But the ironic cringe to show how much of a gigachad gamer I am! Nah, you're right. Mil-scifi cosmetics is something they desperately need


>Mil-scifi cosmetics is something they desperately need You're describing like 90% of the battle pass stuff. Most of the silly stuff is in the store, which is where it belongs.


We do need more realistic coatings though


Rakshasa and Eaglestrike have some great camouflage ones, but even then, the most "realistic" coatings we have are things like solid blue, or orange, or teal, because we've actually seen Spartans deployed with armor in those colors.


I know it's not exactly a solution, but the campaign is full of these grounded coatings.


I like the fact that they can deploy Spartans in colours like orange and teal. Imagine doing that IRL army. Sniper’s delight


I mean, the covenant deploys their troops in super bright colors, so...


Yes, but I said imagine doing that in real life, would be a [email protected]


Rakshasa has awful coatings, the only military one is the default, the other options are metallic pink, metallic blue arms and head, and bright white and blue


The camo one is military-style, wdym?


I don't have a camo one; I've maxed the battlepass and grinded every event so it must be a paywall coating


Uh.. it's part of Sigrid's kit and [you unlock it at level 15 of the premium battlepass](https://i.imgur.com/ihopurR.png)


Premium pass only


Ye sorry I figured since you maxed the pass you meant you had the prem pass. That's my mistake


They did like 10 different realistic patterns, dusted off their hands, and said “welp, that’s every possible pattern. We did teal helmet, we did red arm, we did TWO red arms. Did we miss anything? That’s it right? Ok now we can do goofy stuff”.


*Eagerly waits for the Reach 1.5 Pass coming in November*


“Sorry, that’s been delayed till April”


"Stay tuned for more delays 👊"


I just want my mk V helmet and Commando shoulder




Counterpoint: sell the silly vibrant stuff in the store, give us the more muted/grounded stuff in events, weeklies, and the battle pass.


Yes please, idgaf about the store


counter-counterpoint: Stop selling goofy stuff and keep Halo grounded


I wish we could go back to the halcyon, grounded days of 3 and Reach, with their ninja helmets, katanas, and head flames. Don’t forget the cheering children whenever I pop a cap in some crying grunt’s head.


counter-counter-counterpoint: Let people have options and enjoy what they like


counter-counter-counter-cointerpoint: Halo Infinite is loosing it's visual identity by adding a lot more goofy stuff. If this keeps up then halo infinite to an outsider will be no visually different from cod, destiny, or potentially even fortnite.


Everything changed when the Furry nation attacked…


Attacked? We’ve always been here, in the shadows, biding our time.


I’m cool with furries, but the fursuit armor sets make me more annoyed than I rationally should be. Same with lots of the kill effects and more wacky customizations


The only “fursuit armor set” is a pair of tiny triangular prisms you can put on your Spartan’s head lmao


Usually paired with the most obnoxious color combo, particle and kill effects. The one piece is not the sum of its parts


I love how Reddit downvotes people when they’re right


You forgot the /s Or maybe they forgot their sense of humor


You mean you don't like bunny ears in your space military game?? /s


God that one is so cringe.


Lol no we don’t, and I’m not gonna pretend it’s not obnoxious to look at 😛


That's lost, there will still be militaristic armor, but goofy armor will be the mainline of the 343i, because they're going to make a lot more money. And it's not even the fault of the game's rating or that it's free, see Call of Duty and maybe Doom. Sorry for the english, it's not my language :)


Irony of people apologizing for bad English is it's often better than native speakers who don't care. But yeah, you're completely right; all these "goofy" vibrant pieces will make a lot more money because people think it's funny and stuff


At least the goofy armour in Doom is actually done well. It’s not like Doom is overly serious. It’s mostly serious, but there is space for some silly armour there, unlike Cod or Halo.




My question for you is, where is that cutoff? Many of the silly things are armor or kill effects, but do things like the flaming head make the pass because they're "cool"? Do bright colored coatings also get thrown out because it's not "realistic", and if so, what qualifies as "too bright"? What do you do for the people in Fracture cores? Do they just get some random armor? Do you get to use them, or are they just disabled for you too if you turn on this switch?


He did say canonical. So unless there’s an instance of a spartan wearing a helmet that’s on fire almost always, I doubt the flaming helmet attribute would apply to canon. And he also said nothing about colours. Fucking noble team had bright asf colours and yet reach was one of the more grounded and serious toned game in the series. Fractures aren’t canon. They are apart of a different, parallel canon in another timeline. I imagine it’d work like MCC. Last time I checked you could equip the newer cosmetics but in your game, on your screen you’d show up as a normal MK VI spartan, but on others you’d be whatever newer armour you chose. Not too sure on that. Been awhile since I’ve tinkered with my mcc armours.


>He did say canonical. So unless there’s an instance of a spartan wearing a helmet that’s on fire almost always, I doubt the flaming helmet attribute would apply to canon. Fair enough, and I agree. No flaming heads, but yes cat ears. >And he also said nothing about colours. Fucking noble team had bright asf colours and yet reach was one of the more grounded and serious toned game in the series. I absolutely agree, but I thought I'd ask the question anyway. Some people just don't like anything bright and colorful. >Fractures aren’t canon. They are apart of a different, parallel canon in another timeline. I imagine it’d work like MCC. Last time I checked you could equip the newer cosmetics but in your game, on your screen you’d show up as a normal MK VI spartan, but on others you’d be whatever newer armour you chose. I agree with you, a cannon switch would indeed remove fracture cores from visibility, and could replace them with either stock Mk VII, or random armor, both would work. However, what the questions were more directed at was to make the distinction between what is and isn't considered acceptable, and why the switch is desired in the first place. The switch to turn off the new cosmetics in MCC does exist, but it exists for the sole purpose of preserving the original aesthetic of those games so they can be experienced in as close a form as they can be to how they were when they were released. The goal of preserving the original experience as much as possible is commendable, and so the switch there makes sense. However, that is not the case for Infinite. All those silly cosmetics and fracture cores are a part of the original look of Infinite, not added later down the line in a re-release by a different dev. Therefore, the purpose of MCC's switch, that being to preserve the original look of the games, cannot be applied. As a result, 99% of the time, when someone says "I want a switch to turn off non-cannon cosmetics", what they often mean is "I want a switch to turn off the cosmetics I don't like". And in a game like Halo, where your choice of armor encapsulates so much of your expression as a player, letting others turn that off for no other reason than "I don't like your cosmetics" just feels wrong, even if I have no way of knowing you've done so.


But fractures aren’t the original look of the game, if they were, they wouldn’t be fractures. And yeah the cat ears are a toss up, on one hand, it’s fucking cat ears and on the other, they at least try to stay within the MK. VII aesthetic. I don’t like them, but also don’t like ENIGMA, but they both are canon. Maybe they should have different degrees for the toggle. Like immersive, canon and goofy. Maybe that’d please more people.


My issue is more with the concept of the toggle itself, because, in my opinion, no other players should be able to limit my expression, even if they're only limiting it to them. It's not anyone else's Spartan, so if I want to have bunny ears and leave a trail of flowers where I walk, then I don't think anyone else should be able to tell me that I can't, even if I don't know that they're doing it.


What? Why do you care if someone can see your trail or not. Like you said, you wouldn’t notice either way. A toggle doesn’t impede on you. It simply makes that goofy shit you’re using disappear for the player that enables it. Not you. The player who enables it. It’s not like it’s taking it away from you. If anything the toggle is limiting the users game, but once again that’s their choice and it only affects them.


I can absolutely understand the desire to turn off some of the more flashy cosmetics, but the whole premise of "well, I don't like it so I'm just going to make it go away" rubs me the wrong way.


Well the toggle is a good way to please both sides. It’s called a compromise. It’s better for both sides otherwise one side will always keep bitching about the other.


I mean, that isn't a compromise though, that's just giving one side most of what they want while still leaving both unsatisfied, because we both know that a whole lot of people would be unhappy with what does or doesn't pass the filter. That being said, I object more to the toggle than I do to the cosmetics, even if some of them aren't to my tastes.


It also feels wrong when I'm playing a bunch of flaming head flower step clown Spartans, which ruin my immersion in the game, and I've no option to turn that off.


Why not just a custom toggle for everything? Alternatively, players who like Fracture or wacky effects and cosmetics could check a box to apply that to all players in their game. They said the game was about millions of player customization options, well there's a big option to have.


"The American people are tired of wacky cosmetics!"


That’s never going to happen. One of the game’s primarily income sources is cosmetics from the store, so it’s in their best interest to have as many eyes on them as possible.


Yet, ironically, the wacky and outrageous armor sets is among the list of reasons I don't play Infinite. Being able to turn that crap off would help entice me to come back.


And I’m sure they’ve done the math on it and found they’d make more money from gained sales than lost money from people being so turned off they stop playing the game.


Thats pretty much what happened to me. Stopped playing for that reason.


More options are always better - but yeah I’d like to see a lot more military sci-fi in there. Rakshasa was pretty solid for this, and cautiously optimistic for SPI.


My only question is, since SPI wasnt a MJOLNIR Platform, what Helmets would it have? So far only two helms exist, the standard version and the one from Headhunters that looks close to Air Assault. I wouldnt be surprised if they added an ODST Helmet for SPI into the mix given its first users were ODSTs when it was being tested.


I mean, Rakshasa isn’t really a MJOLNIR platform, is it? At least not an official one. My guess - based on literally nothing - is that they’ll pull a few cosmetics from the lore, and the rest will be new pieces that fit the SPI aesthetic/theme in general.


Halo is barely recognizable anymore.


“hAlO reAcH HaD A SkulL” I’d take a select few exaggerated cosmetics mixed in rather than like 50% or more of the armors being from a different universe or goofy


Ah yes, because everyone didn't also equip the flaming head, or storm clouds, or stink cloud, or flying hearts, or grunt birthday party as soon as they could.


In MCC they did because they were practically handed out. In OG Reach almost nobody was wearing until a good couple years in when it was mostly high leveled players playing at that point.


That doesn't change the fact that those cosmetics are equally out of place as anything in Infinite, and *everyone* equipped one as soon as they could. Also, the only thing reach levels related to was time spent, you had to grind for so many hours to get anything. It really sucked.


Exactly, it took like a fucking year before anyone was able to equip it (and that's only if they were *really* dedicated too) which means that a vast majority couldn't. It was purely a big dick cosmetic to show off for the time sink.


It was like a month before people had it. Maybe two before every lobby had one. By a year, half of every lobby had an armor effect. They weren't that hard to get, and certainly no harder to get than maxing a battle pass, where most of the ones that aren't in the store are.


A *month*??? They were 100,000 cR each iirc and you had to level up through the ranks to unlock them. The game was really grindy too, I have no idea how you could even say that, I mean a *month*???


None of them were behind ranks, and at 2k cR per match, with something like 50k cR of challenges every week, even the price of 200k cR for grunt birthday party didn't take people long.


They were absolutely behind ranks because I remember wanting the lightning effect really badly and never getting it despite having enough cR.


According to the [wiki](https://www.halopedia.org/Armor_customization_(Halo:_Reach)#Spartan), they weren't.


Earnable cosmetics at that.


I will never understand how goofy cosmetics seem to sell better than badass militaristic cosmetics. People will say the reason is that it’s kids buying them. But even as a kid, if I was playing a multiplayer game, I wanted my character to look like a badass - not a clown. I think Fortnite has just raised a generation of young gamers who love ridiculous gaudy cosmetics. I just don’t get the appeal? I want my character to look like a Spartan, and I wanted the same thing back when I was 12. While Fortnite is fun, I really dislike so many of the trends it’s brought to the gaming industry that every developer is desperately trying to copy.


Because of 12 year olds who are actually dumb enough to buy this shit


Why I do it is , when I am on a hot streak , and u see my cat ear ,t baging you . I know I am already in ur head and have you off your game.


I don’t think your armor has as much of an effect as you think. They’d be more annoyed at you killing them over and over before caring what you’re wearing.


It won't trigger everyone and maybe a small amount it works on. It's like back in halo 3 ,I use to have my gf talk shit on the mic and it would trigger them and throw them off their game. Also it only works when I am on a hot streak ,if I am playing like trash I just the dude with cat ears and purple nail polish armor (wife actually liked the color I picked)


This whole "art of warfare" point you're trying to make isn't really working how you think it is...


You spend money specifically to piss people off???


Yeah ,knowing it can be a competitive edge .it's no different then people buying elite controller to give their self a competitive edge. I spent 20 buck on nail polish for my wife and used Microsoft point to get the cat ear. Lot cheaper then $180 buck +,Alot of gamers spent on to try and get an advantage.


From laughing so hard because you spent $10 on digital cat ears.


It's cute that you are a keyboard warrior, huffing and puffing your chest. Thanks for the laughs.


Season 2 battlepass : “Am I A Joke to you?”


Now, I love the wacky cosmetics, I wear the cat ears on Mk VII, and deer antlers on yoroi, but.... there's too many wacky ones, I strongly agree and that's why I'm excited for Winter Update and the SPI core


Honestly, too many wacky cosmetics in this game already. Certainly doesn't help on top of the lack of content, so much so that I've uninstalled the game. Constantly bombarding the player with garrish FX and SFX. It's was so fucking annoying booting this game up I just gave up. It's for children now. Their MTX scheme is pure garbage.




Wrong Fortnite/Fortnight there.


Should we really care about that spelling that shitty ass game’s name right?


Fortnite's actually a good game though. I wish Infinite was 20% of what Fortnite is.


It's really not shitty, it's a pretty well made game, and is popular for a reason. And it was a joke man.


The quirky cosmetic style killed the appeal of a lot of shooters for me. If I recall it was Gears 3 where I first started seeing it and then the cancer just spread. No hate of Gears of War or anything,never played the 3rd one, and I’m going based off of memory. Can’t stand the pizza skins and quirky look of everything. I’m not one to bicker or even notice “bad graphics” however art design has always been important to me and I prefer to be able to take a game serious.


I want some earthier and girthier cat ears


>a puddle of rainbow vomit This gave me an inward chuckle. But yeah, I'm right there with you. I rock pouches/kit when available and muted colors for the same reasons.


I actually really like the rackshasa armor because it *looks* like its had lots of diy maintenance done on it by battle weathered spartans in a cave somewhere. Its not entirely function over form, because it's maintained almost entirely by its user, the spartan will probably modify it to make it look better. Or to intimate the enemy. That armor set feels very grounded in reality to me.


The season core is the canon military one. Fracture and events are not.


Lol just saw a post before stating that only 6.9% of armors are those silly weird ones their just the most popular items and are being bought up the most which is why you think their are so many.


Dude this. Listen to this 343. Enough with the cheese fortnite stuff.


Not to beat a dead horse, but I would love a toggle switch to be able to hide any "wacky" cosmetics, armour effects I don't mind people enjoying them but personally I'd rather keep the art style grounded.


Let’s advertise heavily on how we’re “returning to the classic art style” in infinite (after finally accepting that no one liked our shitty new art direction) and *immediately* undermine that but overloading the game with garish and completely out of place cosmetics that completely destroy the visual consistency of the experience! - 343


> overloading Off the top of my head I can think of like 5 things that I would consider over the top. 5 out of how ever many hundreds/thousands of items. I’m not sure I’d call that “overloading”.


Rakshasa (not sure if I spelled it right) is full of stuff like that. The Reach core is also very militaristic. Pretty sure even the Mk 7 has a camo coating from the first battle pass. Quit pissing your pants over bunny ears.


That's why I love Rakshasa so much. It looks so rugged, and it fits Halo perfectly. My only complaint is the lack of back armor, but that's not really a big deal.


it does you can unlock several coatings in the campaign


We're also potentially gonna get SPI in Season 3


Ah, a fellow Hexen Slate enjoyer. I want new Mark V pieces that actually look like Mark V. OG helmet and suit to start, and I think 343s art team could do fantastic with 2-3 new sets. After, of course, bringing all the old sets back.


Still not even just a flat olive/military green coating in the game. There's the jun coating but it has blue and gold. I just want jun green with some black in it. Wish I could just choose that myself


I just don’t think that people want to buy boring standard military looking cosmetics. That stuff should just be in the base game anyway. People want to buy stuff that stands out.


I would actually spend a few bucks to disable all cosmetics and make it so that all players on my screen(myself included) only appear as the default armor.




The game isn't meant to appease just you, darling. I like that they add cute things for everybody to enjoy. just cause you don't like it, doesn't mean others wont. :)


This comment instantly makes me think of my sister, shes a big time Halo fan, when I told her they had cat ears in the shop she lost her shit cause she wanted them so bad. The games giving you a bit of everything, the free events have been giving these "badass" armors the whole time so I don't understand how people are upset that the store has goofy/cute cosmetics, just don't look in the shop I guess.


lol exactly. I've been waiting to get my hands on the cat ears but the bunny ears will suffice until they come back around. I think they do good trying include a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. My only complaint is that i can't have more than one on at a time.


Agreed, I'd much rather hear people complaining about that stuff, how crosscore wasnt a thing at launch, etc those are at least valid and make sense.




Lmao I know, I can barely even see people's armor with opponents highlighted in a color. This game has many other problems to complain about, I am shocked people care about the "unrealism" of silly armor in a video game...about supersoldier space Marines blowing up ringworld superweapons.


Booooo bad take, stupid customization is wayyy better


343i & "Postums": Nah fam. best we can do is some lame ass neon colors and bunny ears. Take it and shut up. Dont forget to buy your next battle pa$$ for another spray paint stamp or emblem for your armor youll never use or even see for that matter.


No out of spite.


Why do you all care so much about OTHER PEOPLE'S Spartans it's not your Spartan wearing the bunny ears so why dose it matter? you all say you car about player expression but complain when there Spartan isn't to your standards


Dog ears season 3. Bird feathers season 4. Dragon horns season 5.


Dragon horns would be cool


Well, not to excuse the lack luster extension of S2 coming in November. But getting 30 tiers of Reach cosmetics in a free mini battlepass will definitely be a nice change of pace for our armor. Lol I type this with a touch of anxiety I’m gonna get downvoted for saying something mildly positive about the game 😅😅😅🤷🏻‍♂️


I hate it. It needs to be dark, grim, gritty, bloody, violent and serious. This is a military game, not some kind of party shooter. This is what happens when you try to follow trends. Get this out of my fucking sight gaycockgay!


Lmao your homophobia is slipping out there buddy


What do you _mean_?! Peepoopee ruined Halo with these "QuIrkY" cosmetics!!


im angy!! i wanna be serious and cool when i play halo 😡


Fortnite 2.0


Your acting like they do silly stuff more than the normal stuff with is not true what so ever, we had locust, warmaster , all the egalestrike armor sets and for silly stuff is all in the 2 shops we had for the silly event.




How are goofy cosmetics "woke"? What the fuck are you talking about?


People will call everything woke these days, It's lost any meaning at this point.


I actually don't mind over the top colors or attachments/armor effects....what I mind is when the armor pieces themselves or the core looks goofy/un-Halo. Halo has had armor effects since Reach, arguably 3, and it doesn't undermine the visual design of the armor itself: Even with flames around the armor, the armor itself is fine. Stuff like the Cat ears, for example, also actually do look like pieces of MJOLNIR equipment even if they evoke cat ears visually. But stuFf like the Fracture cores with Yoroi and Iron Eagle, and the Season 8 Mythic MCC armor that's viking, greek, and medieval themed, etc, is actually just straight up armor that doens't even look sci-fi: Yoroi has leather and cloth on it, as does the S8 stuff, Iron Eagle looks dieselpunk, and so on: They don't fit the same fictional genre and don't look like something from Halo. Even the Rakasha core despite being canonical often looks more like something from Titanfall or Apex Legends or one of the near future CoD games (though there some Rakasha armor and even some Yoroi pieces I think look fine, it's moreso the underlying "core", esp with Yoroi).


Honestly I wouldn't care about the silly cosmetics if the game gave me the option to disable them. If I remember there was no such feature. But MCC at least aloud us to ignore the new stuff if we wanted.


Reach had it right. Everything felt like it could serve a purpose, and then there were a handful of cutesy effects if you felt like adding a little goof flavor.


100000% agreed




add more militaristic anything. halos CE- Reach had a very scifi military game feel the UNSC the Covenant felt like two big armies fighting it out for years. now it feels like youre a comic book super soldier hero fighting aliens on your own or with your team of power rangers


You mean you don't want the pink unicorn dildo mark V helmet coming out next week?


I wonder if most of the near term cosmetics were already been made long in advance. If that's the case hope this is a ten year halo


I agree. Make some new armor pieces for reach core too.


If 343i comes up with a [Banished Spartan fracture](https://external-preview.redd.it/VJxPEwe_9kLohXg_KJMKN7L9PjcHToP38pgmB1q5DxY.jpg?auto=webp&s=221fd237a856dadd0def50ea039068372467199a) one of these days, I swear I'm buying everything I can for it.


Unfortunately those don’t sell like bunny ears and they won’t give anything away for free where we can earn it


I’ve said it in many other threads and I’ll say it again, I want my good damn gungnir helmet for the Mark V core.


Gotta shove that T rated in our faces


I am someone who loves asymmetry and cat ears but even I recognise that they should be the acception and not the EXPECTATION of new halo cosmetics. Milsim and sci-fi are what halo started with and should have more representation in INFINITE and MCC


I’d love to see some camo patterns get added in for Spartans and weapons.


Most of the pieces they add are the militaristic stuff. Most people just like the silly stuff and use it. This subreddit is the minority, not the majority.




I really hope theres more camo stuff in the future


This had to be said sooner i swear


I remember in Halo 5 that ad that was like “pizzzzaaa…” for a pizza assault rifle skin. So fuckin dumb lol, it’s like they want their game to look ugly.


I do like the darker colors for a more realistic feel, but Spartans are meant to be so unstoppable that they could be wearing some strobing rave gear and sparkling tutus and still put the fear of God into all the inhuman bastards in his way.


This reminds me of the accessory DLCs from XCOM2, they thought players wanted more goofy cosmetics, when in reality people just wanted to more militaristic cosmetics.


The Coalition should design some shit, especially since they put Kat and Emile in Gears 5. The COG outfits and designs are amazing.


Just give us MK IV and a Jerome kit


Give us the ability to filter out colorful bullshit and armor effects People keep making the argument that because there were flaming helmets in H3 and Reach, and armor effects in Reach that it justifies them being in the game A lot of people want the option for them not to be in the game, if you want to be a pink rainbow bunny that’s fine you have every right to do that I have the right to request to NOT see it


I wish I could turn off being able to see any non canon style cosmetics


It's halo. Not fortnight. Keep that shit over there. Thanks.


I saw a lot of people on here complaining about the gritty military coatings so I guess it's damned if you do damned if you don't