POV: You're American and see humans for the first time


Kudos for summing it up perfectly


Humans outdoors!.....not in a car?


But…but…what about aircon??


I didn’t get the post until this comment. For people like me: it’s because you actually see many people outdoors, and the scenery is not overwhelmingly cars.


Never having played The Sims, I had no idea what was making this more like a Sims simulation than any other city. I guess it's because it's liveable and people actually enjoy going outside?


It’s so smooth with way more life. It looks so perfect that it’s difficult to imagine. It also looks so much less lonely, like how in video games characters constantly hangout and do things together


As someone who lives in Southern California going to New York for the first time and seeing people out was a culture shock.


After living in NYC for three years, going back to CA and seeing nobody on sidewalks makes the city look like a ghost town.




better a sims simulation than cities skylines lol


Anyone who doesn't understand why fuck cars should be forced to play that game for two consecutive hours.


I had several qualms with cities skylines, as a European. It started with the weird housing options. It was either single family homes, small blocks or highrises. No row housing for example, also no mixed use zoning if I remember correctly? And since I didn't own any dlc, my options for pedestrians, bikes and public transportation were limited, to say the least. This city building sim allowed me to build exactly one kind of City and it was the worst kind.


There's also no "parking lot" zone, so it's not even accurate to car-dependence. It's a European's idealized impression of an American city.


It's basically as if Europeans were trying to make a city building game mostly for the American market


It's just that since it's made by a Finnish videogame studio


Also, it's based on the ideas and practices as some of the first city builders, like Caesar, where each "service" building travels on roads and "offers" its services as it passes by, losings its ability to do so in higher traffic volume. So it is quite literally designed to be road-dependent from the ground-up, even though the games it is modeled after did not have cars in them.


Also you can have the best transits an walkable city, but you will never goes above a certain % of transit/bike commute, as the choice of transport is random and they will choise the fastest road, but you can't go under a percentage of car


Strange that the game is not available in Finnish.


They just couldn't Finnish in time


Yeah it's a weird decision but I don't know if paradox had something to do with it?


Paradox is Swedish. The game is not available in Swedish either.


The game is surely developed in English, since that's the biggest market (and not all devs on it speak Finnish, esp given that builds of the game have to go between Frontier in Finland and Paradox in Sweden). Game localization costs money and smaller language markets don't justify that cost, especially a market like Finland where virtually everyone speaks English anyway.


Isn’t that literally what happened? I believe the studio is European.


Finnish studio, yeah.




Tbh when I imagine an ideal American city, i imagine something like row houses or maybe studio apartments, lofts etc in NYC. Cars aren't ever part of that, not even with magically vanishing parking lots, lol.


Wherever Bobs Burgers lives


would be awesome to have your house above your little business


There is a "not Just Bikes" or "City beautyfull" Episode on yt we're he shows how Citiskylines looks with akurrat murican parking lot sizes. It looks sooo depressing for me.


I don't recall anything from [Not Just Bikes](https://www.youtube.com/c/NotJustBikes/videos) or [City Beautiful](https://www.youtube.com/c/CityBeautiful/videos). But [donoteat01](https://www.youtube.com/user/donoteat01/videos) fits the bill. Here is the most relevant video about parking: [Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics, & Planning: Episode 1: Parking](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lvUByM-fZk). Also good: [Episode 2: Urban Freeways](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rseaKBPkRPU).


Can you find the episode? I couldn't find it.


I wonder what the RL consequences of a car-in-your-pocket would be. It would be very nice to not have all that space in the city blocked off for parking (here it's basically along the streets, so much less space for walking, riding your bike, and also driving a car), but people would be more inclined to drive I guess... hm. Improvement or a lot worse?


The designers said they had to tone down how much parking buildings would need based on the car dependant framework it forces, because the cities would be too ugly otherwise


The worst part is that the cities don't even look authentically American. You just end up with a weird hybrid style of city that neither looks American nor European and breaks your immersion. I always have to stick on US or UK modpacks to make it look believable.


I always need to use mods to make the cities I want haha, its possible but I wish it was as easy as they make car based transit in the game


Cities Skylines without mods and a few essential DLCs is a friggin nightmare. Also make sure that you have at least 32GB RAM, or 16GB RAM and 16GB swap file on an SSD.


It is literally one of two reasons my workstation has 64 GB ram. The second is virtual machines for code compiling.


I'm bottlenecked by my CPU 😭 13 frames is as best it can do before the city crashes.. Then again maybe there are too many Peds to calculate #sufferingfromsuccess


May I ask what the essentiel dlcs are?


I think the rapid transit one is among them.


Mass Transit and After Dark are two must haves imo. I also recommend Natural Disasters for service helicopters and Snowfall for trams and winter stuff, though those two really aren't essential.


I have 32gb of ram and 130gb pagefile because of cities skylines


I'd be down for a /r/fuckcars official modpack with realistic parking, mixed use zoning and good transit options lol


If I remember correctly, the game is actually based on American city planning software. So it makes sense that it's based primarily around roads and highways.


City Skyline has three types of players. Casual Americans who see nothing wrong with having a road connect to literally everything in existence constantly, modders who do everything in their power to limit the use of roads and add more paths and walkways, and shitposters who make make shit filled volcanos and launch 20 meteorites at it to flood their thirty nuclear reactors to make a radioactive poop tsunami.


I mean there’s alleviation of the housing diversity in the workshop. The game is really nothing at all without the assets and other things people make. As for mixed zoning, I never even considered that since I’ve always manually created that and not use the auto fill


Yea, it seems the rumors that paradox games aren't "playable" without mods is true after all, lol. I'm also playing Stellaris rn and it has some very similar problems. So thankful for the modding community, real heroes.


We gotta give credit to Paradox here though, they allow people to mod practically everything, and it's awesome. And to be honest, i prefer the base game to require mods if modding is widely accessible, as it gives lots of options and customizability to a game. Mods like Node Controller, TM:PE, Metro Overhaul, Ploppable RICO and many others let you do insanely wacky stuff.


Yea, the fact that they allow modding and to this scale is great!


> I'm also playing Stellaris rn and it has some very similar problems. I've never wanted to install stellaris mods before, but I also own all of the DLCs, so maybe they fix annoyances in those?


Maybe, what annoys me most is the late game micro-micro-micro management of pops to give everyone work. Feels like fixing roads and death waves in Cities skylines. But maybe I'm not good enough yet.


> But maybe I'm not good enough yet. The first 300 hours was my barely getting competent at managing pops and I still would fuck it up. When you get it right, then it works so well, but if you get it wrong then rip. I'm approaching 500 hours now and I'm getting noticeably better, but it can go sideways if I'm not paying attention. City skylines roads are a different beast. At least Stellaris game mechanics function as advertised. Roads are just broken in Skylines.


>Stellaris game mechanics function as advertised. That's good to hear. Only 470 hours to go haha! But I like learning, it feels rewarding when it finally clicks.


You know you can automate sectors right?


Yea but I was advised to not do it. Is it good?


It's fine for endgame if your economy is decent. They updated it recently. But I wouldn't recommend automating your most important planets.


It's a Colossal Order game though. Paradox is just the publisher.


Also, if you place commercial near residences, the people will get sick with that noise, like every commercial site was an airport, nightclub without insulation or a wood workshop where the saw is on 24/7.


Exactly, and it's weird because the developpers come from Sweden, where you can't find this kind of city.


They are from Finland, not Sweden.


The developers are Finnish, the publishers are Swedish.




>aim for the American audience Yea that's probably it. Americans would maybe think they're building Disneyland, haha. >Leaving out mixed zoning Actually, when you look at the medium and high density commercial buildings, they kind of look like mixed use. They don't work like that in game but they look like it, with a bit of imagination.


You could create mixed use zones by adding a few commercial squares in the middle of the residential I think. I'd create a bunch of enclaves with offices -> malls -> houses, and small shops (since bigger shops have some sort of quality of life penalty) near houses. Less money, but I like to think my people were happier.


Yea no kidding. I've played city builders all my life and I can tell you that cities skylines should really just be called cities road transport infrastructure. Playing that game is ironically the best lesson for why car infrastructure is completely stupid.


Yeah, but I'm happy it is, I think it's made urbanization a lot more of a thing that people care about nowadays


I don't understand.


There will come a point, in every city skylines where the road infrastructure the game has forced you to build will simply fuck itself; bottlenecks will back up and spread to the highways and choke the whole city; the only solution is often to totally bulldoze all the old streets. **But this does not solve the problem**, it just pushes the bottle neck somewhere else and delays the traffic crisis long enough that you can make enough tax money to build the next section of town before the the highways enter gridlock again. This is why they added the public transit DLC.


This is an accurate summary. It's a city simulation and using cars as the default method of transport (your only option) will always end up destroying the city financially and physically as it scales. Always. I have literally never heard of anyone managing to hit another limit first (once a city is established anyway) before traffic killed them. It doesn't matter how clever you are, how much road infrastructure you build or how you arrange your city, the best you can do is delay it a bit. But car traffic **will** end your city.


That is so hilarious and sad, because that accurately reflects what I believe to be happening in real life in Seattle/Bellevue


I've had issues with death waves, I think partially related to how hearses are the only way for dead people to move, and my method for playing the game involves using mods to make superblocks, networks of walking paths and bike paths, etc. In the last deathwave I had, the crematoriums literally just refused to send out hearses, so even with only mild traffic in the city at worst, a deathwave killed it till I installed a mod to just remove the mechanic. Playing with it since, I can't say if any of the new cities suffer the same problem.


Didn't you use pedestrian streets for those superblocks? There are roads available on the workshop that are pedestrian first. I'm currently building a city with those, and they work amazingly well. They're so slow, only cars that absolutely have to go to a house will go there, including hearses.


Yes, I used pedestrian streets, alleyways, etc as they're the narrowest options in NEP2


Hmm, I see. I just wondered why the death wave was, apparently, so catastrophic and just took a guess. But this is not the right sub for this type of conversation.


It probably wasn't actually catastrophic, just a problem that would not be solved without my intervention, and nothing I could find to fix it.


I'm using a mod to more intelligently send hearses from a closer crematorium instead of literally across the entire city. Combining that with a higher capacity crematorium asset is letting me survive even with close to 1m population.


Yeah I don't get why it's happening either. My city is at 1m, across a bunch of tiny islands, and it's ~2070


I have actually almost managed to hit 1 million pop in my current city by using a mod to banning personal vehicles ( fuck cars ). I also had to use some mods to stop industry from pumping out absurd numbers of trucks. I have a comprehensive train bus and tram network, as well as almost every street having bike lanes. Cims will make perfect use of their other options and don't tend to walk very long distances which is a problem I've had in the past. So, basically it is possible to hit 1m (essentially 'winning the game') by simply avoiding the game's ridiculous primary mechanic.


What's the mod to ban personal vehicles? That sounds like a dope way to play.


I'm using advanced vehicle options and I disabled spawning on civilian vehicles. Actually I let scooters spawn (which act as cars) so I could be sure that I wasn't breaking the game somehow, or denying access to hard to reach areas. Since very few scooters are spawned anyways and public transit use increased drastically I assume that nothing is somehow wrong.


Ah, it's more accurate than I thought then


I can't deny that it's great fun trying to optimise traffic though. There are mods to modify traffic lights, specify lane directions etc and you can eventually make it work. But that's not feasible for a real city.


What do you mean by modifying traffic lights and lane directions?


The default cars in SC are a bit dumb. Say there is a three lane road and a lot of people have to make a right turn. The cars will back up on the rightmost lane, causing a huge jam and leaving the other two lanes unused. With the mod you can designate that the middle lane is also a turning lane


Huh, that's wonky. Still, I kinda wonder if that could be solved with some creative road-designing.


Not sure about the game but in real life it's impossible to road-design your way out of traffic. The US has thrown trillions of dollars at that strategy over the last hundred years and the answer is a definite no.


Also there ain't no mixed use development feature :(


I have a mixed use mod. Makes stores with apartments above and stuff


You can do that well enough in gameplay terms by mixing horizontally, although noise pollution may be a nuisance.


City Skylines uses a simplified version of real traffic simulations so it should have the same issues. People have gotten far with creative design but they can't avoid it.


It's literally just impossible without throwing transit in, your city will fail.


>Still, I kinda wonder if that could be solved with some creative road-designing. Lots of people have spent immense amounts of time finding ways to build roads to help things along. You can definitely do better with some creative road designing (I think lots of big roundabouts is the meta, not sure) but it only delays the inevitable.


Kinda. Usually once a bottle neck starts you have to delete every car and then rework the city. If there is allredy a bottleneck its not going away until you clear it with mods. The thing i hate about the game is that there is a constant stream of cars into the city. And if you try to encourage not using a car it will just fuck up teaffic and delay all your deliveries amd then shut down the econemy. There is nothing you can do to stop peoplefrom driving. And you need roads for trucks to deliver stuff. Or ambulences and fire trucks.


Citizens will definitely use public transport if it is usefull to them, my city has up to 5000 people using public transport every 5 minutes (I use the real time mod which changes how days and weeks are measured but it's like the week measure you get in Vanilla), maybe this has to do with traffic manager making citizens smarter and realizing that hey they can use this tram to get there! You need roads for trucks but ambulances hearses firetrucks etc can use even pedestrian paths if there are no other available options. Also there are a lot less trucks than there are cars so it's definitely possible to have a mostly car free city by not allowing cars but allowing trucks. Also maybe you had the same problem I did, if your industry is in one side of thr city and you develop into the other side and there are big shop centres on the other side of the city, your trucks will go through the city to the other side you should connect your industry to the other part of the city via rail so that it can deliver goods more efficiently and the trucks off the road at least for through traffic.


> This is why they added the public transit DLC. And why a lot of people made a lot of mods. The bottlenecking still persists, but it's not that bad anymore.


There was already a lot of public transit before the DLC, but definitely adding more made it a better game


The zoning in City skylines is stupid af. It weird that it is developped by a European company because those zoning laws are definately something you only see in North America, and would never be implemented in Sweden where Paradox comes from. It's a fun game, but there are definitely some things wrong with restrictions on how to build a good city.


Colossal Order made this game, they are Finnish.


I assume that when they built the game, they just didn't have an easy way to implement it.


Probably not that, they heavily got inspiration from Sim City 4 which didn't have mixed zoning. Also not hard to implement since by using "move it" you can literally move shops into lower floors of buildings and people will go shopping there.


I went full r/fuckcars because of that game. I learned that it is almost impossible to have a city without an atrocious level of car traffic. The lack of mixed use zoning, and the inability to design sections of cities to be completely car free is bullshit.


2014 me: Well, I got max-density everything and the city-wide 6-lane grid roads keep having maximum traffic and noise pollution. Guess that's just what it means do have a perfect city. 🤷‍♀️


Tmpe. Car problem gone.


Is sims less car-based? It always bothers me that you cant build nice plazas and pedestrian areas in C:S.


Sims != Sim City The Sims is a humorous macro scale life simulator, not a city builder.


Ahhhh. Yeah, I got that wrong.


It's just gamified. You connect everything with roads and cars spawn automatically, but players don't have to worry about parking because if they did their cities would need so much parking and that's not fun and it's ugly. Just like in real life.


Cities skylines is still better than simcity. In Cities Skylines you can actually build a great city


In the sims there are lots of people moving around, there's plazas, people walking places. In the city expansion on Sims 4 I think there are street cars even. So I guess when you're in a utopia where people aren't all boxed into our cars it might seem like the sims. I think it's just people experiencing other people visibly living their own lives right outside their window for the first time in their lives and with their lack of experience with it all they can compare it to is the sims.


I remember reading somewhere that in Sim City they wanted realistic proportions compared to US cities. They decided to scale some things down because with all the parking lots the developers found it too empty and depressing


Wow if I could get a link on this that'd be great :)


As the American reality is indeed depressing


I think it was actually Cities Skylines in this old interview on CityBeautiful https://youtu.be/7c5pSCgbZ84


TIL Europe is an utopia


Don't get your hearts up


Too think that Rotterdam is still considered to be very car dependend (for Dutch Standarts).


Luckily this is changing quickly! You would not recognise the Rotterdam of 20 years ago with the Rotterdam of today (cycling has gotten more priority!) The new municipality coalition has plans for reducing car traffic in the city even further (read: less lanes!), to improve air quality.


The worse in the Netherlands is far and beyond what the US could even hope to do


lol yeah rotterdam is the worst city for bikes in the netherlands


I've *never* found Rotterdam to be car dependent having lived there for 30 years! Trams, subways, buses, scooters, bicycles and your darn feet will get you anywhere. Heck my girlfriend used to walk home from Central Station to her house in *Vreewijk*.


That's what meant with "Dutch Standarts". I believe that it was the Youtube Channel NotJustBikes who said this. And that Rotterdam was, and still is build for the car, but mostly in a very positive way. Though, car dependent might have been the wrong word to use. I do indeed understand that your feet still will get you anywhere. I have been there a couple of times and experienced no problems with that. Instead i think Rotterdam is a good example for a mixed traffic city. No matter if you're carist, cyclist or a walkist. I asume they're all mostly satisfied with the infrastucture of the city.


Yeah it's very much mixed traffic, feels like they thought of everyone.


Yeah now. It went trough decades of replanning and restructuring. But when they rebuild the city after the war they build it for cars and the city was pretty hostile for pedestrians and cyclists. That’s why there is so much space between the buildings in some places. Because there used to be a wide car road in those spaces. That’s why Rotterdam still has that reputation in the Netherlands as a city made for cars.


It's an older reputation that is still sticking around. Rotterdam was the most heavily damaged dutch city during WWII, so most of it was rebuild during the 50s and 60s when cities were built to be very car centric. Until the 90s or so Rotterdam was definitely the most car centric city in the Netherlands, but they have caught up for the most part I think with the rest of the country now. The most recent example is the redesign of the Coolsingel, but recently also policy has been presented to take additional measures to discourage car use in the centre and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Rotterdam does still have some of the streets with the most heavily car-induced pollution though ('s Gravendijkwal has the highest PM levels in the Netherlands)


Actually wouldn’t say so either (and I live here). Everything is wide open with plenty of space for everyone. Meanwhile in Amsterdam, cars can drive along the grachten making it feel much more crowded by cars.


Also i think the whole "sims simulation" content on tiktok is getting really annoying, every week i see a viral video about this "sims simulation" that the netherlands apparently is in their heads, its quite sad. Their brains are streets filled with cars = normal society. Public transport and bike lines = weird sims simulation.


I think they associate people walking = sims


The sims 4 lacks cars that sims use to get around. All sims transport is done by bike, walking, and teleportation.


teleportation and walking through solid surfaces = the most efficient and effective form of transportation


Give the Dutch some time, they’ll figure that out too (/s)


Can confirm. I'm Dutch and our houses dont have doors.


I haven't played Sims in a long time, but I remember my sim getting picked up by car/taxi for work? Do I misremember?


That was definitely a thing but not sure if it still is in the newer ones.


Not in the 'latest' entry in the series, Sims 4 (2014!), it completely ditched cars. In the OG game a couple decades ago your characters would go to school/work in cars and buses though.


I don't get the joke. I see roughly this view when I look out of the window in my office. Maybe I'm too Europan to get this tiktok trend.


"This simulation includes a variable that represents 'happiness' and a variable that represents 'health.' Wtf is this bullshit amirite???" The funniest thing about this is the original SimCity creators said, and I'm paraphrasing, that the first thing they realized when researching how to build the game mechanics was that replicating American cities with the amount of parking and road infrastructure required just would not be mathematically possible in a simulation without an external constant adding funding... as in... unsustainable subsidy. Ahhh yes... I would be happy if my city functioned more like my Cities: Skylines city... where most of my infrastructure was pedestrian focused with plenty of subway and regional rail, and cars were only allowed on the outskirts and had to pay massive tolls to enter from out-of-state. Then my city's finances would be massively positive and we could afford things like free healthcare, massive parks, free soccer stadiums, and free rollercoasters! Edit: non-sarcastic, I am shocked at how few cars are in that video. It's honestly inspiring.


Didn't they just say that they pretend the parking's underground to stop the cities looking flat and ugly? I don't think it was anything to do with maintenance costs.


I'm pretty sure it was both cost and space usage. They had to massively increase the throughput of roads compared to real life so enough Sims could reach destinations, and road maintenance costs are modeled in the game as part of the tax/expense system. Parking was part of it but not the only part.


Probably the overly happy and cheerful nature of the sims being the first connection to an environment that is actually nice instead of depressing.


What makes you think it's criticism? The Sims is a light-hearted, whimsical and idealistic take on society. My first thought when watching this was "this is as *nice* as the Sims"


It's just people making jokes, it's an indirect appreciation for the way those cities work.


Dude, that's not the point of the video. This has nothing to do with cars...


I love playing Cities Skylines, because I can create the city of dreams: Clean energy, a fuckton of public transport and bike lines, **t r a m s**, a strong labor union, and free wi-fi.


cities skylines simulate carless city well?


You need a few mods to really do it, but it's possible.


what kinds of mods?


Traffic manager, for example.


Metro mod is a must


Particularly, [Traffic Manager](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637663252) to manage what kinds of traffic can go where, and then a mod that adds pedestrian streets [like this one](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1533069018), though I’m sure there are others.


Also you can get some DLCs for bicycle lane roads etc.


Your city sounds like Vienna with more bike lanes


"Hey Google, how do I immigrate to Austria?" ~~I hate that I'm actually seriously considering moving to Europe because of how broken literally everything in the USA is. An ancestor of mine fought for George Washington himself; my family has been here since the 1730s. I love America, and yet it is still so incredibly fucked up that I just can hardly take it.~~


I fully understand you. And to answer your question, Austria has pretty strict immigration laws, maybe if you want to study at an Austrian university or if you qualify for the red white red card. See https://www.migration.gv.at/en/welcome/


I gave up my US citizenship and naturalized to Japan a few years back. Before I did it, I researched my family tree to make sure I wasn't eligible for any citizenship by descent programs in Europe. Turned out every single one of my ancestors had been in the US since the 1700s at the latest. One guy was on the Mayflower. (And at least one was shipped off to the colonies for crimes in the UK...) So I understand your feelings there, and I also understand that the US fucking sucks these days. In my way of thinking, I'm following in the footsteps of those guys from 300 years ago by leaving everything behind for a better life somewhere else.


What makes this even sadder is that this video is clearly taken from the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk, a temporary pedestrian overpass over the Coolsingel that meanders over rooftops for almost a kilometer. The rooftop walk has a ton of showcases on how to use the rooftops of cities better: by having green roofs (for cooling the city, for hanging out, for growing food, for supporting the bees), by installing solar panels, by making the roofs hang-out spaces, etc. So someone took this lovely and inspiring walk, and then still decided that "the Netherlands is a Sims simulation" was their take-away message.


Holy shit is this a thing? I really have to do this next time I'm in Rotterdam.


It’s temporary so it will be taken down soon


It's only a temporary installation and it ends in a few days sadly.


That sucks. I don't have time right now :/


You don't think they meant it as a compliment though?


You should repost this to /r/gamingcirclejerk because this is literally a "just like bideo game!" post.


They removed all parking lots from sims city because they thought it looked ugly: https://humantransit.org/2013/05/how-sim-city-greenwashes-parking.html


When kids are introduced to games before real life


It's because in a sims simulation transit is good


As a Dutch person I'm confused. Not only should this be completely normal, it is also what a lot of other countries look like. Perhaps with less bike paths, but not completely different.


German here. I really didn't understand what to look for in this video because this is just how many (even very large) cities look like in many countries I've visited. But I get that it's different for the majority browsing this sub.


Same. I wonder what kind of hell is normal to anyone thinking that there's anything remotely unusual about OPs footage.


Well to Americans being happy and content can only be in simulations so :/


Family from the Netherlands visiting rn (NY area) and we drove out to PA to go river tubing. My uncle was shocked by two things a) roadkill b) houses directly on highways Just driving along when I hear “Err Jushtin, is thish houses? Along the *road*? Thatsh crazy man! Thats dangeroush!” And then like the evangelist I am I was like “yup notice these traffic lights on what looks and feels like a highway? I call these *stroads*…” Felt good gang, felt good, cause my dad just tells me to stop bitching when I mention traffic planning stuff.


My brother worked for a building company in the Netherlands. Some Americans came over to show a new technology that could easily calculate how far a road has deteriorated and needs to be replaced. Turns out the threshold to replace a Dutch road and an American road is so incredibly different that the device just thought all Dutch roads were in great shape. Even though some were very much overdue according to Dutch standards. Have your government invest in infrastructure. It creates a shit ton of jobs and will keep your country economically viable. Bullet trains between major cities are such an amazing opportunity. I cant believe how this is not a thing yet.


>have your government invest in infrastructure I can’t its been long since bought and sold by the automotive lobbyists and if I start a movement that comes close to producing any meaningful positive change they will probably MLK or JFK me. Thats funny about the road quality though. Like for a country that invests so much into automobile infrastructure as opposed to public transit, the roads sure do *fucking suck*!!


Assume someone else has already commented this, but when programming SimCity, they tried to put in realistic American parking requirements, but realized that the entire game became filled with boring empty endless car parks. Instead the cars just kinda disappear when they reach their destination. So, well designed cities do look like SimCity, because a car dependent city has to use a computer trick to look the same


I live here in Rotterdam, the city in the video. It's a great city to live in, even though it is still really car-centric for Dutch standards. It is improving though! The street in the beginning is one of the main streets in the centre, the Coolsingel. It used to be a 4 lane stroad but the city renovated it into what you see above. Even the two biggest carbrain political parties (Leefbaar Rotterdam and the VVD) are seeing that more cars and more roads aren't the answer. The city has [multiple projects](https://www.rotterdam.nl/apps/rotterdam.nl/bestuur-organisatie/stadsprojecten/) running to make more green spaces. It's all in Dutch but the pictures and videos are nice.


And anything on a rail is a “train”—another example of 1-dimensional urbanity. Streetcar, light rail, and tram are not in the vernacular, and as long as these things are unfamiliar, the public has a hard time supporting projects—even the best meaning individuals and families will find reasons that tearing up a street for cars to make a train is bad for business, commuters, and good for vagrants, etc. Traveling or literally just looking at a video like this shows what’s possible if people and government invest in public transport. It’s not a simulation lol Oddly so satisfying to see the streetcars slide smoothly on the rails haha


Am i the only one who thinks that „living in a sims simulation“ is not a bad thing? Aren’t simulations better than the real world?


To explain: \-Road: notice how thin it is. This is clearly not Los Angeles, where people stack shoulder to shoulder on roads the width of a gridiron field just coming in and out of the place daily. ***This is a reduced-car environment compared with USA.*** \-Surroundings: there's more room for trees, because there's more room for sidewalk - American sidewalks are as wide as one and a half Americans, so no trees will fit there. ***This is a more walkable environment.*** \-Smooth rhythm: in America the jaywalkers are synced to the horrid drivers. Everything revolves around the traffic lights and other government fixtures rigged to be as hostile as possible to the general public because it raises police revenues with fines. ***This place is designed to be friendly instead.*** Notice how people aren't afraid to drive smartcars here - because there's not a constant parade of giant SUVs with opaque windows barreling around blind corners at warp speed. Riding a motorcycle isn't a declaration of insanity in this place, it's just a way to reduce fuel usage.


Visited Amsterdam recently. Holy infrastructure batman. It's like because they have so little geographical space they make so much more use out of every little bit they have. So cool to roll up to a train station and see literally like 500 bicycles and about 10 cars parked out front. Everything in the country is just so well thought out.


They’re probably just pointing out how different the Netherland feels to a lot of other countries, who said living in a sims simulation is bad? Most people here are taking this video a bit too seriously


I was thinking the same, it’s just a joke. I don’t think it’s malicious at all.


No one can convince me that living in the US isn't the same as living in a GTA simulation.


Fact is that in Sims everything is very car centric and you cant really simulate european public transit. I feel that the only thing i do in simcity is fixing traffic.


where’s the car crashes and gunfire? *boring*


If we're in a Sims simulation, where's my cas.fulleditmode then, huh?


Why yes, my favorite game is Traffic Jam Simulator 4, how did you know


Never understood this whole 'sims simulation' meme. When do you use this meme? What makes a place sims-like?


Oh look ! A walkable, transit-bike friendly, non-suburbia hell city is automatically utopian. Not the BARE STANDARD. Cars have really destroyed our way of seeing how our cities should be functional.


This is Rotterdam, it is considered car friendly.




I came


Am i the only dutchie hete thats still not satisfied?


Not at all. The biking lanes need to be much more spacious, cause it can be very stressful in the busy parts. Especially with all the e-bikes, we need more space to manoeuvre. It also sucks that I have to inhale so much fumes cycling to work. I probably breathe in more pollution than the people in their cars who create the pollution.


That last part is what really puts Rotterdam behind in pedestrian/cycle infra IMO


Definitely not. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad with a lot of the infrastructure that's here, but there is still room for so much improvement. Especially when it comes to public transport.


Yeah [no](https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/sites/default/files/content/images/2022/06/22/ANP-boerenprotest-snelweg-trekkers.jpg?itok=Y8DlMUmE&offsetX=0&offsetY=62&cropWidth=1024&cropHeight=576&width=1024&height=576&impolicy=dynamic)


I miss sims


*Living in Amsterdam Outside of Amsterdam and the rest of the randstad area we are still a bunch of car dependent idiots.


So many North American cities look like ghost towns with cars because everyone just drives around. I remember I was walking somewhere the other day and realized I had only passed one other person.


One problem is that America has a lot more cars, but the bigger problem is that America has a lot more sociopaths.