead of confiding in him and trusting him with her most secret doubts (whether she was a good enough mother, whether she did the right thing in a hard case, etc.)




Hell in the show is horribly designed. If it is meant to punish those who feel guilty, that means psychopaths and sociopaths go to heaven. It also punishes the guilty with their death scene as we're shown. Not what they're actually guilty about. Does that mean, if you feel guilty about being the cause of your best friends death when you were 12, but you died peacefully in bed at 106 years old, do you relive that last day? We're also shown that only the devil can break people out of their initial loop and it just feels like a dream to everyone. How are you supposed to confront your guilt if you don't even feel like it's real.


Maze is annoying. Amenadiel is most of the time boring. Linda is underrated. Chloe is overhated. There should’ve been more Dan-Lucifer scenes. God was written terribly and lazily.


I agree with the Maze part. She was exceptionally whiny as the show went on. Love love love Leslie Ann Bryant but how maze started being written was ugh. I feel the same way about Chloe though too. Like…I find it veryyyyy hard to believe that she would chose to give up being a detective just for Lucifer. Her independence just wasn’t there like it had been in the earlier seasons.


I wish she and Lucifer had had each other’s backs throughout the show. I loved when she was mad at Lucifer but still showed up to protect him at the gang fight. Imagine if he had returned the favor later in the show, showing up to help her fight her way out of a tight spot and then saying, “what did you expect? Of course I’ll always be there.” We could have had an insanely strong platonic relationship worthy of millennia of backstory, and it could have evolved to be more equal as Lucifer matured.


I think Chloe was the best in first two seasons and had better dynamic with lucifer. Probably they should have stayed as friends.


S3 triangle should have had Lucifer as the focal point


Lowkey wish they had shown more of Lucy’s penthouse at Lux… im a sucker for nice architecture and real estate so I always kinda wondered what the rest of the penthouse looked like


I'll go first and say that my bisexual ass is always confused when watching the show, but I think Linda is the hottest person on the show


It honestly confuses me when they talk about Charlotte like she's the sexiest person on the planet. Sure, she's attractive I guess, but I find her less attractive than everyone on the main cast.


>she's attractive I guess, but I find her less attractive than everyone on the main cast. agreed, but I guess she's super tall if you're into that haha


My bi ass loves Maze and Lucifer equally


Maze is a fucking snacc. No, a wholeass meal


>My bi ass loves Maze and Lucifer equally a threesome with them would be a dream


I'd not mind the death by snu snu


Lolololol sameeeee. I also love Ella 😂


What about Eve? Her only problem is her codependence.


Eve is beautiful


She reminds me of [Lisa Loeb](https://youtu.be/Jof9DvGfTB8), especially with the glasses. Both are 54 and both have aged remarkably well.


I'm straight af but Linda is clearly the hottest.


>I'm straight af but Linda is clearly the hottest. I mean she does Yoga, hot yoga


Straight lady here amd I think Linda is super sexy. Reminds me of Bernadette from the Big Bang Theory -


Everyone is like spaghetti, straight until things get hot and steamy.


She reminds me of Greg’s mum from Diary of a Wimpy Kid!




Yes, Rachael Harris is the hottest main character (Tricia Helfer was never "main") I was really disappointed that [Surviving Jack](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surviving_Jack) was cancelled, was a great show.


They should've added a flashback scene(or episode) that shows the rebellion battle against God


I thought it was weird how they made a big deal about Amenadiel having a baby with a human and saying it’s the first time an angel and human have had a kid, when the nephilim existed according to the Bible lol


I loved Cain as the villian and i think is arc actually makes a lotsense if you look at it more simplisticly. Man is cursed with immortality who watched everyone he's loved die. Man becomes very powerful in his thousand years of living. He finds out a woman can cure is immortality if she falls in love with him. Plan works. He realizes he can die with the woman because he loves her too. Its a very interesting concept.


That Chloe was more of a Det Douche than Dan. I liked how they did the recap episode. Usually it’s just like memories but having it part of a book she’s writing seemed like a good way to do it. Not sure if they’re unpopular but I need to bring them up. The way Ella found out was lame. I whole heartedly wanted the angels to save her when the serial killer was choking her. Like Azreal, Lucifer, Amenediel, shit even Michael liked her I think. Just kool-aid man their way in through walls and the ceiling. the final season should have been more in heaven and hell like the rest of the angels judging him. And I really thought not giving Lucifer and Trixie a farewell scene was a huge miss.


I think Lucifer should have taken over as God - I think season six would have been a lot more fun having Lucifer seeing what his Dad had to go through as an omnipotent/omniscient being, maybe even realizing “That’s why Dad was…*Dad!*” I think it’d still end with Amenadiel taking over but I think it would have been a lot of fun seeing Lucifer trying to get a hang of God’s powers/seeing what it’s like through God’s omniscient eyes.


I have some:. - The show should have ended after S4. Honestly, I even like the much-hated S3 more than S5 and S6. - I prefer the slender Lucifer of the early seasons to the bulky Lucifer of the later seasons. - The show was better as long as Lucifer and Chloe weren't a couple. - I prefer the episodes that focus more on crime solving and less on supernatural stuff.


Why not have Jesus as the main good brother ? I mean that just makes sense


I understand why they did the show like they did, and I enjoyed it well enough for what it is, and watched it all the way through. But I still wish they'd done a proper adaptation of the comic. I would Love to see that done properly on the screen.


I really don't like Ella. Everyone in the show keeps on saying she's SO nice but she doesn't do anything nicer than what other characters do (haven't seen s6 but it would be too late anyway). She even has very problematic behavior in scenes that are key to her character development/exposition. She forces Lucifer to go to church like some sort of cult recruiter. She's upset that Cain reacted poorly to her being super cheery about him supposedly killing his brother's killer. Especially that last one, she has him apologize and everyone in the show acts like she's in the right, I wanted to smack her so bad


Yes! She feels like a character where the writers were so in love with the actress that now they're going to shove her into every possible minute of the show, whether it makes sense or not, and a lot of times I find her insufferable. Like she interrogates suspects sometimes??? Wtf is that ever so not her job and not how it works. And her just so cheerfully shouting out at the top of her lungs, "HEY GREAT JOB YOU MURDERED HIM WOW SO AMAZING" holy shit stfu Ella! Normal human beings don't get off like that at having killed someone, even if it was a bad guy, and Pierce clearly wasn't celebrating, try reading the room.


I only get annoyed with Ella when she's pushing Pierce on Chloe when Chloe is clearly not into him and likes Lucifer, she totally projects and bulldozes her feelings onto Chloe instead of pausing to see she still liked Lucifer, which was obvious


I agree with you. I also dislike Ella. Comedy comedy I know… but she’s disrespectful to the dead sometimes within view of their family and friends. I’d let that slide but it’s something Chloe chews Lucifer out about during season 1. I wish they had stuck with the idea that we do not make jokes at the victim’s expense *at the actual crime scene*. Instead they brought in a character who that’s her whole shtick. Ella is even more self-centered and oblivious to the needs of others than even Lucifer at his worst. She forces physical affection on people without consent, among the other things you’ve listed.


I cannot stand Deckerstar as a couple. Lucifer would have been so much better with Maze or Eve. I also preferred the way he was in S1 to later seasons.


I have the exact same opinion. I think I would have liked him with Eve or just single. Redemption through romantic love is kinda boring. They could have had him care about a human without making it romantic. I think that would confused lucifer more.


It’s not like I even mind the concept of it- it was just…CHLOE. I found her so damn boring.


I think Linda should have gotten a little bit of super-human improvement from banging the devil and angel. Like superhuman reflexes or able to play poker really well.


Choles (Idk her real name, Laura I think?) acting isn’t the best when she’s all “in love” with Lucifer :(


Season 6 is weird and hard to watch


Lucifer was far better in Series 1 than the test of the show. Lucifer was childfree and should have remained as so Dan is the sexiest man in the show


Chloe is not as good of an actor as everyone else and brings down the show


Agree! Especially as Tom Ellis develops his own Lucifer, Lauren German just does NOTHING with Chloe and it’s so obvious after season 3


I think Ellis got more freedom than German. From bts, it seems she got tons of feedback from directors and producers that seemed to hamstring how much she could stray outside their vision of the character. I don't know for sure obviously. But when German went undercover where she wasn't Chloe, we got to see more of her range and humor. Sadly, we didn't get much.


Yeah, I don't think it's entirely her fault because she was good in Chicago Fire, but she's just not as good as everyone else.


Every one else's character, the way showrunners decided to present them, with the exception of Ella, are just way more interesting. German got the dud. Even Ellis mentioned her role was harder of the two. I think she did her best with her hilarious facial expressions and brief chances to break out of character with undercover Chloe, but she had to be boring opposite Ellis's elaborate, ridiculousness. Like I'm just willing to see German in a production that recognizes her strengths in a character and for a storyline that is better developed and written. German as Chloe just isn't a fair way to judge her abilities, imo.


Maze is boring A Candy/Lucifer/Chloe love triangle would’ve been better than either we received on the show. Season 3 was far too late to give Chloe an on screen boss. Linda didn’t need either kid, and Chloe didn’t deserve either of hers. Well, maybe she deserved Rory.


no chemistry.


"Not sure if this is unpopular" *knowingly posts a popular opinion*


Idk if this is unpopular but Chloe was not a good mother.


Yeah, in some ways I do agree. I always wondered why she’d want to date someone who always said they didn’t like kids. Lucifer was nice to Trixie but really didn’t know how to handle her, and went behind Chloe’s back several times - they wouldn’t have been able to coparent very well.


I think that Trixie got forgotten quite a bit during the show by both her parents. I especially hated it how little Chloe cared for her after Dan died. But recently I read an interview that the child actress that played Trixie had other engagements so she wasn’t in many scenes. They could have done it better though Actually, I think Lucifer as a stepfather could have really worked, he would have been a complete disaster on the daily stuff but I can see them bonding really well.


Yeah every episode I was always thinking that especially since her and Dan wouldn’t be home for days and I’m here thinking where tf is trixie


With Maze, lol!


Chloe's face is too plastic. Took a few seasons to finally ignore it.


Whole Deckerstar couple concept had less chemistry than primary school chemistry class has,which is basically none


I liked season 6.


You’re a brave one and I salute you 🫡


You are also one of the few people who understood what "unpopular opinion" means. :)


Chloe was miscast.


Oh, how I agree with you there. The actress playing Chloe is more wooden than Keanu Reeves playing an oak in a primeval forest.


The cast raved about how funny Germa was bts, and she seems very raunchy from outtakes and bts. Outside of a few undercover story lines like Mrs. Morningstar, or at the tequila party, we didn't get to see her experiment with the role or display what seemed to be a great sense of humor.




Chloe can’t act. And there was no actual physical chemistry between and Lucifer. You could see the lust and how much fun maze and Lucifer had. Even with eve you could see a bit of a connection. But him And Chloe? No it just felt forced


Deckerstar is incompatible.


I liked season 6 🤫


It would have been immensely better if it fully pursued the romantic angle, leaving aside all the celestial nonsense. (Doesn't mean you don't get a glimpse of celestials here and there when the story needs it, but the less they are seen, the more mysterious they are, the better the show is.Lucifer had the opportunity to play - for better or for worse - in the Faust league, and it decided not to. Too bad IMO.


I think Maze is a good character with an interesting journey.


I enjoyed all of it, even the parts that everyone hates. What can I say? It doesn't take much to make me happy.


Season 6 isn’t as bad as this sub says.


I thought season 6 was worth it for the wedding.


The woman who plays Chloe is a horrible actress. Like amber heard horrible


If you read the comments it seems to be a popular opinion. I agree with you, the actress isn't that good :(


The way it ended was just fine


Not a fan of Lucifer x Chloe


Chloe eyebrows are too close together and too long


It’s overrated First season was the best


Are y’all really part of this sub, claiming the show is overrated.. (Of course you’re entirely entitled to your opinion. I just disagree immensely)


Even though it's fun and enjoyable series and I even liked season 6, it pains me greatly to call it the biggest wasted potential. It could have been SO MUCH MORE.


No idea if it’s unpopular, but I would very much have liked for them to continue with Decker investigating Lucifer’s actions.


It's gonna be so unpopular but I thought the episode with caleb, when amenadiel gets treated bad by the cops because he is black, felt so forced, I thought here we go netflix sacrifising actual story lines for their wokeness, but later they managed to make it more natural with the whole amenadiel becomming a cop and wanting to sort out the injustice in the police department. It's so so weird when shows just do one episode on a problem and the next episode it's gone and forgoten about, makes it feel so out of place


The final season fucking sucked. Why was trixi not there when her mom was dying but 50 million old demon daughter was? Also Chloe becoming some warrior cause of a fucking sword was dumb, Mazes story went no where. Dan’s story started strong but began to decline. Amednial (how ever you spell his name) becomes a cop and then decides to be god? Like what the fuck is that shit? Mrs Lopez revelation of Lucifer was stupid and just there to give her something to do. I’m probably missing some stuff but season 6 was awful. The only redeeming aspect of that season was in the final scene, you see Patrick Fabian reprise his role from an earlier season as Linda’s ex husband in a therapy seeion. Watching him told me that I could be watching a better show; Beter Call Saul, currently Airing it’s final season this year, set to return for the second half of its final season July 11, for cable users and AMC+ subscribers.


I like season 3, and Pierce/Cain


Pretty sure all my opinions are opposite, judging by reactions. I loved Cain, disliked Ella a bit, hated S5 ending, loved S6 ending, quite liked Rory, have zero issues with time travel silliness, on and on.


season 2 was boring as hell.


Season 6 wasnt actually that bad.


I enjoyed season 6. I thought it was a good ending to the show. That is all.


I liked the last season


s6 is good. the finale is good. i liked it


There were times I wanted Chloe and Dan to get back together. I think it was more so I just really felt sorry for Dan (like every season, besides the half season he got to be happy and in love).


Amenadiel is a really pretty name ☺️


I love all 6 seasons!!


I loved the ending...


The first 2 season was the best and each progressive season got worse, lucifer himself got worse and too soppy and whiny but we don’t notice or care because deckstar became a thing


Should have been finished at season 3. Honestly the continuous will they/won't they dynamic got annoying as every season the writers came up with another way to reset their dynamic.