H5 SR152 Appreciation post

H5 SR152 Appreciation post


I'm at 145 and did some quick math last week. At the rate I've been gaining xp since launch, taking into about my current total xp and my hours played, I'd need something like 11 hours of play time for 5 months to hit 152. I'm sure I could cut that way down with dedicated grinding and xp boosts, but I'd need to get more than 5 times the xp I've gotten in 5 years in less than 5 months. That's feckin insane.


difficult? it's the same grind as 360 reach lol




I'm always impressed by those who did the grind to 152. It's some tough work knowing you're pretty much halfway there when you hit 150. I agree they need more for that reward than just the coating. Although, I must say, I really like the Silver, Red, and Graphite color scheme and am quite jealous of them. Good on you 152 folk