Good experience with Andes sectional. 4 years now. Actually looking to sell it since it doesn’t fit in my new place. What are you looking for?


Also having a good experience with Andy sectional 2 years in with a 1-year-old and a 7 year old. Performance fabric has saved our bacon a few times. Great lounging family sofa and not insanely expensive.


My west elm sofa (harmony) did not last as long or hold up as my interior define sofa. West elm looks very nice but quality, in my experience, is not worth the price.


be prepared to wait a VERYYYYY long time to receive your items.


I had to do the same with Z Gallerie. I’d ordered a freakishly expensive chair in late May…originally an August delivery. Then September- I called and was told if delivery date kept slipping I could cancel. Then November. Then December. In October, when I got the November estimate (no specific day) I called about canceling. They said it was in Minneapolis and they couldn’t find a truck to make the four hour drive here. I asked to just cancel it if I didn’t have an actual delivery date…they were happy to with a 50% charge. I disputed with my credit card and won. It really, like you, soured me a little. If you can’t deliver, for whatever reason, just cancel easily so customers will call back in the future. I had figured out Interior Express provides a lot of the furniture you find at Way fair, Overstock, etc. I bought my chairs there. I have also had pretty good experiences with delivery from Wayfair but read return policy carefully…if you’re not 100% certain about item I’d hesitate to buy from there.


We ordered a Haven leather sectional. It was delivered on time and we’ve been quite happy with it. I’d recommend only ordering something that is ‘in stock and ready to ship’. It may still take a few weeks, but any major delays we’ve had with west elm are with items that are made to order.


They seem to be a bit of a mixed bag depending on what subcontractor makes their stuff. I’ve had a Henry sofa, pebble rug, and some desk for over a decade. On the other hand, I ordered a storage bed and it came with the wrong assembly hardware. West Elm told me it would be four months to get the correct hardware. Looks like I will continue to sleep on a Marta’s on the floor a little while longer.


We bought some modular furniture from them… we got got half the pieces about 4 months late and the rest of the pieces were about a year late. And I’m pretty sure the only reason we ever got our furniture was bc we were working with an interior designer who put the heat on them. I will never buy anything from them that isn’t in stock again.


Just got my Haven sectional and love it. Breaking in nicely after a month (they come a bit stiff at first, and the Haven is supposed to be one of the softest). West Elm delivery times seem to have mostly shortened. I got my couch delivered two weeks before I expected it (4 weeks instead of 6 weeks). Other items that are in stock generally have been coming even faster, like in a week. Edit: my Haven is also “custom” fabric, not one of the main ones they make by default. Still had a good experience.


I have a Harmony sofa. Had it about 6 months and it’s still looking good. Since the pillows are down it down require some fluffing. Came only a few weeks late as a custom ordered I got the deluxe velvet which is great with my cats, but not as cheap looking as some microfiber fabrics. I really like their fabric selection.


I've owned a pottery barn sofa (same parent company as west elm) and my brother has had a west elm sofa for years. Both have held up reasonably well. Better than ikea by a long shot, worse than my parent's Ethan Allen sofa. My tip is to look and see if there are any West Elm outlets near you, you can get sofas there for 30% off minimum up to 60% off maximum depending on the sale they're having that week.