Protocol 3: Protect the pilot.


"Trust me"


"Calculation: I am 50% in love"


Nah nah, it's "Conclusion: I am 50% horny."


No no, it's "Conclusion: I am 50% in love and 100% horny"




"Toss me"


Don’t tell the elf


Not a word


Toss your pilot to your Witcher.


Oh, valley of plenty Oh valley of plenty, oh


On par with "are you satisfied with your care?"


Baymax and BT would make a great buddy movie.


I was never interested in the game but my son (who was 6 at the time) wanted me to buy it because he likes giant robots. I only played when he was watching because he didn't want to miss anything. Then at the end when I'm bawling my eyes out I gotta explain to him what's happening which just makes it worse. What a sleeper hit of a story.


I assume the robot dies?




XD guess ill have to play to find out.


It's a solid game and the story isn't super long, you can probably finish it with like two separate sit downs of like 2-3 hours.


Yes but you were both going to go down together and he ejects you after he loads protocol 3 which is protect the pilot. He was so damaged that he was having trouble loading any of them but you can just watch at the bottom of the screen him slowly load his protocols and when it gets to three he ejects you just before he blows up.


Dude the feels....


That's the type of feeling I hope to invoke in players with my game :)


And what game would that be?


Titanfall 3


Username doesn't check out


Jesus this comment is on every post


>!"I will not lose another pilot"!<


Protocol <3


Oh shit how have I never seen this, gonna go cry now


Itll flash up sometimes when you eject in multiplayer, theres a couple different ones but thats sort of an easter egg.


Damn I haven’t thought about those in forever (since the MP is broken which just kills me), there were some great ones in there


Just give me frontier defense on Rise with my scorch and I'm happy


BT NOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I don't need this right now.


BT was to protect the pilot, but he couldn't protect our hearts :(


> Protocol 3: Protect the pilot you're not crying, I am


It kills me whenever that is written on my titan’s control console when I eject.


Legendary campaign, like a disney movie about a boy and his heavily armed robot.


That's just The Iron Giant though


The Iron Giant 2: This Time the Kid has a Gun


11/10, would wallrun again, just need the "post credits" ending from the original movie. :)...


Just use the post credits scene from the actual game >!your helmet starts blinking Morse code and spells out "Jack?" Which implies that BT might still be alive. The upgrade to the bolt tapping against the window!<


This makes me so happy.


Yeah but we probably will never get a sequel :(


Eh. Apex is making money hand over fist, and EA has recently had good experience with single-player games (Star Wars: Fallen Order), so it's not \_completely\_ impossible. I'd not hold my breath tho...


Maybe 10 years from now when the nostalgia is super ripe for the picking.


Respawns narrative director just tweeted (and then deleted) about being working on a brand new single player fps set in the Titanfall/apex universe!!!!


there's rumors of EA doing a standalone single player game in the apex universe, which is the titan fall universe. don't give up hope!


I think the kid had a gun in the original iron giant


He did, he even wrote “HOG HUG” on it


Fr tho, what sadistic parent CHOOSES the name Hogarth? You're just serving your child up on a silver platter


True, ngl almost teared up at the end, Goodbye BT-7274 o7


Recently finished too. Short and sweet, like a good action movie!


And Matthew Mercer does the voice of the main character, Jack Cooper.


JB Blanc as Blisk too, absolutely outstanding voice acting all round!


“How do you want to do this?”


TBH that took me out of the game at times because Jack's voice wasn't terribly different from the way Matt already talks.


Liam O'Brian voices Barker as well


How did you hold the tears back? I bawled my eyes out


You bawled your eyes out? I took a shower in my tears!


Me screaming in my head at the end "No bt, don't do me like this, please..."


Yeah I had to go masturbate to stop from crying anymore.


wait, you STOP crying when you're beating one out?


That's my secret cap. I'm always beating.


The time level is still one of the best maps I’ve ever played in any game. Just so nice.


Were you beating as you time jumped?


>!BT isn't actually gone! There's a post-credits sequence where it's shown that he's still present within Cooper's helmet, and can be brought back.!<


wait until the end and there is some sweet cliff hanger


Are you a robot? How did you not cry at the end?


I don't have object permanence. I just looked at something else and forgot about it.


Do you need to play the first one or is it standalone story?




Iirc the first one doesn't even have an actual story campaign.


At least no single-player story campaign. The first one has a campaign that consists of exposition between and inside the regular multiplayer maps. It was ok, it's a story about the Frontier Militia trying to wrestle control over the Frontier from the IMC, ending in an attack on Demeter, a crucial refueling station without which the IMC was unable to resupply their units on the Frontier for a couple years. A "rebels against evil corp" story, that you somehow had to keep up with in high pressure situations if you wanted to understand it. Not that well received, so Titanfall 2 went with a traditional single player campaign instead and nailed it.


Yeah there's some exposition via radio transmissions, but no actual "story campaign" IIRC.


It kinda sorta does. The "campaign" in the first one is a series of normal multiplayer maps arranged into a certain order with voiceover describing a story.


Tale as old as time


The game goes on sale every other weekend for 5 bucks but yea it’s a great game.


I got it for like £1:79 on Amazon a year ago


I got it for 5 bucks 5 years ago lol This games price fell of a cliff after launch


Terrible timed release unfortunately.


Conspiracy was EA, who was Respawns publisher at the time, did it on purpose in between COD and BF releases (much more popular franchises, literally back to back to back weekends, with TF2 in the middle), to tank Respawn's value. EA bought respawn less than a year after that, so it has a lot of plausibility.


Damn, that's fucked up if true. Imagine this happening to your company.. Does sound like something EA would do though.


The story is even darker than that. They intentionally allowed the multiplayer servers to be hacked and never fixed them, thus causing online play to become unplayable with hack bots to finish off the franchise and not dedicate server space for MP. Theres a couple YTbersthat have done videos on both that and the "ethical" (laughs in EA) ideology about how once you buy a game (digitally) how long the company has to maintain it as playable. TF2 is literally the meme of the game being led to pit to be shot in the back of the head and fall in with other dead titles. Also, as an aside and as an Apex player, I will confidently state that I will never purchase another Respawn title again, and EA can ligma balls. Remember to login daily and upvote every day for a month for a new lootbox of a reskin!


Yeah, watched a video about this game and then i saw it for 4,79€ and just had to buy it


I paid full price when it came out and wasn't mad about it. Totally worth it.


Agreed, got so much out of this game


Yeah serious, OP where did you find the game for $20 I got it a few weeks ago on Series X for under $5.


Worse it's already on game pass.


Thank you for pointing it out. I saw $19.99 in the title and I was like "Op got got"!


I got it for $5 a year ago, guess I need to actually play it, lol


I got it for $8 like 5 years ago lol


Legitimately one of the best sci-fi stories in gaming. The mission where you >!jump back and forth in time!< is an absolute masterpiece


Do you need to play the first one to understand the story?


Not at all, the first one didn't have a campaign or story it was just a fps multi-player battle.


Awesome! Looks like my weekend plans are taken care of!


> weekend Try to get to 1st place on the leaderboard of the Gauntlet. ;)


I tried that for a couple hours before I even started the campaign. After the campaign was done I said to myself, I said “Strings, that was awesome. Start it again!” at which point I restarted the campaign by running the gauntlet for another couple hours. I should really drop back in there.




I loved how TF1 you really felt like you were part of it, in the lead up, deploying, and escaping/destroying the dropship. TF2 just didn't feel the same, idk. It was very cinematic and well done. Just needed some more content. TF2 multi was a little too diverse I guess, idk. I feel like this series would've really benefitted from a siege mode where one team pushes to an objective and the other defends. And you could spend points to roll out units and defenses.


Part of it was TF1's commitment to first person. It was first person to get into the titan, first person to get yanked out of the titan and thrown against the wall, first person to get your neck twisted. The whole smashing the eject button and nothing happening while your titan's arms were being ripped out was one of the coolest things ever. TF2 sold skins and animations, so they made those animations third person so you would actually see the animation your enemy bought. I only wish they'd have sold me the option to stay first person through all of that.


That makes a lot more sense actually, I didnt think about that. Man, I wish I could experience TF1 again for the first time.


There was one part of the story/event where one of the characters would really start ranting for the entire time the aftermatch score board was up that would make me laugh sometimes since I had no idea what he was screaming about while I was waiting for the next match to start or whatever. He was really upset about something though and it just seemed like it would randomly play sometimes.


Thank you




Holy shit those were both legitimately so badass, thanks for sharing




Ill go out on a limb and say Titanfall 2 was an incredible sequel.


Scorching hot take, mate. (But yeah it's that good)


Did somebody say "scorch?" I'll get my thermite.


You better watch your Tone there, Ion know what I'll do if you don't.


These puns are so bad you'll be gRonin


Oh please, we’ve got Legions of em


As the Monarch of this fair country I decree that these puns are outlawed


Couldn't say it better. Such a terrific experience. It had a Portal vibe, but in the best possible way and without being overdone. Also, it made you feel like a ninja.


Have you played Dishonored 2?




Effect and Cause will be on the top of my 'Best Levels Ever' list for a long time


Absolutely. It was so cleverly done. I’ve replayed the game JUST to replay that level.


It's been years since I last played that level!! ... I think I've forgotten enough now that I can play it again. 😄


Seeing the skeletons of enemies you just killed was pretty cool if I remember correctly


Also the house factory / battle simulation arena mission.


Portal 2 vibes


That level was so weird to me because that device is not very prevalent in tf/apex lore and the mechanic is used nowhere else in the game, yet it’s one of the best levels in a game I’ve ever played.


don't overuse a masterclass ingredient. execute it well and let it stand on its own sometimes


Man, that level was beautiful. I wish that entire mission was longer just so I had more opportunities to mess around with those mechanics.


That was a serious rush too. Super fun


That mission is so sick. You spent so much of the game learning how to flow well with the wall running mechanics and then that level comes and adds a whole new dimension.


have you played dishonored 2? there’s a level with a very similar concept but i found it even more engaging




It is. That game series is a masterclass in level design. I'm a biased fan but as someone who gamed for 20+ years, it is THE greatest for me.


Agreed. I was already loving the game but that is the level that made me really sad to know this campaign is only a few hours long and I will probably never experience anything like it ever again at the current trajectory of the gaming market.


By far, that mission alone pushed this game into my top 20 for sure


Just picked this game up in the sony summer sale and I shouldn't be clicking on spoilers but I'm going through the mission you mentioned for the first time and it's just.... honestly I feel like I got a taste of what Portal 3 might play like in this mission and I love it.


I replay that time travel level every so often because it's such an amazing level


If you like games themed around time travel, one of my all time favorite shooters is Singularity from 2010. An awesome FPS.


“The game’s good?” B.T. Voice: “Trust me.”


one of the best campaigns ive ever played, I recommend it purely for that.


The multiplayer is very fun imo but yeah, the campaign is where the magic is. People comment on it a lot online but there's a reason for that, it's definitely that good.


It's one of my favourite game because of how great the story and multiplayer is. Even if I was getting absolutely thrashed in multiplayer I still found it extremely fun


The multiplayer is great, but there are only the hardest of the hardcore left playing. If you buy the game now and join a random attrition match you get sniped without even knowing where it came from (most likely someone with a kraber flying through the sky).


The quality of the campaign shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. Respawn was formed by the two guys that founded Infinity Ward and presided over all of the best Call of Duty games before leaving.


Is it worth if you never played the first one?


Totally. Might be a couple of characters from the first, but since that was only online multiplayer titanfall2 is the first proper story


I had heard that this campaign was damn good, but I avoided it. Awful mistake. I had never been so engrossed in a singleplayer FPS before. The characters were wonderful and the gameplay and combat were just about perfect. Not a single scenario, environment, or mechanic lasted too long. You were introduced to something new and you'd get a section to practice. Then a section to try it out in some actual combat. Bit more complex than the last, but it doesn't move too fast. You're probably experimenting with the new thing/place. Then you get your final test. The game throws everything at you, and you've gotta use the enviroment's unique terrain or some special mechanic/weapon to their full potential. Then you move on to the next thing the game has to offer. Repeat the process. It's fucking awesome! No unnecessary padding at all! There were some sections I had to redo a few times, but it was only because I was incompetent with the tools I was using. Or getting impatient.


Some of the fights in Effect and Cause were really hard for me, but I just didn't care because it was so fucking cool.


I think Effect and Cause was the only section I did near flawlessly. Keeping track of enemies' positions in alternate timelines was the most fun I've had. I wouldn't mind a whole game based on this mechanic


You should play Lemnis Gate. A turn based tactical shooter which all happens within the space of a single time loop. Not exactly what you mentioned but very similar.


Look up "Time Splitters" from the early 2000s. It was one of the main reasons I bought an Xbox at the time.


> I had heard that this campaign was damn good, but I avoided it. Alot of that happens with games that are primarily focused on the multiplayer!! I personally never finished most of the calls of duty that I owned. The one i truly loved the campaign for, and the one that ghost pretty much universal disdain, was Infinite Warfare, because it was like Space: Above and Beyond.


I had got mine for free around 2018 bc of ps plus, and thought it was some rip off of cod. Was I wrong, their lore is fucking amazing!


The developers are the original Modern warfare 1 and 2 team that left Infinity Ward to create Respawn entertainment.


I love that the devs that made the best COD games left infinity ward and made the best futuristic fps game


And then some of them went back for MW2019 lol


I find it quite funny (and unfortunate) that almost none of the devs who worked on Titanfall 2 still work at Respawn, most of them went back to CoD or helped form Deviation Games


It's amazing. I thought about it long after I had finished the campaign. It's like the Iron Giant just way more violent.


19? You mean 5?


Probably a bot doing an old repost. “I played popular game. It was good” is good for karma farming


"I played a video game, upvotes to the left"


I think I bought it for like 1.99 and I feel like I robbed somebody. Such a good game. Titanfall 3 would def be a day 1 purchase for me.


Everyone talks about the single player, which is amazing, but I absolutely adored the multiplayer of both the og and the sequel.


For ppl who wanna try it’s for sale for 5$ on ps store


I went to buy it and it turns out I claimed it wen it was free ps plus. It's downloading now lol


Titanfall 2 will forever be my favorite game, not only because of the goated community who sticks through the ddos attacks, hacks, and other crap people tried doing to ruin the game, not only is the multiplayer super fun and fast paced, not only because it has the hands down best campaign i have ever played, its because of the impact it had on the "few" people that managed to find this gem.


Do I need to play the original, or can I just jump right into 2 and know what's going on?


You can safely jump in. The first game does kind of have a backstory, but no campaign in the traditional sense.


jump right on in. it will be 100% worth your time, money, and the space in your heart for a new fav. game.


I greatly resent Apex for killing off the Titanfall universe, I was really looking forward to future games fleshing out this excellent storyline and universe. But instead, they can print money releasing new skins for a story-less battle royale game so why would they make Titanfall 3.


Let’s be honest titan fall 3 would never happen just because of how bad it sold on launch. But it is there fault for putting It in the middle of 2 big game releases


I played Apex at launch after watching the surprise announcement live. It's great; but it's nowhere near as exhilarating as Titanfall 2 was for me. It was so fast, well-balanced, and required intelligence. I loved playing against good people and going back and forth tea-bagging after increasingly impressive kills.


Its one of my favourite campaigns. My other half is quite happy to sit and watch me play this when she hears the initial dialogue.


The only game I haven't uninstalled yet. I come back from time to time


It's one of the only games where I got every achievement.


Its on gamepass to


"Protocol 3- Protect The Pilot"


needs a sequel thats not a crappy f2p


But apex was never a sequel, it's a stand alone game in a different genre in the same universe




I love BT. :(


I miss this game


Good to see the "Titanfall 2 is an underrated gem" comet has come around to r/gaming again


does anyone still play multiplayer? it looks seriously incredible and i missed out during its time. I do own the game picked it up bc a friend was telling me multi was amazing but stuff got in the way at the time


Check out the northstar client. Its basically a modded setup so people can run community servers in Titanfall 2, relatively active community on there still.


It's rare to find a game without bots in it :(


I got Titanfall 2 for Xbox One from the local dollar store for $2


It is always on sale for $3 but thank you for your contribution to the cause.


Game is amazing. So annoying that hackers with no lives ruined the online though. I know it’s partially on Respawn for not putting in resources to fix or support it, but seriously why do these people have such hate boners that they ruin it to this day?


Such a good campaign!


A friend of mine told me to get the game and I put it off for a while (not cause I didn’t like it, cause I didn’t have the courage to ask my mom for 20 bucks on a game lol) so I waited for it to go on sale, bought it, and it is now in my top 5 favorite games of all time. He and I used to spend hours on Frontier Defense, and we even did a race for who could beat the campaign faster. Best night of my life. Thank you Titanfall 2.


Never forget that Respawn completely abandoned Titanfall which is now essentially unplayable online after repeatedly claiming they weren’t going to abandon Titanfall


PSSST if you’re on PC, use the Northstar client!


If you don't know, there is a player-made multiplayer launcher with additional gamemodes. Its called the Northstar Launcher


Here comes the weekly totally-not-an-ad-for-Titanfall post, that reminds everyone how great this game is and how cheap it is.


There is a weekly post about this game on the dot. It feels like astroturfing by EA marketing


The $19.99 price tag in the title really seals the deal here


"Guys this totally underrated game has no new players to absolutely seal club in multiplayer. No seriously, the multiplayer is AAAAMAZING after you play it for a few hundred hours and stop dying to people who have been playing for years!"


This game is regularly $2 or less