Hahahahah I show up 5 mins before, take 5 putts on the putting green. Stretch for 25 seconds on the first tee and send it


Exactly what I do. No sense in wasting all the good ones on the range.


Throw in half an edible and a few beers and this is me...


Beer in the clubhouse to get loose


Only really applies to par 4s and second shots of par 5, but I ask what club gets me to a full swing distance of my most accurate approach club? If can’t reach, what’s second, then what’s third. If any option looks hazardous, then go down one step.


Try and show up early to hit wedges through 8i. Putt a bit. Maybe hit driver 3-4 times. Play. IRL, grip and rip cold.


New course for a causal round-read the website, most of them have “guides” for each hole. New course for tournament round-same as above + look up YouTube videos, I’ll order a straka book. Personally I find it kind of pointless to “pre select” what club your going to use if you haven’t played the course before. Perfect example, tournament last year I had never played the course and the 2nd hole (my 11th hole) is a tight par 4 380ish. In my head I was going to pull 2i or something, but I was in a spot where I needed to make up a shot so I pulled driver. If i was playing a casual round I would probably just rip drivers all day unless I’m on track for a PR.


How exactly does one walk the course before a round? Would a course let you do that? Maybe, if it is some sort of important tournament on a brand new course, and you didn't show up a day early and play a practice round, it is something you could do. Going on a golf trip with the fellas, or just playing a new course in the area, you just show up and play. Maybe check out the course website and get an idea of what to do, or look at Google maps for the lay of the land. Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth - Mike Tyson. Can plan all you want, but until you hit the shots, none of it matters.


I’ve had courses allow me to walk the cart path a day ahead just to check it out. Usually Muni’s though. They usually just ask me to be respectful of others. I have also asked after the last tee times.


Do whatever you think is best, but why? What is the need to scout a new course in person before playing it (outside of some big money tournament that you buy into)? I've played for 30+ years and have played a ton of 'new to me' courses and have never entertained the thought of getting a preview of it in person outside of looking it up online perhaps. Just has never felt that important. You just show up and play the course and try and work your way through it.


I map it in Google Earth with the path tool if I can’t play it


You write everything down or just look for spots that could get you into trouble?


Both actually.. I measure the yardage for each shot and determine the safe landing zones.. I use the path tool to map out every shot.. Print it out and write down my desired club and yardage along my path lines.. I only do this for tournaments that I take seriously or for when I get excited about playing nice courses on vacation, etc.


This is a really good approach for lowering your scores as well. Planning out each shot and leaving yourself a nice planned next shot is great course management. I use 18 birdies to do this real time ( if i am not familiar with the course or want to know the exact distance to a landing spot or how far the water is).


I had heard you could do this in 18 Birdies but never tried it.. I use Google Earth a lot for work and am just familiar with the tools.. Does 18B show the course in 3D with terrain or is it just overhead?


There you go. Just the overhead view but you can move the “cursor” to show you the distance to it to help you plan the shot. It also shows front, middle, and back of the green distances (both on the phone and my apple watch). But love how you can alter the shots depending on what you are trying to do and it will provide you updated distances. I have used it for a couple of years and really like it.


Yea.. That’s nice


Do we have time for a Pint?


I actually think I play better on a course I've never played before. I don't have preconceived ideas what I should do. I do what is offered to me. I play more by feeling than by set yardage. If it looks like a certain club gets where I'm looking to be, I pull it and hit it. Sucks when you know if you cut the corner here, or hit a certain distance there, you are in great position....then don't pull it off. Incurring penalties. I grew up playing with older players. Who routinely beat me. Because they managed the course by their ability.


Shotgunning a Red Bull and housing a breakfast burrito.


If it’s a new course google earth is a great tool. But I’ll use it just to maybe decide if it’s less than driver. If it’s for a tournament I’ll play it, hit a few clubs off the tee and decide what the best approach is


Practice on the putting green


If it’s a course I’ve never played, I’ll always look up YouTube videos if there are any. For random rounds: I’ll show up about half an hour early, hit a few balls, few putts, then go. For competitions: Between 1-1.5 hours early, morning ritual before the range (you have no idea how important this step is). Range balls for 30 min, putt for about 15, then sit in the cart or wherever to cool down for a bit. Then back to the green for about 5-10 more putts before heading to the tee.


A good app these days will give all the info you need for distances. Grint is good for this


Take some swings, grab a beer, start sipping. Ready to tee off


For tournament play on courses I've not been on.. will look at fly overs and Google map. Sometimes YouTube will have a how to for a course. Generally, I'll note bailout spots.. big exclamation on "death " spots.


Are you talking about a competitive round or just a normal round? Competitive I’ll play a practice round and take notes in a yardage book. Normal round, I just play and don’t over think


One time I used 18 birdies to try to pick apart my usual course, but then I showed up and hit driver 6 extra times than I had planned out. BUT, I’ve since listened to myself on at least a few of those holes. Pregame: hope there’s a few balls left over on the range to see what I showed up with. Try to hit ten shots. Putt for a few minutes and go. Few stretches in there too. Arms pulled across the chest. Knees to chest. Pull feet behind my butt.


If it's a new course might use arccos to check things out but an aerial 2D view isn't really enough to learn a course completely. End of the day just trying to have fun. IMO takes at least 10 rounds to fully learn a course to the point where you know where ever shot has to go.


Turn up 10 mins before my tee time, chug a beer in the car park whilst putting my shoes on. Then chug another on the first tee.


Eating a snickers and taking a shit