Started playing [FE000000](https://dan-simon.github.io/misc/fe000000/), which IMO is better that Antimatter Dimensions, though it is a little slower in progress [EXP Simulator](https://zakuro98.github.io/EXP-Simulator/) is another good one, but I use the beta version: [EXP Simulator Beta](https://zakuro98.github.io/EXP-Simulator-Beta/) And lastly I got into [Matter Dimensions](http://semenar.ru/matter-dim-test/) again, but I hate waiting for inertia, so I usually just check it once daily at most


> Better than AD :')


AD will be better than FE000000 in about 5 hours


I'm sorry Hevi, but it "clicked" sooner for me and got me more interested Also, it's has almost everything based around multiples of 2, so it's beautiful mathematically too Needless to say, AD was pretty dang good too, but the eternity part was sooo much harder for me I just couldn't get the hang of it without wasting so much time


AD is still the goat


I tried to get into Matter Dimensions multiple times, but the labyrinthine mechanics and lack of automation killed me every time. What made it click for you?


To be honest, I knew that the start phase is really long (waiting days for reaching at least 2x inertia multiplier on forever) and it took me a couple of tries, but I guess I really wanted to finish this game I am currently between photons and gravitons, so I didn't make much progress at all, but it's fun to watch the game unfold, just like other AD-like games, I really like this genre


And if you don't want to wait for inertia, you can just use time manipulation in your device's settings I think I tried to do that probably a year ago, but I quickly abandoned the game, so I am not using any cheats now whatsoever


great to see exp simulator is getting updates! I really liked it, I'll check it out again.


I could not progress without the respec function. Made it a lot better for new players to optimize, which is one of the cornernstones of idle games imo


Agreed. What elevates fe00000 above AD and most other games in its style is it doesn't devolve into a "guess the exact right upgrade config" game. Grinding studies has a *little* bit of this, but it's simple enough (with only three study effects) that you can complete it without ever consulting a guide. Having "wrong" upgrades is a feel-bad, and guides are a poor solution.


So for it to be better than AntiDim...it would have to be different, so far it's been pretty much a direct copy of the game....I may not be far in enough but in most cases when I see a blatant copy such as this...the respect and taking it "seriously" kind of goes down a few notches...again maybe they changed it up later but the start to mid of the game is identical to ad


I've been playing omnifactory, a minecraft mod. It plays somewhat similarly to factorio. Its very active for the first stretch but after that its a lot of setting up production and then waiting for stuff to stockpile it so you can reinvest it into more production.


Hot damn, I played omnifactory until halfway through the late game sector in quest book (I think the next step would have been fusion reactors for me). I loved it but at some point I got disconnected around early AE2. Got back into after half a year and progressed to around that point. I want to give you one hint that you will DEFINITELY need. Learn to optimize AE2. No buses, neither storage, nor import/export. Learn subnetting. Use digital storage for everything. Partition liquid storage to hold only one liquid. You might even tingle my tinkle and get me back into it..


Omnifactory was the first modpack I played where it's actually important to autocraft EVERYTHING once you unlock AE2, and I mean using level emitters to ensure you have 10k of every plate, etc. Really great modpack, lots of fun problems to solve that are different than usual modpacks, can easily recommend for anyone who likes expert/difficult packs.


yeaaaa lol. I'm still not at AE2 in omni and just crafting one new machine is so tedious, even with the special workbenches


i learned pretty quick that for stuff thats remotely cheapish in cost but tedious to make its better to make a ton of it to avoid needing to make any more of it later. i probably went through the process of crafting LV hulls over a dozen times and when i got to MV i just got enough aluminum to make a full stack of them in one shot. i'm nearly at HV now and i still have plenty left that i hopefully won't end up needing.


Yea I do make things in batches but just never have quite enough still, gotta keep increasing that batch size


Early game sucks, but once you have basic machinery it gets okay-ish, until autocrafting. One tip for you: always, and for no exception, shoot for the highest, newest and best recipe for each component like chips and stuff. It’s tedious to set up, but always saves a lot of steps and resources. If you have any questions, I remember most of the best go tos I think, so hit me up


Is there a recommended world type to play this on? I love Skyblock and was wondering if this modpack works well with that.


I wouldn’t. The modpack is built on the premise of gregtech oregen and I think no one modded it for skyblock compatibility. If you want something in that direction, Infinity Evolved Expert Skyblock is for you, but you probably know that one already. But I still recommend playing that one if you like heavy tech mods.


Oh wow thanks for the quick answer. Yes I played Infinity Evolved already. Also done Project Ozone 2 and 3. The minecraft itch is getting really strong atm so I guess I'll try out omnifactory, sounds awesome.


Coins are renewable and you can buy almost every ore (and ore process the ones you can't), so it is possible to play Omnifactory entirely in the void world (you will need some dirt, 2 buckets of water for infinite source, bucket of lava for cobblestone generator, maybe some other things too). It's just not really fun to do, because it makes early game a huge grind. Once you have Deep Mob Learning (late LV/early MV), you can safely move to the void world, because you have all the basic resources made from energy (with DML being the source of energy as well) and the rest can be bought with coins from quest rewards, no need to grind them.


[Greg focused skyblock](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/gregblock) Idk how good it is. planned to play it after [gtnh](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/gt-new-horizons)


A lot of Minecraft modpacks become idle once you reach laser mining.


Played this mod for the better part of a year. Certainly kept my attention for a long time!


I recently started [Leaf Blower Revolution](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1468260/Leaf_Blower_Revolution__Idle_Game/) on Steam. Hot damn, that’s a nice game! Progression feels pretty nice, it’s very active early but after about an hour you can decently afk. The stretch around BLCs feels very slow, but that’s not a problem really because it just makes incremental and afk progression more interesting. Can really recommend that one. Other than that, still grinding Synergism and Ordinal Markup. No links because lazy and was recommended very often already. Quit Melvor Idle because it got too boring, grinded mastery for around 5 months and I am seriously done. Sucks. So monotone. Edit: I realized that I write “hot damn” too much. Just saw that I wrote it in two other comments here as well. Hot damn. But leaf blower really is good.


Leaf Blower Revolution needs a Mac version. It looks like a conversion would be trivial.


Got back into proto23 again


Same here. That one guy who only talks about proto23 did his work well last week.


I just started poking at it! I love what I'm seeing. Is there a lot of content? I'd hate to feel like I'm just getting going when the floor gives out.


Unfortunately no, but the game is being updated at a snail's pace, and there is enough content currently to entertain you for maybe a month


I started playing Bitburner ([https://danielyxie.github.io/bitburner/][1]) and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite incremental games due to how it handles automation. [1]: https://danielyxie.github.io/bitburner/


I bounced off Bitburner last time I tried it, but I got back in to it again as well, and handling it much better this time, got a ton of automation scripts up and running which makes things way easier.


[Proto23](https://proto23.herokuapp.com/) \- Has a neat retro aesthetic that reminds me of some of the older Final Fantasy games. Seems to have a fair amount to explore and discover. While others have mentioned updates are slow, I've yet to reach the end of the currently available content. [Machinery](https://louigiverona.com/machinery/) \- Rather straightforward incremental, though not fully idle...need to check back on it periodically to restart some of the machines, especially after first unlocking them. Also, while not exactly incremental and more idle, r/IdleGames redirects here so here's this: [Adventure Land](https://store.steampowered.com/app/777150/Adventure_Land__The_Code_MMORPG/) \- Programming based MMORPG...you write scripts in JavaScript to basically automate your characters' actions, from hunting monsters to buying and selling things or even upgrading equipment. You can have up to 3 hunting characters and 1 'merchant' active simultaneously, so you can form your own parties while still being able to work with others if desired.


Just bought Adventure Land! I've been playing bitburner and it has given me THE BUG!


Just as long as it's not bugs in your code, right? 😉


I don't have offline progress on Machinery, am I missing something? Energy is not generated, but supplies go to zero.


Cell to Singularity https://apps.apple.com/pl/app/cell-to-singularity-ewolucja/id1327555461?l=pl


i finally got hooked on NGU after wrongly hating the game for years thinking it was something else then what it actually was. IF you avoided it for the rpg stat mechanics like me, it much BETTER implements that stuff into an actual incremental game, instead of feeling like a RPG when you dont want to play an RPG. its also relatively good at balancing Idle and Active playstyles, which the many different mechanics catering towards one or both sides.


BitBurner :)


Feartress ([Web](https://feartress.com/)) Recycler ([Web](https://lemespien.itch.io/recycler)) My computer stopped working so I bought a Chromebook. These are the only games I saw that I haven't started yet so I started them. Don't feel like starting over on the others. Edit: Forgot Sublime ([Web](https://kingbecks123.github.io/Sublime/))


ReCycler seemed nice, but I lost my save after like 2 hours of playing...


Was it the same browser? Did you clear your cache? It's a local save.


Yeah it was even in the same session. I left my computer for lunch and when I came back, the save was lost. Computer was put into sleep mode after inactivity, that may be the cause?


You sure you didn't recycle? After 60 cycles the game prestiges.


Machinery. I'm playing the Dev version since it has better balance: [https://louigiverona.com/machinery/index\_dev.html](https://louigiverona.com/machinery/index_dev.html) Lazy Galaxy 2. I just discovered this on Steam and it's surprisingly good even though I've never heard it mentioned here.


Ohgod, did not realize the dev version was so much smoother running. And it actually makes the supply upgrades make sense.


Yup! The dev is taking lots of feedback to improve it.


so you're no longer punished for purchase order? looked good but was a dealbreaker for me e: oh, now you can refresh queues without sitting and staring at them until completion, good move there too ee: lol doesn't look like they fixed it, dropped


Weird they wouldn't just update the regular one. Starting again on the dev one though based on the comments of the both of you


What should I play next (mobile)? Been enjoying the genre, but it seems like there's quite a lot of bad ones as well. Ones I've enjoyed - Antimatter dimensions - Grimoire - ISEPs - paperclips - Kittens (got burnt out)


Antimatter Dimension ([Web](https://ivark.github.io/), [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kajfosz.antimatterdimensions&hl=en_US&gl=US)) Grimoire ([Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dragonmegaliths.grimoire&hl=en_US&gl=US)) ISEPS ([Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AppSociety.ISEPS&hl=en_US&gl=US)) Universal Paperclips ([Web](https://www.decisionproblem.com/paperclips/index2.html), [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.everybodyhouse.paperclipsuniquetest&hl=en_US&gl=US) \[$1.99\], [IOS](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/universal-paperclips/id1300634274) \[$1.99\]) Kittens Game ([Web](http://kittensgame.com/web/), [Android](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nuclearunicorn.kittensgame&hl=en_US&gl=US) \[$2.99\], [IOS](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kittens-game/id1198099725) \[$2.99\])


Good Human


Anyone else find ISEP gets boring really fast? I wasn't even excited when I got new features because each one just seemed like a fancy UI for just clicking every so often and getting marginally faster speed. No strategy or thinking involved just choose the next thing you can afford, click buy max, wait 10 minutes, rinse and repeat.


I got the same. Made it to SE3 but the grind is too unrewarding.


If you are into Hacking simulation Games ( like Slavehack , Hackmud, Gray hack, hacknet, ... ) its called " World Wide Hack " ( you can find it in steam) I started playing it since they launched the kickstarted , and it seems promising : [https://store.steampowered.com/app/1765690/World\_Wide\_Hack/?utm\_source=discord\_cmp\_volv](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1765690/World_Wide_Hack/?utm_source=discord_cmp_volv) \* If you are interested , the Beta release is tomorrow , don't forget to whishlist it \^\^


Oh my vacation time next week is doomed. I just got hooked on Bitburner and have played all of the games you have listed. Definitely wish listing this now.


Also definitely check bitburner! It's on steam or web browser.


Loop hero was free on the epic Store today, so i picked that up. Fun so Far. Other than that i also play [EXP Simulator](https://zakuro98.github.io/EXP-Simulator-Beta/) and [Machinery](https://louigiverona.com/machinery/index_dev.html).


Been playing [Idle Wizard](https://store.steampowered.com/app/992070/Idle_Wizard/) has a ton of cool mechanics that kept unlocking and getting me hooked again everytime I feel like things are slowing down. I especially like the multiple ways to progress so you can always be optimizing different things. There's also a decent wiki and a great community on Discord including the devs which are helpful with basically any questions.


[Theory of Magic](https://mathiashjelm.gitlab.io/arcanum/), I was addicted to it for the past 3-4 days, finally hit a part where progress is way too slow for my tastes, I saw a fellow talking about Omnifactory so I'm going to try it out, Tried out [Distance Incremental](https://jacorb90.me/DistInc.github.io/main.html), Stopped playing after reaching the first Life Essence Started replaying [Resource Grid](https://spotky1004.com/Resource-Grid/), Still a Grind, But i have more progress now. Finally Tried [Progress Knight](https://camerongott.github.io/progress-knight/), Its like Groundhog Day, But Without the need for better food, Its pretty Enjoyable. Oh and Ngu Idle, Day 923 I still haven't beat normal


Evolve idle! Just started a gold star run and by God I'm back at square 1 aren't I?


I'm finally playing through [Cavernous II](https://nucaranlaeg.github.io/incremental/CavernousII/) after the fourth time trying to understand it, and it's finally making sense to me. The game is one giant puzzle, and every breakthrough feels earned and so satisfying.