343: “The game’s out, what more do you want from us?...” It’s like they forgot they pushed it *really hard* as a live service title. In-fact, I’m convinced they only came up with the idea of labeling it a live service game when, after six years of development, they had absolutely nothing to show for it. You’re depressing, number company.


People in this sub still stick up for them too


That’s where I got my initial comment actually. I’ve seen so many people say basically that verbatim. “Well the game’s out, and it’s only been 8 months, what do you expect, you got a free game. Love it or leave!”


It’s completely unacceptable that a AAA studio can’t meet industry standards expectations with a top 3 franchise. And what’s worse is they just feed the community excuses and empty promises. It is so frustrating to see how 343 has mismanaged this franchise we all love. Whatever’s going on there….they need to clean house.


>Love it or leave! Okay lol *leaves*


200k+ people left within 2 months. But you still see people cheering because Halo is #15 most played game on xbox. A Halo game not being even top 10 on xbox within a year of release is something I never thought I would ever see.


A free to play halo game no less lol


What’s wild is the hit registartion is worse now than 15 years ago


Imagine going back to the Halo playerbase during 3 or Reach and telling them a future title that was marketed as the biggest game yet can't even crack the top ten on Microsoft's own goddamn console


And it’s free


I can see the excuse that it’s not 2007 anymore, the market is flooded with a lot of different types of games now compared to back then. However, there’s been, imo, a drought of good FPS games. Battlefield dropped the ball hard and i don’t play CoD. Halo while good, is still lacking content.


Games like CSGO still boast a very large and healthy fanbase and it dropped a decade ago, who would have guessed a fps that doesnt ignore their core base can still go strong




Honestly Apex is where it's at for me right now, and has been for the past few years. I took a break to try Infinite. I stopped that break after about two weeks.


"Only been 8 months" as if we wouldn't be getting our second 3-map-pack around now on any other previous halo. But no, let's all be satisfied with our 2 maps and no forge


2 maps, no forge, no co-op campaign, no local co-op, no split screen multiplayer, three campaign missions (realistically; counting the ship, the gray green brown open world, and the forerunner underground). The list goes on.


I literally can't reconcile with the fact that there's more than 5 people working on this game.


I’m mostly just waiting on coop and campaign dlc ngl. It’s lowkey pretty nice the MP updates affect campaign too like better vehicle controls and more health. I hope those sandbox items they are putting in S3 will come to campaign. Me like Infinite campaign. 343 give more pls


It’s really a shame that there’s no part of this game that doesn’t need some dev attention. I like the Infinite campaign a lot, but what I love most about Halo campaigns is Coop. I stopped playing Infinite’s campaign about halfway in (I’m guessing) because I wanted to wait to play it with my brother, like the old days. I thought it would be a few months, maybe 6 at worst. Now, I’m seriously questioning if we’ll ever get coop in Infinite’s campaign. Where is coop on the list of priorities? Probably low because they’re focused on monetizing F2P multiplayer, which is fair. Now is the time to focus on monetizing F2P. The time to finish campaign coop was before they released the game.


Well they just announced coop flights for July, on the roadmap coop is scheduled to release late august. Yea that definitely sucks, wish coop was there on launch. It is what it is, I still consistently play literally just the Infinite campaign. I’m more into Halo campaigns than the MP nowadays so I’m still having fun, I put 60 hours into the CE campaign when that launched on PC. Also Halo on PC is still the best thing to happen to this franchise, playing this shooter sandbox goodness on 120 FPS really doesn’t get old to me, and I can do it for 7 Halo games!


343: “The game’s out, what more do you want from us?…” The fans: “The rest of it.”


They had to push it as a live service when so many features weren’t available at release and still aren’t available. What they sold me was the campaign, which was altogether a meh experience. I’m not looking forward to any update or dlc to the game currently.


Of course it needs live service, it's a dead game.


"343 kind of forgot about the live service. But the live service hasnt forgotten about 343."


Sounds like they placed more effort implementing store items than content. It’s pretty much the status quo of gaming now. If they were to implement this practice, it should’ve been the end of a roadmap. Store items first, needed content second 😒🔫


t doesn't even feel like a proper live service game i feel like ac valhalla receives more authentic "live service " content somehow


Monster hunter gets more "live service" and its not even called a live service game, the devs just love the series they make so they just go "here's some new monsters or fan favorite monsters that you haven't seen for a few games to hunt for free". I mean in monster hunter world they randomly collaborated with the witcher and had a couple quest story where you play as geralt, added a leshen to fight and for beating it you work towards getting a layered armor (basically change how the armor you're wearing looks) to just be Geralt or Ciri.


Apathy. You should be feeling apathetic.


Apathy is death. Worse than death because at least the rotting corpse feeds the beasts and insects.


Influence Gained: Kreia Influence Lost: Kreia


*Apathy is death*


Statement: Apathy is death


Apathy is death.


Apathy is death.


Apathy is death.


Influence lost: Kreia Influence gained: Kreia




“Apathy’s a tragedy and boredom is a crime”


I love this line.


This tickled me


I tried to hop in to a match today. First set of challenges. 5x BR kills and 20x AR kills, and something related to just playing the event gametype. Should be easy. I can put up 25 kills no problem LOL the joke is on me, I join a lobby that's extremely far behind, one kid already quit, one not even playing, and the one kid playing, probably has his mom in the controls while he taught her the game. I had 4, or maybe 5 lives to play out before that match ended. What should have been a 1 game, 3 challenge "feel good" moment, turned out to be a kick in the balls. I don't mind losing, but if I have a teammate that is literally running the wrong way for 4 seconds, and I am constantly being run down by 3 enemies, that's just not a game. When the match was done, I didn't even wait for the loading screen. I just Alt+F4 and swung my chair around to my workbench and got back to painting minis for the tabletop. At least there, I can paint my armor whatever cor I want. Honestly, I regret spending like 5k+ on a gaming PC at the urging of all my friends. Definitely had some good times, but even with all the graphical goodness and silky response that top of the line gear can get you, the gaming experience is just a completely hollow and heartless void. I had way more fun with with the OG Xbox and Halo 2, and the shitty headset that came with the Live bundle, than I have had in all of infinite combined. Modern AAA gaming is laughable. Battlefield, Halo, Diablo, CoD, lol what's going on? All of them feel terrible from the moment you click the shortcut.


Miniature painting has replaced most of the time I used to spend gaming. Multiplayer games just aren’t the same to me anymore unfortunately. The recent Halo and Battlefield games have killed off my interest for two of my favorite franchises.


I lost it with 4, then 5 brought be back a bit, but not enough to to get an XBOX and I didn't have a computer good enough to play games at the time. Battlefield 1 lost me with the unimaginative reskin the game turned out to be, and then they gave snipers the "magic bullet" to permanently cripple aircraft. As someone with literally 80+ service stats in EVERY air vehicle in BF 3/4, I was done. If you are into gaming, the tabletop is where it's at. Dune Imperium, Wingspan, X-Wing, Arkham Horror Card Game, Splendor, Dominion, etc etc etc. Far better experience comes from dropping $80 on a badass, well designed game, than spending cash on shit micro transactions


I would say Halo 4 and BF1 were the end of the line for me too. Halo 3 and BF4 were the best of their respective series in my opinion. They’re still some of my go to games to this day. I really enjoy the painting aspect the most of tabletop wargaming. I’ve got armies for WW2, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Napoleonics, Warmaster… it never ends lol but I love it!


Hobbies for the win. Only downside is I lose out on conversations on the new hot thing from the critically acclaimed Japanese developer


This game feels bad for me to try and play, i came back trying to play this event hoping anything was better since February when i last played, the only thing that changed was how long it takes to find a game, none of the fake melee hits, desync or any other fucking major issue this game is a joke and a cash grab


modern AAA games have embraced micro, now macrotransactions as their top priority. Every single game on the market functions primarily as an in-game store first and foremost, with game mechanics sprinkled in around it almost as an afterthought


My copy of Halo 2 Maptacular pack weeps.


I know the game is frustrating, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you're totally kidding yourself if you think you'd get 25 kills in one match of landgrab. Those games last like 5-7 minutes at the longest, you have to have reasonable expectations or you're gonna burn yourself out getting even more frustrated


CoD with IW at least made a comeback since they did the soft reboot of MW. I am actually super stoked for MW2 in October


Put that PC to good use and max out Assetto Corsa.


I’m severely disappointed too. I’ve been soft on 343 this whole time and my heart still goes out to the devs who I know are trying their best. But I can’t help but feel gutted that there was *nothing* this year for Halo. I love Infinites gameplay and am holding out for it to be as good as I can know it to be. However, nothing seems “exciting” about the future of Infinite. It’s Forge and Co Op with another battle pass on the way. I was really hoping for the new BR or something to be showed off, just *something* to get people talking about Halo again. It hurts to be the only one of my friends who even cares about Halo anymore. I even feel a little bit dumb investing my time and money in a game that feels less and less like it’s going anywhere


The future for Infinite is that maybe in a couple years we'll have what other Halo's had at launch, except this time is jammed full of microstransactions and no player base :(


I really feel you on that last point. I got into Infinite to play with my brother. We used to play ages ago, and with Infinite he was finally back in a place where he had time to play again. Now that he’s seen what Infinite is really going to be, it’s literally driven him to try Fortnite. Just let that sink in. It’s so sad to me.


I appreciate your Halo.Bungie.Org swagger. Also same story here. All my friends have abandoned Halo Infinite after 2 weeks so playing feels almost sad like I’m holding onto the past while everyone else has moved on to greater things.


Man, I used to watch [Halo.Bungie.Org](https://Halo.Bungie.Org) daily, especially back in the Reach days! Would love to know how many times I refreshed that page waiting for juicy tidbits. Always good to meet another old timer.


One of us. One of us. I started Halo 2 and consumed it in unhealthy amounts.


It was such a fun reunion the first couple days when *Infinite* dropped. Saw friends online I hadn't seen in years. It was like old times.


I also played FN because of Infinite. Decided I wanted to taste the well Infintie went to for all its shitty business practices. ​ Imagine my suprise when literally every aspect was better than Infinite.


Yeah, no kidding. I get that the game has been around for years, but that should make it all the more clear which parts of it to emulate.


Why is this bad? Fortnite is a good game with regular updates and events - also completely free.


>It hurts to be the only one of my friends who even cares about Halo anymore. The MCC launch fractured the group I played Halo with since CE. Most of them sold their Xbox Ones off to buy Playstations instead. They still haven't come back, and almost 10 years later 343 are still making the same mistakes. Phil Spencer once declared that "If we lose our way with Halo, we lose our way with Xbox and gaming", and he seems to have taken that ideal and thrown it in the trash, because the state Halo is in is atrocious.


This. MCC still has problems keeping a party of four separate people/Xboxes together through matchmaking lobbies. We'll get about 3 or 4 games before someone's inexplicably removed from the party. Literally no other game struggles this much. We can go on BF1 for 6 hours, no separations.


I've got nothing but respect for the devs who work on Infinite. Everything I've heard about 343 makes it seem like it's a *terrible* place to work. Management sucks tho.


I remember telling my friends that I was going to stop playing Destiny 2 with them once Infinite dropped, but here I am STILL playing Destiny 2 lol and I haven’t played Infinite since January


I really regret stopping Destiny 2, took too long a break to play other games and missed out on too much. They really are the King of FOMO


They are, especially with the new DLC. I bought the deluxe edition of the Witch Queen for like 45 dollars (got it on discount) and it’s still a better after than anything on the store of Infinite lol


bro they dropped a drop pod 👊






Wonder how long they spent coming up with marketing fixing their game as “drop pods”


With… general fixes in it


yeah but its free 👊


Hey now... we got lipstick, a cookbook, boots, a skin in Among Us, a skin in Fortnite, a skin in Fall Guys, and a pelican in Flight Simulator. Are you saying you also want things inside of Halo Infinite?!?


>Are you saying you also want things inside of Halo Infinite?!? *That'll be 1700 credits this week.*


That kind of reminds of F76 when they had all that janky merchandise that nobody wanted (the plastic Nuka cola, the falsely advertised duffle bag, and the jackets.)


match made in hell


Don't forget the TV show that doesn't follow game canon.




Almost all of management needs to go


The entire upper management of 343 needs to go, with ~~one~~ some obvious exceptions. Then they can restructure the studio, and potentially stop with the seasonal contractors, and get developers that will actually stay in that studio and grow with it.


I'd say two obvious exceptions, I think Ske7ch is great.


Agreed. Fixed it.


>Several developers described 343 as a company split into fiefdoms, with every team jockeying for resources and making conflicting decisions. One developer describes the process as 'four to five games being developed simultaneously https://www.vgchartz.com/article/451861/halo-infinite-had-two-thirds-of-content-cut-in-2019/ I really want 343 to get its shit together (especially after what they've done with MCC) and make great halo titles, but they clearly have _loads_ of problems, some of which may well be a decade old. Staten was probably sent there to act as fireman to this whole thing, given the apparent state of affairs.


We MCC players are still waiting for better coop netcode




Honestly I don't even want to see the name 343 anymore. Has a toxic ex kind of vibe


Microsoft and 343 made it clear - Halo is no longer considered their flagship title nor an important game to them anymore. They've expanded their market and are leaving Halo in the dust. They don't care and are trying to milk us as much as they can before the franchise dries out.


Id rather halo just peacefully die already than have 343 keep using its corpse like a marionette


I saw people saying this before and refused to believe it. Its Xbox and Halo, they belong together. Halo MADE Xbox. Halo still has tons of fans and a big new feature TV show that was 10 years in the making (I know it was shit, but that's for another thread). There's no way they would abandon Halo, ESPECIALLY right now with a new game, console, and TV show out. But after the showcase, it just seems painfully obvious. OP asked a great question - how are we supposed to be feeling after this? I'm so sad, man.


It kind of doesn’t have to be anymore right? Gamepass and the xcloud stuff seem to be doing gangbusters. The upcoming games all kind of seem promising. There was a time you couldn’t escape seeing a master chief graphic or life sized bust as apart of the Microsoft E3 keynote, even during years there were no big halo content releases. Maybe I’m just reading in between the line too much but I think Microsoft is maybe leaning away from having a single marquee title or having halo as the face of Xbox. And looking at the recent Juneteenth color pallet naming mess I think it’s just getting easier for them to put Halo on the back burner because it’s maybe not pushing console sales as heavily as Halo 3 did back in the day. And it may not need to anymore.


*Bethesda has entered the chat.*


Xbox needs to replace 343 and have another studio take over halo .


They need to fire the management team. I really still do believe that there are plenty of individuals at 343 who absolutely love Halo and truly want to make it the best game possible, but are limited and mismanaged. Fire Bonnie Ross!!


They need a dev team who can stick together for more than 18 months, 343i is still hiring contractors


They never learn


I wouldnt be 100% sure of that. Remember, 343 management specifically hired people that hated Halo and wanted to change it.


How Bonnie is still there is unreal. I mean, let's call out the elephant in the room: If it were a man, they'd probably have been removed by now. But I think Xbox doesn't want to fire a woman in a high position because they think it'll look bad. But she and her staff are killing Halo. They're leaving boatloads of money on the table. Whatever bad looks Xbox would get from firing her (not too many at this rate) are FAR less significant than what she's cost them already. It's beyond time for a complete overhaul. Pull them into a boardroom, have them all plead their cases for laughs, and pull the classic Apprentice and say "You're all fired, get out." 343 needs to be rebuilt. And it's time for major online movements to demand it.


Not just that, they need to fire the people who come up with the map designs, and weapon designs, and weapons, and the campaign level designers. Basically everyone who makes decisions about the game


2401 Studios time!


343i was created by ex-Bungie employees and Microsoft themselves. I would support a hard reset on 343's way of operating for sure.


Slight correction: there was only one noteworthy ex-Bungie employee involved in the creation of 343 and that was Frank O'Connor.








Clean house , starting from the top down with serious oversight , and control alt delete priority zero nonsense. It’s a job , do you want the job or not


Honestly it wouldn't even make a difference at this point besides delaying things even further. You can't just clean out management and expect things to magically improve. It's why Staten's hiring didn't prevent the game from launching in the state that it did, change takes time.


Open a menu for priority zero nonsense?


not possible or going to happen


There clearly needs to be a major change in 343’s management and a restructuring of their studio and development process. Infinite itself seems fucked beyond salvaging if we’re at this point with basically no new content, no co-op campaign, no forge, etc, so it needs to be heavily reworked to the point of a soft relaunch or straight up a new game entirely without all the baggage.


Fuck it, I’ll take it over.


I have been playing and have loved Halo for 20 years. I stood up as a best man in the wedding of my best friend, whom I bonded over Halo 3 with. Formative, happy, years of memories where Halo was at the center. Innocent fun and joy. I never expected that to last. I never expected to enjoy Halo forever at that level. But to watch my favorite franchise be disrespected, for we hardcore fans to be disrespected this much, is just...there are no words. You should be feeling disappointment, frustration, and disgust. That's what I'm feeling. In the grand scheme of all things, this is not important. It's a first world problem. My life will go on and I will find great happiness in many other things to come. But in this bubble as a fan, there are few things I've ever been as pissed off by as the handling of this franchise by 343. They're are absolutely shameless.


Supremely well said, thank you. It always helps to hear about others that have similar experiences and sorrows.


Well said


Halo’s dead, we gotta move on


Halo 3 anniversary?


Aaaaand I'm back


That’s what they said last time, and the time before, and the time before, and the time before, yet here we are


Well the thing is, Halo *isn't* dead. Infinite's launch shows that gamers WANT Halo. And for a franchise to be dead, it'd mean no one cares about it. But people really want Halo to be back. Xbox and 343 just need to deliver. Social menus. Fun sandbox modes. Forge. Co-op. File share. Waypoint. Firefight. It's that fucking easy. This shit was done 15 years ago. It's 2022. **I CAN PLAY HALO 3 ON MY FUCKING PHONE THROUGH MAGICAL CLOUD TECHNOLOGY.** How on earth can Infinite feel older than a game that came out when I was in 7th grade???????




As a lifelong halo fan, I’ve just given up on halo going forward. Nothing will change for a long time and I doubt there will be many left when change does come along. I’ve gone back to Fallout 76 (of all games) and I’m having an excellent time. Maybe years from now I’ll come back to this with the same feeling. There is no point coming to this sub day in and day out and seeing all of this useless negativity. It really fucks with your head. I suggest just ignoring anything halo related until something really big comes along that you hear about from somewhere else. Until then complaining about Halo Infinite is a waste of time and energy.


Nothing. They don't give a shit.








This whole year is wasted on actually finishing the game.


>Comment removed by moderator Comment removed by moderator


I seriously hope Microsoft sees this and cleans house. Idk why the fuck the people in charge still have their positions.


because they are still profitable, ms isnt going to clean house


I mean, nothing. There's no point in _expecting_ something when nothing was ever established to happen. If the game isn't treating you right, why treat the game right? Because something _might_ happen in the future? But if the game _is_ treating you right, then continue enjoying it. > I'm just very confused right now, and worried about the franchise I've enjoyed for so long. If the franchise can't produce good products to the point where it dies, then it really doesn't have anyone to blame but itself. There are way too many _good_ games and way too little time to enjoy them to be worrying about games that aren't good.


Halo fans waited years for Infinite after a promising trailer in 2018. Then it got delayed a year. Then it released an unfinished mess. Now here we are feeling like we were just abandoned. Damn man this sucks.


Nothing since there was a post already up on this sub saying that there was no more halo stuff and they were just going to talk about the things announced yesterday. Which I assume is true because I didn’t watch today. Sorry you had higher hopes though, 343 has taught me not to have those for this game anymore. I recommend either a break or just coast through the game until stuff gets changed or added and be pleasantly surprised.


Hell, didn't most of the other games get more content then this in eight months?


Even Rogue Company, a smaller game, got more updates in the same time that infinite came out. A game made by Hi Rez studios is out performing halo, how sad.


Your first mistake was having expectations


Gears of War didn’t get any spotlight either…


Gow isnt a live service game though.


Well, it WAS. It's just the ended support for it and I suppose they've started working on Gears 6, which will also be a live-service.


Having DLC and a few patches does not make a game a live service.


Gears needs to make a massive comeback.


Kind of disappointing, but the last 2 Gears games were actually good. So it's more a matter of being antsy for me personally.


Gears hasn't had active support for well over a year as it reached the end of its life cycle. Halo is currently in the middle of its life cycle and has absolutely nothing to show. Its the equivalent of a show having a finale vs not getting renewed.


The thing that bugs me so much about MS is that they have used their two biggest franchises (GoW and Halo) as absolutely shameless cash grabs. What they should have done is made both of them the absolute best possible games that you can get on the market, with no bullshit MTX or anything. They should have used these 2 franchises to build good-will for their brand and the rest would fall into place. Microsoft, if you MUST have microtransactions and mobile gaming tactics, dont do it with your two biggest franchises, you're pushing people away.


Any live service/MP game will have MTX. Sony are launching 10 live service games in the next couple years, and you can bet those will be filled to the brim with MTX. Hell, GT7, a full priced 70 dollar game, has plenty of them already


Ya know what's strange though? Gears of War 5 and Halo Infinite have reeeaalllyy nice core gameplay loops. Like, 343 and The Coalition nailed the feel for both in my opinion. And then they fucked up everything after that? It's so strange to me.


Man when I heard rumours of a Marcus Phoenix Collection I was ecstatic. Oh well, Gears 2 and 3 on PC will have to wait


Nothing. Unfortunately feelings unlock as a part of the season 3 ultra premium battle pass.


I was at the very least hoping for a Forge tease, especially after I saw the trailer for FH5 Hot Wheels. But I wasn’t surprised when I saw nothing. Halo just launched S2 5 weeks ago and released an (albeit detail-starved) roadmap around that time as well. We know the team is keeping their heads down working on co-op, forge, and season 3. Trailers take huge time and resources that I don’t blame 343 for not expending. That being said, there were a lot of big Xbox IPs missing from the event, for various different reasons. Gears, Fable, Wolfenstein, Doom, Perfect Dark, Avowed, Everwild, Hellblade, Contraband, Indiana Jones…the list goes on and on with studios and IPs of varying size and tent pole “importance”. Content takes time. Gamescom is around the halfway mark for S2; maybe we’ll see something then


Game is dead


343 promised nothing for it so you should have expected nothing. Don’t overthink this. They already had talked about plans between now and Season 3 in November. They obviously have plans beyond Season 3 it would just be pointless to talk about it when we still need to get co-op and Forge this season.


You're not "meant" to be feeling anything right now. That's why they haven't said anything. It think at this point you have to answer one question: are you having fun playing this game? If the answer is yes, then keep playing at whatever capacity you are playing it. If the answer is no, then go ahead and move on. 343 has done nothing at this point to show you should feel anything towards this game, let alone loyalty.


There's just nothing left. It's dead. There's no more backstory to explore, no more incredibly deadly enemies to unveil, the cortana and John thing is old as hell and the entire multiplayer shooter genre has moved on past 8 dudes with 3 different guns in a map the size of a supermarket, and cosmetic unlocks that change the shape of your shoulder pad from square to rectangle, and the desync is worse than bigger BR games with a hundred players, on maps the size of a city. It was fucking amazing ten or so years ago, but now it's just flogging a dead horse. It was the pinnacle of multiplayer shooters but now it's just a curiosity that the publishers can't even be bothered to promote or fund because it's not going anywhere. It was supposed to be the SeriesX' flagship title, it's killer app, but it just gave everyone a sense of nostalgia for a week then was forgotten.


Fell off Infinite maybe three months after it came out, it was clear around that time this game is probably not going to see any meaningful updated content for a long time and you should pretty much expect to be disappointed by now. Sucks 'cause Infinite got me excited about Halo again, which is something I haven't felt for the series in well over a decade, and that hype wore off so fast just by how consistently 343i seems to drop the ball with every decision they make in spite of the fact they've made such a good game with so much potential. Being a Halo fan these days just seems painful and there's not much else to say at this point other than I'm over it, and maybe this game might be fixed a few years down the line but I'm not holding my breath. Plenty of other great games to enjoy in the meantime.


You should feel like uninstalling and coming over to the MCC!


I don't know why you expected something else. They just entered a six month long season. They layed out a roadmap for the next year and acknowledged that they know it's not a lot. You won't get anything until season 3 is two weeks away.


I have no idea why people are so surprised, they’ve already laid out all of their cards for the majority of the year. Why are people expecting something when nothing was promised? This community has a problem where they make up expectations out of thin air and get upset when they’re not fulfilled.


Would have been nice to see some forge, or co-op... or a mission selector


That Halo Infinite blows, go play MCC


I now understand why they called it a 10 year plan.


I really am bummed. I was at minimum expecting a battle royale tease, if not a forge tease. :/


They could have at least confirmed some details about Forge or showed off how Coop will work.


Relief that they didn't announce something else you wouldn't like


I occasionally come back to tell you guys that you really just need to play a different game. Unless you're happy with the game, obviously. But if you're mad, just walk away. Xbox wont kick 343 in the ass if you guys keep the numbers at a level they think is reasonable.


I’m surprised they didn’t say they wouldn’t be at either showcase or didn’t shoot down the 6/14 rumor earlier. Perhaps Microsoft forbid its studios from confirming anything about the showcases to increase viewership?


Yeah, this has me pretty baffled as well. Not just the lack of presence in the showcase, but the lack of *any* sort of communication from 343 about being absent from the event.




I personally wasn’t too surprised they didn’t show anything. Since they were just focusing on the next 12 months, any future campaign DLC wouldn’t be mentioned since it’s not coming within that 12 month period. I also don’t think they would announce the next season this far in advance since they didn’t reveal season 2 until 2 months before it started. I also don’t think showing forge or campaign coop would’ve been that great since most would just say it should’ve been there at launch anyway. I’m sure when it comes to future content, 343 will reveal that themselves when they are ready. I know this is the Halo sub and that’s what everyone cares about here, but I appreciate that Xbox is moving away from the halo/gears/forza mold and of that means that halo isn’t shown every event, then so be it.


I dunno why people had expectations. 343 barely announces anything noteworthy *when they have anything to announce*. They'll pump us all up with "Look at the news coming soon!" for stuff like a minor bug fix and a light balance patch. If they've been radio silent, why on earth would anybody have an expectation that they're gonna announce anything? We know what we're getting between now and, at the earliest possible bleeding edge, August. We're getting nothing, because that's what they told us we're gonna get. And if we get anything in August, we'll be lucky.




It's crazy to me how they keep saying "co-op is coming. Forge is coming. Another season is coming" -in just a couple of months mind you - and yet they still don't show ANYTHING. Like jesus I expected at least co-op/forge news at the very least (S3 not so much if i'm being honest, it's to far out). I'm telling you right now if S3 doesn't come out swinging, this game is gonna fall off really hard. Harder than it already has. And as a fan of Halo my whole life, it might just be my breaking point if they don't deliver something great after a YEAR of nothing of what feels like scraps. So much for a "live service" game up to this point...


I hate to say it, but Halo Infinite already passed the point of no return in terms of popularity. No one except for hardcore fans will be revisiting Infinite even if they start putting out consistently good content from here-on.


>After the past few days, I'm left feeling pretty foolish for maintaining that mindset. After how bad the last six months have been, the fact that you've continue to patronize their product is part of the reason these companies feel comfortable performing like this. Anyone who is still playing this trash is tacitly encouraging this behavior.


thank you!! as long as the game is rubbish we need to stop playing completely, hell, we should start a petition to get 343 off the project and replace them with somebody competant.


I was hoping to see something, but it was no surprise that Halo didn't show up. Please, no one forget, that they're STILL struggling to implement features to make it a full Halo game. Two of the absolute cores of Halo are missing and have been for far too long from launch. The fact that they wanted to make this a live-service game when they couldn't even first make a full game is baffling. 343 needs to be gutted and restructured as a development studio, because what they've been doing for over THREE games now has taken one of gaming's biggest series and reduced it to something sad. They can't oversee a TV series and ensure that it's actually Halo, and they can't develop a game that's actually Halo. ​ What are they being paid for, all this time?


We know what Season 2 is delivering, and we know some contents of Season 3. We also know how severely content, updates, and seasons have been delayed. Why would they continue to make the mistake of announcing things early? There's nothing notable on the horizon, and I'm not sure what is giving people the impression Tatanka will be out any time soon.


Bonobo 💀


Betrayed obviously. Everything Microsoft has done with halo since bungie left has been a disaster.


You're meant to feel nothing. Microsoft and 343 have left Halo to die. They released a f2p game with mtx, they greenlit a mediocre show that spat at the fan base, and now even at E3, oh I'm sorry the Xbox/Bethesda showcase, the only thing mentioned about Halo was the Pelican in Flight simulator. That includes Tuesdays extended showcase as well. Even Bethesda announced new DLC for ESO and F76, why couldn't 343 do the same for their "live service" game, which should just be referred to as a dead service. Where was the announcement for their BR? What about the drop pods and their roadmap? Nothing. And then the higher ups wonder why Halo is doing so poorly. Actually scratch that, they want it to be like this. You could only screw up so much to the point that it's obviously deliberate. That's just my 2 cents.


Here's my over emotional take. Games are made for profit, but as soon as you let the for profit mentality overule your staff's drive to make an awesome, artistic and player-fullfilling experience, it's all over. For me, halo has lost the artistic and emotional vibe that made games like Reach (and hell, even halo 4) resonate with me. This just feels like a corporate shell of a franchise that I used to love. Microsoft has seriously ruined the franchise.


I mean I'm sad, but I don't really know what they would have announced, anyways. We already know Season 3 isn't coming for a while. We know what's on the Season 2 Roadmap. We know co-op isn't for a month-or-so and then forge will drop sometime after that in September (God willing). I can wait. MCC took 3 years just to get fixed. Halo Infinite isn't broken (for me at least). It's just...lacking content that it desperately needs, and 343 is taking too long.


Well if you want advice, just move on. There are way better games on the market right now and it's not worth sticking to an incomplete game. Apparently the engine is fucked and that's a problem I think they might never fix. We might never get a steady flow of content. So you might as well find something else


Sea of Thieves is a live service game, and it seems like we see it every year at the MS conference. Halo is a live service game in name only. I'm hopeful they can turn it around, but right now I'm very disappointed.


Same feeling as 6 months ago... Honestly, I stopped playing like a month after release... the game was NOT ready to become a live service and 343 was not equipped to handle it either... Maybe when the game is actually complete (forge + co-op campaign), seasons don't last 6+ months, and they fix the progression / customization systems, then maybe I'll come back... It sucks because the game is foundationally good and fun to play, but there's just nothing there... It's just a skeleton stripped of all the meat.... ​ If we're all being honest here - Halo Infinite needed an entire extra year before releasing because at least then we might have gotten a complete, and fully functioning game... They're not announcing anything because they have nothing to announce unfortunately - they are still working on basic, expected features (like forge and co-op). And if all they talked about were those things, then whew... that would have been a disaster... they just decided to not make themselves look any worse and just pull a Hello Games (No Man's Sky)...


It's...not a big deal. You and the majority of the people who are commenting on it make it sound like someone in your family died. It's a video game. There were no updates to give right now. They aren't making promises they won't keep anymore. Just please keep living...somehow.


The franchise is dead. Bury it and move on


they said that they were going to put their heads down and work on the game so I did not expect anything at the showcase, I don't really know what you should be feeling bro


I downloaded Rumble verse and had a blast the entire weekend, it's been literally months since I last opened the game. All the errors, network issues, bad cosmetics, predatory microtransactions combined with just HOW LONG IT TAKES TO START A MATCH.... I just don't care for the game anymore. Y'know?


Man, Q4 last year was such a good time for me as a Halo fan. Multiplayer was rough around the edges but fun with the promise of big updates, and there was a genuine sense of excitement before the full release... I haven't touched the game since... February? And now this. Were 343 even slightly equipped to actually make this a live service? Like, in the year 2022 (yes, current year argument), how is this all they have to show for it? It's not like this game was Anthem or Ghost Recon Breakpoint, this thing started strong with good word of mouth. People who don't even play Halo were responding well to it. And now it's just... there.




Peace was never an option.


Nothing cause you clearly didnt see le post pointing out that they wouldnt have anything for the conference confirmed


Lmao my god this is so over the top dramatic


Nothing. You shouldn't have expected anything to begin with lol they've already told you what they are working on.


Clearly MS has also lost hope for 343, they would rather bank on the value of Halo IP than trusting 343 again. Given the MS culture, they dont really punish or do anything about 343's lack of competence, interfering with game studio's HR would be a PR nightmare in current state of gaming employment. But clearly MS has change the xbox priority to other first parties like starfield and obsidian, especially while activision acquisition could be complete this year. COD will be the top FPS IP for xbox. One thing for sure, Daddy Phil's favorite studios would definitely not include 343 any time soon.


Halo Infinite- ly waiting for any sort of content.


im done. goin cod


MCC is still my baby till this day so don’t really care about that half baked ftp cash grab