I think The Ring when they show the flash of the scene of finding the girl in the closet. Terrified me.


At the very end they flash a bunch of quick images and one is of the guy in the office chair and that fucked me up hard


“I saw her face.”


Now I’m a believer!


Prime time to rewatch Shrek


and then i saw her face


Yeah, that was so unexpected like F***


Only time I’ve screamed at a jump scare haha shit absolutely ruined me.


fucked me up so bad that i couldn't even get through scary movie 3 lmao i saw it way too young


Yeah, that is unnerving.


Hundred percent mine. Must have been in 8th grade or something at the time. The whole movie messed me up.


Going back as far as I can remember, probably Drew Barrymore hanging from a tree and gutted in Scream. (I was 8)


and when she tries to call out to her mom but can't.. ouch


Everybody always talks about the comedy aspects of the Scream movies (and for good reason, they're hilarious) but everyone forgets how well done the horror aspects were


i haven't watched them in a super long time but i remember being surprised at how serious they were at times. i went into them thinking i was in for a laugh (and i was) but it shocked me how *good* the horror was.


That might be my all-time favourite opening scene from a horror film. Absolutely legendary!


Sloth from Seven.


Mine was Gluttony. I hated beans to begin with and was forced to sit at the dinner table and clean my plate for as many hours as it took, even if my food got cold. My parents even took me to an all-you-can-eat BBQ place I hated and lied to me and told me that, if you didn't clear your plate, they would just keep bringing out food until they decided you could stop eating (in reality, I didn't know there was an all-you-can-eat option because I had a kid's menu, and they were pointing at morbidly obese people who kept getting more plates delivered) Felt a little too real for me.


dude your parents sound way more horrifying than anything in that movie, holy shit


Sloth might be the scariest scene in the movie but Lust I'd definitely the most scarring. That fucking Polaroid holy shit


Oh god Lust's scene is so fucked up and terrifying, absolutely fantastic example of leaving the worst parts to the audience's imagination. Just the dude's reaction, then showing the polaroid that we only got hints of a bit earlier...very well done scene.


Utterly horrifying. Could not get it out of my mind that night


Which one was the sloth murder again? I haven’t seen that movie in a while


Air fresheners


The guy tied to his bed in the room with the air fresheners.


Agreed! It makes my skin crawl!


I recently rewatched seven, and I remembered being really disturbed by the gluttony murder. Totally forgot the sloth one until they walked into that apartment full of air fresheners…could hardly even look at the screen


Cliche but seeing the bathtub lady in the shining at 6 years old did me in. Honorable mention the entirety of Candyman (1992) at about 8. Almost put me off of horror completely. Now it’s legit one of my favorite movies. Also still can’t bring myself to watch A Clockwork Orange ever again even if I really want to give it another try.


Sure, it's a cliche but it's also a terrifying scene! I also love Candyman. Am a big fan of the Clive Barker vibes. Same on the Clockwork Orange. Don't know if I can watch that rape scene again.


Yup that’s the one that did me in. I can appreciate CO is good cinema but it just doesn’t sit well with me and I seriously couldn’t get over it.


I do have a personal bias against rape scenes as well. I feel like they're overused. I have often said that many rape scenes are a crutch for bad filmmakers who don't know how to scare people.


I feel the same way about killing a dog in a movie, it's just a cheap tactic to make people feel a certain way.


Event horizon. I had an eerie feeling leaving the theater.


Sam Neill is so good in that. "Where we're going we don't need eyes to see." is one of the creepiest lines I´ve heard.


He's great in everything. Even the funny talking raptor scene.




That movie absolutely fucked me up as a kid.. I rented it when I was maybe 11 not knowing anything about it other than it was a scary movie, and can never look at Sam Neill the same EVER again.


That man is a magnificent actor and doesnt get the recognition he truly deserves. He really captures the essence of the characters he portrays. Loved him in the 2 part miniseries Merlin, from the 90s!


Frank’s resurrection in Hellraiser. I was a kid the first time I saw the movie and the room I shared with my brothers had a hardwood floor. I was too afraid to look over the side of my and my brother’s bunkbed that night because of that scene.


The librarian in the first 10 minutes of ghostbusters. My dad snuck me into the theater to watch it and I was traumatized lol


For me it was the dog statues. Terrified me. I rewatched it last halloween and I was so confused why I was traumatized by them


The scene in the Butterfly Effect where the kids put a bomb in a mailbox and a lady with a baby comes and opens it


I watched this movie once and I have never seen it again. Dark dark energy. It was too much for me.


This entire movie was genuinely a pretty traumatic watch as a 13 year old. The basement scenes still stick out to me. The mailbox scene is right up there too tho. Incredibly bizarre movie that is truly a time capsule of the aughts.


Yes it really was. Wasn’t there a scene where they beat a kid with a branch in the woods too? It was messed up!


Yep and the dog :(. Entire movie was fucked lol.


the birthday party scene in Signs


So many choices from this movie. 1. Birthday party 2. Leg in the cornfield 3. Pantry scene 4. Hand in the coal chute 5. Alien on the roof 6. TV reflection Fuck that movie is scary lol


Move children, Vamanos!


Dinner table scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre always gets me.


For me it's the begining of the Leatherface when he clubs that guy. The sound and the drop are just perfect. Also when he takes the girl and just meat hooks her was so freaking disturbing


I randomly ran into John Dugan while wearing a shirt with him as grandpa. It was at a bar and the dude who played kid Jason was playing a keytar. It was a weird night.


It will never not be funny/disturbing to me that the makeup for Grandpa was so horrendous that he refused to endure the process a second time and so they had to shoot the dinner scene nonstop for something like over an entire day and a half.


That is fucking hilarious. That entire film rides a thin line between terrifying and comedic. I think the earlier sequels embraced the funny


The ending of The Mist, shit hits harder than the book


That scene makes me so mad!


Danny turning the corner and seeing the girls standing in the hallway in The Shining. Followed by the quick cuts to scenes of their gruesome death. That was fun as a 10 year old.


Not even a horror movie, but I watched Robocop when I was about 7 or 8. Thought the whole thing was amazing!!! However, the scene with the guy melting in the toxic waste/acid haunted my dreams for months. "Help me, help me!!!!" *Explodes onto car windshield.


I always thought Murphy's torture by Red was the real nightmare fuel. Just shooting parts off of him while he screamed in agony.


I watched Robocop as a kid too and the scene where the robot kills the business man during the meeting really messed me up


The glass panel falling on the kid in Final Destination 2. I had nightmares that my ceiling would fall on me. also the scarab beetles in The Mummy.


I saw Night of the Living Dead at too young an age and the zombie girl attacking her mother got me. I knew it was coming and the dread really amped up.


That scene scarred me since I first saw it at the tender age of 4. The high pitch screams and the shadow effect with the blood coming down the walls were so jarring, and it didn't help that the mother somewhat resembled my own mom. To this day, that scene gives me chills.


Zelda from Pet Semetary


In particular when she quickly walks up to the camera when she's by the window!


I read the title and couldn't come up with much so I thought I'd read the comments and see if anything jogged my memory. This is it for me.


Not to mention Gage slicing up Jed


Ripped fear through my body for more than a decade.




“I’ll twist your spine just like mine!”


Rape scene in I Spit on Your Grave


That scene feels like it goes on forever. So uncomfortable!


The rape scene from the hills have eyes :(


i can't handle rape scenes. if a rape scene starts in something i'm watching, i skip the scene. too upsetting.


Same. I legitimately think that sexual violence should be labelled in the rating along with crap like gore and language. That shit is traumatizing for people.


Same, also animal abuse.


I can't handle any rape scenes.


That's a rough one any rape scene is difficult to stomach


Pretty much the entire 90s IT show freaked me out hardcore as a child. Had the VHS box set with his creepy face on it to make it worse.


man the shower scene where Pennywise rips the floor open and stares at Eddie with his sharp teeth out. that face burned itself into my mind for the next few years as a kid


When the picture of Georgie in the photo album winks and blood starts pouring out… that scene always got me.


I remember being 8 years old on holiday with my cousin. She told myself and my other cousins this ghost story that terrified the life out us. A few months later I was at my cousins house, when she asked me if I remembered the ghost story, because she had the video of it. The video was the VHS of IT. I was fucked up for a long time.


My psychiatrist and I still talk about The Fly (1986) sometimes. Little me misjudged. I thought it was going to be like Spider-Man.


I mean, he kind of was. But like, in a horrifyingly traumatizing kind of way.


Large Marge. Look, Pee Wee's Big Adventure is kind of a horror movie for a four year old.




The scene in Signs where Joaquin Phoenix’s character is watching a video being broadcasted on the news that shows the little kid at his birthday party, and everyone starts freaking out because they see something the we the audience can’t. And then, you see the alien just walk by, in broad daylight. It was so quick and the build up to the scene with the music and everything just…fucked me up for YEARS lmao. Edit: Took out the part where I said “Although not a horror movie…” For some reason I remembered seeing Signs being labeled as a “suspense” or “thriller” movie online, but no, it is a horror movie so it counts 100%.


"Move children! ***Vamanos***!" Seriously though that fucked me up for years after watching it. That and the alien on the roof and the *hand*!


It totally is a horror movie! It’s sad that people shit on it now. I think that was the first scary movie I ever saw in theaters. I got really freaked out when our dog started barking that night. Just like The Conjuring, I wish I could do that first watch theater experience again.


Yep, Signs was my first scary movie ever and it’s still the only one that I have trouble watching by myself haha


I legit had to sleep with my door open and the hallway light on for about 3 years after watching that scene. It traumatized me as a kid


You could sleep with your door open?! Madman!!! I had to close my door and turn hallway lights off to prevent a shadow from scaring the Fk out of me


this scene, and the scene with the alien's leg sticking out in the corn field. also i think Signs is definitely a horror movie!! it scared the fuck out of me at least lol


And the scene with the daughter mentions there’s a monster outside and you see the alien on top of the barn looking into the room. The alien flinched once it was spotted…nice touch. Freaked me out


That dog bark in the beginning set the whole ton for the movie. The aesthetic and music where enough to put you instantly on edge.


It is definitely a horror movie.


The cornfield scene with the leg is so chilling. It’s so quick, yet you can see plainly that it’s definitely NOT human.


Signs is a horror movie.


*It was supposed to be behind the car*


I watched Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 9 years old in the early 90s. I remember being terrified by the scene where Tina is sliced up on the ceiling by Freddy while her boyfriend helplessly watches.


For me it was Freddie dragging the body in the body bag in the school. I was 17 and already thought I was immune to being scared by a movie, but my bf at the time insisted on shutting it off until daylight and I was in complete agreement.


It was Johnny Depp Fountain of Death from Nightmare on Elm Street that genuinely disturbed me — and it was the first movie that ever gave me nightmares as an adult.


What an iconic scene!


Same movie, last scene as the credits run where she gets yanked through the tiny window in the door.


The Original Last house on the left..The murder scene in the woods...it just had a really creepy reality vibe about it.


Regan getting busy with a crucifix was probably not something an 11 year old needed to see.


Yeah, I hit the FF button on that still, and I’m 33 lmao


i watched that shit way too young. the theme music inspired me to learn piano though, so there's that


the exorcist was supposed to be my first horror movie (i was 11) but after i saw her eyes roll back i dodged a bullet and called it quits for that lol my mom and brother slept in my room that night because they were spooked haha!


The eyeball scene in Zombie Flesh Eaters The Needles scene in Imprint…. ALL OF AUGUST UNDERGROUND


You are braver than I. Don't think I´d dare to check out August Underground!


When Norman carries his mother from one room to the other all filmed from above. I don‘t know what it is but it vreeps the hell out of me


The scene from Cannibal Holocaust where >!they find an impaled woman!<


That effect is so good!


So good people thought it was real and it spurred a full on investigation!


The director did not help his case by asking the actors to lay low for a while to sell the authenticity.


Possession (1981), the scene where Isabelle Adjani completely loses her mind and freaks out at the subway station.


The piano guy scene in house of wax.


That peeling...


the CPR scene in The Thing. Man i was wayyyy too young to be seeing shit like that. I randomly turned it on one night and that was the first scene i saw😫🙈


Evil Dead 2013. The tongue cutting scene. It just lives in my head rent free to this day


The dinner scene in Indian Jones Temple of Doom was really disturbing when I was a kid. Cracking open them monkey brains. Not a horror movie I know but when your a kid it is.


Original Poltergeist with the clown doll. Loathed it sitting in a chair and then it disappeared and was under the bed.... Scared me senseless..


The scene on ghost ship with the wire. Recently watched it with my bf who had never seen it and he couldn’t believe he had never heard of it. It still holds up pretty well.


That scene is so iconic! Sadly, I feel like it's really the only memorable thing about the film.


This is very true. I hardly remembered anything else. When we went back the flashback scene of everyone else dying in the boat was really cool how they did it, but for some reason it wasn’t memorable at all. I also couldn’t believe the little girl was Emily Browning from sucker punch.


Oh my god! I didn't even clock it!




Yeah. One feature that I wish modern films would use more often is the suspense of the unseen. There's something about seeing the terror in someone's eyes that makes me more terrified. Probably triggering some sort of empathy or something.


Mario Bava's, "Black Sabbath " (1963).The reanimated dead woman. Easily, a crap the drawers moment for a 6 year old. Watched it recently and clearly animatronics using strings. That grisly death face, still creepy as Hell!


Gotta give that one a watch!


The eye gouge scene in Fulci’s Zombi


The segment with the aliens from V/H/S/2. not sure why it freaked me out so bad, but it really really did. I was totally fine the second time I watched it, though.


The zombie woman in the tub from The Shinning. I had to open the shower curtain before going to the bathroom for years to come


The maid that hangs herself jumping from a window in The Omen.


Does anyone remember occulus? The scene where the sister bites into an apple and she's actually slowly chewing a lightbulb. That was fked up. I can still hear the glass crunch


Oculus is underrated as heck. I saw it in the theatre when it first came out and have rematches it many times since. It still scares the pants off me every single time.


“Have you checked the children?” If young me had stuck around for the rest and seen just what a garbage movie When A Stranger Calls really was, maybe I wouldn’t have lost several weeks of sleep. But I was home alone a lot and that first scene messed me up.


The Evil Dead. Ash is hacking his possessed girlfriend into pieces, and as he does it the Deadite is screaming “WAIT! YOU STILL LOVE HER! YOU STILL LOVE HER!” A Deadite preying on its murderer’s love for a woman who was essentially dead at this point in a last-ditch effort to save itself, coupled with the raw, visceral nature of the Deadite voices in that movie just… really rubbed me the wrong way.


Rosemarys baby where they restrain her and force her to give birth in the apartment


What did you do to his eyes?!?


80s Prince of Darkness. Visions of the future and the homeless. As a kid that movie scared the crap outta me


It's Alive. I was like 2 and my parents thought I was sound asleep in the backseat of the car (drive-in theater). I wasn't.


The ‘shunting’ scene in Society. I thought I’d seen just about everything until that.


Paul getting dissolved in the The Blob '88


Hereditary. The car. The pole. The screams.


It was the piano wire in the attic for me. Also the part with Annie and the attic door


I just watched it last night and yeah, the attic door scene gave me chills.




Yup! Jesus that was disturbing. And then the headless body floating out of the house. Freaked me right the fuck out!


Ooo I watched that movie for the first time like a week ago and I just started sleeping with the lights off again, her posession scenes haunted me lmao


That part hit me so hard that it honestly kinda undermined the rest of the movie — I was just so fucking numb after watching it that nothing else in the rest of the movie was able to affect me in any meaningful way.


Absolutely this. I've been watching horror for a long time and always felt like I had the ability to not physically react to jump scares. Even if it was shocking and I had an internal reaction, I stayed cool on the outside. Until that car scene. My god.


I love Hereditary! It's one of the few horror films that have disturbed me to tears.


Or when the mom is cutting her head off with the wire!!!! Haunts me to this day


[This mom-eating scene](https://youtu.be/aIXa0CdSEWs) from what is widely regarded to be one of the worst movies ever made.




that bouncing ball in The Changeling, oooohhhh it creeped me out. And the final scene of Tourist Trap with Tanya Roberts driving the car with all her "friends" in the seats. If you haven't seen either film, I haven't ruined anything. Yes, I was a little kid seeing these, some things stay with you. And those baby prune demons in the original Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. "Salllleeeeeeeeee" omg, my skin would crawwwwl.


The clown doll scene from Poltergeist was the first one to really scare me as a kid. 🫣 As an adult, I find the suicide scene from Midsommar and basically all of the scenes from Eyes of My Mother to be extremely disturbing.


The “cross scene” in the Exorcist…still messes me up to this day.


from what i can remember, the attic scene from Sinister as well as the demon jumpscare from The Conjuring. as a kid/horror newbie, i genuinely felt fear in my heart!


A movie called Carnosaur. I was 5 or 6 my mother and I went to Blockbuster (rip) she said I can pick out anything I want. I saw this movie with a dinosaur on the front and it looked interesting enough. My mom read the back and said “meh it’s like Jurassic park” fuck no it isn’t it’s fucking rated R. Its some seriously gorey shit, peoples intestines everywhere and limbs ripped off. I was fucked up for a few months lol 😂


As I kid I remember the toy soldiers shooting that woman fire squad style in Dolls!!!! 😱


I don't know what age I was, but it was too young, when I was flipping channels and kept it on whatever channel *Child's Play 3* was on, because it was the scene where Chucky cut one of the character's Achilles heel from under the bed. It scared me so bad that I refused to hang my feet off my bed for the longest time and gave me my (still) intense fear of dolls. I should've mentioned in my *Halloween* post, but it was both my anxiety and that scene from the *Child's Play* film that gave me the aversion of horror films for so long.


the dog bowl scene in Audition (1999)


The opening trap of Saw VI in the theater made me lightheaded. First time that ever happened. That whole movie theatre experience at midnight still goes down as one of my favorite cinema experiences. Amanda’s letter finally revealed at the end was the icing on the cake The only folk who showed up for the midnight premier were obviously long time fans and boy were we all thrilled. Last truly good saw movie


As an early 80's kid, it was the clown doll from Poltergeist.


For me it was The Witches (1990) with Anjelica Houston. As a three year old, I was simultaneously terrified of being turned into a mouse and seeing various women peel off their faces.


Candyman- when the kid is telling the story of another kid was attacked by Candyman in the bathroom.


The scene from House on Haunted Hill where the ghosts ppl strap that person down on a gurney and shock them to death.


Irreversible. Head bashing. *shudders*


I somehow ended up seeing the made-for-TV movie [Trilogy of Terror II](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilogy_of_Terror_II) when I was maybe 6 or 7. The first two stories scared me but still in *kind of* a fun way, but the 3rd part of the series with the zulu doll fucked me up. I had nightmares for days and I even stayed home from school for a day because I was upset. So in that sense, it was definitely disturbing. I've watched the movie again and it's pretty comical now but strangely it's almost nothing like I remember other than some key plot points/scenes. My memory of watching it as a kid is like this weird fever dream.


As a kid who thought all movies ended with happy endings… Jeepers Creepers. 👁️👁️


This kinda obscure Val Killer/Michael Douglas action movie called "The Ghost and the Darkness" severely traumatized me. The way the lions attacked, for some reason. I dunno why but it fried my brain.


I love that movie!!! Especially because it was loosely based on real events.. it seems like not too many people have heard of it.


I think all of Devils Rejects got to me but mainly the last like 45 minutes with the motel stuff. Any sexually violent scene usually sticks out. So I think like Zombie’s Halloween, Last house on the left remake and OG, hills have eyes remake. All of those were pretty fucked up for teenage me.


I wasn't watching the movie but I stumbled upon a gif of the girl shooting herself in Texas Chainsaw 2003 on, like, PhotoBucket as a preteen and was scared to go on the internet for days because of it. The first actual movie I remember disturbing me was some period piece my mom and I had rented on Netflix back when they sent DVDs to your house. I think it was supposed to be child friendly but they showed a solider with GANGRENE. AUGHHHHHH.


I was 12 or 13 and The Thing (82) was on TV; the fucking CHEST SCENE scarred me for at least two months


There are two I remember as a kid that I didn't watch the full movie, but one of my brothers threw it on and I just saw *that* scene. * The opening of Nightmare on Elm Street 2 where Freddy takes over the school bus. * When everything is happening at the end of The Shining and Wendy sees the guy in the bear suit. I was about 7 and didn't understand what was happening but the whole thing freaked me out.


The entirety of The Green Inferno greatly disturbed me, but the scene where the tribe literally butchers a guy alive before cooking and eating him nearly made me sick. It's so disgustingly realistic and brutal, and the actor's screams of terror sounded completely real. Now if we wanna go *way* back, then the intro scene for Monster House takes the cake. That old man used to scare the living fuck out of me.


Leprechaun scared the hell out of me, I think I was about 8 or 9 when so first saw it. Couldn’t sleep alone after that.


Catacombs (1988). A monk is praying alone and the statue of Christ on the cross comes to life, pulls the nails out, climbs down, and stabs the monk with the nail as the monk stares in disbelief. I was 8 when I saw that. Haven’t seen it in 33 years and I’m still not over that.


Any scene with Samara in The Ring, 11 years old. Almost 30, still terrifying


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, when Augustus Gloop gets sucked up into the chocolate milk tube -- disturbed the shit out of me when I was a kid to the point that I had to leave room till it was over. And to anyone who claims that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is *not* a horror film; I strongly encourage you to reconsider that position.


There were a few that stick out to me from childhood that I still think about: Duffy's torture / death scene in Robocop 2. One of the home invasion scenes from Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. Zelda from Pet Sematary. The first scene of the dead girl in the closet in The Ring.


Zelda in Pet Sematary. And yes to this day it is so unsettling and disturbing thinking about her screaming.


When I was a kid, my parents rented Hellraiser, I peeked through the keyhole in my bedroom door (we lived in a house with skeleton key doors) because they wouldn't let me watch it. I can't remember exactly which scene disturbed me most, but I had nightmares and was totally disturbed by what I saw.


The opening scene of Ghost Ship. I was in elementary school at an older friend’s birthday party and had no idea that we were all sitting down to watch a horror movie. I ended up watching legally blonde by myself in her room.


I didn’t find the overall movie that scary, but that scene in Insidious where the camera pans to Patrick Wilson and the devil spirit is right behind him 🫣 even seeing that scene in the preview, it still spooked me


It will always be Greta’s death from A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 for me. I’ve always struggled with eating disorders, so a food related death gets me pretty easily. But the way Freddy acts, getting the whole room to watch and laugh at her, and cradling her gently, holding her close after the brutality he just caused. Still makes me feel SICK to this day! Possibly the peak of creative Freddy kills? The film isn’t great but it’s an effects marvel!


Not a horror movie but Courage the Cowardly Dog gave me nightmares as a kid, particularly the scene where Courage has a dream about that trumpet thing. I have that show to thank for making me a huge horror fan now tho so it was worth it If we’re talking actually horror movies, then the lawnmower scene in Sinister (really just the super 8 footage in general but that scene in particular). I was like 8 or something when I saw it and boy howdy did it stick with me lmao


Phantasm when I was a kid. Slow pan to Mike in his bedroom sleeping…then zooms out to The Tall Man is standing over Mike’s bed and the zombies come out of the ground and attack him in bed. I still can remember the feeling when I see this scene. Why I love horror!


All of pet cemetery as a kid




The scalping scene from the movie Saw IV gave me nightmares for ages.


I have absolutely no idea what the movie is called (maybe Clown? Idk) but there's this dude dressed as a clown killing people. He's stalking these two girls, ends up catching one and strings her up by her legs and saws her down the middle, vjay to head. The screams and guts just falling out was so disturbing.


Terrifier. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt4281724/?ref_=ext_shr_lnk


Probably in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow when the horseman killed the family. I was really young at the time so it just freaked me out, I had to stop watching


Tarman's first attack in Return of the Living Dead. Especially when he thinks out a way to create a winch to break into the locker.


The ending of Sleepaway Camp as a kid