Also, can you imagine marrying a woman who thinks Jodi Arias had good reason to kill her boyfriend? These two are a future Dateline episode!




You’re funny why are they silencing you


Who is silencing her? Not this subreddit.


The raging dictator Phattiddie999 banned me over there. 😅Supposedly I doxxed and bullied 🤷🏻My only crime was over posting. Which I heard and didn’t realize I was doing, but before my 24hr ban was up for that, she banned me permanently. One of Phattiddie’s buddies harassed me my entire 24hr ban and then they made a post calling me a “b!tch” on the HRH main page, and I was banned for it…not them 🙃 The SKY IS NOT blue over there 😅😅 Tiddie justified it by saying what I post on my own page and over here is under her modjesty’s ruling dictatorship and I was supposed to take a break from the ENTIRE internet, not just the sub😅 Phattiddie has had it out for me since I spoke up about the medical abuse Big Al was was doing when she was exploiting Mao’s recovery on Social media. Doxxing? I guess means using google street views of San Juan Crapistrano in my edits?…despite Big Al tagging SJC herself in a majority of her IG posts 🐀😅


Just make another account lol


😉 the main HRH sub is 65% all Bummy’s sock accounts anyways


you didn’t realize you were over posting?


I said I saw that and understood that wasn’t what the final ban was for by her modgesty’s abuse of power with her bully buddies. I was permanently banned while temporarily banned so over posting had nothing to do with it