Oooh baby, this is gonna go over well lmao


I wonder if the outrage will actually convince them to change it. Not that anyone will care cause nobody will be playing by then


Enemy coatings, Microsoft will order them to remove customization from the grunts to remind you who's ~~the bad guys are~~ in charge.


I haven’t played infinite in weeks and I’m out of the loop - are we able to play as grunts now ?


Grunts could be the form of Oddjob, if they did that I might come back.


It could be done via scripting probably. Make the Spartan super small and put it inside the Grunt model, than script controls to move the Grunt around.


T-posing grunts sliding around would be funny. Unless you can just posses the biped which has all it animation tags included


I get that reference!


No I’m assuming this is for forge. Idk if it’s an actual grunt or just a prop


Haven’t played in so long, I swore I was gonna get back on when EOD came out and they fucked that up too. Not interested in that money hungry no content clusterfuck of a game


Convince them to stop raking in free money from people with no self control? Doubtful.


They literally can’t change it, there’s no one way for the game to make money because they designed it so hastily. If they remove the skins/kits, there’s no income


The only thing they can do, which I think people would be okay with, is make each coating customizable within the palette. Like the colors can be altered, but the color placements are locked. For example, if you like blue and orange armor colors, you could have a bunch of different blue and orange color coatings


I find it pretty funny that even the updates we've been waiting a year for are a 'one step forward, two steps back' scenario. God this company is so embarrassing lmao


One half step forward 343 steps back


You deserve an award for that 😂


It's an old joke at this point. And its: 3 steps forward 43 steps backwards


@Carbone: "But I not the one given it"


I mean the fact that we are in 2022 and Rocket league has more color choices than a game that is owned by one of the most powerful and wealthy companies in the world is purely nothing short of idiotic.


Rocket League Sideswipe (the mobile version of RL) now has more colour customization...


And it's free lol


When comments match the Avatar too well


THIS IS EXACTLY HOW COATINGS SHOULD HAVE BEEN. We choose the colors but coatings are textures and patterns. Ugh.


I am still an unable to create the general look for my Spartan that I’ve been capable of having in every previous game since Halo 3. I think most are in a similar boat. The coatings system is a total disaster


It's so frustrating. I just want a white and navy blue spartan like the ones I play in 3 and Reach. Instead we get weird Cheeto hands coatings.


Exactly. I always had this one Spartan design I made in each game, but *awwwwwww no*, there always has to be an orange hands and/or crotch area to ruin the damn suit.


I want brown with blue accents. Looks surprisingly good and has been my look since Reach, even outside of Halo, but the odds of someone making a coating for that are incredibly slim. And I'd almost certainly have to pay for it.


I used that scheme too for a while. Looks nice.


Guilty of using the Cheeto hands coating, I KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT EXACTLY 😭


I just want the cool heavy ODST helmet but no! It was in one event back in season 1 and ill probably never see it again cause ill miss it every time its in the store for 20 dollars


Just genuinely terrible game design from a user's perspective.


But ... but ... they told us that 95% of players would be able to customize their spartan *exactly* like they had them in the previous games in the first week! Surely they didn't *lie*. Alternative theory: They based this off the number of players who play either 100% black, 50/50 red/black (for the edge), or 117 green. Who, in fairness, seem to be most of the players online.


Dude, I just want to look like Master Chief. No fancy colored visor, no shoulder pads that idiotically look like they belong in ancient history. No glowy floating circles above my head. No cat ears. Just regular Mark IV or even VI armour with the sage green color. But nope. Can’t even just look like Chief from the base game itself. 🤨


A man of culture, I see! But seriously, I've been rocking Mark V Zeta and the green "anniversary" coating for ages now


Buying the campaign should have given a full games worth of armors, including those basic armor sets.


I can easily achieve a look similar enough to my ideal armor, carried over from Reach, but I have to complete the first Battle Pass, and I just can't be asked to slog through that bullshit when the game is so painfully unfun that even North Korean escapees think it's brutal.


I have to buy an Xbox One and Halo 5 and get to max rank to get the colors I use for my spartan...


EOD gang gets the shaft every time.


Yep, that's exactly what I was thinking. Even Halo 5 has this for Forge, so it was quite mind boggling when we got spartan skins instead of actual color customization. [Anyways, here's the exact system you described actually working.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9g-FY3dvNo)


This is how it was in development when they were talking about the game before it released. Almost certainly at some point, the monetization director said 'hold your horses, if we let people build what they want, they won't buy anything!' and it became the system it is today.


Basically they should have done what warframe did with palettes.


This is the Rocket League system. You've always been able to pick a color or two (or three?), but textures, patterns, or animated finishes had to be unlocked. I've never seen complaints The fact that 343i is showing this functionality while blatantly locking it away for main characters is extremely disappointing.


Rocket League is 100% the way things should have gone. It would have fixed the outline issue too if we had a palette for red, blue and FFA like RL does (sorta)


Or at least let us do different primary secondary tertiary colors in basic pattern and texture and make coatings specific colors with cooler patterns and textures.


while this is awesome, it felt like a slap in the face/shade towards mp customization


I liked the official forge release but, as soon as they showed this, I was thinking the exact same thing. This is exactly how easy colors are in a game engine. They literally arbitrarily limited these things to make money under the guise of quality. and yet the stuff they release is far from polished and has so many similar pieces and repeats.


I’m still pissed about the terrible emblem system too. They are all so generic or terrible looking. We can’t even choose the color of our emblems unless someone deemed it an acceptable part of the color set. Like the heart icon but want it red? Tough shit.


Back in my day we could make our own emblem by mixing and matching jpgs. Now we have these single images with no customization.


Ftp doesn’t stand for “free to play”, it stands for “fuck the players”


I thought it stood for file transfer protocol.


Bomb + Left third background = penis


Here’s the infinite equivalent: 8 (It’s balls)


Back in my day we made boobies, dicks and buttholes using emblem customization.


They don't even offer all the emblems from past Halo games. The one I always used is gone now.


The worst part about emblems is that they did the same damn thing in Halo 5 (though there were way more emblems/palettes). Eventually 343 relented to complaints and let you pick colors. They're just repeating shit that they already know people hate.


The emblem system is so fucking ass. They made them all stylized and cartoony, took away the ability to mix and match pieces, and took away the color full array of color options for their shitty backgrounds and colors. Just the worst.


It's literally how easy colors are in every engine. Changing the underlying color to a shader is the most basic 3d thing. That's why in almost every game you can do it, especially for metallic shaders. Warframe, Anthem (remember that piece of shit). The minimum for customization is letting the player change fucking colors. I played infinite for 5 days when it initially dropped and had no idea you guys were out here paying for colors. My jaw is on the floor. As someone who has heard the" 343 shouldn't be in control of halo anymore" I thought that was extremist fans who didn't like they added ballsacks to grunts or something because it wasn't supported by the lore. The fact that 343 is charging for color changes on halo armor is the weakest cash grab I've ever seen. Also, saying couch coop will absolutely be in the game, then kill it, when the entire internet has seen videos of it already working in the same game blows my mind too. These guys are just clueless. Oh, that's also after delaying the game a year because they needed the entire internet to tell them their game looked like shit graphically. Crazy.


The part they showed a bit later pissed me off with all the textures. The option to do clean/dirty/etc. was a huge miss on the armor side.


It's frustrating on weapons too. I would like to be able to pick how worn my weapons and armor are


Cause 343 has more respect for Grunts than its players.


YippYappy and FlipFlop are really the main characters of Halo and deserve to be treated as such


For real


All the excuses for "oh no we can't have custom colours"


This is exactly how coatings work. This is the underlying system for every piece of armour, visor, and attachment. Remember way back before launch when they claimed coatings were too advanced to be customised by players? That was and will always be a lie.


Ive also not seen a single coating that justified the system. No interesting patterns, no fun use of colour, just basic combinations that we could've done ourselves.


Yeah we Rarely get Camouflage Coatings or just stuff with actual custom designs like carbon fiber like coloring was the only reason for me being fine with the Coating system. But instead we got the same colors but in a different order


Only one I can sort of think of is the entrenched coating that had the checker-pattern but that’s about it


Even those patterns are not that complicated though. Patterns can be attached to specific mapped areas on a rig, and the pattern can have colors assigned to it. If they gave us access the underlying tools of the coating system in game there would literally be limitless possibilities. Look at warframe’s customization menu. It is literally this but it’s dumbed down a bit. Idk if it is a limitation of the game engine where they need to have all the possible coatings pre-baked in the files or something, but acting like players cannot navigate a more complicated recoloring/texturing system is disingenuous and insulting to our intelligence. I know how to use menus and look at 3D models and I think most people are technologically literate to do the same.


> Idk if it is a limitation of the game engine where they need to have all the possible coatings pre-baked in the files or something Come on, you know exactly what it is. Money.




That's a really good description of this game. "An insult."


It really doesn’t matter how they tried to say it, at the end of the day even the most advanced software use a fucking color wheel to pick a color.


Or a color hex. But i mean…it aint that fucking complicated


"This basic feature every game has is too advanced for players to use on their own" Was the most obvious piece of corporate BS ever lol


Anyone who has touched a 3d modelling program in the last 10 years could have told you that everything related to the shader system was a complete lie. Hell, literally anyone who played Doom 2016's *multiplayer* could have


HSV values are very hard to manipulate /s


With every positive I see in Infinite, it's ALWAYS tied to a negative I have fun in a game, I make no progression because I didn't get 5 sticky grenade kills. I unlocked a cool helmet attachment for free by playing the game... it's literally only for one helmet now we finally see forge, it's great, more freedom... to the point where a grunt's armor has more freedom of expression with colors than your own fucking spartan


**343**: *nervous sweating* **343**: "Well, you see, this same degree of customization can't apply to players because uh...it would uh...actually take *away* from meaningful player expression and there are innumerable UI issues that would arise which would in turn result in countless bugs and render the multiplayer experience unplayable."


>result in countless bugs and render the multiplayer experience unplayable So Halo Infinite *ba dun tss*


Remember when 343i told us some coatings are more rare because they spend more time creating it? This easily shows that making new coatings is really just a work of a few minutes.


“Noooo you don’t understand changing slider and color values is backbreaking labor that we must be duly compensated for!!”


sErVeRs aReNt cHeAP!


Some times I wonder why in Sam's hell do we even pay Live Gold for.


My coworker once made a good point. If their email and cloud are free to the public I don’t see how footing the bill for live would hurt them.


In truth, the infrastructure for online gaming is likely much more expensive than those services. MS is already deploying mail and file servers like crazy, so it's just cloning more VMs and buying more drives. Game servers, while being redundant across regions, aren't redundant across games. They have to do a lot more specialized work for the project, and it's not reusable for other services like mail/file servers within a global environment. That said, if MS could get all of their development teams to agree on a single core for multiplayer connectivity, the development costs would go way down. If "skill-based matchmaking" weren't a buzzword for unproven, proprietary systems, they wouldn't have to do as much custom work. Trying to do that is probably how we ended up seeing unusual games (like Rory McIlroy PGA Tour) shoved onto the Frostbite engine at EA. They probably wanted one "do-it-all" engine and a common set of tools for their studios. It would have probably made pulling support staff for projects easier across projects and lowered overall development costs. It ended up hurting development of some games that didn't fit in Frostbite's mold (it was allegedly an issue with the development of Mass Effect Andromeda)


Because so many of us were dumb schmucks that didn't realize the O.G. Xbox and older PS consoles had it for free, and once the genie got out of its bottle, nobody could put it back.. And Microsoft literally owns a server company of their own, so while I wouldn't say it was cheap, by any stretch of the imagination, especially in proportion to other costs, it IS cheap enough that dead (and modern, albeit more questionably) MMO's can have private servers that are entirely community-run, and being able to take advantage of an in-house discount would certainly help, not needing to profit off of.. Themselves.


It’s a shame the UI can’t support this level of customization for Spartans. On a totally unrelated note here’s a purple coating for $10. 👊


Way to reveal how easy it is to allow colour customisation and blow the lid on your own predatory monetization


Feels like the only appropriate color here is White...for that Grunts raised armpit. When is the Old Spice Event???


Fucking Christ. I know the coating system is here to stay, but for the love of God *let us choose which colors go where*. I don't want the random Cheeto fingers or asymmetrical kneepads. It's clearly possible just please do this!


Unironically I wouldn't have an issue with the coating system if it was just textures and such and we could choose colors. But then you look at the coatings we have and you realise we'd have like 5 coatings then cause it's almost all just color changes.


Honestly even then, if the coatings were all Primary/Secondary/Tertiary color pallets, and we couldn’t change WHERE the colors go, just what colors are where? Even that would be fine. Like that Cognac (white/red with yellow shoulders) one. Idc if I can’t remove that off-color shoulder, just let me make it a different color (or the same white/red). Lemme do black/blue with white shoulders, or purple/green with black shoulders. Idfk


That's pretty much exactly what I'm saying. Charge me for the color black if you have to but let me fucking dictate if I want your shitty highlights.


Per the new [Forge Fundamentals](https://youtu.be/SAwEbD5qNG8), you can customize assets’ material and color, and do so within specific regions of an asset (including on Grunt bodies). Glad to see 343 flaunt in our faces how much of a bold-faced lie all their pre-release statements about coatings “allowing them greater expression” as a trade off for more limited player-side intractability and customization was. But at least Forge has no compromises on player choice. So that’s good. Loved all of what we saw. Hoping for the return of Husky Raid.


I said early on this is likely how 343 create their coatings - it's a very similar way to how previous games have worked - different colour regions on a body piece, each can have colours cycled. The difference with Infinite is that it was removed as an option for players and kept only for the devs. It was always so obvious that's how it worked. Anyone who's played a Forza game knows how simple it is to do what 343 have been doing with coatings behind closed doors. The option could have and should have been given to players, but wasn't so that they could fat up Bonnie's pockets.


> but at least Forge has no compromises on player choice. That we know of. So far. This is 343. They’re always waiting with a loaded rifle to unload it into their own foot.


*unlock Scorpion for 20 dollars* MOTHERFUCKER


*"You have reached the placeable item limit, to continue placing items please consider purchasing 50 additional slots for $20"*


Actually I've been having a problem with that on Halo Reach forgeworld, I've been building this big base but there seems to be an upper limit on the number of things I can place, there's not a prompt or anything but it refuses to spawn anything when I press on an item if I reach this limit, and so ive been having to cherry-pick props and its really annoying. I still have money, thats not the problem, it just won't spawn anything once I hit the limit


Iirc, in Reach Forge, even if you weren't capped by money, it was either the categories or the individual items still had a cap on them, like you could only place so many lights, chairs, fusion coils, walls, platforms or whatever even if you still had the budget for it, I can't remember where to find the numbers but I think it's somewhere in the menus while in monitor mode, it's been a long time since I have messed with any of that


I don't think its that, I've basically been able to delete any item and replace it with any other


>But at least Forge has no compromises on player choice Till they lock all the more interesting choices behind paywalls or "future updates".


was this from a leak?


The link above takes you to the official Forge reveal on YouTube.


oh sorry


Simple, one of the forge wizards must script the grunts as playable, easy fix


Omg this needs to happen. Or a mode were you play as an Elite abd have a group of Grunt minions that follow you Overlord style


This seems amazing.


I'll do it. Don't think I wont


Go for it!


Based on the average cost of 343’s coatings that Grunt is wealthier than Jeff Bezos


343i has taken note of your criticism and will now charge to change the colours on the grunts /s.


No need for /s they probably will do it


Why are we here, only to suffer


Don't mind me, I'm just someone who called this way back in 2020 when they initially revealed the coating system and said "sorry colors are baked in the coating! We accidentally made a more limiting system whoopsieeee!". They never once said you'd be able to change your colors, they (Uny) said "there's a bunch, you'll be fine!" [Also the fact that Halo 5 Forge had it too.](https://redd.it/ji20kz) Maybe I'll take a trip down memory lane to October 2020 and see all the posts that said "there will be a coating that will take all colors" and "guys we don't know how it'll be till the game launches!"


This might be the sickest Infinite burn I've heard in a while, and that's saying something.


I agree. I didn’t think of this when watching but OP has a point.


It's the 343 way, consumers are the real cannon fodder


They understand how customization should be and yet did not gave us it because of how greedy they are.


>We're coming at this from a player-first mentality well that was a lie


Hahahahahaha and here I bet they thought people would be excited about the reveal.


When 343i digs their own grave


And sells us coatings for the shovel.


Hey, guys look, the coating system that once was a part of spartan customization!


UPVOTE make sure this is seen


Damn you got a point there


Damn, 2 hours and this hasn't been removed by a 343 mod for being 'irrelevant'?


Even they are at a lost for words.


This is another great example of how 343i is a terrible business that should be boycotted.


Well, confirmed. I’m done with 343s halo. This should have been Spartan colour customization. Instead it’s $20 a pop. Fuck off 343. Keep your fomo, “free” to play l, dumbed down hacked to pieces “halo”. I’ll stick with the bungie games.


Wow. I know the trade-off for f2p mp was the cosmetic system so they can make money but damn, they need to save the game and just give us this customization for our Spartans. I want to come back and enjoy this game but I’d rather just play MCC or Destiny.


This game... Is a fucking dumpster fire...


TBH I think it is more comparable to a burning priceless painting They painted a great landscape then left an open fire near it and now they keep pouring gasoline on it whilst also at the same time greatly improving the image...whilst it is still burning down to cinders


>TBH I think it is more comparable to a burning priceless painting That got shoved into the dumpster fire as a final fuck you.


Good analogy


More like 1/4 of a burning priceless painting


"dude the primer on this painting is great surely the rest of the painting is going to be even better when its finished in 2 years"


I'm at a loss for words. Coatings could have been leagues better with color customization and then there's this.


This is so fucking hilarious they really just hate the player base.


343I is the new EA🤣


They haven't gone pay to win...... *Y E T*


So what you're saying is there is absolutely no reason whatsoever I shouldn't be able to paint big ol' anime tiddies on my Spartan like a Honda Civic in Forza 3.


Which forza 3? Motorsport 3 or horizon 3 lol


Hell idk, which one came out in 2007?


That lowkey had me laughing but it’s Motorsport 3 lol


This but unironically


Whenever I think that there could be nothing else that could expose their greed someone *always* finds a way to prove me wrong.


The tools they showed are genuinely amazing and the only thing I think is "Why can't we use this system to customize our spartians."


Christ 😂😅😭




You guys are still playing this?




Grunts > Spartans


I been saying this. They can still do custom normal maps and stuff, but having w separate colormap with RGB functions is more than possible


This does kind of feel like 343i and the other 2 dev teams working on Infinite are like the old saying goes: "The foot doesn't know what the hand is doing."


As soon as I saw this I knew I'd see some shit on this sub about it. Now I'm just waiting for the awful giga grunt memes that will undoubtedly spawn from this.


Haha that’s what you think, soon you’ll have to pay HCS for those grunt colours.


When grunts get free colours but we still have to pay $20 for white...


If you really wanna see what we could’ve had if the devs gave a flying flip about quality player content, just check out the aesthetic customization options for mobile suits in New Gundam Breaker. If we could have gotten something even half as robust as that, the fandom would have screamed in ecstasy.


Can’t wait for the post tomorrow about halo fans being toxic over colors to be used as a smokescreen


This is probably very similar to what they use to make coatings


Cause it likely IS what they use.


And you know what? The grunts deserve it. 😭


Playable grunts instead of elites


Isn't this almost exactly what they originally described the customization to be?


I blame the community for not pushing back on 343.


Halo Infinite Steps Back


343 Can't get away with shit lol


Makes you think the guy who’s in charge of shaders has to be color blind or something.


["Ah sweet Lois, 343 exposing themselves again!"](https://www.seekpng.com/png/detail/21-214151_peter-griffin-peter-griffin-watching-tv.png)


Well because they can't monetize grunt customization. At least, not yet...


My hot take is they're making a robust forge so the community can do the work for them and not have to make new maps


At first I thought this was about the current event mode. I wouldn’t know though because I can’t find a match, just endless matchmaking searching. Estimated wait was 14 seconds. My ass.




Man, halo sure has gone wayward. I guess all good things end eventually.


Yeah, pretty much Warframe customization.... with Voidshell, to boot. ​ If they just sold color palettes, I'd be happy...


There should be a "Make your own coating" system imo. All basic colors are free and damage/shiny/clean/textured… looking colors are earnable through challenges, achievements, microtransactions, battle pass, events, etc.


I guess the grunts didn't have to pay $8 for the color blue


careful, they might update it so you have to *pay* for forge items






*G I G A G R U N T*


Again, this was 343 doing what they wanted to do. I do not believe a single developer wanted to limit customization. Without a doubt it was suits from Microsoft. This just proves it further.


Oh no! You mean I can’t spend $10 for the green grunt armor coating???? FUCK THIS GAME GOD DAMMIT ONE JOB THREE FOUR THREE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE /s(?)


Knew this would've irked some people


Damn, we’ll be able to customize elites for free too. Won’t we?


Halo peaked at reach,should've ended there.


What’s this mean? Since when can people customize grunts? Never knew about that.


It’s a screenshot from the pre-release trailer for Forge mode.






I am SO DONE with infinite. Fuck 343. They have shown they are such an Incompetent lazy ass studio all the way down. I’m uninstalling and telling all my friends they should too


I would be ashamed to work for this company


Why is this not the coating customization (money I know)


What’s frustrating is they could of done something similar to that for our Spartans they just choose to be greedy instead.


Could be a sign of things to come 👀


Was curious when I’d starting seeing posts like this