Whoever decides the workflow of the teams needs to reevaluate. Desync has been one of the top issues since December...


I think it’s completely obvious that they are severely understaffed, since the soft launch in November they have not been able to meet any of their goals, including the promise of transparency, it’s just “we’re sorry, promise to do better.” Every few weeks.


Even the higher ups in the studio are all jumping ship.


Except for the certain few who really should...


They won’t because they know they’re completely out of their depth for the role and would never get the same opportunity again.


Yeah, Imagine you have a job where no matter how incompetent you are and how little you do, you still get paid loads of money.


And because they realized they could make it look like they're making money from infinite, when they've actually come up with a much more dogshit plan - to put microtransactions in MCC, and hope their balance sheet looks better in doing so. It's pathetic, dispicable behavior of 343 to even consider adding microtransactions to an OLD, already-successful game(s). Fuck 343. Every "executive" they've got left can fuck off with everything they're doing, eat shit, and document it.




I wish they could just tell us that, honestly. Manage our expectations with honest truths, don’t just leave us to speculate why shit is fucked. The 3+ years of fucking RADIO SILENCE on why MCC was unplayable should’ve been a warning sign I suppose. We are going to talk shit on your product anyway, might as well do some damage control and earn some sympathy from the community. (I think we are all in agreement, the frustrations are never at the dev/test teams, but the mismanagement of resources, budget and scheduling above them).


I wonder if it’s policy by upper management or by MS itself.


It's standard corporate boilerplate. You don't ever outright admit that you're insufficient to the task, especially if the solution would cost money.


Well MCC should’ve been pulled from store shelves and digital storefronts like CP2077 from how unusable that product was for years. How many Xbox ones did they sell on the promise of those halo titles at 1080p/60?


Didn't they also say Infinite would use the Xbox One to it's full potential?


Delaying products is something companies are extremely hesitant to do, although it has become slightly more acceptable in recent years. You're thinking like a consumer, not a publicly traded corporation beholden to shareholders and dependent on constant growth. Get the product on the shelves so people will buy it, if it's incomplete or broken you can always fix it later. Or never, even. You can save the money and skate by for years just saying "We'll fix it, this is a high priority, we'll do better, this doesn't reflect our standards" until you have the next piece of shit to put on the shelves.


Basically biowares strategy since mass effect 3. But they didn't even bother to finish Andromeda or Anthem.


This, one hundred percent. Lack of good staffing means the grizzled ancients are doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to the tougher problems. I hope to god upper management (above bonnie, frank, and kiki) realizes sooner rather than later that their staffing methods (heavy on contracts) is absolutely ruining long term profitability of one of their most prized franchises.


But the shareholders need to see money number go up NOW not later


I've been adamant about this since December. There was a mass exodus of employees and contractors after launch and they have been scrambling behind the scenes to get anything done.


The amount of times I’ve died when I’m behind cover or my melee just whiffs the air 😅


It’s why I uninstalled. I said I reinstall once they fixed it and forge got added… 6 months ago


At this point our priority zero should be sending 343 a message that we don't half assed games. It's unacceptable to release an empty, big ridden game with the hopes of slowing updating it over 3 years to make it into a full game. Hell, they're taking so long I doubt it'll be a decent game until 2027. They're obviously prioritizing new content over bugs right now because money. It'll take forever for both to be reconciled.


I'm convinced they're looking at this like one of Ubisoft's live service games. A title that just shipped with the foundation and one that'll actually be built not within the next year but many years thereafter. Take Siege for example, I love siege, but it's only now feeling like a complete $60 package of a game. They only just added TDM and are looking to add a custom game browser later... nearly 7 years in. 343 said this was the next 10 years of Halo and I think they mean that literally. We will not see the more complete and rounded vision of Infinite for at least another 5 or so years.


I uninstalled also when I realized the core gameplay was broken.. also the complete lack of maps


Not even since December I noticed it in one of the first flights, check my profile and its the second post


LMAO you got only like 11 upvotes. Back then the honey-moon period was not finished yet for many people


I was thinking the same thing. I simply cannot imagine what could be considered so much more important that you would pull those employees off to work on.


number 1 thing keeping me from playing it. I don't want to even consider hopping in it until this is done for.


Since last July you mean


But that doesn’t earn them money. Gotta have these teams working on micro transactions!


> Desync has been one of the top issues since December... Monetization will always be the highest priority in any F2P game, no matter what any dev says.


And that there is no BR slayer mode in unranked except in a mode where its RNG AR or BR starts.


What could be higher priority than the core gameplay mechanic of fair gunfights?


Chips Dubbo DLC


Carry on, then.


They legit got the Voice Actor back to do a commercial but didn't put him in Infinite for some reason


He was in a commercial?


[Yes he was](https://youtu.be/iWfF4b3drqk)




Halo Infinite has been saved.


I'll allow it.


Serious answer would be Co Op which is why they mention vehicles and moving objects cause less desync.


That's an interesting thought, I didn't even think that they would be allocated towards co-op as I was thinking co-op/campaign and multiplayer/arena had two entirely different development teams, but I could certainly be wrong.


I mean they definitely they do have multiplayer and campaign teams, but there is a lot of overlap, especially in regards to networking, which would make certain sub teams work on both sides.


When you don't use lockstep the networking between MP and campaign is pretty similar.


New features/modes to entice players to either come back or finally jump into Infinite. Probably Forge and a Battle Royale. Especially a BR so they could bring in more players AND sell more bullshit to them.


And then they leave after getting shot behind cover in every other fight Great plan 343


I mean they fucked themselves on this over a year ago, if they had those people working on desync for the past 6 months instead of forge and thus pushed forge to 2023 fall or whatever, people would be making the same comment you just made. This isn’t the problem, this is a symptom of the absolutely epic failure that was the release version of the game. They have too few people on too-short contracts with too little decision making power, and have for *years*. They will slowly improve the situation with time, but by then will it matter?


They were boned the day that they decided to make it cross gen. Had they just made the decision to make it a true next gen game things could be so much simpler. I can’t even imagine how hard it has to be to make something take full advantage of the series x yet still need to function well on the x1 (which was underpowered the day it launched a decade ago.)


That or making it have crossplay with PC. Doing an open world game for the first time AND the first ever cross gen halo game AND the first ever crossplay with PC halo game (at launch), must have been a pretty daunting task for a studio as poorly run as 343. At the very least, they shoulda excluded the original Xbox one and made it only playable in the Series consoles and the Xbox one S/X. I got into the second flight and played it on my original Xbox one. I bought a series S pretty quickly after because I could tell right then that the game would be a subpar experience on last gen.


Players would come back to play if they announced they improved desync dramatically.


Most games aren't Fortnite. They don't recover from farting on launch. The continuous clusterfucks around Infinite are going to hang around it's neck. Whenever they get around to new enticements of any meaning, there's a huge jaded dwindling player-base lingering after ~8 months of ever increasing disappointment (and people increasingly upset with 343 since 4), who are happy to talk shit about the core experience, design choices, and still missing/broken components. They really need to get their priorities sorted. :( (Though, a comment below does remind one that it is hard to balance things, and they may have shuffled to getting co-op or other core things finally fixed/implemented.) (I'm high, please excuse my gibberish)


Im guessing co-op


Same, especially the "some benefit to UCN solution" bit has me thinking this.


Anything that woukd make them more money.


“The car doesn’t have an engine but look at that coat of paint and leather seats!”


Sorry, sir. The coat of paint will cost you an extra $15 and there is only one leather seat until we figure out how to implement a second passenger in about a year.


Halo cookbooks.


They're too busy to fix it because they're busy working on....WHAT EXACTLY ARE THEY WORKING ON.


They did say it’d be a 10 year game 😳


Silly us for thinking life cycle of 10 years not a 10 year long launch to reach a completed product. We were dumb.


I wish 343 would stop doing contracts and just keep good devs


Honestly. Slipspace (like a lot of other engines) is probably poorly documented as is so keeping a group of solid long term devs is crucial here.


Bro i just started last week with a VFX company that works on a lot of major film projects. My background is in Ed Tech, lord have mercy… these people at this VFX company are so disorganized it’s insane! I’m a PM and It’s baffling how terribly things are managed. Everyone is on their own agenda, talks only to their team instead of looping everyone in, and they keep all their info in their heads, it’s crazy. If teams knew how to collaborate together maybe we could be more efficient. I suspect this is the same issue with 343. Like, I’m just trying to get a proper agenda and record progress updates in meetings and I’m getting major pushback. If 343 is anything like my (Major Film) company, they’re going to need to swap house or pray that someone comes in to revamp their procedures!




Blame Microsoft’s culture. Almost half of their total workforce is made up of contractors, temp workers, and consultants. It’s the same for other big tech companies too.


I appreciate the transparency, although I wonder what is a higher priority than netcode that is taking resources away from it Potential improvements that they were working on in the online blog: Adding round trip time (ping) to the scoreboard Posthumous weapon damage: You will die on the server before you are told about it on your client due to latency. In that window, any shots you make will be ignored when they reach the server, as you are already dead. Server->client desynchronization (rubber banding movement) Considering server selection similar to MCC or search preferences similar to Halo 5


Either Network Coop or Forge. Or both. Frustrating but understandable to a degree


I can only imagine how much engineering work is going into getting Forge Scripting to be synced properly without issues on all user clients connecting to a session. From the looks of it the scripting can get pretty complex, and that would introduce lots of room for desync with Forge elements that are attached to said scripting. Same with enemies and stuff in Co Op Campaign.


Wasn't one of the goals of this version of forge to include AI bots. Thinking back to Halo CE days of modding putting AI in a MP map and server caused all kinds of desynce. Most likely anything that is going to involve multiple players all goes into fixing desynce.


In my opinion, and its just me, but forge should be the single highest priority. Can't put out content fast? Let the community do it, and fix things up in the mean time. Throwing forge maps into playlists just for some variety will make a massive difference, let alone the crazy custom games and time spent creating.


I agree. Once forge is out, the community can remake their favorite maps and 343 will have the option to throw those into the map pool. The big forge creators will make some really cool shit with all of the in depth forge tools


If it works that way. I have a hard time believing forge will be as fleshed out as they say with how everything else has turned out. It’s gonna come buggy and we won’t get a service update till after the holidays. Not shitposting I just think it’s not safe to think forge is gonna swoop in here and save the day that cleanly. It’s another battle waiting to happen


Oh I’m not expecting it to change overnight. Forge maps will take a long time to make their way into the map pool even with a perfect execution of the launch of forge. And that’s more than likely not going to be how it happens.


This explains why the nades I throw right before dying never actually get thrown. In MCC I would always throw a nade right when I'm dying and it does register, giving me the from the grave medal. This rarely happens in Infinite.


Not sure if this applies to grenades, it's specifically for weapon damage that doesn't have posthumous registration. Melee has a special code path for posthumous registration which is why sometimes you can still get a melee kill after you die or be melee killed by a dead player on your screen


Makes sense. But still, without knowing a lot about programming or anything of the sort, I have indeed noticed that sometimes even though the grenade was thrown on my screen, after I'm dead it's not there and it never explodes, which means the throw wasn't registered, if that makes sense.


Maps Game modes Storylines Special events Co-Op Armor pieces/store items All of these things can be nice and are currently lacking but **NONE** of them make me want to uninstall the game like dsync/getting shot repeatedly behind cover. None of those things, no matter how cool you make them, matter if the basic aspects of game play are flawed. Dsync shouldn't be a high priority. It shouldn't be the *highest* priority. It should be the **ONLY FUCKING PRIORITY.**


It's absolutely damning to hear that the devs required to make core fixes on the netcode have been allocated elsewhere. This is what I assumed was going on, but it's wild to see it said.


Honestly surprised that this employee could speak about it so openly, although it seems he does have some seniority


> It’s absolutely damning to hear that the devs required to make core fixes on the netcode have been allocated elsewhere They’re likely making core fixes to the netcode that impacts co-op and/or Forge more heavily.


Bingo, you are the first person I’ve seen say it. But yes the devs have definitely moved over to smooth out the forge and co-op experiences. I assume his allusion to them being back soon is that the brunt of the work there is done or at least passable for a beta release.


Wouldn't be surprised if 343 puts all their eggs in one Battle Royale basket. Then people leave within one or two weeks because the game still has the same fundamental issues it had since launch. Maybe return in like three years like we had for MCC.


Bruh I’ll just be honest. I don’t care. 343, you had your chance and really blew it. This is embarrassing. You had a good product and ruined it. We should not have to worry about core mechanics like shooting working properly.


\> High priority \> Team moved from working on it Hmmm


When everything is high priority, is anything high priority?


Looks like it's a high priority now that the team worked on whatever was higher priority than it, but he says that hopefully they will be back working on it soon


They need reallocate resources back to this cuz it is 100% why I and my social circle don't play.


Lol. “The reason it’s taking so long to fix is because we’re not working on it”. Got it.


“It is high on our priority of fixes.”


“We were high when we prioritized fixes”.


This. They’re blatantly saying that nobody is or has been working on it. Absolute joke


This guy gets it


How is netcode not the number one priority in an FPS. Should be all hands on deck until you fix the game hello. This is beyond baffling


Soooo hire more devs? Billion dollar company here... Bonnie "broader audience" Ross clearly not giving a fuck as per usual.


343 is hopeless. Not sure why anyone cares anymore. They’ve botched halo countless times now


I’m done, have been for some time now. Time I uninstalled.


The “3 people working at 343” meme is only gaining more power. I hesitate to call it a meme at this point.


So they are unable to recruit/maintain/support a team that can simultaneously keep the game PLAYABLE online while creating any sort of meaningful new content for their "live service, 10 year game." What a joke.


What could they possibly be working on right now thats a higher priority then making the game stable and play properly??


Probably Forge, campaign co-op, etc. These are obviously important but, yeah, I agree. The core netcoding for the MP experience is the most important.


More MTX


Damn they’re really running the game with a skeleton crew aren’t they?


What in the hell is 343 working on that is higher priority than the stuff they have listed as their highest priorities since the tech test last year that have continued to top that list and go unfixed? And why aren’t they being more transparent about what is higher priority than their supposed highest priorities?


"It isn't being fixed because we aren't working on it" Lol, fun talk.


What the hell did they do to create it in the first place? None of the other Halo games 343 made had this issue to this degree. Seems like something that they should've been working on since it was spotted. Who cares what the devs make if they can't keep players due to this game breaking issue?


Well it can be a high priority if they are actively taking people off the project of fixing it... It's good to have a little bit of honesty, but I'd be very curious to know what sort of things are higher priority.


It's a good thing to know these videos make it to the development team and very strange that it doesn't directly get worked on. I feel like this issue is much more fundamental than the examples that were given.


This should be the number one priority. The core gameplay is broken, the online experience is frustrating, and no new content or shop updates should be prioritized over this. I can wait for forge, I can wait for maps, I can wait for a progression system, infection, a battle royal or better customization as long as I can have a good experience playing what's already there. As of now each melee fight feels like throwing dices, each time I send a rocket I hope it's going to do the damage it should, each time I see a sword I hope it's not going to lunge at me from 10meters and through a corner, each time I engage with my BR I hope I won't die in one less burst than I should have and that my bullets will actually do the damage they should. 2 tap kills with heatwave and bulldog are only doable local, they never work online no matter how close and on target I am. Having this level of bullshit happening under 30ms ping is a joke. A lack of resources for Microsoft/343 is also a joke. Even the pros keep saying this : "it's a different game on LAN". FIX THE DESYNC.


I don't see how anyone can take Halo Infinite seriously as a competitive game with the desync issues. Every melee is a dice roll, and you never know how big the blast radius of a grenade is going to be. And you don't even know you're getting shot until you've already been shot twice, which forces you to play super defensively which isn't fun.


In a competitive shooter I am baffled as to what could possibly be of higher priority than the netcode? You know the thing that basically enables how well the game runs. This should be priority -10 not even priority 0


Imagine being one of the biggest companies on the planet and not have enough resources to allocate fixing your flagship game. Is this Microsoft we are dealing with or the mom and pops programmers working out of their garage? Splitgate has better live service maintenance than anything 343 has ever done. I appreciate the transparency but for a company with profits as much as 343/Microsoft to have a lack of resources is a dog shit excuse for greedy management


I used Splitgates theater yesterday and was completely blown away. Absolutely ridiculous that a small company with 20 something employees that started out in a dorm room several years ago can put that out and 343 cant even get there theater to function properly period.


Lmao “soon” I’m done.


Why can't a multi-million dollar AAA publisher, which is owned by [a multi-TRILLION dollar technology corporation](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-22/microsoft-rallies-to-join-apple-in-exclusive-2-trillion-club), ***simply hire more fucking full-time people to work on their flagship next-gen title?*** There is no justifiable reason to have to ration your labor and resources this frugaly, and THIS SOON for a game expected to have a decade-long development lifespan.


I'd like to know why this is an issue at all. None of the other games ever had a problem nearly this bad with melees doing nothing and getting killed whole seconds around a corner on good connections. All this post tells me is that it's not as high of a priority for them as it should be.


From my understanding, the melee hit reg is an engine problem because it’s happening on LAN though I guarantee the problem is exaggerated by an underlying net code issue. As to why this game has so many issues? It’s because they contracted out the code monkeys and didn’t make those contracts long enough to span the entire development process. They also didn’t re-up contracts so you would have a new group of people come in to a project that had a years work on it and none of the people who built it up to that point stuck around to explain how to continue the work on the engine they built so you have a bunch of people trying to figure out how to work on the engine whilst simultaneously trying to continue the work on it to progress the game development.


It’s such a high priority but the people that can fix it are working on other things instead? Iono having the game work properly seems pretty important? Maybe they are trying fix the shop issues first. I look forward to eventually being able to play and not getting shot behind walls or I don’t know call me crazy but actually have a melee attack connect. If anything this statement just makes it even more frustrating.


Isn’t this the first time a 343 employee has stated why the net code issues aren’t fixed yet? Or even really acknowledged they exist? If so, pretty disappointing it came in the form of an informal response on a Reddit thread. This also isn’t that insightful. This is just basic “sorry, can’t do it. Product manager already has the list of features prioritized for the next few releases”.


tl;dr "we're not working on it"


Lol. Their priorities are so fucked. 7 months later and no fix in sight until they "come home". Whenever that is. Management at 343 is so fucked. Fire Bonnie Ross.


Desync was one of, if not **the** main reason I stopped playing Infinite. The fact that fixing desync wasn't priority number one blows my fucking mind. Absolute incompetence.


Community: here's literally compilation video after compilation video of how broken your game is. 343: well it's only broken because the people who could fix it are like, fuckin around with other things. Don't worry!


do any of the devs at this company give any straight answers to anything? its always some "we are working on it"..."we are listening"..its never "we are on it and we aim to be done by this date"


It’s three days until July and they still haven’t fixed Desync which has been a problem since launch. I don’t know what it is, incompetence with devs for not finding a solution or incompetence with management not making this top priority.


Just comes to show how Microsoft as a whole doesn’t take Halo seriously. They don’t see it as a contender, as a flagship franchise anymore This is depressing


"Yeah so uh, we uh dont care"


Wait, so literally the most important part of the game which is the networking, is not even being worked on? lol holy shit. This studio is such a fucking disaster.


There is like 12 people working on this game, it’s so obvious, why don’t they just come out and say it.


Maybe they shouldn’t have launched when they did. It wasn’t ready


"Ah you see dear playerbase, the issue with desync is that nobody is working on it."


The fact that this wasn’t the top priority says all that needs to be said about the state of the game. As someone who has been a massive Halo fan since CE, it’s the only thing that made me go from playing hours everyday to not having played in weeks, maybe months at this point. I don’t care as much about cosmetics or the store or even challenges. But when I empty 4 rounds of a sniper rifle into headshots that don’t result in a kill, only to be splattered by a ghost that went by 20 yards away from me, there’s no point in playing this game. Seeing desync acknowledged like this 6 months ago would have been amazing. To be completely honest here, it feels a little too late for this to just now be on their list of priorities. There isn’t a timeframe of when it will be fixed or even when devs will be put back on it other than “soon (hopefully).” I defended 343 for so long, but the way they’ve handled Infinite is indefensible at this point.


So as usual it’s shitty management that’s the problem


I have a feeling that they've been focused on the networking for co-op, and their team just wasn't prepared for the amount of desync issues MP would have.


It’s been 8 months though, and this was a day one issue… I can’t understand how they are talking about it like this is a new bug.


This was noticeable in the first flight back in (I think) July of last year.


“We were completely ambushed by this new bug coined ‘desync’, we simply didn’t have the resources to tackle it sooner than 1 year after its discovery. You have to understand.”


343 provides update on why it’s taking me so long to come back to infinite


So, they’re prioritizing adding more things to the game over making it actually work? This game’s becoming the next R6 quick


It's obviously not high enough of a priority if the devs who can fix the issue are "hopefully" going to come back to work on it. Yeah, thats not even taking into account if they have the ability to fix it. Ridiculous.


I came back after a long break. I was in a match and picked up a sniper rifle and I was sure I landed the headshot. I quickly recorded the clip and watched it in slow motion. You could see the armor affect from the bullet impact on the head. I quit after that again. I don't feel like making youtube videos about it anymore. Desync is the #1 issue keeping me from enjoying the game at this point.


Damn everyone is abandoning ship at 343 it seems. No one is in the office to code!


"It's high priority on our fixes" but not high enough to retask those devs back to fixing the issue, apparently.


“We haven’t done shit”


Sooooo it hasn't been fixed yet because of bad management. Got it.


But...but... but the one man defense force on Halo's official twitter said the desync is working as intended lol To keep things fair he said lol


I wonder what priority is higher than something as game breaking as desync. Maybe all the budget that was suppose to be put into maintenance for this game was spent early on and now the shop is the only way they can budget these things


Posts like this further solidify my thoughts that MS is already pulling 343 away from Infinite. They know it's a lost cause at this point and are trying to focus on something new. The fact that 343i is currently having to share developers around is proof enough. If they wanted to prioritize fixing infinite they could hire more developers.


It really is just too late. The game will never be what it could've been without these issues.


There cunts are almost as bad as a gaslighter. Don't believe what they say. Only judge them based off the current state of the game.


What the flying fuck can be more important that desync... it LITERALLY affects every damn aspect of gameplay and is one of the reason peopled stopped playing. Prioritising other shit to drawn new players in is idiotic because as soon as they see ho attrocious it is to play theyll leave again ergo turning away and even bigger portion of people than before.


343 be like... "Let's do Live Service. Everyone else is doing it." "Wait... how do we work this!?"


TL:DR: They have bad management


They should have hired contractors as full time employees, paid them properly, and gave them enough time to actually do a good job. Instead they launched early with a sub par product and now are considering ruining MCC. What a shame


They use agile development. So they are saying that another item is of more critical importance than desync. Wonder what….


>We havent fixed desync yet, but in our defence we havent even been trying to fix it. Every project manager and scrum master at 343 should be fired honestly lol


What i hate about 343 is the way they "fix" things. I mean right out of the box, why fo you need to be online ro olay campaign? Also why they have to "update" while removing things like the handcannon which has no purpuse in multiplayer. I mean they are focusing on removing things on campaign but not on fixing things in multiplayrr.


"The devs that would fix these issues have been allocated to other work" "This is the highest of priorities." Megamind 1000iq decisions. Have a happy make no money lol.


My bet on "other work" is the battle royale. They probably can't figure out how to put so many players in a match without the server shitting itself. Waste of dev work IMO. It's not gonna be better than other BR's.


i got shot from so far behind a wall the other day i wasn't even mad about it lol it was just funny at that point.


Any other game company, and I have to repeat this, ANY OTHER GAME COMPANY would've fixed this MONTHS AGO. It's been, what? 6-7 months now? Hell, other games have already probably dropped DLCs during all that. Get👏yo👏shit👏together👏 and stop being so incompetent. "Priority zero blablabla", "broader audience blah bla blah". Fucking hell mate 😂


From this [thread.](https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/vm29z1/melee_andor_player_collision_is_still_incredibly)


I've been playing the game since the first flight, but I've never been more fed up with the game than those two instances which happened in back to back play sessions. It could be due to me moving from kb/m to controller in the past month or so and my play style changing, but never before have I experienced such blatant bullshit in the game. Especially the clip with the overshield where he jumps at me and I'm looking at him when I die from a back smack while my team is trying to capture the flag.


Priority at 343 has to be determined through a dart board or something.


I think its a pod of dolphins randomly swimming to different baskets of food that have 'decisions' in them. Or at least that would be better than whoever is making them now.


Omg please this a multimillion dollar ip and I know the game made a duck ton of money from campaign and multiplayer so y do u have a limited number of ppl working on the biggest issue the game has and the reason most ppl can’t stand playing the mp anymore. That “hopefully” is also very nerve racking. Wdym hopefully? Like this needs to be fixed it’s been like this since launch.


Hey Microsoft! Fire that lazy sack of shit running the show and hire me! I'll fix it one simple plan #Hire employees, not fucking contractors #Pay them their worth #THATS FUCKING IT


Don’t let them fool you. I believe that this is 100% true. But they should hire more people. It’s Microsoft. They got the money. Also. Another example of just how shitty the management is.


basically “we’re just a small dev team 🥺” right?


Well they should come back and fix this shit because it's the number one reason every friend I have quit Halo for good.


Forget the devs, they’re developing the game further one way or another. This is a nightmare for the QC team. They’d obviously be pushing bugs that affect core gameplay or break the gameplay. But 343 leadership probably has them analyzing if a green armor DLC is in fact green. And if it’s about money I blame MS first and 343 second. At some point you have to push back for the product you’re building, if you truly care for it that is. Wtv though, I actively try not to give a shit anymore.


All of my what


Insane that nobody is working on these issues. Literally game breaking.


Lol they pull devs off the MOST IMPORTANT issue impacting gameplay? What a complete s\*it show


Aka people keep quitting or being fired


I literally am only subbed here to see when this is fixed. Haven’t played in six months. Still waiting. We need a new lead at 343. I’d like to see them absorbed by ID and restructured. Keep the talent that exists and start from scratch with the best FPS studio in history taking the lead.


I have a feeling co-op or forge is going to break this game in half when they launch lol


This...this is a prank, right???




TLDR: Our corporate overlords have decided to move people to work on new skins and armor instead of fixing the game to actually run. Because I have no control over that, please don’t hate me for the lack of fixes. Thanks.


Can someone explain like I'm a grunt?


Wake me up when halo infinite is working properly


I think we need to be a lot more angry about the product we have received. **We need to put our foot down as customers.** We were promised X and have only received Y. Treat them like a business and we will get what we want. This isn’t the same team that made the original halos (minus Staten). They don’t give a shit about what we want or the actual Halo Legacy. They only give a shit about how they can capitalize our nostalgia. To quote our beloved Blue Lady “John, Wake up!” We all need to wake up and look at this like a customer and no


I genuinely don't understand their thought process with assigning those devs to other Infinite work. Like, shouldn't Priority 1 be make sure your game works? Why aren't they making sure it works?


Holy shit this pissed me off. You have a whole team of people that let's you know this is a major issue (to me its glaringly the BIGGEST problem of this messed up game) but you don't have enough people to fix the issue?? Incompetent.


Don’t worry guys, it’s right below MCC microtransactions so we’ll get the fixes soon.


So basically they reassigned the team to work on the Forge launch it’s not worth redownloading until after that cool


it's taking so long to fix the desync because the UI is dependent on it


Infinite development, finite staffing


Give the franchise to Certain Affinity, they have experience in making good Halo content and seems to actually care about their employees. Max Hobberman has a thorough background in game development(and in Halo) unlike the grifters in 343's management.


All that cat-ear money went into Bonnie Ross's bank account. Fire her.


I have no project management experience and even I can see that the solution is to either hire more people, or not to send the only qualified people onto another project. I'm glad that they are finally talking about this, but like what? How does that even make sense?


no way they actually said > It is high on our priority of fixes but nobody's working on it. Just throw 343 in the bin man this shit sucks.


Halo is never going to be worth playing again as long as 343i are at the helm.


"The problem has not been fixed because we have deemed the problem not important enough to fix and have reallocated our resources elsewhere." OK? LOL.


It's closing in on a year and they finally release not an update but a statement which acknowledges desync. Idk glad I stopped caring for infinite for the time being and hopefully they fix it soon.


Again I must ask why we are only now getting an answer on this **over half a year later** when Desync has been an issue since launch? This issue has caused many people, myself included to throw in the towel with this game, as nothing is more frustrating than dropping kills or getting killed because of desync on top of the game having the content drip equivalent of Chinese water torture. If these workers have been allocated to other things what are they specifically working on that's more important than the netcode in an online FPS? Honestly the lack of detail just makes me think they don't want to admit they're understaffed. I simply don't trust a word of what 343 says anymore, because even their efforts at being transparent come way too late and are so vague it still feels like they're hiding things.


Tell your devs to stop working on everything else, and concentrate on the only issue that matters at hand. If the game is broken what is the point in playing?


"Their work has had a knock-on benefit to [player and object positioning, because developers can't account for all the stuff you guys are gonna do in Forge Mode and we gotta make damn sure that if somebody puts something or someone in place, it stays there for everyone else in that game.]" They didn't say it, but they said it. They're comfortable with the game being a mess right now because their priority is making sure they actually hit their deadlines for once. On top of that, they don't wanna implement a desync fix and then have it not work in co-op or Forge; they want to ship those modes first so that they can ensure whatever they push works across modes, which is harder to do when those modes aren't complete.