Hated? No. Disappointing as all hell in its current state? Yes.




Is it still?


Funnily enough, considering it’s been 6 months since I commented this, not much has changed lol. To call this game a “live service” is a total joke


Damn that’s a bummer. Are there any plans to add content?


Season 3 is dropping in a month or so but I don’t have confidence that the drip feed of content will get much better


It's good game at its core. Just severely lacking in standard features and the worst mp customization choices.


UI and social features also kills it too. You could easily make some friends back in H3 and Reach and continually party up with them for a weeks, months, some turned into long time friends. Halo MCC and infinite between people just sitting without mics or playing with their friends already its hard to meet new players to squad up with in game. Guess I should try discord or some shit.


We really need pre and post game lobbies with chat enabled for both teams. The lack of communication hurts this game bad.


At its core is also the massive desync problem though, that is a massive problem that absolutely caused me to leave. When the core gameplay isn't even reliable, its hard to say its a good game at its core.


Actually I think people just liked it so much that when they realised they've been playing the same few maps and gamemodes for almost a year and are waiting for a reason to come back. ​ I said it back in like Jan but basically they need to do a soft re-launch in November this year, and then, if the map and gameplay content is there (ie twice as much as there is now) Forge, plus co-op etc, they could be back on track.


I think this really nails it. Playing during the multiplayer flights last year was borderline magical. Halo felt like it really might be back! Gameplay was great, Spartans looked cool, new kit seemed fun. But then the launch was little more than the flights had been as far as content was concerned, and so many features were and still are missing. So that gut check was really hard to accept, and I think it makes it easy to be bitter at 343 for what Infinite should have been at launch. Instead, it feels like we were teased with potential and not much more.


Lmao the flights excited us so much because the gameplay was there and the content felt like they were just giving us a taste of what was in infinite. Little did we know the flights had 80% of the maps and modes in them.


Pretty much everyone I've met IRL who tried Infinite has dropped it and it never wants to return- except one guy who really liked it from launch. I personally might return in like 2 years if it's been massively improved and they get rid of microtransactions- I'm happy to pay for a full game. But even then, I wasn't impressed with the game's fundamentals and there's so many issues that 343 has stated were by design, so... I don't know if it can be "fixed".


This is my experience as well. Not a single person on my friends list plays this game. I personally found it to be the most boring Halo game tbh and it’s the least amount of hours I’ve ever put into one. I didn’t play long enough to notice desync or get tired of the maps. It’s unfortunate because I feel like most of my issues with the game can be fixed easily, but 343 just has a different vision.


I don't think its universally hated, I haven't ever had a problem finding a game. I don't personally \*love it\* but I still play cause I want Halo to stay alive.




>I don't personally *love it* but I still play cause I want Halo to stay alive. I would argue that does more harm than good since it sends the message to 343 and MS that everything is fine. Halo is a $1 billion IP. MS isn't going to shelve it for any significant length of time. If it underperforms to the point it loses money MS will immediately seek to course correct, which, if you're someone like me, is a great thing because I think the senior leadership at 343 is god awful for the most part.


The game in it's core isn't bad at all other than latency/desync issues. Personally, I hate 343. They released an unfinished product and dropped the ball at every step of the way since launch. They have admitted that they can't keep up with the work that needs to be done. Instead of releasing a christmas cash grab they should have delayed the game another 12 to 18 months. Unfortunately 343s greed is only matched by their incompetence.


I don't know. I like it, despite the awfully slow addition of content.


It's currently sitting at [#20 most played game on xbox](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/most-played/games/xbox). It is unfortunately not popular. Hopefully Forge will change that.


20 is still a pretty healthy playerbase. Do you know how many games there are on Xbox live? 😂 People were still calling it a dead game when it was #9 and #10 though so idk


I mean yeah it’s not dead but #20 for a live service halo game not even a year after launch on Xbox is pretty damn pathetic lol


For a Halo game yeah it is. Halo should be at least top 10 at all times.


Are you serious Halo is the Cornerstone of Xbox Halo is not just one of the hundreds of games there are on Xbox Live Like you said halo isn't just a face in the crowd Halo is Xbox you must be 12 years old cuz there's no way in hell that you were alive when Halo 3 came out


Said all of that for nothing cuz it's still not a dead game. By any means. Sure it "should" be up there. But it's factually not a dead game.


It's 17 for me and above Elden Ring and MCC is even worse off at 42.


Well mcc has been “dead” for a long time. When it dropped it had way too many bugs and issues its better now but that bad faith killed whatever momentum it had. Also its been out for a long time so people have moved on and with the base being split between that and infinite its no wonder why its so low.


People who call a game like the MCC 'dead' are just completely out of touch with reality. When I queue for a match I get into a game in under a minute every time. Just because a game isn't topping charts months or years after release doesn't mean it's dead. When you can't find a match, that's "dead." Fanboys are so spoiled.


Go try and play H2A, you aren’t finding a match in under a minute, sometimes at all


H2A is just one game in the entire collection. Like yeah, if you want to find a match quickly you have to search for multiple games but that's just common sense, narrowing yourself to a small slice of the game is going to result in longer search times, like only queuing for CTF or shotty snipers or anything halo CE. MCC isn't exactly in the cultural zeitgeist but calling it dead is stupid for reasons stated above. It is quite frankly a miracle that a collection of games that are between one and two decades old is still as active as it is.


The game is in fact dead. Its dead because the playerbase no longer grows and has stabilized at a very small amount even during peak hours. When finding a match starts to take more than 3min that game has a severe lack of players. When any matches you do find consists of repeat players that game has a severe lack of players. It is def a dead game.


No matter how fun it could have been it will likely die just as it started, an unfinished cash grab. Why do more when they pay you for less?


I don’t think the game is good. Movement is turned way up in this game. Aim controls and assists are worse, which turns the 1v1s in this game into strafe-crouch spamming fests, which is annoying on controller and impossible to play against on kbm. Normal launch features aren’t in, but are added as “new features”, campaign feels empty and bland, but is $60 and ontop of that the MP still sells skins for up to $20. Speaking of which the skins are the only real content 343 is adding too. The game is content barren and “””events””” are just certain (old) game modes with new skins to earn. I also think most of the maps are boring and similar in design, which might be alleviated by actual halo players using forge. All in all the game feels bad and like a cash grab. Game might be better *eventually* but 343 already showed their intent with the game’s launch and them retroactively fixing the game and adding features from previous games saying they’re “listening to the community” feels terrible. I just want a good Halo game man fuck.


I don’t think it’s universally hated, but its definitely not loved. It had one real chance to click with a large audience and it failed, it won’t get another chance. Forge won’t bring back casuals, and while a BR might be a big hit I’d hardly include that with Infinite as it’ll likely be its own thing like Warzone is to CoD.


Responding quickly: YES Optimization: i have a ryzen 5 with GTX3050 and suffer to get 60fps SErvers: i had less than 50 matches at ping bellow 50 since launch(i played a bit more than 600 matches) Microtransactions: Never a halo was this bad on customization and wanting to rip off people money, since of course, our somehow beloved halo 5 with loot boxes that people act like it was a way better game(it was not) Weapons and mechanics are not that good: This may relly a bit on heavy lag, but still there's a lot of weapons missing from the previous games and a lot of new weapons dont have any purpose in game and are not fun or satisfactory to play with. COmando, the flame thingy, plasma pistol, shotgun not being one tap, the thingy that fire blue plasma and does no damage, skewer should be super awesome but due to lag is impossible to use.... and so on. People in these foruns need to understand that GAMEPLAY IS NOT ON POINT if you are unable to play the game without stutters or lag. "On console runs well" or "In my region the servers are super good" yeah yeah dude, nice, go play with your other 3k people that feel the same and ignore ALL THE PLAYERS that left due to that, that will help everyone for sure!


Just to prove further that GAMEPLAY IS NOT ON POINT, fortnite gives you close to ZERO customization being free to play, skins are tied to EVENT ONLY and the rest is bad stuff overall, and still there are WAY MORE PLAYERS playing it than halo infite EVEN on xbox itself. So even with halo do giving more free stuff to players than fortnite, it fails to deliver a satisfactory gameplay compared to today standards. Games are products, no one today will be okay with half baked stuff. If its not good or not enought to standards, you pick another one that is. You dont force yourself on bad products(that are expensive) out of nowhere. The FEW people that are still here sticking to the game(me included) are sadly waiting stuff to get better in hopes that the FRANCHISE dont die. But looking at infinite alone, if Halo infinite was the first halo to come off, trying to build a playerbase, this game would be dead way faster.


Universally hated? Naw.. its only hated by its players, lol


It’s pretty awful and those that like it actively hate Halo


Nah, this reddit is just incredibly toxic.


You get more internet points when you bash something rather than praise it. Though Halo Infinite certainly has plenty of room for improvement it's not the worst launch. I'd much rather play Infinite as it is right now than any other Halo game. People just had expectations that Infinite would be their everything game. Instead we got a core experience. Though 343 certainly didn't do a good job of setting expectations.


Bro it doesn’t even have infection or he’ll we still don’t even have coop yet almost a year after launch this game blows lol. I’m not mad it’s missing one or 2 things its missing like everything that made halo fun besides the gameplay pretty much.


I don't hate Infinite, not even remotely the case. I do think it's disappointing which is a shame considering it has incredibly solid core gameplay. This is the first Halo game that I've played the multiplayer of regularly in over ten years, that's how much I like the core gameplay. But it undeniably has significant underlying issues in terms of performance, content and balancing. It needs a lot of work which raises a lot of questions considering it was supposedly in development for years only to end up where it was at launch. I still enjoy playing it regularly, but I recognise it could have been so much better.


The problem is not that it is not fun even though it has issues. The problem is lack of content. Most people who have completed their battlepass or played 100 hours don't feel any need to play further since the flaws overweight the fun at some point without anything to unlock. Add in how 343i directly stated they don't care about pc specific disadvantages like res reticle, they are not even working on desync and tried to slowly increase store prices after reducing them. They are just not trustworthy with anything. I still want a confirmation that there won't be forge assets or packages in the store.


The core gameplay isn't the real issue. The issue is the insane lack of content, 6 month seasons, the challenge system, no personal rank like in previously games, arena ranked system is horrific, no real customisation for our Spartans and most of all - CONNECTION CHAOS when playing online. Also the fact that 343 have never looked more silent and incompetent.


I feel like alot of people are just salty of the missed potential this game had


Reasonably so.


For an indie studio it’s amazing. For a AAA team and budget, it’s lacking.


I think it is hated due to desync, the lack of content, the state of the PC port and the mouse which is underperforming compared to the controller. The core game is in my opinion the best in the series and outside this sub is probably liked more than previous Halos, also thanks to the fact that it's not an Xbox exclusive anymore


The optimization was not an issue for me. Do I wish it was better, sure that would be great, but it hasn't affected playability. In multiplayer The biggest issues I had were the network issues which just made things incredibly frustrating for me. This is followed by a lack of maps that caused the game to get stale. I also was *hate* the challenge system, to the point that it actively detracts from the game for me as you have plenty of challenges that run counter to actually playing well. If they fixed the technical issues, released more maps and revamped the challenge system it would be a probably be great game. They took so long in addressing so many of those issues (all of which posts on this sub lead me to believe are still issues) that I completely lost faith in the dev team and quit.


Like others have said, its core gameplay is great it’s just the lacking content/features/customization/bugs (not to mention the monetization) bring it down heavily to the point where people hate the the game. People are just angry (rightly so) that the game is even in this state


Don't hate it, but I am disappointed in it. The campaign lacks reply value for me, and until they sort the desync and give us some more maps I'm not touching the MP.




Certainly not, Its needed some work, but they've made great strides from release and are working on some adjustments to better suit the player base. This reddit page absolutely likes to bash it but I'd wager the majority of them havent played in months.


Nah, the game still has a decent playerbase and great core mechanics, anyone who's not on the 343 hate train on principle seems to readily admit that. I don't know about poor optimization, it runs and looks great on my 1070 even with my old crappy mobo and cpu, I just think some people are expecting it to run like classic halo games do on PC despite it being an obviously intensive current-generation title. As far as I think, the biggest problem with the game is the slow drip of content. I don't mind it (I'm a team fortress 2 player so infinite's updates are lightning-fast compared to what I'm used to and overall I think the culture of players demanding shiny new shit every month or two is toxic and untenable). With any luck, the addition of Forge will pretty much completely remove that complaint. Seeing how powerful it is makes me think that infinite will remain very healthy for a long time with a laundry list of incredibly strong community made maps and game modes.


why would you ask this sub lmao


Because this is a halo subreddit?


known for being entirely reasonable and fair about the issues with the game, yeah for sure


Who’s really starting stuff though? Everybody here is being civil.


this sub in general has been the same for a long time


It's still worth trying to have a reasonable discussion, if we give up completely what's the point in having the subreddit? Everyone in this thread has been pretty decent so far


What issues do you think this sub unfairly criticizes?


The other week the names of 2 attachments for the Cambion bundle were mismatched, and people were making it seem like a huge deal and unforgivable fuckup by 343. People take the littlest things and turn them into karma farming complain-offs.


I don’t think it’s fair to say that “issue” is consistently criticized by the sub, at least compared to the bigger issues in the game. Yes obviously not every single complaint on this sub is gonna be fair and valid, but in general I think this sub is pretty fair with their criticism. Some of the major issues in Infinite rn are absolutely inexcusable and deserved to be constantly called out until they’re fixed


i think instead of consistently complaining about a video games people could do something better with their time


So complaining about complaining is a better use?


Maybe the first chain of complaining should stop first


My guess is it will when 343 actually fixes the issues they’re complaining about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I wonder if woke mentality in the workplace has caused development issues.


That’s kind of silly. I don’t think people complain about Halo infinite being politically correct.


I meant people feeling entitled in the workplace. I remember someone from 343 came out saying they were prioritizing mental health for their team or something along those lines. Sounds good and all, but maybe there were some entitled people stirring up shit and 343 was worried about a lawsuit. Idk, people are crazy.


People wouldn’t be crazy If people could get mental health treatment easily. What you call entitlement isn’t what I call entitlement.


No, people who have negative views on the game tend to be more vocal about their displeasure compared to people who enjoy the game who usually see no need to voice their opinions. Not to mention Infinite's detractors tend to be people who have already quit the game and don't wholly represent the game's player base.


It *was* a great game with a lot of potential. It just has GTA syndrome where they abandon it in favor of a older game that already has extensive content that they can keep peddling. (Also no idea what their fascination with Halo MCC is it, its like if Sega tried to make Sonic 06 a good game by constantly updating it for the next 20 years like what the actual fuck) Halo Infinite is infinitely dead. Its just not worth putting any time into a game that's basically missed all the marks: Forge? you lost all your players and forge hasn't been relevant since Reach because it got too over complicated that it lost the plot. Firefight? The game can't handle it. New maps? Well fuck you we'll just put in a bunch of terrible custom maps made by popular YouTubers when forge comes out in 2028 just like every Halo since Reach because fuck making good maps anymore :))))))) Move on. Wait for Halo 7 Whatever which will probably suffer the same fate anyway.


* I liked the open world with the ability to choose what missions to tackle (to a point) * I liked the RPG-esque upgrading * I liked the mystery in the story of what happened * I don't like that they got rid of the "assassination" animations * I don't like that all the other characters we know from the past are either dead or missing. Where's Lasky? Buck? Blue team?


The gun play and overall game play is stellar and is universally praised it’s just lacking in content and needed much more polish.


I don't hate it, just disappointed.


Not so much hated as it is easily forgotten. Too many good games out there more deserving of the hard drive space.


I wouldn't say it is hated. It just doesn't have enough content to keep players interested ATM. It is universally boring when compared to past Halo titles.


I wouldnt say hated, more like disappointing. Halo Infinite's multiplayer is good despite its flaws and Im sure in due time it'll be even better. But at least for me the main issue is the campaing. I play halo for the campaing first and then maybe some infection/swat/forge on the side. And the campaing here is just... disappointing. Its the definition of "Eh". I did everything in it and it felt like such an over extended prologue, like a filler episode in between the battle between the crew of the Infinity and the Banished and the real bad guys showing up. The game is filled with empty promises as well which is so disappointing, the elite that was a "Spartan Killer" that was supposed to hunt you down never showed up, you barely see him 1 or 2 times before his fight. The "Spartan Hunter" squad walmart Atriox had shows up once and they are just stronger brutes with a healthbar. In the end the story feels like a cheap in between, like a connecting filler episode between the initial cinematic and whatever expansion comes later. You could literally watch the intro, a gameplay trailer then the final cinematic and if Im honest... you wouldnt be missing much.


I enjoyed it for a pair of months at release. At its core is a solid Halo game akin to the original Halo formula (H2/H3) but as stated by many others the game is lacking in a lot of aspects: customizations, maps quantity/quality, game modes, social features and overall bad UI. Not to mention the grinding/Fomo factor with challenges. Also to me the game has became rapidly tiring and hard to enjoy: the gameplay is clearly designed with competitive in mind and it shows in both weapon sandbox and maps that are just arenas and the gamepace and balancing is all around being competitive. I’m in my 30s and I can’t bear the effort anymore. Even a QM game feels too sweaty.


There is too little content in multiplayer and the desyncs make playing it very annoying. The fundamental game itself is pretty good, but some problems need to be fixed and there needs to be way more maps and gamemodes.


I want to love and play the game, but the lack of freedom to choose HOW I want to play it with RNG playlists, time-gating new content and terrible challenges gating cosmetic progression, on top if the ridiculous desync problems in a 2021 FPS title, its too much for me to bother with anymore.


It's got great bones. Probably the best moment to moment gameplay in the series. All that said, it's buggy, unfinished, has mediocre maps, features a garbage progression system, still doesn't have old favorite maps and modes, the UI is shit, among others. 343 clearly can't fix de-sync and it's ruining the game. I was pumped for the flights, but after a month I realized this is all this game has until mid-summer to late next year, and just fell-off.


For a beta game it betas purdy good.


I really like it. Really looking for a reason to play it. I hope they deliver something.


The vast majority of the fanbase don't hate the game, they are just massively disappointed in it. They can see that the core of this game, if built on properly, could be something amazing. It's just not there and the pace is glacial.


Well technical issues like desync unfortunately put the game in a laughable state where I won’t even play it and I think that happened on Xbox as well. The games fine it just has not content and consistently doesn’t work to the point where it’s frustrating to play, and that’s before the odd PC performance problems.


Yes played with a group of friends when it first launched I was a hardcore fan since day one they were casuals they gave up before Christmas I gave up around January


Not hated for my group - we made fun of it, laughed at its shortcomings, became disappointed, and now no one cares about it anymore.


It’s not universally hated but nobody outside its community gives a fuck about the game.


No no no, you’re getting it at wrong. None of us hate Infinite-it’s actually so good that all of the issues aren’t gameplay related. which is why we hate it


Personally. I just think the big picture got away from 343. Remember when you could grind for the best armor and wear it as a badge of honor. Now, if you're willing to pay, you can get the best. Also, shaders. Shaders is definitely what made Halo unique to a lot of people, they stomped that too. I feel like they mislead the Halo base and took advantage of the platform to release a half baked monetized game.


As long as Halo continues to be a shooter it will continue to suck, they need to add more, look at how Halo is being replaced by Starfield as the new Xbox mascot/system seller. RPGs are the future