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I dont have context, but from what i can gather from the video, im under the assumption that maybe they are going through a divorce and the dad got custody? It seems her “son” is in the video so i cant imagine she lost him literally and it would make sense in the context she is saying “you made me lose my son”, “i lost my son” etc. Could be completely off but thats what makes the most sense to me.


Go through Op's profile there is way more information there. His wife has been abusing him for 3 years, and no matter what he does they all side with her (the court and the cops ) it's gotten to the point that he had to move county because she got a restraining order on him, but is now looking for his new address to keep harassing him.


Gotta love how the us justice system treats fathers as second class citizens


Can't figure out why there are so many absent fathers? Turns out when everyone does everything they possibly can to make being a father as difficult as possible you either have to give up or or be ruined.


Men are bad fathers on their own merits, not because anyone else forced them to be.


Do you not understand the incredible amount of stress this father is going through? Imagine there is a person you care an incredible amount for. Like you would cut off your own arm for them if it was needed. Now you have someone that is insane who is there parent, man or woman, as well and you know they are hurting that person you would do anything for and no matter how much evidence or begging you do you have to sit there and watch them torture this person. Now as a woman you never have to worry about this. If you say a man sneezed on you with literally no evidence he will spend the night in jail and lose his kids. The more you fight the more the family court dog piles you until you give up or let it consume you. The fact that you think this is a norms thing let's me know that you either don't have kids or they don't have fathers and as someone who grew up fatherless that really sucks for your kids. It's a very important role.


Do you mean that you believe all men are bad fathers? Or were you trying to say that the subset of men who *are* bad fathers, are solely responsible for being that way? Your sentence reads like the first, but in the context of the thread I’m wondering if you just worded it badly.


Women can decide they don't want to be mothers, men don't get that luxury. Just cause your daddy left doesn't mean they all suck


To create a blanket statement of hate based solely upon gender speaks volumes about your character.


If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear about how they treat minorities and abuse victims


I’ve seen the latter first hand unfortunately, not even small children are safe from the courts incompetence


Thanks! Seems like my guess wasnt that off aside from them siding with her. In that case, she must just be talking nonsense about losing her son,


Whats ops profile? This is crazy


More or less, this dude stuck his dick in crazy


Oh I interpreted it as like, she was pregnant and she lost her son for something her husband told her to do, you could be right too but I don't see why she kept saying "I told you what would happen" if it was what you said


Could be I told you what would happen if you take me to court? I agree I thought it had something to do with pregnancy as well but I’m not 100%


At one point he says "we haven't lost him" though so unlikely


I never saw a kid, but there is a dog there tho


He grabs the kid at the end. Unless it's a ragdoll or something


Ah the good ol' days when my parents were going through a divorce and my sister and I got to choose which parent to go with. We both chose my father, my mother had a psychotic episode and started making up our old room with stuffed teddy bears as if they were us. Eventually showed up to our apartment with a knife and had to be tazered and taken to a mental facility that night. I still believe I made the right decision in which parent to go with, haven't spoken to my mom in almost 8 years now.


that's so sad im sorry to hear that


Takes a hardcore person to openly share that with Reddit. You definitely made the right choice just showing that strength.


I am terribly sorry to hear that


The yelling and phrases she used took me back to those years as well. My sister and I were exposed to plenty of craziness prior to the custody mess. I think you made the right choice, it's the same one I made when I was growing up.


wasn't hard for me to pick who to go with because by dad just fucking left. thank god i had an amazing mom. sorry to hear about your situation.


My dad is nothing short of amazing to go through what we did and still make sure my sister and I have led full lives and still to this day makes sure we are taken care of as much as he possibly can. I wish you and your mother well!


Your father is a real hero, all the best to you and your familiy!


I couldn't choose either cus they both are crazy, my brother on the other end wanted both.


Went through the same thing with my mother, hard choice to make as a kid. I feel bad for my mother, but can't have her in my life.


Yup. The courts’ bs “children need their mothers more than anything” stance mean that this type of abuse or mental instability goes unaddressed too frequently


Yep, my son is out in Colorado with his crazy mother and grandmother both are mentally ill. He came to visit and told me grandma puts hands on him and they tell him to stay in his room all the time. Called my local cps and boulder county cps and they told me to pound sand. Add to the fact he told me his stepfather is also bipolar and was discharged from the navy for it and there’s a newborn in the picture. Cps simply did not care and even used the line “ a child will flourish more with his mother”


I wish there was more context but this is just sad to watch. The woman is clearly losing it because no sane person grabs a fucking knife and forces someone to leave during an argument. I just feel bad for the kid, to hear your parents fighting like that must create some trauma for the poor guy. This should be evidence in court though, the knife thing isn't something that just happens out of the blue.


Yeah…not sure what’s going on. It looked like the dad had the son the whole time


Hopping on to say there is more context on OPs profile. Hope someone can help this guy out. This seems to be an active ongoing issue for him


I’m a little confused. In OP’s comments it seems to sometimes about him, then it’ll be the same story but about a friend then it’s actually him again?


I agree. These posts are so meaningless without context. Annoying.


Lol literally nothing would justify her behavior in front of her innocent child.


what did he do? if HE did something.... or if she felt he did something


if that was a man acting that way you better believe the courts would bend over backwords to help her out and arrest the man. the system is a joke. hope this man gets full and sole custody


He would be considered a vile monster. Truth is, anyone behaving like this needs substantial help.


i agree, she doesnt need jail time but definitley a mental health wellness check.


The fact that the court judge and cps disregarded the video is fucking criminal


Double standard


There really should be a whole subreddit for footage like this.


Who are these people that need more context? WTF


Thank you! And I’d love an explanation for those saying she is having a psychotic episode on how she manages to literally flip a mental switch once she steps outside where she knows neighbors can see her. That’s not how a psychotic episode works.


I hope the dog is ok too


Exactly. Was thinking the same


Yep poor pupper was super uncomfortable.


Something tells me the child would be better off away from her😂😂


it really isn't *that* funny


To you. It isn’t funny to you


My bad, I didn't realize someone having mental health and a psychotic break is humor. I'm still stuck on "don't cast stones"


You’re not doing well at convincing me. Still funny af


I need more context


Do you tho? I don’t think there’s ever a justification to pull a knife on your (ex)husband and child just because she’s potentially losing custody


What? Im just asking what lead to this


Given her behavior i’d guess she’s abusive and he’s filing for divorce and taking the kid with him


Why is this getting down voted?? Lol


Proves my point about female privilege. People (including juries and judges, and Reddit downvotes apparently) almost always seem to side with the woman even when she's violently abusive. This video shows her having a meltdown and pulling a knife when he was in no way threatening her, and yet the judge apparently ignored the video. Maybe there's more context, but he posed her no threat when she pulled the knife, so i don't see context helping her case. I would love to hear one of those downvoters' justifications for why they think it's ok for a woman to pull a knife on her husband/ex and her child just because she's losing custody.


I think the guys just wants to know what’s happening since all he see is this like yeah she is in the wrong and should go to jail but he just wants to see context now that you have this in mine just read your first comment with that (Don’t mind the bad grammar if there is some not the greatest at English and don’t really try to do 100% correct punctuation on the internet if I can just get my point across)


Are you gassy?


There are consequences to our actions.


This woman needs some serious mental help..


Yeah, but she's going to be completely alone on that one as it looks like.


I'd hope so. I commend the father for taking his child out of this situation, though I wish he did it sooner without screaming at the mother right next to the child.


There's always a larger story to it than that. Which is probably unfair to assume everything is her fault.


Exactly. I can tell she was in distress over the apparent divorce and reacted in a way she couldn't control. It's not an excuse, but it's understandable. Reaching for a knife with a child in the room... that's deplorable.


Rationality goes bye bye when people do things out of desperation. There's probably a long history of bad things that went down here. And whatever it is, it took toll on both of them.


Knife went to the bedroom? She went to a room. Need more context


She also pulled up her sleeve. She wasn’t planning on hurting husband or son - I think this was a self-harm situation. An instant overreaction to too much emotion and some mental instability going on. He didn’t help diffuse the situation, though, honestly.


This woman is the type to need a mental institution.


Well damn! A thread that's not locked!


Unrelated, but man, this subreddit has trash moderators.


I need a lot more context, because this woman is having some problems sanity wise, since no sane human being pulls a knife on her significant other and son.


Can someone give me context, title aint saying much when i watched the video since i see no child running out of the house Edit: nvm found the little lad in the kitchen near the end


>Court judge and CPS disregarded video Undeniable proof of female privilege. Women almost always get custody even when they’re objectively and obviously a less capable guardian of the child and even when they’re outright abusive. I have a coworker trying to adopt his nephew for a similar reason and it’s an absolute battle trying to get custody away from the kid’s shitty mom


I am a woman myself but I completely agree. Being raised by a mom like this knowing there is no escape route was terrifying.


Doesn't want him around her, but of course has to follow him around like a lost puppy whatever he does.


an assessment by a forensic psychologist may be in order, part of their training is weighing in on custody hearings and CPS would have a harder time ignoring a professional evaluation


And this is why I keep single


Lol yeah THATS the reason


Hey my son has those sheets


Go back for the dog!!!


No I think getting away with a kid is good enough she immediately went to the son‘s room so that shows she isn’t after the dogs but the son


Yes put the kid in the car and his booster seat or whatever and then go back and get the dog.


Leaving the kids alone to get the dog still gives her opportunity to at least burst the windows to get the boy. Human life especially a child and it’s your own child should always come before an animal.


She's gonna teleport from the bedroom to the driveway? Again, get the child out first (therefore BEFORE the animal) then go back. Not rocket science here


He has to go in the house and get the dog she can go around him and go outside. OR the fact that She grabbed a knife and was blaming him for “losing her son” she could’ve stabbed him and then how would he have kept that child safe he did the right thing and left with his kid


So your entire argument is that she would run around the house and break into the window of the car in the same amount of time it would have taken him to walk in the door grab the dog and walk out? That's some serious irresponsible pet ownership right there


Bogos binted


I love my dogs very much, but this is a dangerous, and possibly deadly, situation. If he goes back in, he could get attacked. If she gets around him, she could harm the child. Finally, if God forbid something happens to the dog that means the mother was intent on harming someone in her family(which includes the dog). I cannot believe your takeaway from this is "some serious irresponsible pet ownership." Go outside, get some distance from immediate danger, and call the police.


I guess to each his own. I'm pretty sure that I could I could beat up a woman with a knife to save a dog..


I'm going to present you with a very possible outcome to that scenario: You get stabbed.


At the very end of the video she’s already made her way out to the car… are you actually serious? He needed to drive off immediately!


This is why men have a shorter lifespan


It's not. Women are killed by their male spouses way more often.


Because if a problem is dangerous and a woman's facing it she calls a man. And if a problem is dangerous and a man is facing it he faces it. So typically it is the man facing the danger if anyone gets a choice about it.


I think you dropped some misogyny there pal, might wanna pick it up


It's partly biological and partly environmental. For example, men are responsible for most of the violent crimes.


pore puppy thinks hes in trouble


On a side note, I'm currently wearing the exact same shoes as the guy in the video


Wtf I'd he doing .she is a women


Care to elaborate?


Nop put I really would kick her for that


Go ahead and wrestle someone having a psychotic episode with a knife. Report back with whatever fingers you have left.


You realize the literal first rule of a knife fight is don't get in a knife fight? There's two outcomes to a knife fight, dead or in the hospital for a month. There isn't a single reputable self defense instructor who ever advocates to get into a fight with a knife and someone having a mental breakdown is the absolute worst person to fight. Like, you're not a badass, you're not the main character, you absolutely will end up in the hospital or dead for thinking you're special and you would have easily beat her to the ground, because you wouldn't, you won't, and you're hopefully never going to attempt to.


It could also end with her dead or in the hospital which isn't any better for the dude. Small chance it ends without someone being seriously injured, why take unnecessary chances? Ego? Get the hell over it.


He did the right thing taking the boy and going. Nobody should ever have to be subjected to that, let alone someone so young. While I understand what she’s going through is probably one of the hardest things she’ll have to face, there’s probably a reason for it. If there wasn’t a reason for him to have sole custody before, there is now. Or there would be if it wasn’t disregarded.


i spy lots of Pottery Barn products-id say that relationship is over for sure. Poor doggie-


Psycho mom loses her mind and attacks father and son?


OP is that you filming the video? Your post history seems to suggest so.


It's insane how relatable this is. That woman is a psycho.


My guess is he finally filed for divorce and got full custody. I mean just watching his other videos and reading what's she's put him through is crazy... hang in there OP


She did tell him.


It's very sad but he's a fucking Chad and a half


Her "I don't you" sounds like mantra of madness.


Stay strong brother! Good call with bringing the kid with.


Yeah but, did she tell him?


I'm so sorry bud... 🥺 You are very strong, especially for leaving at the right time.. I wish you all the best❤️‍🩹


I don't know what the recording laws are but that might be part of why it was thrown out?


I had an ex who would behave this way, thankfully we didn’t have kids but he would routinely abuse me and our animals. I’m so sad for this man and the fact that the abuse he is clearly suffering through isn’t recognized. Truly awful


crazy biotch


Life is hard af, be a good person, talk to people, care. Felt like putting that here.


Absolutely insane


Can someone add some context


Shbæoul bininì mulärïñ


why doesn't it shock me that this was disregarded.


That's not at all what happened


At least they weren't alone, 1 o' 1, with her; able to leave.


She clearly needs mental help, therapy,and a divorce


This is why back in the day it was expected of you being a husband to hit your wife when she began to act irrationally.


Imagine calling her emotional during this


and yet if you are native and perfectly sane cps just ups and nabs your kid


I'm not justifying or minimising this behaviour at all, nor am I intending to vilify personality disorders at all, but as someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, this looks like BPD. CPS definitely needs to pay attention to this and she definitely needs therapy at the very least.


Females need to get used to rejection. They get what they want 99% of the times and that 1% make them go insane


You can tell this happens all the time from the way the dog is so casual about it.


get that dog out! !


I take it the kid is in his arms? I saw blonde hair and stripes once.


Seems insane.


The Courts' incompetence in cases like this is beyond comprehension. The bias toward women and mothers is ridiculous.


Too many women are mentally ill. My friends mither was mentally ill too. She slammed the door. Picked up the tv while screaming and slammed it tot he floor. The she continued with everithing in the room. The man slapped her and almost gor arrested. Life unfaur sometimes


This is why marriage is on a decline. Unstable mothers and the fucking state government hate fathers and want their money


I feel so bad for the kid, I hope he gets a good therapist.


Don't stick your dick in that


at the end you can tell by his breathing he's feeling either sadness anger fear or mix of the 3


It was best to leave until things calmed down