Thanks u/Blasterion, u/moon_monster935, u/allthis3bola u/That-Royal-7733 see below link to all my gamepad layouts for DCS World. They might save you a lot of headache trying to figure out good bindings for a number of different modules [https://imgur.com/a/0y4YsYp](https://imgur.com/a/0y4YsYp)




Wow dude. I am saving this now


The triggers are an axis so you can’t bind them as throttle increase/decrease. They’d be in the axis commands as “thrust” which means that you’d fly around at 50% throttle anytime you’re not pulling a trigger. u/Tuuvas has what you’re looking for.


I believe you can run throttle increase/ decrease as an axis. My throttle is controlled by triggers on a ps4 controller. My binds may just be set as non axis controls but either way you can have normal throttle with the triggers


That’s because you’re on a playstation controller. DCS sees Xbox controller’s triggers as an axis.


vjoy exists and is a marvelous tool.


Dcs sees the ps4 triggers as an axis as well. I know that at one point while I was setting it up the throttle was stuck at 50%


Look up Tuuvas...he does lots of game pad maps


I love the commitment


I know that it’s janky as heck, but after trying the F-15 on M&K, I figured I’d try this BS instead.


Start from tuvaas layout and modify it in the way you like it the more


Good luck bud just got into the game after being aviation nerd my whole life. Eventually a HOTAS will help a ton


paging /u/tuuvas






Stay strong bruv. (I say in my third week of hotas ownership)


Yes, buy a HOTAS


I definitely would recommend setting one easy to reach button as a modifier. Pressing that will easily double the amount of commands you can do - I use it on my Hotas where my thumb rests to easily double my throttle’s switches from 12-24.


Throttle up/down bound to trigger axis is gonna be a fun one.


Once u realize the su25t is the best sead plane the only thing ur going to use the 7 key, i (turn on elintpod), slew on hud, enter, fire.


If you own a phone, any phone, you can own a decent $10 head tracker. Search terms: Smooth Track app -or- Smart Head Track app -and- Open Track (free PC software) This opens up a whole new world for cheap, and frees up the right stick for just your sensors. If you try to use a modifier with the sensor, any time you tap it, it can reset the position of the sensor… which is annoying AF when approaching a target thats shooting at you. Also check out the clickable FC3 mod, which opens up some mouse controls on the Su-25T. If you decide to go for a high fidelity aircraft, or said mod, I highly recommend using your controller + mouse for button clicks. Its actually pretty easy to fly with your left hand and click with your right if needed.


voice attack and add a modifier button to your DCS keybinds to multiply buttons