Anyone got any good Triad Exercises?

Anyone got any good Triad Exercises?


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCWtjnVreU](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCWtjnVreU) ​ This video contains the concept you're wanting to practice :)


https://youtu.be/c5-rukDUHA8 Paul Davids recent vid


Im practicing triads for the last couple of months on and off. What I do is what I call ‘practice-play’. I would practice the triads in a particular key on the neck in first position, first inversion and second inversion horizontally as well as vertically. Then just make a song with it/jam with it. You can use a backing track for example and just experiment. Then you can practice it in different keys. An other good exercise is to find the major triads of a key within a scale pattern for example the major scale. What this does is that when you are playing the scale you know immediately where the triads/chords are within that pattern. Just start slowly with the triads within a certain scale pattern ‘box’ and then expand it on the whole fretboard. A third exercise would be to know which scale degrees a triad consists of depending on where you find a certain triad. So if you have a triad in the first inversion so 3,5,1, with the third on top, that you can also target the 1 and 5 effortlessly no matter where you are on the neck. This is really useful in a solo or if you just want to go for a certain sound within the key or chord. I hope this helps!


I will just keep on playing the same triad in every octave and then I will try other triads in all of the octaves


Just pick a normal song u play but choose the triads in the first position only to play then repeat the same song but using triads in the 2nd position until u get to the 12th frets covering all 12 patterns of close voiced triads.