I played all the main Halo games (except 5) through MCC on my crummy laptop, and I don't think I can possibly play Infinite on there too, so I guess I'll have to get a Series X instead of a PS5

I played all the main Halo games (except 5) through MCC on my crummy laptop, and I don't think I can possibly play Infinite on there too, so I guess I'll have to get a Series X instead of a PS5


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Still waiting for sony to make a small ps5 shaped router


Ive been trying to buy a series x now for like 5 months now


Call your local GameStop every Thursday/Friday. They seem to have stock on weekends, I’m in Canada and they had them multiple weekends in a row. They don’t update the site to reflect their stock (at least here).


Thanks for the tip, will do that


Join the club


Sony hasn't been doing themselves any favors as of late


I mean, the PS5 has Demon's Souls, Horizon: Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, all the PS4's exclusives, and some others I can't remember right now


Yea, but for 80 dollars each, I really haven't felt compelled to get a PS5. The Xbox/PC exclusives look good enough for me.


>The Xbox/PC exclusives look good enough for me. would you get an xbox or a pc ?


I play on PC. I would get a PC if given the choice.


I was contemplating a PC, but they're a fuckton. Plus, idk, i'm just too used to console. My only incentive for getting a PC was mods, but given you can't play most of them online...


I once said I'm too used to console as well. Now I hardly play on console after playing on keyboard and mouse in FPS games and not having to worry about $100 controllers that last 6 months without drift problems. Also don't have to pay for online gaming, plethora of games you can't get on console, and PC doubles as more then just a gaming machine. Ya it was alittle more expensive up front, but over the course of a few years of subscriptions, extra controllers, and mediocre game sales compared to PC, I still would rather upgrade my custom built rig then buy a new console that I might not be able to play my library of old games on.


PCs are only more expensive now due to the GPU shortage still happening ​ i wanna upgrade but i cant now because they're to expensive


Yes and no. The series x is phenomenal value for money. You'd struggle to get a pc for the same RRP price. However if you're going to build a pc then you might as well put some more money into it and make one that's better than the series x so it will perform better for longer. I spent roughly £500 on a pc a few years ago that could outperform my Xbox one. Just before it died a few months back it was struggling to play newer games so I really needed to upgrade. Now I'd be spending roughly £400-500 (RRP prices) to get it back up to mid-high tier performance again. But I'll be keeping my SSDs, heatsink, case and power supply. So if it's a case of upgrading then yeah it can be more cost effective having a pc than a console. But if you're building a brand new pc then it's generally more expensive. If you buy a budget pc then you might be able to get something that can compete with the new consoles but you'll need to upgrade sooner. Also I can't remember who it is but the other day my brother showed me a particular website that's selling their hardware for £10k but giving all customers a £9.5k discount voucher. The bots will be trying to buy them for £10k so it needs a person to apply the voucher to buy it at the correct price. It's not perfect but it's helping to stop scalpers. It's nice to see some retailers doing something about the problem.


So long story short, get a series X…


More like get a series x if you don't care about PC's or are tight on money. Get a pc if you have extra money or care about mods.


coming from a PC player - If you're talking value for money, console will always win - this is because console manufacturers can sell the system at slim margins (or even a loss) and make the money back in through the store. game pass, xbox live, ps plus, etc. Razor and Blades model kind of thing PC hardware manufacturers just can't do this, so hardware is sold to make enough profit for them (and a fuckton more profit in a silcon shortage but that's besides the point). It's a perfect time to be on either side - PC is getting Xbox (and some PS4) games, and there is new console hardware so tons of games to look forward to. Some people like PCs because you can do more than just game - but if all you are planning on doing is gaming and media then console is perfect


Series x is great value, but in the long run it would become old and there would be newer consoles that you might want. If you are willing to spend the extra money, a pc has better value over time if you make a powerful one


I made the mistake starting a build last month


oml you poor soul


yeah i agree, i am planning on getting a pc and a ps5 down the line, like maybe once horizon and gow are out


This is exactly why I can't justify buying a PS5 until they have a game pass equivalent. I'm saving so much money with game pass and I'm playing games I would have never played. If they announce PlayStation game pass today, I'll buy one immediately... or try to, at least.


I wouldn't, because knowing Sony, it'll cost the same as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($15/month gets you live gold, game pass Xbox, game pass PC, ea access, and Ubisoft plus) but be for exclusives only.


It’s nice to have game pass as someone who has a PC and and Xbox one because there are a lot of game I can get on my pc with game pass and then still be able to play those same games on Xbox. And the cross-play is available for all of those. With PlayStation they have their streaming games service but quality is utter trash compared to downloading the game and playing. It’s the same price but lower quality. It’s available on pc, but I tried playing bloodborne at 480p and it was not fun and I wanted to enjoy the experience I love dark souls. Xbox has PlayStation beat when it comes to this service.


This is personally why i'm a Xbox guy instead of playstation. You get to play hundreds of games for a pretty cheap price, and you can always get more and more. PS does have exclusives, but I feel that 100 games for 10 bucks is better than 5 games you can't get anywhere else for 300 bucks


wait, the ps4 exclusives have all been on sale at least a couple of times tho but i don't know about the ps5 games


Demon’s souls has already been on sale for $60


Thats not really a sale. Few months ago that was a full priced game


I meant customer service wise. Lots of crappy deals and layoffs


as much as I understand it from a business standpoint, the cross play thing still pisses me off.


What crossplay thing?


If a game wants to crossplay with PS they have to pay sum while other companies dont need to do it




Sony came out and talked about crossplay support, and said that though players benefit and enjoy crossplay, Sony (from a business standpoint) essentially gets nothing and see’s no reason in investing in or completely supporting it. Instead, they charge companies for crossplay support on Playstation.


I just grabbed horizon zero dawn on PC, so I assume the sequel will come there eventually. As an Xbox guy, I’m just very jealous of Spider-Man!


Horizon 2 will prolly come to steam as well which they did with the first.


Game Pass just does it too well. They give the right games. Sony's version of it just gives you barely any games and alot of them are PS2 and PS3 games that ain't that great.


Except Horizon will be on PS4 too, as will God of War and GT, Miles Morales was also on PS4. After saying “we believe in generations”, its a bit of a joke.


Horizon Forbidden West is going to be on PS4.


Forbidden West will be on Ps4 also


They are now focusing on movie-expierences instead of plain fun. (except for ratchet and clank, I seriously want to play the game but I need to buy a 4k tv and the ps5 so maybe next year).


I hate when people say Sony games feel like movies. There's very little basis for ot and IMO is used often when no actual valid criticism exists. Sony Interactive Entertainment themselves can do one, but their games since the first Uncharted for the most part have been better than what Microsoft has been releasing. I had one guy tell me last week that Last of Us part 2 was a movie because it had an opening cut scene. First Party Sony games are not movies with some interactive content, they're games that happen to focus on a good story as opposed to multiplayer. Having had both a PS4 and Xbox One, I can see why people from the Xbox claim Sony games are moviegames or whatever you want to call it. Xbox games just dont place the same emphasis on story as Playstation games do. Even games like Quantum Break where the story was a big deal failed because of how mediocre it was (hence why it's considered an insult IMO). Xbox games tend to be more about the multiplayer, and many who stuck with the Xbox One see multiplayer games as being worth more than single player games even if the former has less content than the latter or has content locked behind a paywall. Its infuriating because Halo 3 and Halo Reach have some of the best stories in Xbox history, and even I have to (begrudgingly) admit Halo 4 had a decent story. How is it Sony games are just interactive movies (when they're clearly not) but this criticism doesn't apply to the campaigns of Xbox games? Is Recore just a moviegame? Is Gears 5? Halo Infinite campaign? I dont think its valid criticism and we in the xbox community shouldn't use it as one. It's okay for another platform to have better games.


Gears 5 has a vast amount of other stuff to do aside from campaign though. The PvP multiplayer is phenomenal, and the PvE game modes are some of the best on the market. The campaign is great too, with 4 player co-op and a robust New Game+ option.


a lot of their games even RC have a bit of a movie feel to them but they still have good gameplay and also the ps5 exclusive before RC was returnal which had a bit more of a gameplay focus and the story was kind of a secondary thing


?? Lmao


Before you make that decision: Consider the xbox streaming service. I don't know if it will also be open to PC, but it's worth checking out. [xCloud](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-streaming/project-xcloud) If they do open the streaming up to PC devices, then you could still play Halo Infinite on your laptop as if you were playing on a Series X. If they don't allow it, you could technically stream it to your phone or tablet and then *screen share* to your TV or another device that supports screensharing. And all it would cost you is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.


>And all it would cost you is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership Well sh\*t, I just realized that Game Pass isn't available in my country (which is the Philippines) I hope that changes soon


Would it break terms of service to sign up with Gamepass using a VPN?


You'd have to pay in dollars but that's about it


If you know anyone from the states they can get a subscription for you. Source: I'm from the Philippines, too.


That’s fucking lame.


*insert nord vpn shill advert*


PC is currently in a closed beta for xcloud


That's good. Assuming the tests go well, that should see a launch of xCloud for PC. Meaning the major factor for anyone not playing on a 1080 equivalent (or newer) will be the processor and internet speed. But mostly the internet speed.


The problem is not internet speeds in most cases, there is a noticeable lag when you use the controls and IIRC it has to do with the distance to the server that creates the laf


I've used streaming services like xCloud with no noticeable delay, but like you said it could be due to my proximity to local servers.


It’s going to run like shit nobody would want to play that unless it’s a single player game


Well if the option of playing Infinite's campaign is spend $500+ on new hardware, or pay the price of gamepass, I know what I would choose. Have you used game streaming services before? I have and they run fine.


I have and it runs like shit. I've used both gamepass and psnow and they both have terrible lag and the graphics really suffer. It's nothing to do with my broadband because I get over 300mbps over wi-fi. I'm glad it works for you though. Hopefully it means they'll keep working on it to improve it for those like me who don't get on with it.


Yeah my uncle-in-law uses PS Now and he has no issues, even in action games like Uncharted. But he and I both used hard-line instead of wifi. I've also been lucky that I've been able to find Gigabit for as low as $60 (AT&T Fiber). Xfinity has gigabit for $70, but the price goes up to $100 after the first two years and they're not as stable as fiber because they use copper cable.


Depends on the internet connection. Tried Dark Souls and the lag made it unplayable


Yeah I've been lucky to have gigabit fiber on a hard-line connection. I pretty much only use wifi when totally necessary. I know fiber isnt available everywhere, though, and gigabit cable can be really expensive.


It is open to PC but only via invite as far as I know. Also it's not running on Series X/S hardware yet, or if it is they haven't said so.


If it's streaming, could a pc with 0 gaming capabilities do it?


Thst's the idea behind it.


Not gonna lie... You can get an pc, have game pass, halo and ps5... And a switch why not haha. Not but for real the value of the xbox game pass (even on pc) is the best and have insane value.


Goodluck getting a video card then...unless you buy a prebuilt


I made the switch, new series x is amazing


Do it. Game pass just keeps on getting better all the time. Every game I've been eyeing up ends up on it. There aren't many games I want to play that aren't on there if any.


STALKER 2 and Atomic Heart and Halo are all games I really want to play and won’t have to pay for! Pretty great value


Both... Both is good


yeah but I wanna keep my kidneys thanks


Yeah, it's for that reason that i'm really contemplating whether i get the Series S or X. I know there's zip pay and other methods, but it's still quite a lot of money. Series X is $750 in my country.


oh shit, that sucks man. but I mean it depends what you play. almost all of my games are or have been on games pass so I don't need disced games. then there's just other games in general you might wanna buy, because games are like £50 now for some stupid reason buying two in my country is the difference between both consoles. I imagine it'll be even worse if not similar for you. luckily infinite will come free with games pass I'm pretty sure, unless you wanna buy a special edition if they bring it out


Nah, if it's on gamepass i'm thinking of just standard. The MP will be free-to-play so that's fine. I'm just wondering if the games disappear from the console if you're no longer signed up with gamepass, PS Plus style. I'm trying to figure out which console is a better investment. The difference between both consoles is 250 AUD.


Nah, just get pc, it’ll be better for the long term


Game pass is well worth the money and it keeps getting better for players. It's like the best parts about Funcoland but you don't have to go anywhere.






It would be an honor if you could join us


Playstation guy here. I picked up both I November. Ended up giving the ps5 to my sister strictly cause gamepass. Well worth it


Wow, MS is really making strides with that aren't they?


i mean, the ps5 still sold a lot more then it but quite a few of those people might consider buying an series S or pc later on


Could be, though the PS5 was always going to outsell the Xbox. Every other generation has done so, but i'm used to hearing that people dumped the xbox for playstation. Rarely do you hear about a sony guy coming to xbox.


i think a lot of people this gen are just gonna have both like a ps5 and a series S for example and some might consider a pc but most people are gonna be like me in the sense that they aren't gonna buy anything until at least a year or 2 down the line cause waiting especially with ps can be very rewarding


Maybe. I was wondering which one to get myself (Series S or X). Lots of people are saying the X is good value, but it's pretty damn pricey.


let's hope we are able to get some really good deals in the future but tbh gaming has become much less of a thing i do now, like i watch way more streams of games then i actually play them now lol


Yeah, ain't that the truth. I'm at university studying to become a teacher. I'm in my final semester, and i don't think i've touched my PS4 in a good 6 months. Even then, i still waste far too much time and struggle to get my work done :/ Now i know why they say you get no life when you study.


> Could be, though the PS5 was always going to outsell the Xbox. Every other generation has done so Ummm I'm pretty sure that the 360 is the most successful console of all time, nevermind how it sold against the PS3. In all honesty, Xbox has now 1up'ed playstation in terms of total superior console generations. Current gen is clearly won by Series X despite the sales. Last gen was obviously PS4. Gen before that was obviously 360. And gen before that well..... look obviously the PS2 was a great console, but let's look at it without the nostalgia glasses: the original Xbox had the holy trinity of Halo 2/Ninja Gaiden/Morrowind and those games by themselves win over anything the PS2 had.


MS announces all these games that sound cool but like aren't coming out for another 2-4y. I think they'll definitely close the gap with Sony in a few years. Right now though, I don't think there's enough on either system to justify getting both.


wait, will your sister give you the ps5 when say an exclusive that you like is out or will she just tell you to fuck off ? lol


Just get a better PC, if you can


Issue is it’s really expensive to build a pc rn, I was gonna go this route but secured an XSX for 500. Console gamepass is slightly better so it’s a temporary trade off I guess


at the moment it's also better getting a pre built PC as companies that sell these can bulk buy graphics cards for PC gaming so they are still cheaper than building your own


Yeah that's fair. If you just want something for gaming it's probably wise to get a console; that's what they're for.


Just grab a Series S the difference is minimal and my S runs everything pretty well. Lot cheaper too.


Series S gang standing by


Yeah Phil? We got another one


Game Pass is not a compelling reason to switch. Sony made the correct move by doubling down on exclusives and forcing Microsoft to compete by investing in worthwhile exclusives as well as older IP's.


I played with a friend's PS3 enough to grow to love a couple of games. Now I have them on Steam.


If you’re lucky horizon forbidden west will come to pc. So just build a pc instead


That’s almost unheard of, play station just has better exclusives and this is coming from a Xbox player


I don’t want to make your decision for you but I really do enjoy being with Xbox we have controllers with no issues (depends on your stance with rechargeable batteries I think they are stupid) and people say gamepass is a scam or a ripoff but Xbox has actually put care I to their service and they are giving really good incentives to purchase gamepass especially since ultimate includes Xbox live gold and EA play plus the however man games are on there. Most months the gamepass perks are shit but I really like when did the 3 months nitro for free and the Spotify premium free 3 months


Who says it’s a ripoff? You get all there games free multi platform and ea play included


I have a friend who claims it is a scam because it costs more than an annual gold subscription


Yeah…but it also includes gold (I’m talking about the ultimate edition of it ) it literally comes with gold, ea play and all there titles plus new releases


I might have forgotten to mention he is one of those “Xbox has no exclusives” guys and while he is sort of true we have good exclusives but not many exclusives


Well they own Bethesda now so that will most likely change


Man I hope people like these get smacked in the face with absolute rain of exclusives Xbox is gonna throw at us.


What's the issue with recharge batteries? I'm OOTL.


There's no issue with rechargeable batteries. Some people are still stuck in 2005.


What are they complaining about?


They think having the option to change batteries in the Xbox controller is "pro-consumer". They don't like the fact that the PS4/5 controllers have built in rechargeable batteries (and use the tact that the PS5 controller only has 4 - 5 hours charge to validate it). You can replace the battery, by removing the back. Basically, dying on a hill because the xbox controller doesn't have a built in rechargeable battery.


Build a desktop. You’ll never have to buy a console again


The great part about Infinite's multiplayer being free is you can check and see if your computer can run the game first before buying it.


Im jumping ship as well. Halo and Forza...must have.


Xbox has 23 studios plus smaller teams within those studios. There about to be the big dog they should've been.


So many PC recommendations but no one talking about the upkeep and constant hardware purchases, especially if you want a next gen rig.


The marketing...its working...


Get a ps5 and a pc. Lots of Xbox exclusives are also on pc.


Why do you guys act like everyone has thousands of dollars laying around to buy both PC and PS5? I had to save up for months before buying a Series S. If someone can buy PC and PS5, then they can buy Series X and Switch as well because why not.


“How I feel being an Xbox owner with a large back catalogue but is a huge ratchet and clank and single player fan”


Im really not trying to be that guy, but a PC is the way to go. Obviously when parts are available i say get one. Xbox “exclusives” are available on pc. At this point exclusives are the only reason to get a ps5. I love xbox but for pure performance and longevity, i finally switched to pc after being xbox pretty much all my life. Ill still get a series x when prices go down for my son




Series X also has S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2, super hyped


is that a full or a timed exclusive ? like i heard people saying its a 3 month deal


I would assume it's a permanent exclusive Edit: I was wrong, it is a 3 month exclusive, Playstation will have S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 in July 2022


i looked it up and it seems like this is why a lot of people are saying its a 3 month deal [https://screenrant.com/stalker-2-xbox-exclusive-three-month-epic-apple/](https://screenrant.com/stalker-2-xbox-exclusive-three-month-epic-apple/)


Well thats interesting. First time I've seen Microsoft or Sony do a timed exclusive like Epic Games, but nonetheless, I'm glad Playstation users will be able to experience the game as well


yeah, its seems like a cool game but it is interesting how we came to know this through the epic v apple lawsuit, i wonder what more we might get to know because of it


Playing fps on console is yikes




There’s always xcloud


Yes, join the dark side do it


If Infinite can run on the base Xbox One, then that means it'll run on any gaming laptop that came out after 2015. Just turn down the graphics settings to something that can run it on 30 or 60.




We’d welcome you.


I'm a PS guy and I got a Series S recently and i'm planning to get a PS5 maybe next year when it's available




"The moment i see one in stock"




Do it


How about a nice low budget PC and wait for it to come out there?


I cant get either. I've decided ill buy whatever one I can get first but in Australia they are rare.


Why not have both?


Get both when you can


\*Microsoft reading this\* Its working!!


Ma man, good job 👏🏽 u get a treat, I better not get matched with u and have to deal with your characters ass getting shoved in my face when u kill me


You could get gamepass ultimate and play through the cloud if you have good internet


Isn't it available for both gen consoles?


I ended up buying a series s just for halo and will end up buying a PS5 next year hopefully.


Do it. We'll be glad to have you. Once you try game pass, you'll never go back.


Good luck finding a non scalped series x




I was also mostly a sony guy, but after they fucked up a lot of features and made them worse I just switched to xbox


You might wanna get a series s you know as a secondary console


Tempting, but I'll probably only ever be able to get just one console per console generation, so it'll just be the Series X or the PS5


Yeah i understand you man, well whatever you choose i hope you don't get disappointed


If you can afford it, a PS5 and a Series S isn't a horrible idea.


Welcome brother


I would say get a PC instead and then also get a Playstation, but that's A) Fucking impossible and B) Expensive


Play through xCloud my dude


Define crummy laptop. I want to know if it's worth trying to play MCC on my laptop. It's old and has an underpowered CPU which bottles a lot.


I'm not a PC hardware, but it says in my crummy laptop's System Information that my processor's an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx


I was a week away from having the money saved to buy a PS4 when those bastards at 343 put out this Halo 2 Anniversary trailer [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHnljglQ8Ag](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHnljglQ8Ag) A week later once I had finished openly weeping with joy at seeing my childhood reimagined, I walked out of Gamestop with a real winner... an Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity bundle with a copy of the MCC. Honestly? I haven't looked back since. I finally got to play Halo 3 and 4 (I never owned a 360 and had somehow avoided spoilers for all those years) and had a blast replaying 1 and 2 despite any bugs. So my point is, Xbox has had its problems, but it still has a lot to offer. The Series X is a great console and the future of Halo, and Xbox as a whole, looks bright. You won't be disappointed if you join the family.


If you already have a usable pc that you can play games on, even If it's not the newest stuff. You could save money by going for a series s. You'll be able to use both and it'll be a way to play everything you want to. Game pass is incredible and I highly recommend.


Do it bröther


Why not save up and get a better PC?


I had to contemplate over the same thing because of Game Pass and Infinite.


I love my ps5 to death but may get a series x if halo is good. Have a one x right now so just depends how iffy the experience is compared to the series x. I usually get both consoles anyway but not this early in the gen


And hey, you also get the entire backlog of original Xbox, 360, and Xbox One backwards compatibility! If that's not reason enough idk what is


Feel free to make the jump.


Get a PS5. It’s going to have better games. But do the gamepass deal where you can get him hundreds of great Xbox games and a series x for $35 a month. Then you’ll have both and be able to play the amazing Xbox games too. No need to have to choose


It's better to wait. Until it gets in the hands of actual players no amount of hype is worth buying a system for one game.


And because we have Bethesda and all its future games. And free online multiplayer for free games.


Just get a PC my dude , you'll be able to play all pc and Xbox games and In time some PlayStation games


We are also got Starfield, Psychonauts 2, all 7 of the other Halo games, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Motorsport 1-7 and Horizon 1-5, a bunch of new Bethesda stuff, all three Banjo Kazooie games, Gears of War, Halo Wars 1 and 2, and a ton more. People always say Xbox has no games, they are wrong.


Could always build a gaming pc. Xbox are releasing all their titles on both platforms, which is really cool. That said, series X is probably way cheaper.


If xcloud works as intended hopefully it'll let me milk more out of my xbox one, not financially set to get a good pc rig or one x


Buying an all access package with the console to have gamepass for 2 years is alone more valuable than the PS. Between having all the Halo games, and infinite on day 1, there are loads of great games to play, and then 20+ games that are dropping day 1 + exclusives in the next 1-3 years. Get what you prefer, but the xbox and pc are providing an experience that ps isn't going to be able to follow up.


Do it, full support! I actually dig PS but gamepass is a genuinely great deal, it's worth it for the MCC and EA play alone. Also Deep Rock Galactic, that's a severely underrated game


Think you're just more into the idea of buying shit


Nah I'd rather buy a proper gaming PC


Me, an intellectual: Why not both?


I don't understand the whole "switching over" thing that the internet is so obsessed with. You're allowed to own more than one thing lol. I still have every console I've owned since the 90s


Or you could always get Gamepass, a controller and play it on nearly any handheld device over xCloud - although, you would probably have to deal with input lag 🤔 still though, it's always an option.


Lol I love this


Gamepass + Cloud on PC if I have connection! Btw, welcome to the family if you switch!


Do so, it will be much more worth it


Maybe invest in a new computer. You can probably build a pc that can run infinite for around the price of a series x. There’s also the added benefit of gradual upgrades rather than one collective piece of hardware that you can’t really change. Don’t want to start an argument though I can’t stand console wars and pc elitism.


I already bought the PS5 so can’t buy the series x or s now lol. Here’s hoping my laptop can run it somewhat smoothly


Upgrade your laptop parts


I just want to play demons souls


Join the PC Master Race


Bro go PC yeah it may cost like double or triple a console but that will last you like 3 to 5 console generation easy.


Honestly it may be better for you to invest in a better gaming PC. Infinite will be playable on steam as well day one. Plus you can even use a PlayStation controller if you prefer!