Mutant alligators, snakes, and mosquitos would be cool and terrifying. Edit: All right you fucks, it has been made very clear that all 3 have already shown up in Fallout games before.


And FloridaMan


The guy from Walmart?


No, no. Walmart *is* FloridaMan.


What’s going on here


r/FloridaMan EDIT: How is this my top ever comment?


How did this come about


Centuries of botched evolution.


My people


Well PEOPLE is a bit of a stretch..


The Florida man will rise again


Username checks out




In Florida police records are public. So when someone is arrested the press are able to access details of the incident. That's why so many crazy stories come out of Florida. Not because there are crazier people there, but because other states don't release as much info.


I'm from Florida. I shit you not my friends check our counties police records once a month and laugh at all of our former classmates from high school that get arrested for the fucking wildest things.


There’s a magazine they used to (maybe still do) sell in gas stations that was called something like “look who’s in jail” or some such. It was just pages of recent mugshots and charges. We used to cover the charges and try to guess what the person was in for by looking at their picture. Mostly meth and domestic violence if you were wondering


Get your logic out of here, it's the seawater, sand and meth


Come down here and say that, bud. Not that any of us would disagree...


> seawater, sand and meth I think I just found my new band name.


This guy Floridas


Ah sunshine law. Makes everyone think Florida is crazier than everyone else. Meanwhile Oregon is a treasure trove of fuckin mental people and I can guarantee they are way crazier and would dominate the news if they had the same laws. Source: Former county cop in Oregon.


Lived in Portland for 9 months. Can agree.


The "Florida Sunshine Law" which allows more access to public records than many other states. More details of crimes and arrests are public record under these laws so the bizarre stories are more likely to be reported. It's also part of the reason the Casey Anthony case became as big as it did.


It’s an Internet meme. Basically all the weird news stories come out of Florida it seems (police records are open and public there) and they all have the headline “Florida Man does X”. So it’s a thing to act like Florida Man is this really inept and moronic superhero.


Florida Walmarts must be the most terrifying places in the world.


Take your local Walmart on a busy Saturday night. Now multiply the total number of persons there by 10. Now take away any type of driver courtesy and driving laws, add about 10-20 junkies working the parking lot for money for "something to eat", and you have a Florida Walmart... Every damn day of the week.


So Walmart then.


More worried about the Alligator Man to be honest.




Man leave my uncle Willy outta this.


Florida man is a quest character who you meet in an abandoned Walmart or something.


Very similar to the hillbillys in Point Lookout.


Meth Glowing Floridaman


ATLANTA oh my god hahaha. Love that show.


So FloridaMan has been a thing for a while but holy shit did they use it well in the season premiere


Katt Williams should get an Emmy for that performance.. sooo good.


Mother/daughters ghouls who tell everyone people often assume they're sisters....




We don't really know how the rest of the world is doing in the Fallout Universe, do we?


Maybe it's only the US, China and Russia who were hit and the rest of the world is just chilling watching a society based on S&M fashion, 50s nostalgia and bottlecaps flourish.


The character Alistair Tenpenny from Fallout 3 is supposedly a British man who crossed the Atlantic after the bombs dropped. His presence suggests Britain still exists in some form. If they had the infrastructure necessary to construct a boat capable of crossing the irradiated Atlantic suggests that they may even be doing better off than the United States.


According to the wiki the same guy who said he came from England said that Europe was probably pretty screwed up even compared to the Capital Wasteland.


I don't think that logic really makes sense. He said that Alistair made his way to America to 'seek his fortune', which doesn't necessarily imply that the UK is worse off. Colonists came from the UK to the New World to seek their fortune and they were better off in the UK. It required significant resources to fund such a trip, and he wouldn't know if the US was better off until after he arrives (he may not have brought enough resources for a return trip). If Alistair really is from the UK, I think it's more likely that the UK is better off, rather than worse off.


Europe had already collapsed before the bombs fell.


Ruddy Brexit.


There are multiple major errors in the continuity of fallout 3: the kids in little lamplight claim to have entered the cave prior to the bombs dropping, dukov and his partners supposedly served in the military conflicts with China... I wouldn’t be surprised if Tenpenny was another, maybe intended to have come from Europe before the bombs. There was obviously a major shift or screwup partway through development but I’ve never read any confirmation or admission.


I believe Bethesda had originally planned for fallout three to be set 30yrs after the bombs fell. Rather than a couple hundred or whatever. So I guess some stuff didn't get changed from that original vision.




I think there was a cancelled Fallout game set in China at some point. It'd also be neat to explore the ruins of London or Berlin, but I'm not sure you could go to a different country - especially China - without heavily compromising the ironic 50's retro ultra-American style of Fallout. And without that, would it still feel like a Fallout game?


What if it was set in Russia, with survivors fortifying the subway tunnels and fending off mutants, using pre-war military grade ammunition as currency, with the surface so irradiated you need a gas mask... Oh wait, that's the Metro series...


Fallout's theme has always been 50's Americana in the future. Maybe a spin-off franchise could do it but I think Fallout should stay in the US (for the most part). There are a still a lot of different locations they could set it in still, like Seattle, San Francisco (before the NCR), Louisiana, Orlando, Houston, Chicago would all offer unique flavors for an environment while maintaining the 'world of tomorrow' theme.


I've been saying for years Colorado would be incredible and I'd be willing to make an argument for CO if anybody is interested.


Bloodwings are mutant mosquitos. Plus we had gatorclaws in Nuka World


So nothing changes.


So Fallout: Tallahassee is just a Florida simulation game?


Nuka-world is their fictional Disneyland. No way are they getting the rights to the mouse.


Unless Disney adds Bethesda to their growing list of companies.


Then we'll get 12 fallout games a year


They bought Star wars and have done zip for new games.


Because they gave an exclusive license to EA. Maybe if they bought Bethesda, they'd get something done? I know Bethesda take their sweet time, but can't be any worse than what we have now.


We’ve had 2 Star Wars PC games since Disney acquired Lucasarts/Lucasfilm in 2012. Bethesda would have to only make 1 game in 6 years to be worse than EA/Disney.


And those two games are/were shit. Because EA forgot how to make their customers happy and only care about their investors.


A third: r/SWGalaxyOfHeroes It’s a massive p2w game that takes in tens of millions for them annanually (2017 like 150 million USD gross revenue)




Every single EA title on mobile is trash. They're often polished trash with a built in credit card slot.


My friend plays Galaxy of heroes religiously. He admits he's a whale, and says there's no viable way to play that game without some kind of money investment. Another friend got me to download Brave Exvius again. I'm thoroughly loving notbhaving to spend a penny and enjoying so much content on a mobile game.


Did they forget? Or do they just not give a shit how we feel as long as we give them money?


Is it so bad that they take so long? I am still playing Skyrim and have only played heough FO4 once so far their games have a replay value to last that time none of the StarWars ones that have come out did.


If EA made Fallout, there would be 10x the Power Armor to collect, and every power cell after the first would be locked behind loot boxes.


Jokes on them. I almost never use Power Armor...


Once they nerf everything else you will.




Please no!


BREAKING NEWS: After years of debate, video games finally cause violence as Disney HQ is reduced to smoldering rubble. Witnesses report men in blue spandex as well as wizards fleeing the scene.


Well thats not true. They did worse, they cancelled new games.


can you imagine an EA Fallout game? I shudder to think.....


Actually, Disney is keeping both eyes wide open in the search for someone who can handle the Star Wars license in a way that EA is not philosophically capable of attempting. If Bethesda were that company, and it formed an alliance rather than becoming a subsidiary, we could see not only Fallout 5: The Magic Kingdom but also perhaps excellent Bethesda "open world" RPGs set long long ago in a galaxy far far away.




Exactly. There's no way in hell we'd ever see a Fallout style Disney anything. Their brand priorities have changed a little in the last ten years but a ruined Magic kingdom with big decelict mouse heads and rogue Goofy animatronics is practically heresy.




I feel like people underestimate the influence from Hershey Park, but I get your point.


I'm with you. It's Hershey Park.


Well, I mean Ray Bradburton's cryogenically frozen head is probably a bit Walt Disney.


I was pretty disappointed in NukaWorld tbh.


All that environment and so little interaction/utilization. Could have been better. EDIT: Far Harbor was better IMHO


Agreed, especially once it becomes "hey let's leave the area entirely and do more settlement shit!!!"


And if you're a good character who kills raiders? lol no quests for you! Why couldn't have been like the pit, with a more fleshed out slave faction who wanted to resist? These guys don't even take their bomb collars of after I free them...










It was a cheap ass way to include "more content."


I was mostly disappointed with the options for how we dealt with the raiders. It would have been nice to have options to turn the place around.


Exactly. Make a bustling City like diamond City but you run it in some capacity. That would have been sweet


but would you really want to fight glowing Floridaman ghouls?


Ghouls would pretty much be the easy-mode variation of Floridaman


Wait till they add the bath salts mod.


Beat that flamingo to death


So just regular Floridaman?


Reminds me of the awesome concept art for the original *Epic Mickey* that got scrapped for a more safe game. http://i.imgur.com/eVMeTbG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PlzSTgE.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6o5QT36.jpg http://i.imgur.com/Q1UKUB7.jpg


Damn. That would have been amazing


Epic, some may say.


Dude I played Epic Mickey and absolutely loved it but this woulda been very cool.


Holy crap those are amazing


I remember hoping to see stuff like that before I bought the game. I think the closest thing now to that art is the clock tower boss with a horror-ish version of "It's a Small World".


So... Just it's a small world then?


In the 7th grade i got a book full of concept art from the 2nd game and it looked great, had a real soulsbourne feel to it, too bad it was scrapped.


Reminds me of the creepypasta "Abandoned by Disney"


That shit is nightmare inducing.


Disney Souls


BioSouls: Prepare to Disney


Disney: Madness Returns


Kingdom Souls. FromSoftware meets Disney.


[At least they finished the Clocktower before Disney intervened...](https://youtu.be/twJf2IUNjc4)


I still love that game, but those would have brought it to a whole new level of creepy.


A world where Disney buys everything from supermarkets to countries. Driving the world into an age of AI Robot entertainment. The Earth now dry of resources and life, leaves deteriorating machines across the land. A single AI Mickey turns online confused of its surroundings and wanders with its dismembered body. Its left with a single name... Minnie... There we go Disney RPG Game, time to pitch this and make some fat stacks!


I am kinda hoping for a Fallout: Detroit. I mean, you got the Detroit tank arsenal, the fact that Detroit was a huge manufacturing powerhouse in the 1940s/1950s era, the Ford Museum with Greenfield Village, Selfridge Air Force Base, the Coney Island restaurants, the car culture, the Big 3, etc. I would imagine in the Fallout Universe, Detroit would be a huge manufacturing powerhouse for the war effort. So just imagine fighting in a massive aircraft factory similar to [Willow Run](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/B-24_bomber_at_Willow_Run.jpg) during WW2, with the production line frozen in time. Perhaps you could also cross over into Windsor, Canada, where the Canucks are doing their own thing. Plus if the engine could handle it you could include weather effects like tornadoes. Because we get those here. Imagine the BoS and some Enclave remnants fighting in Warren over the [Detroit Tank Arsenal](https://ww2db.com/image.php?image_id=21187) for some prototype supertank, or Canadian slavers from Windsor being held off at the Ambassador bridge and in the Tunnel, if it was built in the Fallout Universe. Perhaps it's being held by a Fallout analog to the Michigan Militia. Maybe there can even be Giant Beavers, or mutated wolverines. Also, if it happens, there needs to be some Fallout version of Vernors Ginger Ale and Faygo. A Vernors cap should be worth double. Edit 1: Perhaps the "supertank" something like the P.1000 Ratte. Edit 2: holy shit my first reddit gold Edit 3: The "but wouldn't it just be Detroit?" comments are getting old fast.


After recently playing through fallout 3 there are at least references to a rogue section of the brotherhood of steel in Chicago so that could be a pretty cool game too


We already got that game its called Fallout Tactics


The Atom Cats baby


I think ED-E mentions Chicago or the Midwest, as well, in FNV.


Metro Detroit is such a HUGE area, too. It would be perfect!


Mackinac island for a dlc too. Could have a lot of fun there


Detroit and New Orleans are the two cities I want the most.


It is interesting how many people want New Orleans compared to the population of New Orleans (and there are many more populous cities). New Orleans is definitely the most different American city of the major cities.


It's like the montreal of the south.


New Orleans is a small city (by the standards of larger american cities) but it is very iconic and one of a kind, and a lot of people have been there as tourists. Also, in spite of it's smaller population, it FEELS big, unlike a lot of equally sized or smaller cities that somehow feel smaller.


They would have to add a driving mechanic. Which I'd be totally for, but iirc that means they'd have to finally build a new engine to run it on (which I'm also totally for.)


I think they are building a new engine for TES6, which should come out before FO5.




I would think so. I've only heard rumors afaik but it makes sense because one of their directors had said TES6 couldn't work on current tech and I would think he wasn't talking about PCs when he said that. Plus the old engine is just so old and they need to be able to evolve from here.


It's official as far as I know: they said FO4 would be the last game made with their current engine.




We all draw comparisons with Mad Max. I'd love it though.


Like we don't already


Close to Canada too, could introduce a Canadian faction


Doesn't Canada get annexed in the Fallout lore?


Literally the opening cinematic for Fallout 1 shows footage of "peace keeping efforts in newly annexed Canada." Don't think that matters too much when there isn't really even a United States during the time of Fallout's games.


No idea, but could be Canadian Revolutionaries if true




> Perhaps you could also cross over into Windsor, Canada, where the Canucks are doing their own thing. You'd cross the border and find that despite chaos, raiders, fallout and the general nuclear apocalypse everywhere else in the world the Canadians are just going about everything as per the usual.


Why play it when you can live it. Visit Florida today! *not affiliated with The Florida Tourism Society.


If you go down to Florida now, you can pretend all the retired people are ghouls.


Whats this from?


From digital artist Filip Hodas, on instagram @hoodass he does great stuff


Not sure if this is his, but Simon Stålenhag does a lot of similar stuff.


There was actually a scrapped title that would take place in Florida. Two words- Alligator Deathclaws


You mean Gatorclaws, from Nuka World?


This keeps coming up like people didnt even play Nukaworld.


That's because not a lot of people did. People for some reason hated 4 base game and didn't play further. I have plenty of friends who only played 3 and NV and played 4 for like 4 hours.


I can't speak for everyone who didn't love Fallout 4 (especially because there were a lot of different reasons people didn't like it), but I like base builders, and I was pretty sorely disappointed by the base building elements of the game. I had tried some PC mods that added more stuff to the base building, but I got the game right when it came out, so there wasn't much at the time. I intend to revisit it sometime in the near future though. Other than that, a lot of the new changes to the game felt more like an excuse to appeal to the casual gamer audience than to make the game better. Voice acting for the main character and simplified speech options specifically felt like it kind of removed what made creating your own character special, because I felt like I wasn't playing *my* character's story, I felt like I was playing Nate or Nora's story. It's kind of like how I used to play Mass Effect-- I'd just play with default Shepard because it felt like character creation was a side thing, not an important part of immersing yourself in the Mass Effect universe. The difference being that Mass Effect always felt like that, while Fallout NEVER felt like that until Fallout 4. Again, though, just how I kind of felt about it. I might feel differently once I get the chance to revisit it.


For one, those already exist in Fallout 4. For two, they're really lame. Instead of a new enemy, they're just reskinned deathclaws.


Nuka-World adds those


I want Fallout Detroit/Ronto, during the winter--all these games have taken place in the south and/or the middle of summer to emphasize the wasteland desert aesthetic. It's time to bring frigid temperatures into the equation.


Fallout 4 could have done cold, it does snow in Boston after all.


Once mods came out on consoles too, I put in winter weather mods and snow on the ground everywhere. It looks and feels incredible.


your comment made my xbox shoot itself


I always thought about that when I constructed houses for my settlers with chicken wire covered windows and holes in the walls. Build for the future


Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


Fallout: Nuclear Winter


I was under the assumption that the atmosphere was fucked globally, so seasons didn't really exist anymore in Fallout.


Fallout Detroit takes place in 2018 and there is no nuclear fallout just a shit city to survive carjackings in


Their government seems to think you can just take a Perk so you won't be horribly poisoned by drinking the water.


Give Alas, Babylon a read if you want some post-apocalyptic Florida without waiting for a video game.


Brotherhood of Steel would set up at Cape Canaveral and need you to help them restore a rocket to working order.


I'd probably call this mission "Come Fly With Me" or something. Oh wait.


We would find that there is an escape route to a colony on Mars.


There's a pre-War Mars program described at a tech company in Fallout 4, you use the engines to kill a bunch of synths, and it's implied (outright stated in the non-canon games) that the Enclave intended to use the results of the Vault experiments to prepare for an exodus from Earth post-apocalypse. Totally plausible you could find some group of Enclave personnel in Florida as the bombs fell actually did it despite the plans not being totally ready for implementation.


This would be great! or Louisiana or The British Isles edit: or in Japan with old Japanese iconography and anime merchandise spewed across the wasteland


Man, Fallout New Orleans would be crazy


The radio stations would be amazing.


I know I'm bias, since I'm from New Orleans, but I spend every other day thinking up ideas of what it would be like.




NORCOPOLIS is the first DLC (yes, I've thought of this)


Have you played the Point Lookout DLC? It's Louisiana swamp gas all the way up, baby.


i respect the Britain option Big Ben with a mad scientist up top shooting lighting and trying to do a frankenstein cockney raiders everywhere the royal family (including corgis) but they’re ghouls and possibly even a whole different pre-war culture, maybe dieselpunk insteada raypunk or whatever fallout got (i know not this one at all but hey, ideas)


Fall Out: New Orleans I would kill for.


Fallout Miami is a thing in development https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMiami/


Came here to say this! The screenshots look great so far. It’s one of many Fallout 4 DLC-sized mods that I’m waiting patiently for.




Especially the random old guy who asked you to kill another random old guy for 20 bottle caps. Used to happen to me all the time in NSB.


[Speach check] How about 30 caps?


wandering through Florida being attacked by wild animals and the people are insane and trying to kill you. go up to a local and say "man this place was really messed up by the war" to which they respond "what do you mean? Florida wasn't touched by the bombs we've been the same as we were over 200 years ago"


[Here’s the artist’s insta.](https://www.instagram.com/hoodass)


I haven’t played much Fallout but, I can totally see this as a great location for the next game.


Mutant Gators, Spiders & Flamingos are to good to pass up.


Don't forget mosquitos the size of flamingos


Those actually already exist in fallout 4.


I know. I was talking about the mosquitos before they were mutated.


So, at this point, we're taking behemoth blood bugs


The Everglades would make for a doubly terrifying radioactive zone


I actually made a post with how I would view a Fallout based in Florida a couple of years ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fallout/comments/3cyapn/fallout_florida_the_deadliest_place_on_earth/ Honestly would love to see a Fallout based there.


Sounds a bit Goofy to me.


Fallout 5 but it’s real life and vaults are being created as we speak .


This is Hoodass. Awesome designer and illustrator. Here is a link to his profile. https://www.instagram.com/hoodass/


San Francisco would be pretty cool imo. Alcatraz island AT&T Park The city and the suburbs on the hills Basically watch dogs 2 map but you know... post nuclear war


Wasn’t that where Fallout 2 was?


That would mean Bethesda's developers would be forced out on a study trip to Florida, which would be too evil even for us