Remoted onto a user's machine today, and I was greeted with this that CPU (and by extension laptop) came out in 2019, it has no right to be a dual core with only 4GB of ram installed. if it was a linux system or some headless controller thing then I'd understand, but not an 'office workhorse' as the user described if it was a horse it would have been turned into glue years ago


Trying to meet minimum requirements for Windows quota


Sadly yes, that is the story behind it I think... when windows 10 reaches its end of life (2025) then the school will be forced to upgrade and they really aren't ready for that at all


they should really start looking at getting dumb terminals


funny how we looped around from ttys to desktops to "thin clients".


Right? I was talking to one of the interns we just brought on the other day about that. Now that decent internet speeds are available in more places it just makes more business sense to be handing off basic bitch laptops and desktops and have everyone connecting to a beefy ass terminal server(s). That coupled with the cloud means that local devices just don't need to be that powerful anymore. Of course now that cloud services are getting jacked up to the heavens price-wise people are starting to want to bring all the cloud data back in-house...I feel like we finally just got workflows and cloud storage sorted to where it's running great and now here I am having to spec out new SANs so we can bring it all back. Really frustrating tbh, though I guess it's job security but still, really feel like we're playing a game of "dig a hole, now fill that hole in and dig another hole over there".


It's kind of how the industry goes. When it's new, it gets outsourced and when enough techs have the experience and the outsourcing costs too much they move it back in house before the next big thing comes. Can't wait till this software as a service era goes away though.


+1 for the end do SaaS even though I think it will never happen


Everyone told me how it was cheaper in the cloud blah blah blah to run my headless monitoring server. It was 250 canukistan dollars a month. I could buy 3 servers and still save money in year 1. What happened to cloud computing? Did they just convince everyone to jump to cloud workstations and then triple the price? Fucking diabolical geniuses


There are much cheaper VM's available at all cloud providers. You want to pay a few $? They got that for you. You want a VM with graphics card and you dont care about the costs? Sure, just deploy and enjoy. If you used a VM that costed 250 for a headless server you might have picked the wrong size


I don't know where you work but when you get into big financial orgs, it's the provider InfoSec has authorised and that's it. If this was just for me fuck yeah I'd find something for 5 dollars a month easy.


Funny thing is we went to thin clients about 5 years ago, and managing the damn things is such a big hassle, we are deploying mini PCs in the next refresh cycle next year. In my 15 years we had thin clients, then PCs, then thin clients again, just to go back to PCs.


With virtual servers being a thing now and networks with speeds >1Gbps, it should be a no-brainer to move to that kind of setup. Providing their data center has redundancy, they can just move servers around to different boxes if updates or reboots are necessary and any kind of security updates would basically be effective for the entire organization in one swoop.


What's the problem? By 2025 4 cores and 6 GB ram is the new minimum standard for Windows 11...


And that is when you spread the good gospel of Linux


And in a week collect your things from the smoking ruins that was your network. I love Linux, for some applications, this is not one of them.


I would say Linux has its place in a school environment. When I was an admin at a school I discussed with IT on making Porteus kiosks for the students to check schedule and log into the school platform with. His only objection was that the students would steal the computers.


I agree with /u/HipsterSlug, but I do see your point as well. Linux definately has it's place in the school environment, but I would never replace an entire Windows network with Linux, especially in a school. Schools are supposed to teach skills used in life, the vast majority of computers a person will interact with in their life is most probably Windows based, therefore it makes sense to tech every one the basics of computers using Windows. It sucks to increase Microsoft's monopoly, but not doing it would be a disservice to the students.


Also Microsoft basically gives away windows for education.


95% of the time, an average student is using their computer as a bootloader for chrome, and the other 5% can be handled by LibreOffice.


However, employers are not looking for people with experience in Libre Office, they are looking for people experienced in Microsoft Office. Like it or not, Microsoft Office is the standard, Libre Office is not. Don't get me wrong, Libre Office is amazingly good, but it is not the standard, I have used LO many, many times, and it works well, but it is not 100% compatible with MS Office, and as a business those final % matters.


Unfortunately a scary amount of schools use ChromeOS now, that is to say *any* schools use it


this is the dumbest arguement I’ve ever heard in my life. As if my ability to click on an application would limit the OS I was running. By this same arguement all the chromebooks in schools right now would have kids completely incapable of using windows.


Yes, I am glad you are getting it, Chromebooks and iPads in education is harming the relevant skills in younger generations. An iPad or Chromebook is brilliant as a way to consume information, but as a way to learn how computers and systems work in real life outside of specific apps? They are quite terrible. They are too locked down to actually be useful in teaching real computer skills. I grew up in a world of Windows 95, 98, XP, 2003, not just because I was interested in computers, but because it was the standard, you HAD to develop some skills to succeed with normal tasks. With the "just works" systems, especially like iOS most people just accept that a system is broken and reimage it. For the most part that works fine, but I don't know if thst is such a brilliant idea, people need to understand that data is fragile and needs to be stored safely. With all cloud systems going, we tell people the oposite, that data is resillient, but that is wrong, the data systems may be resillient, the data is not.


Most of the workforce only need very specific applications like excel and third party apps. Even a lot of older people who lived through you OS’s lifespan struggle with computers. I genuinely don’t see why most people require in depth knowledge of an OS to run user applications. In this specific circumstance I’m talking about switching networked computers to a linux distribution vs windows. Linux genuinely offers a lot of flexibility with centralized management for an IT team. The only difference for an end user would be clicking on a microsoft office alternative or clicking a link for the web browser of office. I think people are very capable of clicking a different icon.


not to mention also that growing up all of the deployed windows computers and laptops were heavily locked down in my school system. All you could do was literally log in and use the specific applications provided. There was no room for individualized diagnoses. If something like a hard drive failed then the IT person would just install a replacement and mirror an image over the network to fix the computer


Kids are incapable of using Windows, everything is either iOS or android so they don’t know how laptops work anymore


We barely even had the time in IT class to cover the basics of windows and office, if we wanted to teach students more in depth, maybe even including Linux, we'd have to make more room for IT (which I would absolutely support as every career nowadays touches on technology in some aspect)


I don't mean it to actively teach students the ins and outs of Windows, just let them use it, they'll learn by experimenting, and sometimes breaking stuff. One of the coolest things I learned about Windows in school, was during the NT 4 days, someone figured out how to send messages with net send, it was amazing to see me running a command on one computer and a dialog box appear on another. Then someone discovered .bat files, and a simple goto loop so we could spam messages meaning the dialog box would never go away untill we stopped the script on our machine. Then finnally, we realized that we could not only send messages to users and computers, but to the entire domain, that was so cool, knowing that we had just sent messages to every computer in the school at the same time. Sure, there was conversations with IT and teachers later, but damn it, it was awesome while it lasted. The unsactioned netsend command was my first ever experience with the logic of scripts, even now twenty years later I still remember the script I ran: :ss net send goto ss I don't remember why I picked "ss" as the start pointer, Start Script perhaps, but it was definately what I used.


"This will be the year of the Linux desktop!"


Every year is the year of the Linux desktop if you wish for it hard enough!


At a *school?!* They have applications that barely want to run on a modern Windows, let alone Linux.


Linux bros are the god damn tech equivalent of crossfit zealots. MF, my hobby is editing photos and playing games. Not fiddling with the OS and needing a command-line notebook to make stuff work.


Absolutely not lol With how mediocre the average non-tech person is at using a computer, how do you think things would go over if you start introducing compatibility issues into the mix? Some of your staff who use computers out of muscle memory would lose it if suddenly their menu options were in different places, and their convoluted ways of doing things didn't work anymore And what if people need to work with files of proprietary formats that have no compatible linux application? Or print to an expensive office printer that has no linux driver? I have several linux boxes at home that I use, and I push for linux for appropriate use cases at work (mostly server stuff). I'm a big fan of it, but shoving it onto the masses instead of windows would be a mistake. It's worth it to keep Windows around just for the sake of not having to re-educate your entire staff, and to not have to educate/hire new techs; as current IT staff might not be familiar with how to properly administer a linux environment Also, as nice as Linux is, bringing it up unsolicited to non tech people who might not even know what an OS is is kinda cringe


They shouldn’t expect it to last that long anyway with such low spec.


You sure they can’t run win 11 on 4 GB ram?


Oh they will *try*


Be thankful it has an SSD. I just took over responsibility for a company and people were complaining that "the cloud" was slow in the new computers. The previous guy approved buying new HP machines with celerons, 4 GB of RAM and HDDs. I told management the new computers were absolute POS and they had to be replaced or upgraded ASAP.


Had the same problem with “the previous guy” buying new machines with HDDs in them up until 2019! I was thankfully able to source for free 30, and purchase another 30, SSDs to replace then with.


Yes, this is what im doing. Replacing HDDs for SSDs. New machines now have to be at least 8GB of RAM and SSDs.


The fact that Windows based laptops are shipping with 4GB of ram is insane. Can't even upgrade RAM on most anymore.


Even 8 is barely enough these days. I frequently come across endpoints running 22H2 chewing up 6gbs on a fresh boot. We still get 8s for people really trying to pinch a penny but I've been doing 16gbs for base models since this past spring.


Dell 2012 i5, 8GB ram, 128GB SSD, clean 22h2 image, utilizes 1.9GB ram at boot. I think your image has other issues.


We instituted a "SSD or don't bother calling for help" policy about two years ago or so. Shit, we are speccing out a lot of our new hosts with solid state SAS drives now. It just doesn't make sense to be fucking with spinning rust anymore, and local capacity is becoming less and less important, though that's kinda changing a bit with the price increases in cloud storage looming on the horizon. At this point the only computers we still have on platters are super old, airgapped WinXP Embedded boxes that are hosting really old, one off software that just can't be migrated to SSD for one reason or another.


Yeah. The year is 2022. Systems are not to ship without and SSD. Even for cheap stuff, a low capacity SSD isn't expensive and they are so much better.


I mean… with that much power I suppose one drive would slow it down…


>I mean… with that much power I suppose one drive would slow it down… With that much power, half-drive would slow it down


They should name the free version that.


Half-Drive Alyx


The Celeron has to be the main culprit, I repurposed an old HP EliteBook that was basically being used as a thin client with a 4th gen i5 and 4 GB of RAM as a web browsing machine and I slapped Windows 11 on there as a joke. It was actually very usable, which surprised me a lot since I was expecting the 4 GB of RAM to choke 11 to death. Edge flies on it.


I don’t get why people are so surprised by a 4th gen or lower being so slow for average windows use. A core2duo 3.0 with hyper threading runs w10/11 quite well or an internet basic office machine…. SSD implied that is. 8gb for sure helps but I bet it would run better than the pos the op is posting about


This is netbook... Not even a "laptop"


It depends a lot on what processes are running in the background. Even windows update can slow the thing down.


They were still selling Celeron pcs in 2019? lol


They will always sell Celeron PC's, maybe stop when low end CPU's will get another name. Since factory always gets some CPU's quite broken, but still working, they block most of it and sell cheaper as Celeron.


That CPU is normally found in $200 Chromebooks.


Pentium also still exists. My fiancé bought a laptop just before I met her that has a "modern" Pentium processor.


What were the specs, do you remember?


IIRC they split the Pentium line into 2: Gold, which is closer to the Core series, and Silver, which is closer to the Celerons.


Well yeah, because you can buy a brand new celeron cpu today. It's a line of chips, like f150 is a line of vehicles.


I like that 4 day uptime too. Not the worst I've seen but for those specs, this supercomouter needs a reboot every half hour.


That horse is just three dwarves in a trenchcoat


Work horse more like work mule


Had a user running a Thinkpad X200 on Windows 10 last year. While those are really good devices, I would only use it with Linux these days, especially when it not even has a SSD (that sucker came out in like 2008!) Told him that my hourly rate is too expensive to wait ages for programs to start when I have to fix something. What did he do? Got a T450, which is also already about 6-7 years old… I mean, it would be fine for use at home, but not in a corporate environment, where it’s costs a lot of money when you have to wait for stuff. And don’t forget the increasing risk of hardware failing after all those years.


i hate that they are making windows laptops with only 4gb of ram


The glue part 😅😅


I've seen a few of those pop up as "budget" laptops. But by budget they mean you CAN, TECHNICALLY run windows. The problem with budget laptops is that they are so budget, that you may well replace them a year later (if they last that long) compared to the just medium price laptop that will last you 4 years.


What in the HP Pavillion is this


It looks like a Lenovo IdeaPad, BestBuy is having a deal for this one for $100 rn and are selling out


I'd buy that honestly but reflash it to ChromeOS or a Linux flavor like mint. You couldn't pay me to use windows on this thing.


Yeah as a chromebook this might be ok.


Chrome OS flex is really nice. Runs like a champ on a 2-core celeron.


I was once using it for a big spread sheet on a chrome book and that’s the only limitation for google suite is that good sheets does not run well on it once you get to row 800


I have a lenovo chromebook with the n4020, great little shop computer. $79 I think, and idgaf if it gets greasy or dropped. I use it to browse the web and vnc into a windows vm on my home server if I need something more than it can handle.


You couldn’t pay me to use windows on anything but my gaming rig tbh


I don’t know, I’m pretty sure there’s a price I’d do it for. What are they offering?


I'd need probably a 6 figure award per year.


Steam Proton.


Last time I tested it I just didn't get the compatibility and ease of use I wanted, I wish it was at a point were everything just worked, i'd gladly switch then, but it just isn't quite yet.


When did you test it?


I daily run Linux, and I have only marginal compatibility issues, honestly I can just download anything from steam and run it with no issues the majority of the time, when there are issues I use different proton versions or GE and that fixes most of them


I dual boot, but the reason I am still dealing with windows is cod and my windows mixed reality headset


That's fair, I run a KVM for the limited software that I use that can't run on Linux, even with wine/proton


Loving it on my steam deck. Doesn’t exactly support ray tracing though


Literally the only reason I still use Windows. Linux is better for literally everything bar app compatability.


Last time I used Linux I found it very confusing.. it didn't like my WiFi card, and searching on forums, the solution was to 'wrap' a driver - I still don't really understand what that means. Bear in mind it was a Netgear card, so hardly rare. That was 15 years ago. I installed mint in my ageing ThinkPad about 3 months ago, and I honestly love it. It breathed fresh life into my aging hardware, and was frankly a doddle. Don't judge me too harshly as I'm a windows boy really, and it's an entirely new environment. All I can say is it's come a hell of a long way.


I'm in virtually the same position tbh mate, I tried Ubunutu or Lubuntu a few years ago, videos didn't work in browsers, my graphics card and wifi card behaved really strangely, I didn't use it for long. Been using Pop-OS for the last year or so, everything works, tiling is far superior to Windows, the app search works. Now I'm used to it installing apps via command line is way easier than searching the web. No ads. SSH for my web development course is built in better than Windows. Did I mention no ads?


The ads really annoy me in win 10. I sort of feel that if you pay for something there shouldn't be ads


what fucking ideapad is this?




Wow, my 5 year old phone is more powerful than this


literally the only good thing about this laptop is that it has an SD card slot


Microcenter doing the same with an Asus laptop.


This shit hasnt been shut down in 4 days, ive seen enterprise laptops commit seppuku after two days of not being powered down


Omg this made me laugh. I was like one it hasn’t been restarted but then looked at the RAM and was like well it MAY have helped lol.


“Trust me I closed this down when I left last night”


Cracking me up with this


I had one of these in high school hp smart 11.


My eyes have now witnessed this kind of setup twice in same day. Why my life? The one I worked on was trying to run Win 11. I can't emphasize enough how much he was trying.


My core 2 Duo from 2006 can outperform this, i think.


My P2 MMX 266 from 1998 can outperform this, i think.


My Intel 8085 can outperform this


My stroked out grandpa have more memory than that thing...


well achuwuatally 🤓 I think newer celerons are as fast as like ultrabook 2nd gen i5


Even if newer, at least that specific Celeron (N4020) doesn't even have hyperthreading, which at this point it SHOULD considering even Pentium 4 had it, not to mention it has only 4MB of cache and a max of 2.80GHz. Some Core 2 Duos have 6MB cache and a way higher operating frequency of 3.0GHz (E8400), 3.06GHz (T9900), 3.15GHz (E8500) and 3.33GHz (E8600). Newer != faster most of the time.


Core 2 duo can burn so many bad memories


Celeron.....that says enough.


My chromeboom has a n4000 and it it pure toture to do web browsing weirdly it plays factorio and portal pretty well, runs it better than chrome lol. An the worst thing is the 4gb of ram, its so small chrome uses 3.1gb on idle with one tab so it is impossible. To make that laptop slighltly better i got a emmc 64gb and gave it more pagefile than any sane person needs at 12gb. The only use for it really seems to be a rip off steam deck.


Ah intel celery stick, I remember those days back in school


Pairs well with Mozzarella Firefox


That's what the boomers call it at my job


Gotta love HP Pavilions - especially considering this exact model retails for 429.99 right now 🤦


There are $250 refurbished Dell Lattitudes on Amazon that have twice the performance of this thing


Exactly, there are some thinkpads you can find on amazon for $100~ with i5 9th gens that easily trump this


Can I get a link?


[here](https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ThinkPad-Business-Laptop-Screen/dp/B088PL8S1K/ref=mp_s_a_1_21?crid=1G1PL8MHVF5Z8&keywords=thinkpad+i5+9th+gen+refurbished&qid=1669327626&refinements=p_36%3A2421886011&rnid=2421885011&s=pc&sprefix=thinkpad+i5+9th+gen+refurbishe%2Caps%2C108&sr=1-21) is the top result for refurbished Thinkpads, there are plenty of other options better than this, $139.99


Had the choice between something like this and a 5500U powered HP for 300€ with an IPS screen two months ago


And 90% is probably kernel time by an shitty Antivirus like McAfee that's preinstalled.


This commentary is underated


Honestly, you don't need an AV to make Windows drag in kernel space....


We have a customer who refuses to take our recommendations for computers. He instead goes to Best Buy and buys the cheapest computer he can get for his employees and tries to set them up himself. Every time we end up having to setup the laptop remotely with the user because he fucked something up or forgot something critical. Usually it takes less than 30 minutes to setup a basics 365 client but with these slow ass computers it takes 3-4 times as long. Dude always complains about why it takes us so long to setup someone’s computer when they’re already good to go. He ends up paying us about as much as it would have cost to buy a decent computer. We laughed our ass off one day because we found out he avoided calling us for help with his new laptop thinking we were ripping them off. He spent 6 months without office apps installed and he absolutely hated using it from the browser. When I spoke to him he asked if we took so long to setup computers on purpose because they refused to continue paying a retainer i told him no directives from the boss said “be mindful of the amount of hours you put on tickets / reach out to you if you though projects were more involved than an hour or two of work.” Dudes an absolute cheapskate


Wasting thousands while counting pennies. Tale as old as time


Those are the clients you drop. They’re never worth the money.


Let me guess: accountant or lawyer. Every one of these I ever dealt with were completely penny-wise/pound-foolish about IT. And usually drove around in some german POS that depreciated more driving off the lot than their entire IT budget for the next 5 years.


4 gigs of ram? 8 is like barebones minimum these days I would say 16 is getting to be the lowest one should go with ram.


8 is bare minimum, 16 is the lowest i would go if i expected to keep the device more than 3-5 years. i have a 2012 imac that still mostly handles modern functions because it’s got user-accessible RAM slots and now has 16gb for probably 1/4 what apple would’ve charged me new.


It's a Windows licensing limitation that they'll thankfully be changing next year. To use the ultra-cheap types of d-oem licence, you're limited to a maximum spec of a pentium with 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 gig SSD.


Yep. Been begging my company for months for 16 GB. I’m an engineer making 100K yet they don’t wanna spend a few hundred bucks on me :(


Depends if your just surfing the web and watching TV 4 gigs is plenty. If your trying to do anything other than watch YouTube 4 gigs is not going to work.


If you cough at that computer it will make it slow ...


No, your computer started out that way.


I think my toaster has more RAM... It reminds me of this HPs they sold a few years ago that a 32GB "drive" in them, but they were $100 and everyone grabbed them up.


Only up classes an as card as a drive don’t they


From my memory, it was an HP Stream, it was Emmc (iirc), I think his shipped with Win8, but he upgraded to 10. All he did was bitch about it, (despite me telling him he would regret it). He refused to use cloud storage, and even the original install was setup as a straight install. I think my old Original Gameboy ran faster than this thing. I finally tired of his bitching and bought him a replacement Asus laptop (with a touch screen, he wanted). Oddly the thing still sorta works. I can't run updates, or anything, but the hardware still functions. I think I read there's a slot for a drive, and I thought of cracking it open, but honestly, it's a toaster so it just sits. It outlived my roommate, and I keep it in his honor.


I work as a technician for my university. We have so many clients come in who received a laptop from their family for their degree. A lot of the time they will be streaming laptops that have the absolute bare minimum specs. It’s shocking that laptops with 2 - 4gb of ram and dual core processors are even allowed to be sold these days. Once we had someone ask us why their 32bit ARM processor laptop was so slow. It sucks having to explain to people that their gifted laptop is not going to be sufficient for computer science classes


But can it run Doom?


If you run it in dos, probably.


Hobbyist here... How can that CPU show a base speed of 1.1GHZ but a utilization speed of 2.69GHZ? Seems like that CPU is pulling a 10-Hour line cook shift while chugging Redbull, chain smoking cigarettes and no sleep...


Turbo boost, my friend. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/sku/197310/intel-celeron-processor-n4020-4m-cache-up-to-2-80-ghz/specifications.html


Ah! I see the burst frequency spec. I'll have to do some self-education on that, thanks!


These cheap Celeron or Pentium cpus are usually passively cooled, so it'll go down or near base clock eventually when the chassis temperature has reached a value at which safe use of the device can't be guaranteed. Which takes a while if the maximum power consumption is just 15W or even lower


N4020 TDP is 6 watts, so it doesn't get that hot.


Well if it's running full time in boost, do you still call it a boost ?


I think your boost time are determined by your thermals mostly. That graph shows utilization % only so we can’t see whether it’s boosting all of that time or not.


I have a atom based tablet, it's thermal limited as it has no active cooling. The funny thing is that once the thermal throttle goes in the cooling is so bad that it doesn't even get back to its normal speed. It doesn't matter what's causing the heat, graphics , cpu or both.


its called boost freqvency. in this case intel burst freqvency(on higher cpus it is called turbo boost). basically when it has thermal headroom and is loaded in case with this cpu it can go to 2.7GHz with 2 core load and up to 2.8GHz on single core load


Celeron and 4GB of memory. The horror.


A Celeron and 256MB of memory or a Pentium 2 with 64MB


I had a Gateway Pentium 2 laptop in 1998. It was awesome with Win 98. Played a lot of Diablo II, MechWarrior 2, and such on that thing.


since when does a celeron have UHD graphics


Actually, your computer is making your computer slow.


What a turd of a processor. That should never have been sold, pretty sure a Pi4 could outstrip that.


I just turned of the sync after it tried to sync thousands of application files. I learned the hard way that onedrive sync does not back things up. The onedrive copy is the only copy. Lost some stuff


It’s the intell celery that’s making it slow


And the Mozzarella Firefox


These computers are actually quite common. The way they sell these is they rebrand their Chromebooks (probably), sell them for a price that would have gotten you an i3 a few years ago and, conveniently forget to mention what the CPU is but get it otherwise good specs like 500 gig ssds or 16 GB of RAM, and ship it with Windows. I have had to fix two of these because the people got them for college installed everything they needed on it and then run out of cores. It's literally the scummiest shit on the planet


Yep. It's OneDrive. It's obviously not the 1.1GHz, 2 core Celeron that can't cope.


An N4020 with 4 GB RAM in 2022 is like trying to race a shopping cart in Le Mans


Oddly enough, this laptop should run better with a HDD. I made the mistake once to put a SSD on an oldish laptop, I immediately throttled the CPU. It's only some time later I noticed it and swapped to a HDD and it worked within acceptable performance


that’s pretty funny, but i suppose makes sense here. 2 cores running with a *turbo boost* frequency lower than most modern CPUs’ base clocks just can’t move very much data


A PDF would make that thing slow


I know someone who has a PC like that. It's probably going to destroy the SSD in a few years with constant swapping. 4GB is nowhere near enough for Windows 10.


I saw a laptop with these same specs on Best Buy's website the other day. It's literally a $99 computer


It's a dual core celeron. Just opening a browser will tax this machine.


On another note; I fucking despise OneDrive. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out why all my file paths had ‘Onedrive’ in them.


4th gen 1ghz huh. I’m surprised it’s runs windows at all


your celeron N is what makes your computer slow


Fuck Onedrive


This reads similar to a machine that came out in 2006


Just put the damn thing out of it's misery it's clearly begging for death


What computer? xD


I never asked for one drive!!!


Celeron makes your computer slow.


Have a simular laptop that was gifted to me in 2015. Since its been 2 years since i got a gaming laptop, i kinda forgot about it. Turned it on to check something and it had 338 DAYS of uptime


it is a slow laptop though


Celeron name gives me jitters. You can disable OneDrive and a bunch of other bloat stuff by PS scripts. Google ‘windows debloater’


Base speed 1.10 GHz 😨


Overclock that bad boy


I mean, at least they have an SSD amirite?


This is what you get when a customer gets to shop based on price. They need to buy used if their budget is <$500.


Asus zenbook?


Is it possible to run win10 smoothly on a hardware like this?


nope. this thing is barley windows 10 compatible. windows 10 bare minimum specs (anything lower and windows refuses to install) * 1Ghz or higher CPU * 2GB of ram * 20GB hard drive space this laptop has * 1.1Ghz Intel celeron * 4GB of ram * 64GB of storage ​ keep in mind that those "minimum" specs are from 2015...


this is why microsoft is enforcing "arbitrary requirements" for windows 11, because it's guaranteed to actually be bearable to use


The celeron that is in this laptop supports windows 11…


god damn it microsoft make up your mind


this celeron supports win 11, but a 7th gen i7 doesnt. thanks microsoft


Nice RAM and CPU


I had a faster processor in 2003


Careful not to launch Notepad, you might crash the system




Time to upgrade.


It do be doing that tho


An n4020? Existing makes it slow


The more you look at this picture the worse it gets.


Put a little diced up Celeron in stuffing today and it came out really nice...


No, the computer is slow and that's making it slow


This is hardware for Mint, or Tiny10. Poor little shit...