The teaser had me hyped but this really has my ass shaking at a velocity i didn’t realize was humanly possible


Good gracious


🎶 Ass is bodacious 🎶


We Bulgarians had a sneak peek a looong time ago: https://youtu.be/BcWlLGDvmEE


SM out here buying the rights of European songs again lol it ain't even spring but it already feels like a hot summer


They're still doing this recently, TVXQ Changmin's Devil was a reimagining of a European song too


Devil was remake of [Alex Runo's Devil](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgoGNV9FTyY) who seems to be from Sweden


I a) did not know that Devil was a cover and b) would not have guessed the original artist was Swedish. I just listened to it, though, and it was really good! I’m definitely going to check out more of his work. SM’s been doing covers since the dawn of time, though, and I love to hear them. I remember a local station used to play [Holla](https://youtu.be/Zt1yx4ou-7Q) before SHINee covered it. [Next Level](https://youtu.be/o3bSpZeH434) (covered by Aespa) is a more recent one. It’s always fun to compare how each artist interprets the song. Rover suits Kai’s voice well and was an excellent choice for him. I definitely enjoyed his music video concept more compared to Dara, but I’m torn on the singing. Both versions were very strong vocally.


I actually love majority of SM covers - they seem to fit boh artists (original and SM one) also the benefit of more people discovering usually smaller or not in the same internet bubble popular artists is a plus. Rover is not my favourite track from the album ngl, but the video is definitely up to Kai's standard. I feel like both versions of rover have their own charms, Dara's is smoother while Kai's is more textured making it fun to listen in both versions.


I mean Sweden is the powehouse of pop music writers see Max Martin's entire career


Dara is going to get views and royalties for that song, checked more of her stuff out and it's not really for me, but maybe some erigoms will stay fans <3


They actually bought the song from her nothing wrong with it she agreed to it


The chorus makes a lot more sense now in the context of the original song.


wow it's literally almost the same


Because Kai’s song is a cover lol.


It’s not a cover. SM will have bought the rights to the song and then they rewrote it with Korean lyrics. They do this all the time. Dancing Queen (snsd) is mercy by Duffy, run devil run was a Kesha demo, shinee have had western remakes too but I can’t pull them off the top of my head


Next Level was a fast and the furious song originally


SHINee's Replay was a Corbin Bleu (the guy from highschool musical) demo 😂 and Juliette was actually Corbin's song [Deal With It](https://youtu.be/p02PiXAoaw8)


Yeah we know. It’s common knowledge SM buys rights and then reworks the song. Using the same melodies is why I called it a cover. This wasn’t a demo that was sold to SM, it was a produced and promoted song by a different popstar from last year. It’s technically considered a “derivative work” but cover is easier to say.


Derivative? Exact same chorus and beat?


Hahahaha I know right.


Don’t think the language flip is enough to make it a derivative work. Think the demo would just be a work made for hire shopped to 2 different companies, SM obviously having a stipulation that they can make lyrical amendments.


It's still prerry much a cover. Like, when a youtuber makes an English version of a Japanese song, it's still a cover.


Even the title is the same 😲


Does no one else just think this proccess is shit? Sure, it's done legally, but I'd be pissed if I waited forever for a comeback and it was essentially a cover. Like, at least make it an interpolation or something.


This isn't unique to SM or even Kpop. Some of the most famous songs in the world are covers of other artists and just like Dara did for Kai & SM, they're often involved in the rework to suit the new artist. Sometimes people know they're covers, a lot of the time, they don't. To name a few: * "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce was originally recorded by Jean. * "Respect" by Aretha Franklin was originally recorded by Otis Redding * "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse was originally recorded by The Zutons * "Whatta Man" by Salt n Pepa & En Vogue was originally recorded by Lynda Lyndell. And then there's I.O.I's version too. * "Landslide" by Miley Cyrus was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac * "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm was originally by Michael Jackson The list goes on and on and on. This has been common for literal decades. 100s of years if you wanna start including classical music too. It doesn't mean the new version is lesser than the old, it doesn't mean its lazy, it's just appreciation for good music done by a new artist. Edited cause my formatting was wild.


I only care that it sounds good. And this sounds good.


There are 5 other songs seem to not be covers in the EP + not the first time SM did this and it seems that Kai himself is really happy with the choice from the interviews.


You’d be surprised how often this happens in kpop. Buying songs from other artist and just using Korean lyrics instead. It’s also a thing outside of Kpop. Most people aren’t even aware of it so I don’t think it’s that big a deal


As a fan, not really. It doesn't make much of a difference if I enjoy the song and I do. The song is already pretty cool so I don't see why they would fix something that isn't broken, but still there were trademark SM changes like a highnote bridge, more vocal layering etc.


I would be pissed too. I want the artists I follow to have something unique and have their own color. But to nearly copy a whole song? That just screams lazy to me from the company's part. Like I'm okay if you sample a little bit, have references to past songs, have some similarities to other songs, and if it fits in your song but don't nearly copy the whole thing.


You all have got nothing else to complain about a perfectly fine song and album release so now it's about how lazy it is to copy. ( Which btw speaks how little you all know about how the music industry works in general ) >I want the artists I follow to have something unique and have their own color. And Kai very much has his own color though. The majority of folks who follow Kai don't expect him to write his own songs or produce his own music. We don't expect him to be a musical genius. The reason we all love Kai is because of his performance aspects. Because he's an incredible performer. And we love his music because we really enjoy seeing his vision for these songs. How he picks out songs and uses them to create a vibe visually and performance wise. All his albums have been visual masterpieces. That's where he shines and that's where he is unique. >don't nearly copy the whole thing. The OG singers sold the song to SM btw. And they are credited as producers for the song. You all make it sound like that's not music industry works. Many folks write whole songs and sell it to companies and then the artists pick what they like, tweak it to their needs and record and release it. That's literally how the music industry works. If you don't like a song that's fine. But let's not call things lazy. They put effort into recording the song, writing the lyrics in Korean, they changed the bridge to make it work for k-pop, created a fantastic video with meaning, and have shot the entire Film: Kai for the entire album. Nothing about this is lazy.


>The majority of folks who follow Kai don't expect him to write his own songs or produce his own music I don't expect that from him or any artists I follow. I didn't even mention this in my comment at all. Don't even know where you are getting this from. *The OG singers sold the song to SM btw. And they are credited as producers for the song. You all make it sound like that's not music industry works. Many folks write whole songs and sell it to companies and then the artists pick what they like, tweak it to their needs and record and release it. That's literally how the music industry works.* I know that's how the music industry works, I follow many other Kpop artists and non Kpop artists. Having producers produce songs for artists is something normal in the music industry. Problem is that the original artist already released a song using this beat which makes Kai's release feel like a cover and not a full on new release. Sure the original artist sold the song rights to him but it still cheapens his release cuz the original artist already made an official release with an mv before selling it to him. Had the original artist released her version as a demo, I would not complain about this at all but clearly the original artist didn't. In my opinion, it is still lazy for the company to not make sure that the beat they are using has not been released officially. Of the hundreds and millions of songs he or SM could have chosen they chose a song that was previously released which makes it seem like SM does not put any effort or care to prevent this from happening. Ultimately, making Kai's release feel like a cover to the original. Not a new release or comeback.


Anyone who listens to SM's discography knows that they are more than capable of releasing fresh and well constructed songs, possibly the best in the entire industry. Choosing Rover as a song for Kai was clearly a well thought out business decision. At the end of the day, hardly anybody outside Eastern Europe knows the original song, yet, the song had the capability to go viral, which Kai is helping do. So doesnt really feel like a cover if you never heard the original! I believe that the song also suits Kai more than mhmm and peaches. So why not?


Thanks for linking 😊 after listening to both, I kinda prefer Daras version 🙊


I have to agree! Dara’s vocals are much smoother and more appealing IMO, Kai’s has way too much autotune, yeah it’s for effect, but distracting by the end of the song




Please find me someone saying that. 🙄 No one thinks Kai is a songwriter. He is a performer and he's doing a fabulous job. Do you do this everytime a (k)pop artist releases a song written by someone else? Must be a full time job.


Who is calling him musical genius? Your comment is really unwarranted


I love this original cuz of the lyrics and her voiceee! Can someone recommend me more songs like this?


Още като видях тийзъра за Bomba казах, че е чалга песен (даже ги оплитах още от тийзърите Bomba и Rover). Направо българският Фики и там каквито са популярни сега. :D Даже в песента на Key Killer има един момент, когато пее с леко придихание в края на фразите като Азис. Чалгаризацията на SМ е тук :D :D :D


What does "chalgarization" mean?


Chalga is a very popular music style in Bulgaria (the genre brings very polarizing opinions with itself but that's another topic). Hence me saying SM's style is becoming chalga oriented in a joking way. So I made up this word or maybe chalgafication is better.


Ooh, a neologism. Nice. Thanks for the explanation. I tried Googling it and got some very confusing results. (And now if you look it up this page will show up as the top match, lol.)


You're welcome! :) We usually use the suffixes "-rization"/ "-nization" (in Bulgarian it's -rizaciq (-ризация)/-nizaciq (-низация)) and similar ones to say something is turning into/becoming like the thing mentioned before the suffix. It's definitely a used word in our language but to get results you need to google it in Cyrillic - чалгаризация.


плача 😭


няма начин.. 😭😭


damn ok just a straight up cover for a TT. Hmmm...- I like the original better tbh. The 'rover rover rover, I'm coming over' bit is really annoying in Kai's version.


Sneak peak haha! 😁


This is already my favorite Kai song lol…ugh I hate to mention it but how am I gonna survive when he enlists 😫


It's teetering on that for me! Reason has always been my favorite Kai track, and was actually one of my SOTYs for 2020. I never really cared for any other song he's made tbh, let alone his title tracks (Mmmh and Peaches were meh to me) but Rover is SOOO GOOD it might take over Reason. Didn't think that would happen, half because I'm not really a fan of his music in general/overall, but also half because Reason was SO good.


I’m so freaking glad that the title track this time is like, not slow lol. That’s what sets it apart for me!


the chorus is such an earworm and kai is oozing with deadly charisma, we love it!!! aesthetics said BUDGET, too!! i feel like the chorus is gonna be some next viral tiktok dance lol


So kind of Kai to give us the first ass shaking summer jam of 2023


this might be his best work yet! sonically and visually this style suits him like a glove. it’s a perfect match for me and i’m gonna listen the shit out of this song


i thought mmmh and peaches could not be topped but here's rover actually running straight to top 1 lol


The song suits his style a lot and I was more than down just by looking at that smooth and beautiful, visually pleasing thumbnail. The choreography breakpoints are so cool as well. I'm lovin it~~


This was such a fun track, and easy to listen to. No strange ups and downs, you can tell where the song is going. This style fits Kai very well. The video has these quirky elements to it too, pleasant watch. Ps. (I chuckled at the live chat of the video someone said "Yasss very antifragile of him" )


>I chuckled at the live chat of the video someone said "Yasss very antifragile of him" 😭😭😭 ​ My fav scene is when he's cutting the wig. I can feel the fun 😆


That was funny too, he also loved wearing that scarf on his head. I can just feel him being goofy during the recording of the music video.


I've never loved a man more in my life


Don’t ever set me free from your chokehold on me Kim Jongin! 😩 This was everything, such a easy listen but I loved the dance and mv, he never disappoints and I’m living for the slight crop tops like it’s so attractive, he seriously can pull of anything! You’ve done it again Kai ❤️💯


Love the song, the choreography and the visuals! But too bad that they didn’t do more than just sampling the original song. It’s basically the exact same song , same chorus and lyrics but in Korean… And the song is not even 1 year old… https://youtu.be/BcWlLGDvmEE


I don't think it's a sample? I think the producers sold the exact same song to two different artists (maybe they assumed since it's in two foreign languages people wouldn't notice) and one happened to come out earlier than the other. This wouldn't be the first time this has happened to an SM artist/act


I think it’s probably just a remake (like Hot Summer or Next Level) - it looks like the original artist is credited in Kai’s version along with the original producers!


Oh I didn't see that! So I suppose it's not like Mercy/Dancing Queen then, huh


i think they did the same thing with better by boa? thank you for posting this tho i might just bump the original her voice is so good


Woah thats...disappointing?


omy god?!!??! i didnt know that! thank you for the link! it is so low effort from kai team?!?!! im shocked


SM does this all the time


SME bought the song. I listened/watched the original and Kai's version back to back, and honestly, I think Kai and his team did a much better job. The original bored me halfway through it. Too many repeats of "same ol' same ol'" concepts. Kai's was much more interesting artistically, musically, and visually.


You're totally right, but at the same time the comparison feels a bit unfair, seeing how Kai's budget was obviously magnitudes bigger than Dara's. Like, her video most probably wouldn't exist if it weren't an elaborate ad for "Hell" energy drink and "Nedelya" cakes. Bulgarian pop is at a much different place from k-pop.


the layering of vocals really made the vocals feel much more connected to the instrumental. Kai's version feels like the upgraded version, the bridge that they added and the different flow of the verses give it a much needed edge too. SM killed it with this one imo!


The drama? The theatrics? The body rolls? THIS is why i love kpop and Kai serves every single damned time


I was not ready!! I'm freaking out. That was everything I didn't know I needed. Best title track yet.


This is the closest Kai vibe title track so far imo, and easily my most favorite. Feel like the video and concept is another perspective on his teleportation, its really interesting. I was also shook by his high note.


>another perspective on his teleportation My grandma-kpopper heart is loving that he's still rolling with the powers theme EXO has!




I think out of all the exo solos kai seems to incorporate his exo powers the most into his mvs right?


Absolutely shook, Kai is just fucking incredible, sheesh. Love all the imagery throughout the MV with the Fortune Teller, the ballerinas, the hair salon, etc. I don't know what it all means as whole but damn was it interesting to look at lol.


I need explanation bcs I feel dumb watching this hahaha


He's an identity theive. That's why he's a rover or wanderer also the MV has references of movie characters too.


Summer came early! Kai is guesting on Eunche’s show i hope they dance to both rover and antifragile


this is one of the most interesting yet easily listenable things i’ve heard in kpop in forever???? first of all he sounds SO good and the bridge was easily the best part for me but idk the transitions were smoooooth as hell too and he utilizes his voice in so many different, creative ways here and i’m obsessed with this moody almost film noir aesthetic i’m so excited to see his album film omg i loved both his previous TT but this was already my fave of the three on first listen




Rover rover rover im coming over over over DAMN THAT IS TOO CATCHY!!!!!




Yes. We know SME bought the song from Dara. Even comnenters of the original video knew it. You can stop now.


Respectfully, I’m dripping in sweat. This man is illegal.




The scene of him shirtless in the jacket had me knocking my headphones off. I was not emotionally prepared


The bandana around his head with the sunglasses had me rolling tbh LOL it was so funny to look at


Bringing Babushka-chic to kpop


Styling (head only) welcoming holy month (next week) 😭😭😭


It was very Asap Rocky of him, but I dug it.


It fits him that’s for sure and it’s catchy. I didn’t vibe with this however maybe because I way too used to listen to these type of songs while growing up so I’m tired of that who knows. He still looked stunning, one of the most beautiful idols and celebrities in general. He is so fine


Am I crazy? I keep hearing the Samsung notification sound in the background lol.


i thought someone was pressing the calling bell of our house ....lol


I don't know what to say. This is so fucking good! The bridge is so engaging, and the OUTRO! It's a very dance song, so fucking catchy too. Honestly I had high expectations and he surpassed them all. Also, the MV was so good too. I love the point choreo, and the outfits and everything. Now I'll listen to the album hehe.




I think from the very first album Kai knew his limitations and stuck to what he did best, and this made him pick pop bangers that can lead to engaging choreographies. And pop/r&b is more popular/trendy globally than the slower paced songs that some of the vocalists have done.


This reminds me of how Taemin went the same road as a soloist and got so massively popular! He knew his strength was dancing, apart from knowing where his vocal limits lie, and chose give his everything on the overall concepts instead. Power besties indeed.


yeah exactly, great vocalists often choose to focus on vocals, while others know they can't rely just on that and choose bangers instead. baekhyun is someone who has tread that line wisely, I think.


I think the genres Baekhyun chose helped him a lot too. All I Got is one of his BEST tracks but if all of his albums and title tracks sounded like that, it wouldn't have had an impact as huge as Candy.


If we're really going to start comparing their numbers and engagement, then Baekhyun's on top there and he's definitely considered an EXO vocalist.


This was not the plot twist I expected when I first got into EXO in 2014. We love to see it!!!


I think it's because all of them are exploring their own unique visions and tastes. That's why we get variety in their solo outputs.


An absolutely magnificent album. Three for three for Kai. His discography is truly impressive. This album really feels like he has so much fun with it. For those commenting on the sampling, you have much to learn about kpop. This is very common place and was not a surprise to any of us, it was well documented that this was happening. Feels really pathetic to see people describe this as "disappointing" when Kai has clearly put his spin on the song and it wasn't any big secret that the sampling was happening. Maybe people who think it's disappointing need to look at their favs and see how much sampling occurs there. Just recently I was looking at how much for example Ateez samples but they don't get called out for it the way Kai has been. The bigger the star the bigger the droves of moaners. If you have a problem with the quantity of sampling then that's your problem? Although I doubt your favs haven't varied the extent of their sampling. This was an artistic decision. You don't get to classify it as disappointing. You can say you don't like the song but you are over stepping when you judge the process behind the creation of Rover. Basically, if you're here to simply voice a negative opinion, do it after reading up on the lead up to the creation of Rover and the extent to which this was PLANNED. Then go touch some grass Mr/Miss Mega Music Producer Who Knows Everything. 😊


Holy shit. I know this is oversaid at this point but he honestly ate and left no crumbs. The songwriters/producers did such a good job, it's so hypnotic (it's in Phrygian mode isn't it?) and the choreo looks so catchy and addictive already. The music video is so pretty too, I haven't been able to dissect it,, but what even is this aesthetic?? Cowboy who's planning to change his name and run away and also ballerinas? I don't know what's going on but sign me tf up I cannot wait for a music show stage of this.




This suits him so well. Well done, Kim Kai!




Kai never disappoints! Phew Admittedly I do prefer his prior TTs, mainly because I don’t know how I feel about chorus, but his own discography is a high standard. Looking forward to the stage performances!


soty, aoty, mv oty. love it! love the mv aesthetic it's so dark and grungy almost similar to obsession at parts. kai never disappoints


Woaaah it's so good! I love how Kai went the same route as Taemin in his solo career, in that they both ran to the type of music they loved most, picked songs that fit their vocal range the easiest and went HAM on the choreo. They both were really smart about their early solo career choices, and going from that they just continued to bloom. It's impossible to be a fan of one and not the other, while at the same time their own work aren't complementary, they just exist completely individually and stand proudly on their own. I was a Taemin stan since Lucifer, and I became a Kai stan with his very first teaser, and have never looked back since.


A perfect type of a song for him, it just feels right!


AND THAT'S 3 FOR 3 FOR KAI'S LEAD SINGLES..... like hit after hit omg


Earworm. That chorus is stuck in there. It also makes me want to dance. And that mv was interesting too


thank you for the bop mr frank william




Is there an explanation of the video anywhere? He has multiple ids like a spy and there’s a ballerina?


this comeback is literally a banger <3 i'm so obsessed




I can’t help it this is such a vibe - my fav kpop song of 2023 so far




Kai never disappoints. His work is always so classy and cool


*Bopping while trying to dance subtly sitting on my office chair!* My favourite from him. It suits him so well, sonically and aesthetically both.


This is so catchy! I love the energy. I feel like production-wise it's not as polished as his previous songs and might not hold up as much. But! it's so addictive. He's an insanely charismatic performer. The choreo looks so good! I love the interaction with the other dancers and how powerful it is overall. I genuinely can't think of another performer in kpop who could pull this off so well. The MV is s t u n n i n g! I would've loved some more storyline but I also would've been very sad to have missed out on the performance. Can sm please release two more versions of this? One for the storyline, one for the dance. Love the nods to his ballet roots. The shots with the ballerinas are gorgeous. The barber shop as a spy hideout is such a fun setting. He looks insanely good in this. Loved all the looks and cannot wait to see him perform in these.


Kai proving he is THE baby boy of K-pop. The baddest b actually. A little bit iconic


I love it! Love the song, the beat, the visuals, the dancing I freaking love all of it! The old lady looking at him like "boy, if you don't put your damn shirt on and clean up this wig hair..."😆 The scammer scarf and glasses...\*chefs kiss\* But really Kai is such an engaging artist. He always looks like he's having a blast performing and he just be out here delivering good music. Can't wait to listen to the whole album later.


Ass shaking song of the year.


four words: song of the year




Come on SM. Isn't it tiring to just buy a song and write korean lyrics to it every time? Don't they have an army of producers? Why are they still straight out covering songs?


Hey if it hits it hits.


No problem with that. It's just so.... lazy. Especially if you are in the music industry. It's cool when weird AL does it, but when a whole music label? Bad taste.


I don't really get this criticism. Buying songs from producers is a standard practice, the only distinction here is they had already released it.


I think it’s better than Peaches, but still nowhere near as good as Mmmh.


great song. I really liked it and now im checking out his other music


Loved it. So catchy right off the bat. He's so charismatic and kills it every time.


holy shit that was so good and the HIGH note!??!??!?!! His vocals have never been better. prefect tantalizing visuals with so much charm in every scene, he must have had so much fun filming this. love it way more than i expected to 🥹🥺


such a good song and album, honestly my favourite out of all his albums


Kai is 2 out of 3 on good lead singles. Loved Mmmh, but hated Peaches. I didn't know how this new single would turn out, but I was relieved by the end of the song. Solid banger. Will get radio play a lot for the next couple of months, You give me a good ass latin/reggaeton vibe and I'll like anything you put out. Choreo is fire too.


Idk why but I thought he was gonna sample the mr. lover lover part of Mr. Bombastic by Shaggy. Lol 😆 Anyway this song suited Kai well.


Am I delusional to hope he'd ever come to Europe now 🤡


Everything about this screams Kai - this is a man who has truly found his solo identity. The beat. choreo. The aesthetics. The honey vocals. The styling?! Can we please talk about how he slayed every single fit??? The live stages are gonna _slay_ and nobody is ready


this song is such a catchy bop???


Kai’s discography is actually immaculate. Kai doesn’t know what filler songs are.


I keep pausing to make sure I wasn't receiving any notifications. 😂 It's really distracting me from an otherwise great song


Thanks mr rover 🥰🥰 my new booty shakin jam


This chorus is killer and the song fits him SO well. Love it!!!


this has been on repeat all day




Blonde Kai in a Babuskha scarf and shades but still looking fine as hell 😩


I think its so crazy that hes not even a vocal line member in exo and yet he can pull off a solo album so successfully


This album is literally perfect. Absolute perfection


This p*ssy popping anthem. 🔥


Right? Kai truly is a bad b


I dont know what it is about this song and MV but this is EXACTLY what Ive been craving from kpop. Thank you Kai, im genuinely excited about kpop again for the first time in a long time. Made my day tbh!


Lost interest after hearing the chorus


I kind of love how he pulls off impossible clothes sometimes!! He is rocking the double denim. This album is 2nd after Kai! I am so happy for Nini!!!


This is soooo fun❤️ I love it when they make it both charismatic and lighthearted. Props for acknowledging different Jongin's sides. The song is a great hip shaker! I want this dance ASAP.


I love this description. Mmmh had me by the throat!!! Peaches was sweet, so lighthearted charisma is a nice evolution!!!!


His hair is so perfect and fits in so many styles.


Video looks great, Kai's styling is immaculate. His voice sounds good but the comedown from the note at 2:12ish felt like it was missing something. This song is not my favorite, but reggaeton/dancehall just aren't my thing. Glad to see this is going to be another major success for him, looking forward to the rest of the album!


This is probably my favorite single from him. Plus he looks so good here! Not sure what “hashtag me” means though.


Not feeling this musically but he still tops my list of THE finest idols out there


kai is just constantly raising the bar for hoe anthems every comeback


Kai 🤝 Baekhyun, releasing their best title track for their third mini album. ooff this was really everything coming together perfectly! I do think the last chorus choreo is better than the first one but that's all I can nitpick about this. The best SM MV since feel my rhythm probably? An intriguing non-cliche storyline, original/creative sets and outfits, and still managing to fit in the choreo without feeling formulaic. Idk who was in charge for this MV but I really hope SM keeps working with them, SM mvs have been kinda stale lately imo. Kai's facial expressions here are sooooo good too, he's having fun with it and really selling it


This is a great title track. Chorus is super catchy, and Kai is one of the best performers and charisma is out of the roof. The vocal runs are great. I love this track and release in overall. Great stuff!


This is straight up regueton and I’m living for it, Latin king 👑




He always delivers!! It’s def not my favourite TT, probably my least favourite because you really can’t’ top Mmmh but he never misses. I like how all his albums are so different from one another & he’s always giving us new vibes. How does he look good in every single fit tho!


Kai's vocals is improving each comeback. By next comeback he'd be a lead vocalist material




I mean it’s some 2 dollar purchase from the bank of European mercenary songwriters SM use. That’s about it. Kai looks insane though. As per usual.


Boy don't miss.


Well that was damn catchy. Listening it to once it got stuck in my head immediately


Mannn I love this so much, the chorus is sooo good and way too catchy. I can already see future me singing this all day all lmfao.


I was eh about the Peaches TT but I should have not doubted The Kim Jongin 😔 man dragged us all with this song. I was vibing with the song and then the beat dropped and it was like "what in the Daddy Yankee is happening??"


Loved it!! He’s so beautiful and I can’t wait to see the rest of the choreo!


The song is catchy. His clothes, style, choreo and the aesthetic of the mv are chefs kiss. His vocals! He improved a lot.


The music video is really good, obviously designed to kill all of us with his hotness. I loved everything about Mmmh and the accompanying album and really enjoyed the change in direction with Peaches so I’m my expectations were high. I don’t think they were quite met mostly because the beat and chorus are very standard dancehall/ reggae almost bordering on generic if you’re familiar with the genre. Still a great sound for his voice and I can see myself having this on rotation short term. Very excited for the album. Edit: yeah the albums amazing. Great work from Kai.


i’m soooo happy he chose a catchy, upbeat song this time around rover has a lot of potential


it's giving me bollywood vibes


Career peak kinda song in a good way


Is there anything this man can’t do?? The song is so Kai and the dance looks simple but catchy.


Best K-pop release in a while!! he knows no other than serving


ahh so I see that this is going to be the song that has me in a chokehold the way Antifragile did last year gimme more of this 🔥🔥🔥🔥


When I watched/heard this song during the chorus I immediately thought of YJ dancing to Tinnitus so I edited it together and tell me why it fits PERFECTLY. https://youtube.com/shorts/vH7wSSa9ipc?feature=share


I didn’t love this as much as his other songs but Kai simply never fails, always a bop


Loved this comeback but I was shocked to find out it’s a cover!!


Please please please, let the reggaeton/dancehall inspired vibes be the 2023 trend. I neeeeedz to shake my ass all year to some new catchy tunes


I might be crazy. There’s nothing wrong with this. Kai is a hottie, dance is fire, visuals are nice, and I feel absolutely nothing. I’m genuinely stumped. I like Kai a lot as an idol so I want to like his solo work but it has all left me emotionally cold. Maybe something can be too perfect?


Kai never misses. Very cool cover of this track from last year. https://youtu.be/BcWlLGDvmEE


that was really good, but too short! xD


Song of the year and album of the year!! I'm so proud of Kai!!